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Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Five)

Warnings: Reader thinks she’s a bad mom. Anna gets a nosebleed. Crazy bad heretic dude. Talk of feeling like a bad parent.

Summary: Kai comes back from the dead to find out he has a daughter.

A/n: You can all blame @geminioriginalsimagines again for the fluff but you can blame me for the sad parts (sorry not sorry)


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It was Wednesday, you were loading up the car with Kai, Anna was sitting on the couch, holding her teddy and coloring in a notebook tiredly. Someone had sent you a going away gift, you assumed it was Matt, they were your favorite sodas from when you and Matt were kids and so now all three of you were drinking them. You had just loaded up the last box into the car and shut the trunk when you heard Anna yell for Kai. It was the type of scream that only effected parents, the scream that sets alarm bells off in a mother or father’s. It was scream that said ‘your child is in danger’.

You sprint up the stairs into the house and throw the door open, Anna was kneeling next to Kai on the floor, holding his face and telling him to breathe as he choked. A wind rushes past you and you gasp as a vampire appears in front of you, holding a wooden stake in one hand. You run at him but as soon as you do he puts a hand up and chokes you, your hands fly up to your throats as you gasp for air. Not a vampire after all, a Heretic. Anna gets to her feet and throws down her teddy bear.

“Don’t hurt mommy!” Her voice is panicked, she knew Kai could heal from vervain, but that you couldn’t heal from being choked to death. You reach a hand out to her, trying to grab her and pull her behind you.

“I’m not meant to kill you, yet.” The heretic looks from you to Anna as he speaks.

“I said-” a window cracks to Anna’s left- “don’t” a door slams- a light flickers- “hurt” - the floor shakes- a lamp shatters- “MOMMY!”

You fall as the floor continues to quake and a light swings violently over you, Kai rolls into his side as you take in short breaths, the heretic was still choking you. Your scared eyes meet Kai’s as you reach a hand over to grab his shirt. You try to sit up again, still trying to get to Anna, but you find yourself unable to move as you me body paralyzes itself in its last futile attempts to get oxygen to your brain. Pressure builds in your skull and behind your eyes, pain, so much pain, all you can see and think and hear is pain. Your vision blurs, you hear Kai say something but his voice seems so far away.

“No, please-” Your head hits the floor as you weakly try to claw for air, your throat covered in scratch marks.

“AAAAAAAGGGHHH!” A loud scream from Anna makes all the windows smash simultaneously and a fire to start jumping over the carpet towards the Heretic. His eyes go wide and he disappears out the back door in a flash.

Kai scoops you, Anna, and her teddy bear up and takes you across the street in a split second. You gasp for air, sirens sound in the distance, Anna leans over you. Her small hands cup your cheeks as you splutter for air, her eyes focused on you, she was worried, and very exhausted.

“I’m alright… I’m okay… just need to… catch my breath…” You sit up and look over Anna blearily, checking for bruises or cuts or anything like that. Kai rubs your back, still coughing a little into his fist. Anna’s nose starts bleeding.

You wipe it away quickly with the sleeve of your shirt. Anna was swaying on her feet and you grabbed her shoulders to steady her, she looked weak, but that’s to be expected when she’s a five year old witch setting houses on fire. You pull her into a hug, eyes leaking tears down your cheeks as you cry, not because you were afraid, but because you were relieved, and you didn’t know how else to convey that emotion.

“Never… again… okay?” You stand up, unsteady and dizzy on your feet as you still try to catch your breath.

“Okay, mommy.” Kai helps you into your seat in the car and you lean back on it as he buckles Anna in in the back.

The car starts and you lean back in your seat even more as Kai drives. You were exhausted, the lack of oxygen to your brain took all of your energy out of you, you turned your head to the side and look back at Annalise. Her hair was a mess, but her eyes were closed and her arm was looped under the arms of her teddy bear, she looked over exhausted. Kai held your hand in the center console.

You let your mind run, you’re too exhausted to push any thoughts to the back of your mind. All you can think about is how you failed to protect Anna, she’s your baby, you’re her mother, you’re meant to protect her. It’s your job as a parent to protect and shelter your child from the darkness of the world. You’re a witch god damnit, you know every spell in your great-grandmother’s grimoire, so why couldn’t you just stop someone from choking you? You’re a failure, aren’t you?

“I tried to grab her… I couldn’t protect her.” Kai squeezes your hand. “I’m supposed to protect her Kai, I’m her mother.”

