not gonna tell :p

I haven’t animated in so long??


rfa + unknown | drunk

srry i didn’t write anything for V but it’s p gonna be like 

v: hey siri can you tell mc to pick me up bc im drunk 

mc: omw you helpless baby!!!

my choices fancast // Colin Firth as murderking  King Constantine (Rules of Engagement and The Royal Romance)

Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends, @yaushie

I can’t believe you’re so old, Cassie!!!! No, but in all seriousness, I’m glad to have made a friend like you. You have been with me through my highs and lows, and have always been that person I go to whenever I’m celebrating something, feeling down, or just anything really. (We’ve been friends for three different time zones hahaha!) I hope we continue to be friends for the years to come. Love ya, girl! ;)

one of my fave things about fob is the hidden messages they send in their songs/albums/etc. like folie a deux felt like such a goodbye album - the ending of what a catch felt like such a goodbye y'know?? but then when they came back with save rock and roll it felt like the complete opposite. they named the first song on their album the phoenix, which is a mythical animal that reincarnates itself from its own ashes when it dies. their albums are literally saying that you can recover and grow no matter how dead you feel inside and that’s such a powerful message i love fall out boy

Listen I get really pissed about this whole hiding in your room to eat as quickly as possible when you’re on your period during Ramadan, in your own home so that the men in your family don’t see like????


I met Ngoziu at Flamecon over the weekend!!! She was so awesome and I was so nervous. A few questions that I asked her

1) what was princess robinson’s name? apparently we’re gonna know that so she didn’t tell me p. robinson’s name so we all have that to look forward to!!

2) will tweets and stuff be included in the publications? yes!