not gonna tell :p

I haven’t animated in so long??


this is what we call getting carried away

(things are heating up in future miyagi)


rfa + unknown | drunk

srry i didn’t write anything for V but it’s p gonna be like 

v: hey siri can you tell mc to pick me up bc im drunk 

mc: omw you helpless baby!!!

one of my fave things about fob is the hidden messages they send in their songs/albums/etc. like folie a deux felt like such a goodbye album - the ending of what a catch felt like such a goodbye y'know?? but then when they came back with save rock and roll it felt like the complete opposite. they named the first song on their album the phoenix, which is a mythical animal that reincarnates itself from its own ashes when it dies. their albums are literally saying that you can recover and grow no matter how dead you feel inside and that’s such a powerful message i love fall out boy

anonymous asked:

heyo just wanted to let you kno (if you don't already) that one of your posts was used in an article on witch aesthetics. tumblr wont let me post the link but the articles on vox

why the heck is this article about lorde getting into moralizing babyfights with a post of mine from 2013


@alohamoraz tagged me to post my lock screen, last song I listened to, & a selfie !!
(that’s my beautiful best friend as my lock screen (-; & enjoy my low-quality 3 AM selfie)

I’m tagging anyone who feels like doing this because I don’t like tagging people??

Calming down after a fight. 

Im not sorry.


Steven’s To-Do List:

  1. Find her
  2. Talk to her
  3. Free her

I’m in this group project with some girls from my year and we met up together to like, discuss certain stuff or whatever and at one point, when we were just chatting, one of them was like “why don’t you hang out with anyone? you’re always alone” which I honestly didn’t have an answer to

Firstly because I didn’t quite realize it was that visible (I guess I should tho) and secondly cause like…I don’t know you girl lmao I’m not gonna tell you about my anxiety and other issues that make it hard for me to interact