“You couldn’t have stopped him, Anna didn’t even stop him. She just scared him.” You look out the window, catching a glimpse at the burning remains of your home as firefighters run into it.

“Why couldn’t we just be normal? I wanted a normal life for Anna, I wanted her to have a normal white picket fence childhood. She shouldn’t be passed out in the backstreet right now, she should be playing in the park with her friends, we shouldn’t be running from Damon Salvatore and that Heretic bastard, we should be making breakfast.” You were crying again, you hadn’t even noticed it until you felt your cheeks grow wet.

“I know, okay? I know. But this is our life, this is her life, this is going to be the life we live forever. But we’ll make it work. We’ll go grocery shopping on Saturday’s, I’ll pick her up from school, we’ll teach her magic, she’ll make friends, we will make this work.” Kai seemed so sure, but you were still staring out the window.

“We’ll make this work?” Kai nods.

“We will definitely make this work, I know I will, for you two I’d do anything.” You smile.

“Get some sleep, it’s a long drive.”

You Can't Escape Yourself (Part 3)

Summary: After being a SHIELD agent for 3 years Y/n has a pretty great life but after being shot and a last second call Y/n wakes up to a way more complicated life and instead of simply being an Agent of SHIELD she becomes an Avenger.

Pairing: BuckyXfemale!Reader

Warning: Swearing

A/n: Gosh_ this took me a while to get out of me. I have no clue if it’s any good but I hope you enjoy.


You had been here for 5 days now. All of the Avengers had come to revisit you at least once, and Bucky came to see you everyday, it was nice to have a constant in your life, and after Bucky’s little “video game mission” you two had grown extremely close, and Bucky never seemed to miss a day, even on the days that you were unstable and considered dangerous he would come, and you two would just talk, or if you didn’t want to talk he would just sit in there with you. It didn’t seem to matter that the other Avengers would tell him you were too dangerous to be with at the time. You chuckled at the thought. You dangerous. That had never been apart of your life plan.
Finish School
Get a degree
Apply for SHIELD
Maybe get married and have a family
You had done everything on that list, well almost everything you still hadn’t gotten married and didn’t know if you never would. Almost everything was done on that list, and you had thrown it all away because you gained powers. Which just lead t you being a “prisoner” to the Avengers. What were they going to do with you? Were you considered a threat? Of course you weren’t a threat, but than again you killed all those people, except that was an accident, but that’s still hundreds of people dead. Maybe you were going to be sent to jail? No they wouldn’t do that to you…. would they. You had gotten along with all of the Avengers, Natasha even seemed to be warming up to you, but maybe that still didn’t mean a thing to them. I mean they must’ve come up with some kind of agreement, they got over the Civil War. Maybe it didn’t matter if you were a friend anymore. What were they going to do with you? Your mind rambled on like this no matter how hard you tried to get it off of this subject it always seemed to make it’s way back to you.

Bucky’s POV:
Y/n hadn’t even realized I had come in yet, and at that moment was debating with herself. I could tell by the way she would nod and shake her head every so often. It was adorable. She had a lot of these small habits that when you would confront her about them she would deny it, believe me I had tried to tell her some of them and she just seemed confused about what I was talking about. But I always seemed to notice like how she would hum while she read one of the books one of the Avengers would give to her, or how she would stick out the tip of her tongue from the corner of her mouth when she was trying to concentrate. But she was bored of the same 4 walls 24/7 which is why I was excited to tell her the news.
“Hey Y/n.” I say walking over to one of the chairs by the two way mirror. Y/n jumps obviously not knowing I had even entered the room.
“Oh hey Barnes.” She says smiling a little her mind still partly on her thoughts from before.
“So I have some news, your getting out of this room.” I say while I wait for her reaction.

Y/n POV:
“Your getting out of this room.” Bucky says excited, you couldn’t help but feel a rush of joy shoot through you, and you let out a squeal that came out way more childish than you intended.
“Please say that your not just playing with me Barnes!” You say getting up from the cot. He shook his head and before you could realize what you were doing your arms shot around him which seemed to make him tense up.

Bucky’s POV:
Once I shook my head Y/n had stepped forward and her arms wrapped around me. I still hadn’t gotten used to human contact so I didn’t really know what to do, but this_ this felt_ nice. I felt her start to let go and my face started heating up, as I tried to recompose myself for the rest of the news, should I have started with this part? There’s only one way to find out.

