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STOP writing fanfics where Person A loves that Person B smokes. STOP writing fanfics where Person A loves to kiss Person B after they have smoked. Its gross. STOP writing fanfics where someone thinks smoking is cool/hot/sexy/whatever!!! ITS NOT. YES I am making another post like this because it needs to stop. It’s not cool. Its not hot. Its gross. Cigarettes are always going to be gross.

The Signs Studying Together
  • Virgo:*hands out everyone's books and settles down* are we ready to start?
  • Sagittarius:*glaring at Leo* Leo is on their phone. *looks over their screen* dude are you watching porn?
  • Leo:What? No? *hurriedly puts away phone* Um *awkward coughing* So um, math?
  • Capricorn:*rubbing temples* Actually, this is history...
  • Libra:Shit! I brought my Spanish book... Guess I have to go home, oh well...
  • Taurus:*pulling Libra back by the arm* Oh no you don't, you don't even take Spanish.
  • Virgo:*slightly annoyed laughter* Ok guys, we're going to start now... PISCES. Stop sleeping.
  • Pisces:*drool hanging out of their mouth* Wha? Elvis...? *conks out again*
  • Aquarius:What happens when you die? I wonder if there are other worlds? What if there is an alternate universe where they fight dragons but watch TV about us...
  • Capricorn:Shut UP, Aquarius.
  • Aquarius:*shrugs*
  • Aries:Guys, I'm failing this class. So if you could PLEASE...
  • Gemini:No, I like what Aquarius is talking about... *scoots over to engage in conversation about aliens*
  • Virgo:Guys, be quiet!!
  • Everyone:*continues talking*
  • Everyone:*silence*
  • Cancer:*lip trembles*
  • Pisces:Oh no, look what you did. Come on Cancer... Don't cry, it's ok.
  • Cancer:Actually. It's just really cold in here, can you close that window? Why does everyone always assume I'm going to cry?
  • Virgo:*throws book out the window* *walks out*
  • Everyone:*shrugs* *continues talking*

“Hello Dean.”

“CAS WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Dean rushes over to Cas and moves between him and the toaster, breathing heavily.

“The bread got trapped in this device that is supposed to cook it. I haven’t seen this done before, only in theory…” Tilting his head, Cas looks from the fork in his hand to Dean. “Is this not the customary way to make toast?”

“NO CAS! No its fucking not!”

At Deans sudden outburst, Cas startles and steps back slightly, embarrassed at his lack of knowledge on everyday objects. Sure he’s spend a significant amount of time on Earth but not once has he had time to slow down and actually contribute or at least dabble in everyday life. That is until things died down.

Sighing, Dean takes the fork and slowly places it on the kitchen counter next to the toaster. Looking back over to Cas with soft eyes, Dean takes his hands in his and squeezes. “Cas, i’m sorry. I just- you scared me is all. I mean normal people can die doing what you did.”

“I’m not a ‘normal human being’ Dean.”

Dean huffs out a small laugh “Yeah I know that… But it could still hurt you.” Bringing Cas’ hands to rest on his hips, Dean wraps his arms around Cas’ middle, resting his head in the crook of his neck. “Damn it, Cas. I dont want to see you get hurt.”

He knows Cas couldn’t really get hurt by being electrocuted through a household appliance but Jesus Christ, Dean can’t help but worry.

Cas moves, sliding his hands up Dean’s back and over his shoulder blades pulling him closer. They never really get this close, Dean and Cas. Dean hardly allows it. Mostly brushing Cas’ hand away or stepping that one more step further away from him. Sure it hurt Cas, how could it not. But he understood. You can forget about it when there are people around, even Sam. Especially Sam. He thinks Sam will look at him differently if that happens. If he shows even the slightest hint of affection towards anyone. Dean isn’t even worried that Sam might find out he likes guys, just the fact that he’s getting ‘soft’ as he puts it. But every once in a while, Dean just feels the need to touch Cas. The need to show him how much he means to him. And God so help Dean if he doesn’t have his hands all over Cas’ body when they’re alone together. Squeezing, pulling, caressing… Fucking anything he can do to Cas he does. And Cas likes it, when Dean’s in control. Showing all the love and affection he can by submitting to him. It’s the only way Dean can fully understand Cas’ feelings for him.

“Dean, I highly doubt that a toaster of all things will hurt me.”

“I know, I know just- just promise me you wont do that again?”


“No.” Leaning back suddenly, Dean gently grabs the sides of Cas’ faces in both hands, moving his thumbs back and forth over the slight stubble. A habit he had picked up a while back. “Just… Humour me?” Dean leans in and lightly presses his lips to Cas’ plump ones. “Please.”

Closing the distance again, Dean’s kiss is more forceful this time. Cas moans into the kiss and moves his hands back down to rest on Dean’s hips. Moving back, Cas leans his forehead against Dean’s, feeling soft puffs of breath against his cheek.


Smiling softy, Dean brings his lips to Cas’ once more and sighs. “Thank you.”

The next few moments consisted of them just standing there, arms around each other, lips occasionally coming together… and Dean knows he won’t be able to stay like this for long. Sam will be back any minute and would see them.

and for the first time since they started this, Dean wonders if that would be a bad thing…

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