not gonna tell :p


this is what we call getting carried away

(things are heating up in future miyagi)

Calming down after a fight. 

Im not sorry.

i honestly hate this idea that if you don’t take 10 selfies a day you don’t love yourself.
i love myself i just don’t love my appearance that much. but i do love myself.

anyway i just think this idea is based on the outdated concept that a woman’s worth is her appearance and this is how she’s supposed to value herself as well and nah, i am fun, funny, smart, curious, well-read and kind, my love for myself doesn’t reside in me taking pics of myself and plaster them all over the internet


Steven’s To-Do List:

  1. Find her
  2. Talk to her
  3. Free her

some self portraits (kira took the picture w/ her superior camera lmfao)


another few days in the life of an underachiever (╯◕_◕)╯


honestly tbh 

id think that kuseno prly has a reserved dick in case genos 

also can u beleive this shit like genos hasnt had a dick in ages u bet hed prly helicopter that thing until it broke off and shot thru a window 

i cannot take this seriuosly holy shit so here u go rl quick