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Title: Smile

Genre/Rating: Fluff / PG

Characters: JB

Plot: You’re at JYP Nation in LA and you’re right in front of the stage. But you start getting sick because of how stuffy it is. Jaebum notices you immediately and takes interest in you.

Inspired by Touch my Hand - David Archuleta

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request a Got7; Mark scenario written by Admin Ana (<3), where you two meet backstage (reader is an idol too) and he falls for you, with the teasing of Jackson because the reader and Jackson are childhood best friends :3 thank yooouu!!

Written by: Admin Ana
Word count - 750
Category - I don’t know. Lol!

Thank you for requesting, love!!! FIRST GOT7 REQUEST EVER! You have no idea how excited I was. I hope you like it! ^^

It had been about a couple months since you’ve debuted as a soloist under YG Entertainment and your popularity grew every day, which amazed you. You had been busy with schedules lately and today, you had to go film a performance at Mnet.

“Jackson?!” You tried to hold back in your excitement when you saw the male, but you couldn’t because it had been ages since you last saw your best friend.

Jackson turned around and as soon as he saw you, his face broke out into a smile. “Oh my god!” you squealed, running to him. Jackson hugged you tightly as he screamed out that girly scream of his.

“Jackson Wang!” you squealed, not noticing his members behind him. “I can’t believe it’s actually you!”

“Wow, you’ve gotten prettier.”  Jackson told you as he pulled away.

“Of course I’ve gotten prettier.” You smacked his arm. “And you’ve gotten…” You frowned as you looked at him. “Why are you taller than me now?” you asked him.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a got7 reaction when they catch you dancing to stellar's vibrato please and thank you.

Fun fact (okay not really but…): I had to look up the video and watch it because I never saw it lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy ~~~

Mark: I didn’t know you could dance like that, what others moves do you have?

JB: You shouldn’t dress like that, although the dancing was nice. 

Jackson: Girl where did you learn to dance like that? Keep showing me your moves! 

Junior: I definitely approve. You should dance like this only for me though

Youngjae: *walks out and never mentions it to you*

Bambam: Oh my god. *needs a few moments to contain himself*

Yugyeom: *fanboys by himself in separate room*

Admin B ~
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Title: I Miss You

Genre/Rating: Fluff & Smut / M

Characters: JB

Request: Anon: could you do one where he hasn’t seen you all day and is tired from practice and all he wanted was to be with you (smut if thats ok)

Plot: Jaebum has been busy with Got7′s comeback and he hasn’t had a lot of time to spend with you, so you decide to surprise him at work.

Side Note: The piano part htoewathewot, I’m screaming LOL Also, you didn’t specify, which member, so I just assumed JB ^^” I hope that’s okay~

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queen-bee-of-the-nerds asked:

If you had to pick, what's your favourite song to dance to?

To do the official dance? Uhhhhhhh I like GOT7′s Just Right and 9MUSES’s Hurt Locker a lot. Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake, Seventeen - ADORE U and T-ARA Sugar Free are also on the list.

To just goof off dancing? Infinite - Bad, MAMAMOO - Um Oh Ah Yeah, She’z - My Way, Anda - Touch, Anything sung by CROSS GENE.

I can’t pick just 1, I really cannot lol

Alphabet Tag!!!!!

Thanks jonginsuniverse for tagging me!!!

B-Biggest Fear: spiders(no joke)
C-Current time: 11:15 pm
D-Drink you last had: Water
E-easiest person to talk to: my sister…I guess lol
F-favorite song: at the current moment Just Right by GOT7
G-grossest memory: stepping on a spider…..bare foot!!!!! I was so grossed out and terrified!!!!!
I-in love with: ugh MY BIAS the one and only Kim Jongin!!!!!
J-jealous of: ummm…idk! I obviously get jealous but at random things…nothing I can think of right now!!
K-killed someone: Nope!!
L-longest relationship: umm lol I don’t know if this counts but I was in 5th grade and it was for about 5 months!!!
M-middle name: Haley
N-number of siblings: 3
O-one wish: to meet my biases!!!! More specifically….Kai!!!
P-person who you last called: my mom lol :D
Q-question you’re always asked: what I wanna go to college for!!!!
(To get a degree in East Asian Studies) :D
R-Reason to smile: because I have a good life and I’m happy!!!!
S-song you last sang: Call me baby by EXO!!!
T-time you woke up: 7:00 am cuz of my job!!!
U-Underwear color:uhhh…random lol black :D
V-vacation destination: South Korea!!!
W-worst habit: biting my nails when I’m nervous!!
X-x-rays I’ve had: none..ever
Y-your favorite food: Lasagna
Z-Zodiac sign: Sagittarius!

This took a while but it was super fun!!!!!
I tag: mandiipandii15 and exolover-88

Have fun guys!!!!!!! 😃😃😃

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Which member would like one of the members of Sistar in their look and character :)

Lol I just refreshed my ask box and saw it and was like I already have someone in mind~

The members I would say would like one of the members from Sistar have to be  Jaebum, Jackson, or Mark

Mark had once mentioned Bora as his ideal type earlier last year, so I would assume he liked her because she had some sort of a Beyonce aura to her. 

