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This is going to be an very long post. I’m making this for myself and for others to be able to go back and find some of the truly horrible and disgusting things larries on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter have all said about Louis, Harry, Freddie, Briana, Danielle, and more, sometimes directly to them via their social media. Warnings for drama, abuse accusations, rape accusations, wishing for death/harm towards Freddie and Briana, very gross language and insults, ableist language, and stalking. If there’s anything else I should have a warning for, please let me know.

To anyone who wants to get mad at me for including screenshots and links to their posts, your blog is public, this website is public. If you don’t want to have people take screenshots of your posts, try refraining from posting such awful things :)

For reference for anyone who doesn’t know, this is a pretty good post to explain why people believe larry is real and Freddie isn’t Louis’ son. That post sums up the reasons all of these people featured in this masterpost said all of these things. I guess it’s up to you if you think it’s justifiable. Also, if you have anything to add on to this (especially as we weeks go on and larries get grosser and grosser as we’ve seen them do

To start, there isn’t room for screenshots but honestly, search any larrie’s blog for the word Briana. It’s vile. 

Bromanceshmomance accusing Briana of date rape if Freddie is really Briana and Louis’ son. 

Literally hoping Freddie will die.

larryalbum wishing for an entire family to “choke.”

Srslycris accusing antis of all being Trump supporters

Everything about this. Ableist language, horrible insults, accusing Briana of faking her Instagram hack.

The way they’re talking about Briana, saying “she’s a fake mother and an ex beard…even leaving out the fact that she’s the most un-interesting, bland, nothing human being on the planet, her situation makes her utterly unlikeable to everyone.” A ridiculous amount of insults and bullying for just one post. From verily-i-say. 

Much, much more under the cut. 

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i'm an exhausted larry. i should probably not take this step towards what will inevitably be my doom. but do you believe that zayn and liam are currently in a relationship (or have ever been) and if so, would you please direct me towards some trustworthy sources?

Ohmygiddygod’s trousers, R.I.P. ::clutches you to my bosom:: Today is Ziam Day in this trash heap, so I shall cradle you gently and lead you boobs first to your inevitable ruination, so we can be ruined together!

 I do, in fact, believe Zayn and Liam are currently in a relationship and have been since 2012. 

There’s a fuckton of evidence and proof about Ziam ( to the point where I want to eat my own head trying to think of where to begin), BUT i will do this as a public service and try my very best (this is long af, I am suh sorry).  I invite you to be your own Hoevestigator and take to the Google & Tumblrwebs, but I’ll try to lay down some key facts fer you.

Since today is Ziam Day in this landfill, the first place I would recommend you start is to watch ILikeYourSkirtMary’s The Story of Ziam videos. Someone give ILikeYourSkirtMary a Pulitzer for investigative journalism, because they are the most comprehensive in terms of timeline, proof, and analysis:

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6C I Part 6D

Putting the rest of this under the cut, because we have tattoos, accessories, and other assorted emotional kicks in the boob to go over.

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Hi everyone! We’d like to announce the first ever STANCY WEEK - a whole week dedicated to celebrating the relationship between Steve Harrington & Nancy Wheeler, which will begin on MAY 1st and end on MAY 7th! ❤

Prompts ↴

  • MONDAY: red / love

  • TUESDAY: hurt / blue

  • WEDNESDAY: gold / brave

  • THURSDAY: jealousy / green

  • FRIDAY: au / pink

  • SATURDAY: apology / purple

  • SUNDAY: free day / white

For a detailed explanation of the prompts, click here. Remember, you don’t have to do both the color & the word prompts - you can just pick one out of the two! We wanted to give options and ideas for everyone: artists, writers, etc.

Rules ↴

↝ absolutely NO hate on any character or ship will be tolerated

↝ make sure to tag @stancy-week OR use the hashtag #stancy week so that way we can reblog your stuff!

↝ all content - including art, fic, headcanons, edits, gifsets, playlists, & more - is acceptable!

↝ make sure to tag any potential triggers appropriately

↝ if, for whatever reason, we don’t see your content in the tag, please message us and let us know so we can reblog it!

Okay guys! Mark your calendars and spread the word; most of all, have FUN! Feel free to message us if you have any questions.

Haikyuu Ships masterpost

Alright, so I decided to make a masterpost for all my Haikyuu ships - my OTPs and my brOTPs! I was gonna do that HQ ship meme but it rapidly became extremely messy and basically unreadable, so I decided to put it down in a textpost instead.

