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Definitely. I end up reading for a lot of roles that, on paper, come across like Nancy does on paper—like, 16-year-old, kind of going through some angsty changes, and boys, and a first sexual experience. I don’t think that age is always treated with as much respect. I always try to throw props to the writers, to the brothers, really. It’s great that they haven’t discriminated between the genders, as far as who gets to do badass things and who gets to be emotional. They’re just telling stories with these characters.

(*>ω<*) -Some news about S&P [Event] + recruit new artists

o(≧∇≦o) Great news !

“ [EVENT] Help us to title and comment the fights!” 

We’re working on the protoype and added a new thing :

Every time you finish a fight,a kind of youtube page is appearing,it’s the menu and it let you choose if you want to fight again,go back to the main menu or change characters.

At the same time, random titles and comments appears. Well, be excited ‘cause that could be your own comments and titles appearing in the game!

You can propose anythin’ ,be creative, there is no number restriction !

Join the event there : ( Google spreadsheet )

Exemple : 

Jokesfilms “ ME ME BIG BEAR” -( found by @blackmesa_ita on twitter-)

ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ - New recruitment :

We’re searching for a new 2D animator +  maybe a line artist/colorist (someone is actually passing the test rn so maybe it’s already taken ) 

The task as 2D animator is quite important and due to the lack of time of Bubbles and Kino,we need to  find an external help. Someone who could help on cleaning a bit our rough animations like this one. it needs to be a bit smoother (but still with the less keyframes as’s a video game, not a animation doesn’t require too much skills)

They don’t need to be all smooth and clean as heck but some of them are quite important and really need to be reworked a bit . If you feel that you can do it, feel free to contact meh there and join our journey ! :

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your drapion is so cool!!! how long have you had it for?

Me and Purpur were together for a long time now.

My parents decided that having a skorupi as my first pokemon would teach me to be a strong trainer from the early years. I didn’t have a choice and I had to learn to deal with him the hard way. There were multiple injuries and tears.

Things became worse too soon, because Purpur evolved when I was only 13 and his brand new temper and destructive power were just too much for me. I kept him in a pokeball most of the time and, honestly, I was really scared for my life.
I was thinking of trading him away, but then a man named Bruno Buccellati came along and helped me to become a better trainer.

Time passed, Purpur still doesn’t always listen to me and he is angered easily, but now I think that keeping him was the right choice. I consider him a friend and I think that he likes me too.


Jules: You wish to know about how the plants will manifest their true potential so the Philomels will be remembered for generations?

Mayson: Uh… while that sounds great and all, I wanted to ask about relationships. You’ve been in one for a long time, right? Mom said you were each other’s first love, relationship, everything… Guessing you never like tried to figure out what other things… what other people-

Jules: This is accurate. I am Nehasexual. I was not interested in other things heir. 

The conversation was getting stranger by the minute. 

Mayson: What I really want to ask is, like with mom, how did you just move to being in a relationship. When things happened between you all, did she kind of brush you off? Wait is it normal for girls to do that? Like don’t they always expect something?

Jules: Heir, it seems to require specific answers for your questions. How about I leave you with advice instead. 

Mayson: Well-

Jules: I will leave you with advice instead. With your mother, I will admit for once I was wrong with the way I handled things. I was uncertain of what I wanted but I was certain as well. If not for her upfront attitude I would have not approached the topic and you would have never appeared in this world. When it comes to life I do think it is important to be honest with yourself and attempt not to hide behind what you think your image is. It makes relationships easier and simplifies your desires into common goals. I hope this was a assistance to you.

Mayson: Well it didn’t answer any of my questions…but thanks?

Jules: It is always a pleasure to relay my wisdom. 

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Jungkook calling Jimin princess at the fansign. Jimin likes Jk calling him princess (ok but my kink) and ignores jk when he calls him by his name. Members thinking they're dating but they don't. Pure fluff. If you can do from third person pov I'll be so happy. I just can't seem to understand feelings other way. Have a great day!

i was excited about this but it turned out so shitty i am so sorry omg, also it’s kind of short i aM SO SORRY

summary: jungkook is bad at not calling jimin princess

It was a normal thing. People have nicknames for their friends, right? And it wasn’t Jungkook’s fault that Jimin blushed furiously when he called Jimin princess for the first time. So Jungkook never stopped, it became a permanent thing.

