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This is going to be an very long post. I’m making this for myself and for others to be able to go back and find some of the truly horrible and disgusting things larries on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter have all said about Louis, Harry, Freddie, Briana, Danielle, and more, sometimes directly to them via their social media. Warnings for drama, abuse accusations, rape accusations, wishing for death/harm towards Freddie and Briana, very gross language and insults, ableist language, and stalking. If there’s anything else I should have a warning for, please let me know.

To anyone who wants to get mad at me for including screenshots and links to their posts, your blog is public, this website is public. If you don’t want to have people take screenshots of your posts, try refraining from posting such awful things :)

For reference for anyone who doesn’t know, this is a pretty good post to explain why people believe larry is real and Freddie isn’t Louis’ son. That post sums up the reasons all of these people featured in this masterpost said all of these things. I guess it’s up to you if you think it’s justifiable. Also, if you have anything to add on to this (especially as we weeks go on and larries get grosser and grosser as we’ve seen them do

To start, there isn’t room for screenshots but honestly, search any larrie’s blog for the word Briana. It’s vile. 

Bromanceshmomance accusing Briana of date rape if Freddie is really Briana and Louis’ son. 

Literally hoping Freddie will die.

larryalbum wishing for an entire family to “choke.”

Srslycris accusing antis of all being Trump supporters

Everything about this. Ableist language, horrible insults, accusing Briana of faking her Instagram hack.

The way they’re talking about Briana, saying “she’s a fake mother and an ex beard…even leaving out the fact that she’s the most un-interesting, bland, nothing human being on the planet, her situation makes her utterly unlikeable to everyone.” A ridiculous amount of insults and bullying for just one post. From verily-i-say. 

Much, much more under the cut. 

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anonymous asked:

i'm an exhausted larry. i should probably not take this step towards what will inevitably be my doom. but do you believe that zayn and liam are currently in a relationship (or have ever been) and if so, would you please direct me towards some trustworthy sources?

Ohmygiddygod’s trousers, R.I.P. ::clutches you to my bosom:: Today is Ziam Day in this trash heap, so I shall cradle you gently and lead you boobs first to your inevitable ruination, so we can be ruined together!

 I do, in fact, believe Zayn and Liam are currently in a relationship and have been since 2012. 

There’s a fuckton of evidence and proof about Ziam ( to the point where I want to eat my own head trying to think of where to begin), BUT i will do this as a public service and try my very best (this is long af, I am suh sorry).  I invite you to be your own Hoevestigator and take to the Google & Tumblrwebs, but I’ll try to lay down some key facts fer you.

Since today is Ziam Day in this landfill, the first place I would recommend you start is to watch ILikeYourSkirtMary’s The Story of Ziam videos. Someone give ILikeYourSkirtMary a Pulitzer for investigative journalism, because they are the most comprehensive in terms of timeline, proof, and analysis:

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6C I Part 6D

Putting the rest of this under the cut, because we have tattoos, accessories, and other assorted emotional kicks in the boob to go over.

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ignore this for all i care

hey guys. i just need a minute to rant about medicine because dear lord i love it.

first of all, i am so deeply in love with the human body, as creepy as that sounds. human anatomy will forever be the most fascinating thing to ever cross my mind, and i feel so blessed to be living in this age, where we know so much about it and our knowledge is continuing to grow every year, month, week, day, second. i seriously can not wait to use my future knowledge of human anatomy to help people, to literally split a human chest open with the full intent of fixing whatever shit is inside, and putting it back together all within a few hours. i can not wait to see a beating heart, with nothing in between it and i. i can not wait to go into a hospital with doctors and nurses and surgeons and other people just like me who worked their ass off and sacrificed so much to just simply help people. not for anything else, not for the salary, not for the bragging rights, nothing. because i know that everyone who gets to that point persevered because of their need and desire to try to save lives. and of course the salary and bragging rights are a plus, but really, that is not the reason they are working in that hospital. i can not wait to meet and work with a whole group of people who understand my passion for medicine, who may just be the brightest minds i’ll ever meet in my entire life. and lastly, i can not wait to be in an o.r., feeling high while my mind still remains as clear as daylight. and i seriously can not wait for my future, because no matter how much i enjoy life right now, i will never truly ‘live in the present’ until i am in an o.r.