OTPs/Favourite Pairings (in no particular order):

  • DaiSuga (Sawamura Daichi x Sugawara Koushi)
  • IwaOi (Iwaizumi Hajime x Oikawa Tooru)
  • BokuAka (Bokuto Koutarou x Akaashi Keiji)
  • TsukkiYama (Tsukishima Kei x Yamaguchi Tadashi)
  • KuroKen (Kuroo Tetsurou x Kenma Kozume)
  • KageHina (Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shoyo)
  • MatsuHana (Matsukawa Issei x Hanamaki Takahiro)
  • EnnoTana (Ennoshita Chikara x Tanaka Ryuunosuke)
  • KyouHaba (Kyoutani Kentarou x Yahaba Shigeru)
  • KindaiKuni or whatever their ship name is (Kindaichi Yutarou x Kunimi Akira)
  • KiyoYachi (Kiyoko Shimizu x Yachi Hitoka)
  • KaoYukie/YuKaori/SuzuShiro/ShiroSuzu (Suzumeda Kaori x Shirofuku Yukie)
  • LevYaku (Lev Haiba x Yaku Morisuke)
  • AsaNoya (Asahi Azumane x Nishinoya Yuu)
  • UkaTake (Ukai Keishin x Takeda Ittetsu)

Other cute pairings:

  • AkaKen (Akaashi Keiji x Kenma Kozume)
  • AoNiwa (Aone Takanobu x Moniwa Kaname)
  • NariKino (Narita Kazuhito x Kinoshita Hisashi)
  • AkiSae (Akiteru Tsukishima x Saeko Tanaka) wow look a rare straight ship
  • TeruMisa or whatever their ship name is (Terushima Yuuji x Misaki Hana) oh look another rare straight ship
  • AoFuta (Aone Takanobu x Futakuchi Kenji)
  • KogaSaku irdk their ship name im sORRY (Koganegawa Kanji x Sakunami Kousuke)
  • Michimiya Yui x That One Teammate Who Was Crying That She Went To Reassure (i cri Furudate pls give them nAMES)
  • ShibaInu/InuShiba (Shibayama Yuki x Inuoka Sou)

brOTPs / Platonic pairings/groupings (+reasons/HCs):

  • Yamaguchi Tadashi & Yachi Hitoka
    - because yes beautiful dorks bffls always there to support the other when they get nervous
    - also Yachi’s gay af so
  • Hinata Shoyo & Yachi Hitoka
    - I feel like they see each others as Bros4Lyfe
    - Tiny People Club
  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke & Nishinoya Yuu
    - Hyperactive angry birbs
  • Kuroo Tetsurou & Bokuto Koutarou
    - memetrash swegbros 2kForever
    - sunglasses emoji
    - Poor Akaashi
  • Oikawa Tooru and Sugawara Koushi
    - i kNOW they’ve never really interacted much (or nicely lmao) in canon, but I feel like they would get along really well if they were to actually befriend each other
    - idk blame Cake Or Break (The way Carol writes their interactions makes me want to ship it platonically so much it’s the best)
  • Sawamura Daichi & Michimiya Yui
    - because BFFLS AF
    - I honestly never saw anything more than platonic love between them
    - They’re like brother and sister to me that’s just how I’ve always seen them
    - I cri a lil inside when I see fics where Yui “comes between” Daichi and Suga bc honestly I feel like she would be the first one to ship them
    - She’d clue on real quick like oHOHO DAICHI YOU’RE SPENDING AN AWFUL LOTTA TIME STARIN AT THAT SUGAWARA KID EH EHH *nudge nudge* *wink wink* *raises eyebrows repeatedly*
    - Daichi refrains from yelling at her because “she’s a female and it’s not polite to yell at girls and also she’s an old friend-” but sometimes he is extremely extremely tempted
  • Kuroo Tetsurou, Bokuto Koutarou, Akaashi Keiji & Tsukishima Kei
    - I can’t bring myself to romantically ship KuroTsuki (nothing against people who do ship it don’t get me wrong)
    - bUT i do love the 4 of them together as a friendship group
    - it’s the funniest shit ever
    - Bokuto and Kuroo (esp Kuroo) are what I call the Annoying Uncles
    - Kuroo is a nosy but also genuinely caring guy, he just does it in the most annoying and sly way possible
    - Kuroo genuinely wants to help Tsukki as much as he can (Tsukki is to Kuroo as Hinata is to Bokuto)
    - “You wanna learn how to block? Sure c’mere lemme show you. Got some issues with your teammates? Sit down son spill the beans I got time. Wanna get together with Yamaguchi? Got yo back son here’s a pair of fishnet stockings and a pack of condoms go have fun but stay safe fam”
    - Akaashi has to deal with too much shit
    - Tsukki just wants to go home
  • Mom Squad
    - to be specific: Sugawara Koushi, Iwaizumi Hajime, Yaku Morisuke, Moniwa Kaname, Akaashi Keiji
    - they would have a group chat and keep texting each other either for advice on how the fuck to handle their teams or to give advice about how to handle their teams
  • The Captains
    - Sawamura Daichi, Oikawa Tooru, Kuroo Tetsurou, Bokuto Koutarou, Futakuchi Kenji, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Terushima Yuuji
    - They’d have a group chat (thanks Kuroo) except it would be 70% memes and gifs, 20% talking about their teams and respective love interests and 10% Ushiwaka talking about chick flicks
    - Ushiwaka watches chick flicks you can’t stop me
  • Seijoh Third Years
    - mY BOYS
    - #saveiwachanfromthememes2k16
    - Mattsun and Makki could rival Kuroo and Bokuto’s meme game
    - too much meme
    - what do you meme
    - thanks, Mattsun Makki and Oikawa for all those awful pickup lines
    - that feel when you can’t stand your friends but you also can’t live without them
  • Third Gym / Gym 3
    - fun times
    - hellonaughtychildrenitsmurdertime
    - game hella on
  • Karasuno First Years
    - Precious gaybies
    - besties
    - Before they get together everyone goes to Yachi at least once to rant about their feelings for their best friend (Yams about Tsukki, Tsukki about Yams, Hinata about Kags, Kags about Hinata)
    - Yachi resisted the very strong temptation to just shove them into the clubroom and lock them in there with their crush because she decided it would be best to let them confess when they were ready
    - In return, everyone listens to her occasional rants about Kiyoko 
playlists and shit