Y/n POV:
You slowly backed away and looked down embarrassed, but when you looked back at Bucky you could have sworn you saw a sign of redness on his cheeks.
“Well_ um th_ there are some conditions Y/n.” You nodded knowing you weren’t just going to gain all of your freedom in a day. “One you have to stay at the Avengers compound at all times, unless one of the Avengers is willing to go with you. Two you have to be willing to let us train you on how to use your powers.” You grinned and nodded these conditions weren’t bad at all “and there’s one more.” Bucky said a little more nervously, your heart started racing but you just smiled and nodded. “Um, you have to, at least once maybe up to 3 times a week meet with a psychiatrist.” When Bucky says this he’s not even looking at you, and it seemed instant that all of the joy you had just felt left your body leaving no trace that there was any, it was exchanged with confusion and anger.
“You want me to what?” You ask angrily, you knew that if your powers could be used in this room it wouldn’t be standing anymore. “What the hell Barnes. I’m not crazy I don’t need to see a psychiatrist.” You say bluntly walking back over to the cot, and sitting back down.
“Y/n all of the Avengers have to agree for you to be let out of here. And if you want to leave this room your going to have to agree with all of the terms.” Bucky pleads and you just shake your head. Even in SHIELD you never agreed to go see the psychiatrist, you didn’t like them knowing everything you felt, it just makes you feel vulnerable.
“I’m sorry Barnes my answer is no.” You say crossing your arms and looking at the two way mirror you weren’t just saying no to Bucky, you knew you had an audience.

Avengers POV:
“Okay it’s a simple mission you know just gathering data me and Black WIdow should be able to finish this in a day or two.” Tony explains to the team. 

“I want to go.” Bucky says everybody turning towards him. 
“What is ther trouble in paradise?” Tony asks and Bucky and Steve both shoot him glares. 
“Look I haven’t been on a mission in a while and I just want to go. I mean even Tony said it’s simple and so I can even go by myself and save resources, because if you take Tony and Natasha than you’ll have to pack for two, if you send me we will only have to pack for one.” Bucky tries to explain. He didn’t want to admit the real reason he wanted to go, after Y/n had disagreed to the conditions for her freedom, all he wanted to do was get some steam off of him, he went to the gym for 5 hours, he spared with all of the Avengers, he tried relaxing. But nothing seemed to cool him off so a mission seemed to be his only option, he wouldn’t even be near Y/n his mind would be focused on the mission and only on the mission. “Please guys I really need this.” Bucky pleads a little, and soon all of the Avengers were in agreeance that Bucky was going on this simple mission alone.

Y/n POV:

It had been 2 days since you had been given the option to get out, and Bucky had been in to see you everyday still. Although it wasn’t the same, you could tell he was disappointed in your choice, but what was done was done. Soon Bucky walked in, he seemed a little anxious.
“Hey are you okay?” you ask concerned, he seemed off.
“What? Oh yeah of course.” Bucky says giving you an uneasy smile, “It’s just, why can’t you agree to the conditions?” Bucky asks looking directly at you.
“Barnes, I_ I want to be free, but I’m not crazy, and I don’t need a psychiatrist.”
“So am I crazy? I see a psychiatrist, does that mean I’m crazy?” Bucky asks, and you feel a piece of your heart break. “ That’s not what I meant.” you say looking down at your lap.
“Than tell me what does it take to convince you to do this?” Bucky asks desperately, you don’t answer “Y/n_ I have to go…. Bye.” Bucky says walking out.
That had happen 12 days ago, and Bucky hadn’t come to see you since. It was only ever agents that came in to see you, sometimes Peter, but he never stayed long.
“Where is he Peter?” you ask, Peter looks down avoiding eye contact.
“I can’t tell you Y/n. That’s the reason that I’m still allowed to see you.” Peter whispers, and and you nod. He soon had to leave but he handed you a book, it was about weather and you laughed a little, which made Peter smile, you and Peter had become bery close, not as close as you and Bucky, but still close. It was weird the age gap though, and he would constantly ramble, but he was a friend, and one of the few people you actually trusted anymore.

~2 hours later
You were reading Peter’s book. When Steve entered, looking mad but sad at the same time. “Why?_ How?” was all Steve seemed to say before looking at you. “How did you tear him apart?” you looked down, “why won’t you just agree to see the psychiatrist.” Steve yells, “I won’t take any of your shitty answers like Bucky would.”
“I’m not crazy.” was all you could say.
“Damnit Y/n, I want a real answer.” Steve says.
“Okay, you don’t think I haven’t tried that? Do you really think it’s a great idea to have me talking about my mental state, my emotions, in a room all alone with somebody?” you ask Steve looks surprised at your answer, “where is he Steve?” you ask, sounding more bitter than you meant to. Was he ignoring you because you wouldn’t see the stupid psychiatrist, or was there an actual reason for his sudden absense? You had to know.