whenever people ask me, “if you can’t go into medicine in the future for unknown reasons, what would you do?” and i usually just bs some answer because i know they won’t understand that i literally can not fathom what i would do. i could honestly be walking on jupiter before i could answer that question. and sometimes i doubt myself, because maybe i’ll change my mind as i grow older, and maybe i’ll pursue something else, because statistics show a majority of those who want to go into medicine typically do not. but then i think, how could that ever even happen? in what universe would i ever chose something over medicine? i do have days sometimes, when i think “you know, medicine is going to seriously drain me. being a cardiothoracic surgeon is honestly a terrible job.” yet at the same time while i’m thinking that exact thought, i still can not imagine doing anything else. then i have days where i’m just overwhelmed with how much medicine means to me. and i could go on and on about those type of days, but honestly, whoever’s read this far knows what those days are like already. i mean seriously, it’s my passion, the love of life, my first priority, and i haven’t even truly learned a single fraction of a fraction about it yet. but when people ask me, “what are you hobbies?” the first thing that comes to mind is medicine, before i realize that isn’t a hobby. but what is a hobby is researching it, reading about it, watching videos about it, asking questions about it, going on tumblr to rant about it, and working my buttocks off in school for it. without medicine, my grades would never be as high as they are now, my motivation would be close to nonexistent. and i know as i grow older i’ll fall deeper in love with it, because that is what happens every day. and every damn day i’ll dream of the first time someone says, “thank you, doctor.” because that’s when i’ll know everything that i have done and that i will do will have been worth it.

Hi everyone! We’d like to announce the first ever STANCY WEEK - a whole week dedicated to celebrating the relationship between Steve Harrington & Nancy Wheeler, which will begin on MAY 1st and end on MAY 7th! ❤

Prompts ↴

  • MONDAY: red / love

  • TUESDAY: hurt / blue

  • WEDNESDAY: gold / brave

  • THURSDAY: jealousy / green

  • FRIDAY: au / pink

  • SATURDAY: apology / purple

  • SUNDAY: free day / white

For a detailed explanation of the prompts, click here. Remember, you don’t have to do both the color & the word prompts - you can just pick one out of the two! We wanted to give options and ideas for everyone: artists, writers, etc.

Rules ↴

↝ absolutely NO hate on any character or ship will be tolerated

↝ make sure to tag @stancy-week OR use the hashtag #stancy week so that way we can reblog your stuff!

↝ all content - including art, fic, headcanons, edits, gifsets, playlists, & more - is acceptable!

↝ make sure to tag any potential triggers appropriately

↝ if, for whatever reason, we don’t see your content in the tag, please message us and let us know so we can reblog it!

Okay guys! Mark your calendars and spread the word; most of all, have FUN! Feel free to message us if you have any questions.


Best Option
Good Option
Bad Option
Worst Option

Dining Hall:

You always seem so distant.
Would you like some coffee?
For breakfast, Japanese style is best.

Do you know how to cook?
You always wear those gloves…
What are you into these days…?

Do you like cup ramen?
So…what should we talk about?
I could go for something sweet…

School Store:

There’s all kinds of paintings here…
There’s even incense and perfume…
Let’s organize things in here a little…

Do they have any anime DVDs in stock?
Oh, it’s some Monokuma merchandise…
I want this awesome armor!

I remember those toy vending machines!
That’s a pretty cute doll.
Let’s dig for treasure!


Maybe we should tidy up a little.
I love reading!
I’m gettin’ kinda sleepy…

What’s your favorite kind of book?
It’s so quiet here…
Should we spend some time studying?

I wonder if any of Toko’s books are here.
I just wanna read comics…
They even have textbooks here, huh?

Rec Room:

Let’s play some pool.
Wanna play Othello?
Let’s give darts a shot.

It’s a bunch of Monokuma Bottles…
What kinds of magazines do you like?
Is that a slot machine back there…?

Hope’s Peak really is amazing…
Would you like to sit down and just talk?
Celeste would probably love this place.

Music Room:

You think this room might be haunted?
Maybe we should go somewhere else…
I’m a big fan of music.

I’d love to hear Sayaka sing sometime…
I wanna do some karaoke.
What’s your favorite kind of music?

That piano looks pretty expensive…
I’ve always wanted to see some live music.
We should try singing something.


Look at those chickens!
Wanna do some gardening?
It’s super humid in here, huh?

I’d love to just lay down and go to sleep.
You wanna do some flower viewing?
That flower’s kinda creepy…

The happy blue sky kinda cheers me up…
Something seems off…
Let’s make some flower garlands!

Kokoronpa/Trigger Happy Heart:
there’s nothing I can do, negation
need Makoto, affirmation
there’s nothing i can do, affirmation
need Makoto, negation

Wrong Answer #1
Wrong Answer #2

2013harryrise  asked:

AGNES i need a huge favor. Im trying to convince my non 1d friend of M!M force closeting habits and of larry realness. So i need both receipts links to videos picturess a giffs. Pleaseeeeee. Its really important thx babe

I can’t believe I just did this, but yeah. 

I present to you the Larry Is Real Masterpost of masterposts/ the ultimate guide to Larry. It is really long, but I tried for it to be as organized as possible. Contains parts such as “tattoos”, “TXF”, “Management” etc. each part includes links to videos, links to masterposts, gifs, photos, tweets, timelines etc.