okay so yeah these are just some playlists that i have that i add to sometimes B) (and if anone has any suggestions for them or whatever pls tell me that would be rad)

some of them need adding to but yes here u go

Someone made this suggestion (thank you btw) so I thought maybe I could make a post with all the tags and maybe ppl can find things more easily

specific character tags for edits: #swcharactername

If you have a suggestion/some other tag you want to add you can add here or send me a msg :) and again thank you for your suggestion

Zayn would be the kind of boyfriend to overly pucker his lips and kiss you playfully and that really hurts :/

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2013harryrise  asked:

AGNES i need a huge favor. Im trying to convince my non 1d friend of M!M force closeting habits and of larry realness. So i need both receipts links to videos picturess a giffs. Pleaseeeeee. Its really important thx babe

I can’t believe I just did this, but yeah. 

I present to you the Larry Is Real Masterpost of masterposts/ the ultimate guide to Larry. It is really long, but I tried for it to be as organized as possible. Contains parts such as “tattoos”, “TXF”, “Management” etc. each part includes links to videos, links to masterposts, gifs, photos, tweets, timelines etc.

You are welcome to use this either as Larry resource, or when having doubts or when trying to convince someone. I’m sure this will work just perfectly, though I have to warn you that it is painful.

Thanks to everyone in this fandom making these masterposts and gifs, you are amazing.

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Soooo guys the days are getting colder and darker which means late movie nights and snuggling up on the couch or it means writing. How about combining the two??

There is a lot of great movies out there and what is more fun than using them in fics. There is a list of movies under the cut. Check them out and choose one.

You can rewrite the entire movie, a scene from the movie or you can use it in your fic (have the characters watch it, talk about it, ect). You can use the score from the movie or even just the poster. Get creative.

There is a lot (100) of great movies and 10 different genres. Look through them and join the fun.


Send me an ASK (ASKS ONLY - IM’s and Replies and Reblog sign-ups will be ignored - As will sign-up’s via Anon cause come on guys…)

That ask has to tell me

1 Read the Rules!

2. what pairing (x female reader or ships) you want me to write for! Any SPN character or actor goes. Ships are for characters only (wincest, samifer and dalistar are excluded for personal reasons no hate meant I just can’t read it) - RP x readers are cool too.

3. The movie you choose to write (Title and number) for and a second choice in case your first pick is taken.

4. If you write from a sideblog I need the url for that one.

5. The last day I might open up for the option to sign up twice but as for now it is one time per. writer.


1. There is no theme this time which is weird for me but I decided to just let you guys go where the inspiration takes you!

2. You can write reader inserts with SPN characters or rp fics (as long as it is SPN related actors). You can write character ships if you so please. For personal reasons Wincest (in any shape or form - meaning no dean x sam, sam x john, mary x dean ect.), Samifer and Dalistair is excluded. I don’t hate but can’t stomach reading that either.

3. Keep it between 600-5000 words pls! USE A KEEP READING CUT FOR FICS OVER 1k OR I WON’T REBLOG. 

4. You can make it part one of or write a seris around it or make it a one shot. If you make it a series please make a masterpost and tag me in it so I can use it for the challenge masterpost. 

5. Remember to tag me: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and use the hashtag “SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE” - I recommend you follow me and the tag for updates but it is not a must!

If I didn’t like it - I didn’t see it!! Give me a few days but feel free to send me an ask or IM letting me know it’s up!

6. Mention it is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night challenge and the title of your prompt movie somewhere in the header.

7. Use the tag “SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE” within the first 5 tags.

8. You can write smut, fluff, angst or anywhere in between. You can use all the gifs you want - if they are NSFW please put them under a cut.  