“I can’t tell you.” you groan and glare at Steve, “and not because I don’t want to, but because we have no clue.” Steve says looking down. “What? Why?” you ask standing up. 

“I can’t share that information.” Steve says.

“What if I agree to the conditions?” you ask, Steve looks over to you in shock. “I agree with the conditions now spill.” 

“Fine Bucky went on a mission, that was 12 days ago.” you quickly interupt Steve. 

“Missions always go over the expected time.” you say trying to find a reason. 

“He was only supposed to be gone for 2 days it was a simple data extraction, and his com is out. We have no clue where he is, or what is happening to him.” Steve says looking at you this time. You were trying to wrap your mind around the information Steve had just told you.

“Your saying he could be_” you stop before saying the word you were going to dread, you soon sat back down, you could feel tears sting your eyes but you didn’t dare let them fall you didn’t want to have a breakdown, not infront of Steve not infront of any of the Avengers. 

“We don’t know anything for certain.” Steve says softly, “Right now he’s just MIA.” Steve sat down next to you, “You did a number on him.” Steve says with a soft chuckle, you look down and try to blink away the tears, but it was too late they started slipping down your cheek and hit the cot. Steve scooted over and embraced you into a hug, and you sobbed into his shoulder.  

That’s because I alwasys hurt those closest to me, you thought.

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Hi, Namanari-san! Would you reccomend RWBY? If so, why? I'm a bit hesitant to watch it, but it seems promising, so I might give it a go depending on your feedback...?

*Tries to refrain from screaming RWBY praise in your face*
Anyways. I’ll try really hard to keep this short, there’s just so many great things to talk about haha. Of course, this will all be my opinion.

I will fully admit the first part of volume 1 takes it a little slow. Especially after watching the amazing character introduction trailers.  It wasn’t a big project at the time, so there were only a few people working on it with only a small amount of time to complete it. So the animation is rough in places.(There’s a lot of jokes made about the shadow people they used in vol.1 haha)  What isn’t rough however are the fight scenes. If there’s one thing RWBY is known for, it’s innovative fighting styles combined with the unconventional use of extremely creative weapons. Monty, the creator, was well known for his fight choreography. He was truly a genius in that regard. So, the four beginning trailers look amazing, while volume 1 looks okay. Volume 2 looks better, and then volumes 3+4 look friggin fantastic.

But the amazing fighting would be nothing without RWBY’s plot. Everything means something in the story, Whether it’s the character’s name or a passing comment about their eye-color. There’s so many details that you don’t realize until they’re revealed later. Which I love. There’s allusions to fairytails, historical figures, and legends. Which isn’t just in the character’s physical designs, but also in their actual development/plot/personalities.

And then the music. Good God, the music. It’s just so consistently good. I think more people are excited about the upcoming vol.4 soundtrack release than they are for the actual DVD release. (I know I am). Because even the show’s song lyrics allude to plot points and characters. Jeff Williams who does the music is just great and his daughter Casey who sings the songs has been blowing them out of the water for years now. 

Finally, the characters. They’re all distinguishable and lovable for so many different reasons. What’s best is that they grow. They’ve developed throughout the show and it’s so great to watch. And the relationships between them are all unique.  

Basically, the show shines with its creativity and intricate weaving together of music, plot, characters, and fight choreo. 

(I will admit that the only problem I have is with a part of the fandom I don’t ever enter that believes because the creators don’t apply their personal headcanons, that the show is bad. Rooster Teeth and the personnel there are so open about the show and very social about presenting it, that it makes it easy for people to take things personally and try to project what they want. Not to say the creators are perfect, that would be impossible. But it’s their show and I think we should leave them to it.)

Other than that though, I don’t really have any criticism in regards to the show other than not having long enough episodes/volumes haha. And holy shit how did this end up so long, I tried so hard :’)

Morning Cuddles || Pietro Maximoff x Reader

A/N :  I hope you guys like this one. 