You are welcome to use this either as Larry resource, or when having doubts or when trying to convince someone. I’m sure this will work just perfectly, though I have to warn you that it is painful.

Thanks to everyone in this fandom making these masterposts and gifs, you are amazing.

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tagging situation

i’m trying to get organised

so please like one or more of these following posts if you want me to tag you when i post a new (fan)fic from any of these:



elsa’s story


if you want to only be tagged in specific things that’s cool too - only like that post (links above) - and i still love you too!

i promise i’m going to finally keep track of this better!

please don’t leave messages on my fics asking me to tag you - please use this system.  (although i’m glad to read any other message you might have!!)


i’m fanningon / fanningoff btw - this is posted from my main blog

playlists and shit

okay so yeah these are just some playlists that i have that i add to sometimes B) (and if anone has any suggestions for them or whatever pls tell me that would be rad)

some of them need adding to but yes here u go

i just organized 4 years of my ‘ref’ tag and theres actually a lot of useful shit in there

here you go, please make good use of it i spent three hours on this

hygiene: This isn’t JUST hygiene; it doubles as a beauty tag and there are some makeup tips in there too. Mostly posts on how to keep your body looking and feeling at 100%

writing: These are either references (like if you’re writing in the 20′s and you need 20′s fashion or 20′s slang) or character development, shit like that

art: poses, shading, diversity practice, free programs, tips, all that. This one’s long.

school: Tips for papers, organization, classes, all that stuff. There’s still some high school posts in there; I left them there for any high schoolers that wanted to search this tag for some tips, but they’re mostly college posts. 

living alone: This is just mostly tips on how to make sure your house is safe and be able to provide for yourself. 

adulting’: Don’t make fun of me, I didn’t have a better term for it. It’s just adult shit that you should know how to do. For people like me that are clueless and need a lot of help lmao

emergency: These are like survival tips or last minute emergency situation tips. I guess it’s just good reference to go through and make sure you know your shit if something ever comes up. I doubt you’re gonna be checking tumblr, much less my blog, at all if a disaster happens. 

general: More of a ‘miscellaneous’ tag, just posts that either are masterposts that cover a wide range of subjects or tips most people could benefit from that couldn’t be sorted into the other groups

JLPT: This was meant to be my JLPT tag but it ended up just being my Japanese language tag in general. You’ll see some stuff in there that isn’t super JLPT related but whatever. hmu if you’re a fellow Japanese student taking the JLPT

clothing: Mostly just pictures of different types of styles and cuts there are and their names. Some of them are actually useful though, like how to tie a tie a certain way. 

cosplay: I don’t cosplay much anymore but damn did I reblog a shit ton of cosplay into my ‘ref’ tag. I guess these tips could work for any costume, cosplay or not. But if there are any other cosplayers that follow me, I have a lot of detailed things like wig care, making big outfits like armor and weapons and horns. 

ref: this is the catchall tag for everything. It’s got 28 pages 

[07 • 05 • 2017] ✨
11 / 100 Days of Productivity

I’m obsessed with my bullet journal. I just? Love using it? It’s not always the prettiest (this page is pretty plain) but it just makes me so happy 😊

Also, @getshitdonetbh recently made a tag masterpost for studyblrs to reference and tag each other and share their content with the community …so I’m just gonna try out a few tags from there this week! Hope y'all don’t mind.

Someone made this suggestion (thank you btw) so I thought maybe I could make a post with all the tags and maybe ppl can find things more easily

specific character tags for edits: #swcharactername

If you have a suggestion/some other tag you want to add you can add here or send me a msg :) and again thank you for your suggestion

List the things you're working on

I was tagged by @theactualcluegirl so here we go!

 Right now I’m in the midst of a palette marathon, which is gonna take another two or three days because I’m slow! Once I’m done I’ll probably do a masterpost of all of them because the quality got weird? Ah tumblr. 

 Also, totally unrelated to anything, I’m writing a fic about Tony set in 1993. It’s just a typical day where everyone in his life including himself uses and abuses him except… one person :) 

 Mostly, however, I’m trying to get stuff done for stony bingo! I’m going for blackout, though I know it’s unlikely I’ll finish it. That’s ok! Bingo isn’t about winning, it’s about making a lot of stony content, right? 

Here’s how it’s lookin so far: 

Red is completed fic, blue is completed art, yellow is in-progress/already started. As you can see, I’m a little all over the place haha.

For the DIARY prompt I’m writing a journal from Steve’s perspective, chronicling his first few months out of the ice. He starts to bond with his new teammates, and it’s nice. Until it isn’t. I’m hoping it will really hurt :) 

For the DOOM prompt, I ventured outside the MCU :0 and am writing a v short little ficlet about the Tony Stark from the alternate universe in Avengers Assemble S1E15 Planet Doom. What keeps him going during the dark times? I’ll give you a hint it’s big, blond and frozen. 