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Mouths and Marks

I was putting on bright lipstick today and of course my mind went straight to H. So here’s a short thing I wrote just now.


You’re not together but he wants you to be. Harry sees you at every party, looking good, making people laugh. He’s heard his friends talk about how great you are, and even seen it for himself at a dozen different events. You’re light, easy going, and always polite. The kind of girl he could take home to Holmes Chapel. The kind of girl his mum would WANT him to bring home.
Without trying you consistently seem to be the centre of attention and he so badly wants to be the centre of yours. Tonight is no different.

You’re across the room, leant up against the bar, drink in one hand as the other cards through your long locks. Annonyingly there’s a bloke right next to you, his shoulder brushing yours. He doesn’t know if you came with him, but he’s too close in Harry’s opinion. Doesn’t want anyone near you, let alone touching - even if it’s just fabric to skin. It’s a possessive thought, completely unfounded since you’ve only just exchanged words in the past, but fuck if he can’t help how badly he wants you to be just his.

He thinks about it a lot. Too much, actually. Has imagined you and him in so many scenarios; from you carrying his gum in your bag to him fucking you against the soundboard in his music studio. Your skin leopard with the impresssions of the toggles and switches; his thrusts consistent with his beats.

He wants it all. The sweet. The savoury. The sinful.

The latter taking up the majority of his brain.

The last time he’d seen you was at a charity event at the British Museum. You’d been walking around with the host, your hands primly folded behind your back and his mind was consumed with thoughts of how he’d hold your wrists together while he took you from behind, watching as his cock slipped in and out, slick with a mix of you and him. Imagined how you’d beg “please, Harry, please. Harder”. Always so polite.

Seeing you now, kissing cheeks as the group you were standing with departs, has drummed a new fantasy in his mind.
You’re wearing lipstick, it’s bright and bold and as he watches you reapply in a small compact mirror pulled from your clutch, Harry’s mind swirls with thoughts of your mouth on his cheek. Wants it to press to his dimple so when he smiles, it would cave in and be even closer. Wonders how the colour would look smeared across his neck. His swallows. His ferns. His…

Harry’s fantasies must have blurred his vision because suddenly you’re in front of him and he has to shuffle behind the tall cocktail table next to him to hide his growing bulge.

“Harry! Didn’t know you’d be here tonight!”

You smile, darting forward, and he feels your lips print a kiss right where he’d wanted it. The gesture makes him grin and he has to grip the table to not grab at any part of you. As he leans in to return the greeting he catches his reflection in a near by mirror. Sees the mark your mouth has made, and vows to do whatever it takes to have it everywhere else.

- Devil’s Words 😈


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Oh my god this Lazytown thing is great. I could see Signe being Trixie and Robin being that one computer kid(I forgot his name oops). Robbie just wants friends but because he's a zombie he thinks everyone will be scared of him(really they're not he's just selfconcious) so he kind of just isolates himself. Chase is always trying to get him to come out of his hole in the ground(it's literally just a hole) but Robbie isn't having any of it. And then there's Schneeple in the background claimin stuff

YES - Mod Lily

Santiago: And one more thing… I’ve been wondering for a while now where have you learned to play like this. Or is it just natural? I mean, if you work hard, you have enough potential to become great.

Nate: I owe a lot to my first coach. He’s been like a father to me, because my own father, uh, didn’t really care. And at the same time he never made it easy for me. With him I went through blood, sweat and tears, and it kind of… formed my technique and made me physically stronger. 

Santiago: What’s his name? Maybe I know him.

Nate: (smiles) It’s Keith Fletcher. He’s my best friend’s dad, that’s how I met him years ago.

Santiago: Oh yeah! This ex-footballer who was in a bad accident… I’m sure he knows life. Alright, Nathaniel… you can go. Don’t forget about the game plan!…

kurogabae replied to your post: kairi-ou replied to your photo: …



But then the real “Fuuma” isn’t even in 75% of the manga. Whenever I trash talk Fuuma it is 100% directed at “The Version of Fuuma That Is Possessed By The Spirit of The Anti Kamui” and not the real Fuuma. 

Names are HARD in this series.

