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This time, Brookstone.

This time.

So uhh, little summary for this: I kinda headcanon movie Kai to be like, the “dad friend”
He’d probably give great advice, but also make those good ol’ corny/dad jokes sometimes
(“I’m hungry” “Hi hungry I’m dad”)


howdy y’all!! i’ve finally finished my ipre-based lyric video for dead hearts <3

(i’d mega appreciate it if you rb this – but only if you like it, of course)

if you’re a cis person, be careful with your trans headcanons, because you guys don’t actually really know what you’re talking about and i am so tired of seeing old, tired stereotypes being played off as ‘cute headcanons’

fallout week 2017: brains or brawn?

Brains or brawn..brains or brawn..brains or brawn..its the brains whats important for this machiavellian as*hole…brains can be talked out, talked in..or shot out with maximum precision..


guess who’s reading old kingdom hearts fics again

anonymous asked:

can you please expand on that trans head cannon post? cus I am trans and so ready for ~the discourse

this is going to be centered around trans male headcanons, both because i see a lot more of them and because i’m a trans boy, so it’s more my area of expertise. (if you’re a trans lady and you wanna add something to this post, please feel free.)

look, i understand why people love the whole “soft boy” trope - partially because i’m definitely not masculine and it’s nice to think about interacting with guys who wouldn’t make me feel like my safety is being threatened - but the way cis people on tumblr write about “soft trans boys” makes me feel ill. 

generally, these trans male characters are sweet and gentle to a fault, physically small, emotional, cry easily, etc… basically a bunch of misogynistic stereotypes pasted onto these guys that are then written like Man Lite™: This Time He’s Helpless!

infantilizing trans men like this is incredibly damaging. it’s obvious in some cases that the fact that they don’t have a dick makes the writer view them as sexually nonthreatening or even sexually unavailable; this is also very alarming to read because we’re just… normal… people. some of us find sex to be more fraught than others, but then again, so do cis people.

desexualizing adult trans men, especially trans mlm, because they’re “cute” or “pure” or whatever-the-fuck you’re calling it now does nothing but alienate actual trans readers and show them that you don’t think they have sexual agency. 

then there are the authors that swing in completely the other direction, fetishizing the hell out of trans male bodies (usually pre- or non-op bodies, too). these fic writers or artists will create material that uses the character’s trans-ness as a porn category instead of an identity trait, focusing on the parts of their body that would probably cause them the most dysphoria in the sex acts they describe.

some trans men are cool with their downstairs parts. some are cool with their breasts. most of us are at least a little fucked up by one or both being used in a way that feminizes us.

if a trans man in real life wants to use his body like this, then that’s 100% fine and more power to him, but if you’re cis and that’s the only thing you want to write? that raises a lot of red flags for me. and i probably won’t read your stuff because it’ll make me dysphoric.

in summary: look at this infographic.


me: *is tagged in 700 selfie tags*
me: *the least photogenic hoe you’ll ever encounter*

hello it’s your neighbourhood kino trash!! (i say that as i’m wearing a namjoon sweatshirt in these pics but anyways) i was tagged by so many people but the most recent ones i remember was @y8n-gi you’re so cute omfiadjous thank you bby ilysm!! and @wooseokstinygf aka my favourite wooseok stan?? also an actual goddess?? ily x

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Night Time Routine | Tom Holland

Requested: nope! I’m just real tired and the thought of doing bed time stuff w/ Tom popped into my head so here we are.
Rating: PG, cursing (maybe?? Not too sure)
Summary: Ever since you’d started to sleep at Tom’s the two of you had developed a routine, almost like clock work the two of you completed the cycle every night. It was simple and mundane, but it was together.
“YN, I’m tired, are you almost done?” Tom called out to you from the wide door frame of your shared living room. He paused, leaning on the wall. Wearing only a pair of blue plaid pajama pants that hung low on his hips, brushing the tops of his feet. You glanced up from your work on the computer, typing away at your laptop, eyes sore from staring at the screen so long, it was late, the time starting to turn into AM rather than PM, even Tess was asleep, taking a break from following everyone around the house.