Rays of sunshine seeped through the window , reaching your face. You let out a small groan of annoyance, as you turned to your side , burying your face in Pietro’s shoulder in an attempt to avoid the sunshine. Pietro shuffled in his position in response , before turning around and completely draping himself over you. Now, Pietro most certainly wasn’t on the lighter side, and when his subconscious decided you were his new teddy bear , needless to say , it most certainly did not work out for you. At that very time and moment you were being crushed and suffocated to your death , which worked wonderfully against your favor in waking you up.

You gasped for air and tried to push Pietro off you , causing him to let out a noise of protest ,

“Stop moving around so much “ he mumbled, his voice still laced with drowsiness. Great , you were being suffocated to your death , and your boyfriend wanted you to stay still and give him time to finish you off peacefully with minimum noise and protest. Superb.

“Pietro , I can’t breathe , damnit , get off me ! “ you huffed grabbing his arm and nudging your foot under his leg , then putting all your force in and effectively pushing him off you. You let out a relieved breath out and heard Pietro grunt on your side,

“That was rude , draga “ he huffed , pushing himself up to his side , looking down at you and fake pouting.

“Yes well , I’m sorry if my attempt to insure I freaking breath offended you “ you snapped and Pietro laughed before moving to hover over you and without even giving you time to register what was going on , he had pushed himself onto you again.

“Pietro !”  you exclaimed in protest “  Get off of  me , I’ll die !”. You felt his chest vibrate as he laughed in response , before getting off you and putting an arm around your waist , pulling you to his side. You tried to move away from him , but his grip was strong.

“ How do you expect me to cuddle with you after you legit tried to murder me ? “ you asked , tilting your head upwards to look at him as you raised an eye brow.

“Because you love me “ he stated plainly , shutting his eyes with the edges of his mouth quirking upward  and  you shook your head

“The love vanished when you tried to suffocate me to my death “ you retorted .

You heard Pietro chuckle and shuffle as he moved to hover above you , looking down at you and grinning, before leaning down to press his lips to yours ,

“I can think of a few ways to make up for it”


He doesn’t love you (Bucky x reader)

Words: about 600

Warnings: Angst, selfhate


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There he was, dancing with some woman he had just met by the bar and you couldn’t help but stare at him. This wasn’t fair. No, it was your birthday and he was with some stranger, when he was supposed to be with you. She was pretty though, she had these long model legs, toned and tanned body, long black hair and her makeup was on fleek. No wonder he’s with her and not with you. She was perfect.  

Steve had told you in the morning that Bucky was more excited about this day than anyone other. Said that he has been waiting for this day for a long time now, but now you thought that he was just saying this since he knew about your crush on the winter-soldier. At first you denied it but then Steve found you staring at Bucky when he had just arrived back from the morning run, wearing nothing but basketball-shorts and you couldn’t just lie anymore.“ Fine I might have tiny crush on him, but I swear to god if you even think about telling that to him Steve, I’ll kill you”  

“ Y/N are you okay? You seem kind of tensed” Tony was now standing next to you. He had two glasses of champagne in his hands, giving one of them to you. You took it and drank all of it instantly. You gave the glass back to him and ran off ,leaving him there with openmouthed and confused.  

You needed to get out of there. You took one last look at the soldier, he was now whispering something in her ear and a smirk appeared on her face. That was the last straw you needed to get out. You tried so hard not to cry, god how you tried not to mess up your makeup, but when the tears started to fall on your cheeks you gave up. 

Once you were out of the club you just ran. You were grateful tho that you had decided to wear converses and jeans not heels and dress today. You didn’t know how long you had been running when you stopped. You looked around you, only realizing that you had no idea where you were. “ Damnit” You tried to crap your phone, but you had left it at your booth in the club. Great.  

At the same time Tony was explaining what happened with you few hours ago to Nat and Steve. They had been wondering why they haven’t seen you for a while. 

“ I don’t know Tony maybe she just went back to the tower to get some sleep" 

"Yeah you’re propaply right, she seemed super tired while glancing at Barnes.”  
“No,no,no,no, shit” Steve pulled his phone and dialed your number while Nat and Tony looked him confused. Familiar ringtone started to play near them. Nat took your phone from your purse and cursed something in Russian.
“ She didn’t go to the tower, she ran away”  

By now you were sitting on the ground heartbroken. Your face was now makeup-free because of the tears. Your legs were hurting and you head was killing you. He doesn’t love you. How could he love you? You are nobody, you’re not a model or someone like Natasha.You don’t have powers like everybody else, you are just some scientist. You’re not girl. You aren’t enough. 

He doesn’t love you.

Part 2