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This is for the anon who has issues with her body and anyone else that does: I used to have very bad issues with mine and I learned a trick that helped some. Pick what you love most about yourself, say that each thing is beautiful, say you are beautiful, and then say that "flaws" are natural and beautiful. Over time it will get easier to do and you will start to feel better. I hope it helps.♡♡

thanks for this great advice, ashlee! 💗

i completely agree. every negative thought you get about your image, just try to replace it with one of self-love and pride, and body image issues will not win! we are all beautiful, we are all unique and special, we are all born that way~ there is not just one kind of beautiful, so embrace your own beautiful, baby bears! 💫

- mod euphie

positive thing #285

last night, I went for drinks with my boyfriend and some of his friends, and I was told that I’m “genuinely lovely” and “bubbly” after a night of chatting, which was really great to hear since I often do wonder how I come across! (once I actually come out of my shell enough to speak, that is)

I also tried a new kind of hot chocolate (it’s chocolate and honeycomb) and I’m in heaven B)

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How do u make friends on tumblr??

Hi! Here are some tips for getting more Jonerys followers:

1.  Make sure your Tumblr has great Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen & Jonerys/Snowstorm content. This blog is mainly reblogs with some of my commentary, but others write fics and meta. Still others do fanart and vids. 

Tip: If your main blog has content other than Jon, Dany, or Jonerys, consider starting a sideblog. (This is my sideblog for Jonerys; I have 2 other sideblogs for my other ships and faves, and my main blog, where I post and share a mix of content.)

2. Post in the Jonerys and Snowstorm tags. You can look at the tags to see the kinds of things people are posting. :)

3. If you want to chat with other shippers, you can just message someone whose blog you like. There’s a chance they may not respond back but don’t take it personally – they might be busy with other things, either on Tumblr or elsewhere online. The more popular the Tumblr, the more asks, messages, and the like they get.

I’ll put this in the Jonerys tag so if anyone else has tips, they can share.

The lovely thing about Jon/Dany shippers is that people are genuinely cool, and thrilled about our ship coming in. Most of us are getting many more new followers, and are following just about everyone who has a Jonerys blog.

Hope this helps! Happy Tumblring! :)

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Hey, rlly irrelevant person, here just wanted to say I saw your YT video and I think it's great you're doing what you love and taking care of yourself. Your animatics are amazing and I don't want something you enjoy doing to become too tiresome, and your original content is amazing too (like The String) so looking forward to you being happy making whatever you want!! Just hoping not too many people get annoyed. <3

dude this is such a kind thing to say.. thank you!

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this isn't a NTAMW but a question i have because i really respect and cherish your answers. Well can a man only be in a relationship because he feels the need to control someone? And is it possible that this man has no respect for me/ women and feels this kind of controlling because he has a extremely bad relationship with his mom?

I know people quote Lundy Bancroft a lot when it comes to abuse, but its because his book is just so great at breaking down complex things so they are really easy to understand. Your question reminded me of this quote: 

…the disrespect that abusive men so often direct toward women in general tends to be born of their cultural values and conditioning rather than personal experiences of being victimized by women.

Some abusive men use the excuse that their behavior is a response to such victimization because they want to be able to make women responsible for men’s abuse. It is important to note that research has shown that men who have abusive mothers do not tend to develop especially negative attitudes toward females, but men who have abusive fathers do; the disrespect that abusive men show their female partners and their daughters is often absorbed by their sons.

So while a small number of abusive men do hate women, the great majority exhibit a more subtle-though often quite pervasive-sense of superiority or contempt toward females, and some don’t show any obvious signs of problems with women at all until they are in a serious relationship.

From Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry & Controlling Men.

(Side-note: I don’t indicate page numbers unfortunately because I have the pdf version and the pages are all wack).

To put my personal opinion on the matter, I have hope that there are men out there who won’t manipulate and abuse their partners, and whose intentions for dating come from wanting to share their lives with someone, rather than using someone so they can have sex and who will also clean up after them. But from my experience and the experience of the women I am close to, I haven’t seen one yet. I think great men are one in a million tbh, and that doesn’t leave much opportunity for women seeking partners. But, take my opinion with a grain of salt because I’m a separatist so :/

I hope this answered your question. If not, feel free to ask a follow up question :)

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Like seriously an alpaapolcalypse? I don't give a fuck if you use alpha or not LOL MM just suits the Sims 4 aesthetics more like Alpha looked great in Sims 3. I wouldn't worry bout it Love, you use whatever you want. Your still a very kind beautiful soul at the end of day ! MWAAAAAAAH <3