Same with Jackson. Jackson likes girls who are athletic, but also have a darker complexion which applies to most girls in Sistar since they are known for their toned skin. 

Now I say Jaebum because he is friends with Hyorin and I think Dasom from sister as well, so there could be a possibility there as well~

1. Write your name in song titles.
Overdose – EXO
Let Me Know – BTS
I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab For Cutie
Valley Of The Dolls – Marina And The Diamonds
I Need You – BTS
A Car, A Torch, A Death – Twenty One Pilots
2. Why did you choose your url?
Well, I had decided to create a kpop blog on Tumblr so it just kind of fit I guess lol sorry for the awkward answer I’m an awkward person.
3. What’s your middle name?
It’s Anne; my mom’s name is Anne so yeah again I sound so awkward this is horrible
4. If you could be a fictional pet, what would it be?
Phoenix for sure!
5. Favorite color?
White, because it looks pure and innocent. Haha
6. Favorite song?
I couldn’t possibly pick, but any song by twenty one pilots would do.
7. Top 3 fandoms?
ARMY, 5sos Fam, and EXO-L
8. Why do you like Tumblr?
It has an awesome network space where people can connect and make friends. It has things for everyone, and I mean everyone. I love the idea of Tumblr, and to be honest I have made great long term friends on it.

Lol his face is so done 😂😅 “Sorry I just had too xD #Jacksonsayscute #xiumin #exok #exom #exol #exo #got7 #got7jackson #got7jacksonedit”

Request Box ~ OPEN!

My inbox is now clear!

I can’t believe I had no life these past two days and actually finished writing the requested scenarios LOL! If you had put in requests, be sure to check out my latest works because everything in my inbox is out.

Before submitting anything, just a friendly reminder, I have RULES! ^_^

Now, feel free to send in your requests and/or questions if you have any! :)

– Sara

Music Tag~ (inspired by a mutual ;) )

*hit shuffle and write down the first 20 songs that play*
[all kpop btw, since all my English music is saved on Spotify]

1. ONE SHOT (Japanese) by B.A.P
3. I FEEL YOU by Wonder Girls
5. YOU & ME (feat. Jooyoung) by Kisum
7. LEFT OUT by Legend
8. NICE by GOT7
9. CRAZY (Japanese) by CROSS GENE
11. WARRIOR (Japanese) by B.A.P
12. BADMAN by B.A.P
13. GO!!! by FLOW [not kpop, but still a cool song]
14. TARZAN by Wonder Boyz
19. FACE by NU'EST
20. ROCKING by Teen Top

Sorry for not answering asap! I just moved into college x_x it’s my first year.

Thanks for asking!!

  • The song that made me a fan: I remember I watched a video of got7 when they debuted, and it was “A”. I liked it because it had POC in it.
  • My top 3 biases: Hmmm Bambam, Jackson, and JB (in no particular order). And can I include papa tuan
  • My top 3 songs: I don’t really listen to their music that much, but I like A, Stop Stop It, and Just Right
  • My top 3 MVs: A, Stop Stop It, and Just Right; lol

Send me a group and I’ll answer!

anonymous asked:

me too!!!! what are yours? for me it's got7, 2pm and snsd....

I’m not saying this as a hater cause i’m not a hater, just to make it clear. But I don’t like some groups because they remind me of bad experiences I had with their fandoms >.< But i don’t mind that much tbh…Everyone can reblog whatever they want ofc♡. And I’ll not say which groups because i don’t want to make anyone feel sad? idk! hehe. 

And omg, i reblog snsd sometimes! lol ^^

anonymous asked:

Didn't all the cinnamon roll started with GOT7??

Hi, do you mean like the cinnamon roll meme? I’m actually not sure how the list thingy started, but I’m assuming it all originated from a news article that was written on The Onion about a cinnamon roll. I had to google this LOL This is what I found :) But I’m pretty sure it didn’t start with Got7
Got7 Mission Clear ep.2

Normal person + glasses = nerdy
Jinyoung + glasses = hot dude

Lol for a second there I’m losing my focus because of Jinyoung.

He was about to said his butt as his best body feature? XDD no one’s gonna object that, Jinyoungie. You had the best bubble butt ever.

I’m afraid Bam would get crushed under the weight of his hyungs + Yugyeom but seeing he is alive until this moment… I guess he’s stronger than he looks

anonymous asked:

Anon Blogger! Favorite frozen tv dinner? Favorite Month? Olive Garden Bread or Red Lobster Bread? If you had to have BamBam's Thai rap or Jacksons JYP version of his A rap as a ringtone for 5 years which one would you pick? Pick your top 5 fav music videos. They all don't have to be kpop. i hope something made you laugh or smile today!

Hello darling~~ ❤️

Favorite frozen tv dinner? Does a lil frozen box of Stouffer’s (?) lasagna count? Lol

Favorite Month? January

Olive Garden Bread or Red Lobster Bread? Olive Garden cuz I’ve never been to red lobster lmao

If you had to have BamBam’s Thai rap or Jacksons JYP version of his A rap as a ringtone for 5 years which one would you pick? Bambams Thai rap!!!

Pick your top 5 fav music videos. They all don’t have to be kpop. - love train got7, around the world got7, stop stop it got7, girls girls girls got7, just right got7