“Yeah, just,” you paused to yawn, stretching your arms above your head, “a few more minuets and I’ll be up. Ya’ don’t ‘ave to wait for me, y'know.” Tom came to sit beside you on the couch, leaning his head on your shoulder.

“Y'know it feels weird to get in bed without ya bein’ there. I don’t mind waiting,” Tom said softly, his hair tickling your neck and the area of your chest that your t-shirt left exposed.
“Alright, but don’t stay up too long for me, you’re so tired from traveling and I-” Tom cut you off, “that’s bull and you know it, I’ll wait for ya, babe, don’t worry. I’m not too tired,”

Tom was clearly all talk, because within a few quiet minuets of you rhythmically typing on the keyboard of your laptop, Tom had fallen asleep on your shoulder, breathing softly, his chest rising and falling serenely.

Finally, you were finished. You saved your work and closed the lid of your computer, setting it to the side with one hand as not to wake Tom before you had to. You grabbed a pillow from behind yo hand tried to swap it out for your shoulder as seamlessly as possible, allowing Tom’s body to slump into the seat of the couch where you had been sitting before, grabbing a blanket and covering his body gingerly with it. You had almost made it out of the room, your finger on the light switch about to turn off the lights when you head Tom stir awake.
“You ready, love?” You smiled as Tom sat up on the couch, pretending to be wide awake.
“See, I told ya that I’d be awake the whole time,” he teased, you both knowing that he was too tired to do that. “Of course, babe. Let’s get ya t’ bed alright?” You yawned again, making Tom yawn after you as you walked up the stairs to your bathroom, washing your face and applying creams and brushing your teeth. Tom washed his face and brushed his teeth and sat on the floor behind you while you finished up, head slumped against the wall.

“Alright, babe, sorry to keep you up so long,” you gave him a hand up and the two of you completed the short walk to your bedroom hand in hand. He shook his head, “don’t worry babe, I’d never be mad about losing sleep if it meant I could be with you longer,” he was half asleep as he said the words, but you could tell he meant them even if they were a little cheesy.
“I love you,” you said, pulling back the blankets and climbing in alongside Tom. “I love you so much,” he said, pulling you close to him and kissing your forehead.

This was how nearly every night went with Tom, and neither of you would want it any other way.

Jumin Bad Ending - Castiel x Candy NSFW

Requested by anonymous. Entire piece is below the cut, including the image that was requested as the inspiration of the piece. If you do not want to see the image for whatever reason (whether it be because of spoilers or anything else) do not hit ‘keep reading’.
Note: I have not played Mystic Messenger and I do not know the context behind the image, I only know that it is the inspiration of the piece.

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Things that make me happy/laugh or brighten up my day...

My cat 🐱
Funny/cute animal videos 🐶
Pizza 🍕
Kawaii plushies 🐻
Flowers 🌼
Rainbows 🌈
Birds singing outside 🐦
Cuddling 💑
Forehead kisses 💕
Cartoons 😄
Farts 💨
Chubby animals 🐄
Funny things that weren’t actually meant to be funny 😂
Autumn 🍁
Cuddly sweaters in cold seasons 🌨
The first snow ❄
Christmas 🎅
The smell of pine trees 🌲
People being excited about tiny things 🙈
The smell of upcoming spring 🌷
Arts and crafts 🖌
70’s to 90’s music 🎶


How about making a tag game out of this?

Guys, list at least 10 things that bring a smile or a laughter to your face and tag a few people so they will do it too.
Let’s find the little things to appreciate in our lives! 💖

I’m tagging @sweetowncrossing, @oeillet-mayor, @mayor-lidda, @randombutloved, @bluelakes-whitesnow and @doodlingnick ~

calligr4phy  asked:

evan, how are things with connor? are you guys okay now?? (i hope you're having a good day! either way i'm sending love and good vibes 💕✨)

”I’m going to make a post about this when Jared finally goes to bed so that he doesn’t make fun of me, but….I think that we’re doing okay now? I’m not really sure and I really hope I don’t fuck this up but things are better I think.”