not good either way tho


Yes, let’s leave Sakura-chan to Itachi-san. That’s a perfect plan.

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hey just letting u know that i agree with you on the ace ppl are lgbt but i'm 99% sure "aspec" refers to autism spectrum and not ace spectrum so you might want to word it a bit differently on your byf

okay so i’ve always seen aspec used to mean ace/aro while autism spectrum was spelled out but i’m not autistic myself so since this is the first time i’ve heard of this i looked it up and also asked around and i’ve had a couple people who are autistic tell me that you’re incorrect and that the only people they’ve heard say this are people that are not autistic themselves so?? idk if this is just misinformation but i’m still going to take your suggestion and change it just to make sure nobody gets confused again so thanks!!

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ayyyy my dude! so i noticed there's a "dr. matthews" as a main character in mfd & idk who dr matthews was in jeffs life? i was thinking maybe he's a dr w/a diff name for like a flashback scene of his hernia operation or maybe joyce's doctor?? i couldn't find mention of him in MFD or shrine tho. do you have any idea?? he's played by the guy who plays one of my fav mad men characters tho so it'll be good either way i think 👌

I’ve been thinking the same thing and your theories match mine!

reasons i know i’m bisexual:

  • sometimes i’ll be buying stuff and there’ll be a girl ringing up what i bought and i’ll be like “Oh gosh she’s cute” and look away only to see the boy bagging the stuff and then i’m like “oh god he’s cute too” and i end up just glancing at both of them while being nervous