AAAAAA THIS IS SO KIND OF U THANK YOU MY LOVE!!!!!!! but for real i’m thankful i’m following (obviously) good blogs because i have only gotten 2nd hand exposure to this whole ‘alphapocalypse’ thing or whatever it is but yeah i agree it’s either a joke taken a little out of hand or just,, really embarrassing tbh. either way i’m not affected by it and want nothing to do with it!! ppl are free to do whatever they want with their game :D 

thank you so much darling this is the sweetest ask, you have a beautiful heart and i hope you have a wonderful day!

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For the fic ask meme, I suspect I know or could pretty accurately guess most of these answers, especially 2-10. Also have some solid ideas for question 1, but I'll ask it anyway. Feel free to expand "favorite" to "top three." :)

For the fic meme!

I kind of like the idea of a “how well do you know your beta” version of this meme.  What would I change about The Greatest Exception? :)

1. Of the fics you’ve written, which is your favorite and why? (Top three)

Of course this is impossible, but I will try anyway.

1. life, and breath, and all things (Call the Midwife, Shelagh character study, PG). Some of this is probably recency, but also–this story is kind of the story of my heart right now.  I love the writing a great deal (which I’m probably not supposed to say), and I love the way I build all of Shelagh’s choices.  She’s not naive.  She’s informed by her circumstances and her perspectives, just like the rest of us, and I think I did a unique, thoughtful, deeply considered job of addressing how those circumstances and perspectives help her and hurt her and allow her to become the character we love. 

2. When the Long Trick’s Over (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Jack character study, PG). I really wanted to understand what it would mean for Jack to actually take Phryne up on her request to come after him, to understand what it would mean for his work, for his friendships, and for his demons, and I think I did a great job with that.  I also made a point of treating his relationship with Rosie as one between two adults with affection and history and no recrimination, and that was important and it worked.  It is also easily my most popular story ever, and I do love waking up every. single. day. to kudos notifications.

3. There is a tie for three.  Sorry.

a. Authentication (Leverage, Sophie Devereaux character study, T). I love this story for all the ways it plays on choice and identity (me, dealing with similar themes across fandoms and years and characters?  NEVER!), for the way we understand how Sophie finally chooses to be Sophie, for the team and for Nate, but also for herself.  I wrote it before the show ended, and I love that it was never jossed, which makes me feel like I got the character right.  And the writing–I was sort of in an experimental phase with punctuation (…as ever)–but the style works for the character, and I continue to be proud of that.

b. Cultural Drift (Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson character study, PG). Oh, Daniel. I wrote this in 2008, I think, and I recently went back to see if it held up, and…it does. I love Daniel’s slow understanding of how he’s part of the story he’s telling, I love the way I use linguistics and philosophy to understand Daniel, and I love the way I understand his relationships with the team, both alive and dead.

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I was reading what you were saying about learning English through the internet and stuff you're interested in (which as far as I'm concerned is very accurate, without tv shows I still couldn't align 3 sentences) and I'm trying to do the same with Spanish, but the thing is that Spanish media ??? Is far less accessible ??? So I wondered if you had any recommendations, whether in music or anything else really bc I'm getting desperate looking everywhere ahah

omg sure, absolutely, i love sharing stuff i enjoy in spanish. i always think that by being an english-speaking world yall missing out on some great stuff. idk what kind of music you’re into so i’ll give some recs by genre cos i kinda enjoy every kind of music (tho my tastes are kind of limited to chile, argentina, some mexico, i barely know about other countries’ music soz) (also i’ll bold my faves). And then i’ll give you some movies and shows that I like!

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do you mind if I ask what kind of pencils you used for your most recent sketches?

sure! Things I used for the sketches in my most recent post, in no particular order:

• a blue Premier brand colored pencil

• a Blick store brand (I think) red pencil with an ok-but-not-great eraser on it

• a black fine-tip sharpie pen

• a mint green brush-tip Copic marker

• a red felt-tip pen from Staples

•  a green crayon I found under my desk at work

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This is one of the best blogs that are anti-something. cause theres actually people here responding to things and doing things other than just "haha look at this how stupidxdxd" everything about this blog is great and the mods are amazing -Sylvanon <3

you’re very kind<3