For the AMNESIA prompt, I have planned a very long fic set in a future where Steve and Tony are married. Until Tony forgets everything that happened after Siberia… It’s very unlikely I’ll finish this one before the deadline, but who knows?

Finally, the image prompt has inspired me to write an incredibly classy piece in which six alternate universe Tony Starks wind up on Earth-199999, and a certain Steven Rogers gets… used. A lot. Sexually. That’s it that’s the whole thing. 

I’m too tired to tag anyone and most of the ppl I follow have already filled this out *lying down emoji*


Soooo guys the days are getting colder and darker which means late movie nights and snuggling up on the couch or it means writing. How about combining the two??

There is a lot of great movies out there and what is more fun than using them in fics. There is a list of movies under the cut. Check them out and choose one.

You can rewrite the entire movie, a scene from the movie or you can use it in your fic (have the characters watch it, talk about it, ect). You can use the score from the movie or even just the poster. Get creative.

There is a lot (100) of great movies and 10 different genres. Look through them and join the fun.


Send me an ASK (ASKS ONLY - IM’s and Replies and Reblog sign-ups will be ignored - As will sign-up’s via Anon cause come on guys…)

That ask has to tell me

1 Read the Rules!

2. what pairing (x female reader or ships) you want me to write for! Any SPN character or actor goes. Ships are for characters only (wincest, samifer and dalistar are excluded for personal reasons no hate meant I just can’t read it) - RP x readers are cool too.

3. The movie you choose to write (Title and number) for and a second choice in case your first pick is taken.

4. If you write from a sideblog I need the url for that one.

5. The last day I might open up for the option to sign up twice but as for now it is one time per. writer.


1. There is no theme this time which is weird for me but I decided to just let you guys go where the inspiration takes you!

2. You can write reader inserts with SPN characters or rp fics (as long as it is SPN related actors). You can write character ships if you so please. For personal reasons Wincest (in any shape or form - meaning no dean x sam, sam x john, mary x dean ect.), Samifer and Dalistair is excluded. I don’t hate but can’t stomach reading that either.

3. Keep it between 600-5000 words pls! USE A KEEP READING CUT FOR FICS OVER 1k OR I WON’T REBLOG. 

4. You can make it part one of or write a seris around it or make it a one shot. If you make it a series please make a masterpost and tag me in it so I can use it for the challenge masterpost. 

5. Remember to tag me: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and use the hashtag “SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE” - I recommend you follow me and the tag for updates but it is not a must!

If I didn’t like it - I didn’t see it!! Give me a few days but feel free to send me an ask or IM letting me know it’s up!

6. Mention it is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night challenge and the title of your prompt movie somewhere in the header.

7. Use the tag “SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE” within the first 5 tags.

8. You can write smut, fluff, angst or anywhere in between. You can use all the gifs you want - if they are NSFW please put them under a cut.  

9. Important Dates!

Sign ups ends: Oct. 12th - send me an ask before midnight danish time that day if you wanna join the fun.

You can post before sign-ups end but I will not be reading or checking the tag before after that date.  

Due date is December 15th All fics must be posted on this day - if you need a extension ask I am not gonna say no. Just please keep in touch. I spend a lot of time on these and signing up to never be hurt from again is rude.

Masterpost will be up by December 20th at the latest and that with all the fics with will be added to the Challenges page my blog.


I am tagging a few writers under the cut along with the list of movies to spread the word and who I think might want to join. 

Anyone tagged or not. New or established are welcome to join in!

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Tagging Masterpost

So here’s how it’s gonna go: I’m gonna sort by as many things as I can think of: characters, adult/children versions, chapters, chapter chunks, parts, interludes, basically anything that’s not page numbers. I’ll also tag for the basic triggers like violence, gore/blood, nsfw/sexual violence, etc.; but feel free to shoot me an ask if you want me to tag something more specific





1 (chunk 1 2 3 4)

2 (chunk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12/13 14 15 16 17 18)

3 (chunk 1)







Childhood timeline

Adult timeline

31 days of Halloween fics

Since I’ve gone back to school I really haven’t been writing as much as I’d like, I have tons of requests and unfinished fics pilling up in my docs, but I really want to get back on tract so here’s what i’m gonna do…..

Starting October 1st I will post a Halloween based fic everyday for the whole month. Some of them will be angsty, some will be fluffy, and some will be funny. Most of them are sister readers, but a few aren’t and a few of them are cast member fics(platonic only). I’ll tag my everything tags (Unless you ask me not to), and if you want to be tagged in just this Halloween series just comment or ask me I’ll add you to the tag list. I’ll make a masterpost and update it as the month goes on, so by the 31st there should be 31 fics on that post. If you have a Halloween related request you can send that in and I will add it to one of the days. Thank you and have a happy Halloween.