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Ok last endverse!Cas wasn’t so great and I still have Down to Agincourt feels, so here’s another.

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Is there a bag of mix gummy fazbears? Because I think all the Bear Animatronics are all true gummy bears in the world! :D



the only thing i love more than this filter is my angel 😢💕🌷

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My significant other motivates me, and so should yours. If you need time for yourself or to make yourself better. You can do the things you need to.
They teach me what they’ve learned, allow me to work, see the things I can do and he pushes me to the good things and vice-versa.
I see them more like a soul and I’ve accepted things in life. I’m just happy I’ve found someone to see a future with, that I can tell people about. Share advice, knowledge, and thoughts.
There’s so much future. If you don’t motivate, carry, and take care of the things you love, express/support them and your relationship then nobody probably will. I’m straight, and in love. I’m dreaming for all of you too.


“except in the case you’re a whale”

so, i just got my second rhett and link tattoo and i couldn’t be more in love with something. 

I was tagged by @gohliath & @sammyshuno to do this handwriting tag thingo, thankyou lovely humans ❤️

I could do this from the couch snuggled under my blanket heh heh
I’m tagging- @soft-almond, @literallywhothe, @early-grape, @wildlyminiaturesandwich, @sunnyfriendell, @simemi, @ y'all 😘

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(no pressure to post this) omg! so good to hear from you! so so so glad, you've no idea. i mean it's not like we've had conversations before, but when you follow someone online for years and they disappear you miss them! so it's good to see you're still alive and breathing, and you're doing okay. <3 i hope you have a really nice day today, pun.

Anonymous said: Lovely to see you back!!!!!! Ive missed u on my dashboard!!

Anonymous said: oh goodness, please don’t worry!! we’re all so glad you’re back & doing better, and you continue to be a fantastic and generally lovely person regardless of what you post or how active you are on Tumblr. i hope things continue to look up, and it was wonderful to hear from you!!! <3     

Anonymous said: I’m so glad you’re okay! <3 I wish you the best in figuring out things to best make yourself satisfied!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and well wishes!
I am so touched, and I can’t even put into words how much all the sweet messages and replies mean to me ;u;
Even if we never talked before, I appreciate it immensely, and I’m so happy that people have stayed with me through the years!
I wanted to reply to everyone individually but I still haven’t been feeling so good :c I will try to reply to some more messages though!

Also, my next hospital stay starts on April 25, and will last for about three months. I should be able to go home on weekends, so I might check in every now and then! As I said before, it’s nothing dangerous or awful, so I don’t want anyone to worry. Stuff like that is always scary, of course, but I’m optimistic that things are going to improve.
I have been saving up money too, so when I’m back, I plan on buying a new tablet and get back into drawing again as soon as possible! I have so many things to finish and so many ideas I need to get out >:0

Regarding Tags

You all are great. Getting lots of good info on the tag/search question. Thanks!

I’m signin’ off for the night. See you tomorrow with more kitty drawings :3

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"Ah yes... the eye thief." The old man grunted and shifted a bit in his old, worn chair, which creaked in response. The children gathered at his feet were looking at him with reverence in their shining eyes, their hearts wanting for more tales and fables, poems and songs. The fireplace crackled, the rug underneath the children was comfortable, but they didn't take stock in any of this as the old man began talking once more; (1/?)

“The Eye Thief. The creature that wanders in your waking dreams, no eyes on their face for they See with their arms. Their arms are decorated in eyes, some in pairs, some not. The eyes all blink with each other, synced with the creature, Seeing All for the creature. The eyes see lands far away, and the ground deep under. They see the bottom of seas and the tops of the mountains. They see times long past and endless branches of the future. Aye, the Eye Thief sees All. -(2/?)

The Eye Thief sees what its stolen eyes have seen, and gathers this into its own memories. If you have seen Too Much, or if you did not want to See something, the Eye Thief offers to take what you saw for you. For a price though, always for a price. It offers to relieve you of your burdens, in exchange for the eyes you saw it with. Woe be upon you if that be both your eyes. But, many take the deal, eager to forget. So, the creature walks around with eyes aplenty, and it knows All.” -(End c:)

👀✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ what a neat idea and what a neat story………………………….

me: i don’t care about acowar
me: *reads one (1) spoiler* my gay heart is fluttering,, thriving,, this is the White Gandalf arc i’ve been waiting for,, here are all my wigs you can have them & every inch of my lesbian soul


Happy Birthday Pretty U and congrats on 700 days with Seventeen!


MC MOODBOARD: I was in the mood to make a moodboard ( no pun intended ) for Yukimura’s MC since I’ve literally played his route 4 times in a row now LOL I wonder if the donuts gave it away. While she wasn’t my favorite MC, I found the idea of having to wait for your lover without ever knowing if he’d come back, to be incredibly lonely and even nerve-racking. I sort of made this on a whim so if it doesn’t …. make sense (?) just… enjoy the aesthetics. Ignore this description v(^-^ “)v

わかるけれど どこかで待ってるよ
wakaru keredo dokoka de matteru yo
somewhere in my heart, I’m still waiting for you

名前も 消せず
namae mo kesezu
unable to erase your name