9. Important Dates!

Sign ups ends: Oct. 12th - send me an ask before midnight danish time that day if you wanna join the fun.

You can post before sign-ups end but I will not be reading or checking the tag before after that date.  

Due date is December 15th All fics must be posted on this day - if you need a extension ask I am not gonna say no. Just please keep in touch. I spend a lot of time on these and signing up to never be hurt from again is rude.

Masterpost will be up by December 20th at the latest and that with all the fics with will be added to the Challenges page my blog.


I am tagging a few writers under the cut along with the list of movies to spread the word and who I think might want to join. 

Anyone tagged or not. New or established are welcome to join in!

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Hello everyone! So I know a lot of people are very excited about May Mpreg month, but I’ve seen a lot of questions about “What is April then?” Well, Kara and I had a bit of a chat and decided that April can be the month of Alter-Egos!

“But, Bee that’s so broad and kinda dumb to lump into one month, I mean there are so man options that go along with it.”

Yes, I know it seems like just a general month of Au’s but that isn’t exactly what Kara and I had in mind.

Alter-egos can include any of the following:

-Nerd/Geek (ex: MARCEL)

-Flower Children


-Jocks/Popular Clique



-Blind/Deaf/Mute/Otherwise disabled



You can even mix and match the alter-egos. (ex: Flowerchild!Louis with Marcel)

Basically these stories can are not necessarily alternate universes, but alternate types of people! And we aren’t just looking for fics, you can make playlists, art, fic rec lists, gifsets/picture sets, anything you want! So long as Louis or Harry or both of them are not the normal Harry and Louis.

Something else that was important to me and Kara was that anyone on the whole “Who tops?” argument feels included! So your work doesn’t even need to be smut related because our month isn’t actually about kinks! (Although, yeah smut is always fun and I’ll be sad if I don’t see any.)

We encourage both top!louis and top!harry fics.

Obviously this is going to be a bit rushed, because it’s so last minute, but if you decide to partake in what I’m considering a little filler month, send me a link to what you have made! At the end of the month i’ll make some big old masterposts of all the things sent it, and for now I’ll make a tag on my blog for it :)

Anyway, have fun and I hope to see some exciting things for the month!

Questions or you want to send work to me: XXXXXXXXX

Banner and extra help with organizing done by the lovely Karukara 

anonymous asked:

Hi, love your blog. Do you know of any dissociative identity disorder fics?

Hey there!

I know a few:

And the two common tags for dissociative identity disorder fics:

Dissociative Identity Disorder + Multiple Personalities

*tagged James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers

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Hello! firstly I love your blog, and secondly I was just wondering if you have any or can direct me to any Zayn master posts (like why he is people's favourite band member of like gifs of him being funny/nice or whatever) because though Harry is probably my favourite I think Zayn is beautiful but feel like I don't really know that much about him??? Hope this wasn't too much of a weird rambling post and also sorry if this is an effort!!! Thank you :) xx

thanks, bb !! anddd yes i can provide you some links hehe <3

well i have a zayn alphabet which might interest you and i also have a i love zayn tag which is mostly just me rambling about why i love zayn lol 

this gifset is important to me. and this one. and this one that lana made is sooooooo important. AND ALSO THIS ONE SHE MADE RECENTLY !!

gonna link you to lana’s masterpost tag and patricia’s masterpost tag because they’re all zayn specific masterposts :)))

a masterpost of the boys talking about/complimenting zayn

a masterpost of zayn’s handwriting

a masterpost of zayn protecting niall

a masterpost of zayn being really cute and NOT a broody badboy - part one and part two. and here’s another !!

zayn is smart / zayn is satan (lol)

tweet masterposts: ziam / zarry / ziall / zouis

zayn’s quotes from where we are

zayn malik appreciation week

lana’s zayn love tag where ppl talk about/appreciate zayn

patricia’s quotes tag includes zayn quotes and quotes about zayn. and her ‘with fans’ tag is good tooooooo for all fan interactions/pics/etc :) and her zayn with celebs tag (includes celebs talking about zayn + interactions)

and if you wanna just appreciate his extreme beauty then i’d recommend clicking here and here (i’m basically just linking to all of patricia’s blog at this point lmao)

hopefully all this helps !!! :)

Tags masterpost?

Since the blog is a mess and i do feel that the written asks are annoying- im gonna start to tag the post properly- HERE IT GOES

Art responses//   reply-teru  <- im working on this one

Mun art//  shittie arto 

References and Choco facts//  reference

Chojete tag//  chojete  (duh)

Chojete story tag?//  thingy (best name ever- i know)

Mun tag// min <- working on that one too

Interactions with other blogs//  friends

Cosplay saturday// cosplay saturday

Written asks- text posts// wrotedesu