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Hi there! Which 1B students do you think would like a thicker/chubby girl? (Guy or girl students are fine I'm bisexual anyway lmao)

Those who like ‘em Thicc



 Kinoko (she likes being the little gf)




 aaaaand Manga.

Those who don’t really care

Everyone else except for Monoma

Those who would wear your thighs as earmuffs in the bleak December cold


That PaintsChainer thing is?? Actually really cool???

(Hard to work with on mobile, but ends up working out at least)

((I actually did want to color this, I just don’t have the supplies or patience and this color ai thing did pretty good either way?))

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TERF stands for 'trans-exclusionary radical feminist.' They're not necessarily always members of the LGBT+ community, but they are always pieces of shit who think trans men are 'traitors' and trans women are trying to 'infiltrate womanhood' and assault 'real women.' It seems rooted in wanting to flatten out all of society's issues into an Us vs. Them (women vs men) dynamic and refuses to recognize other issues such as racism, ableism and xenophobia.

I have seen that acronym before, wasn’t sure if it was a feminist thing or a lesbian thing (not really up to date on all my tumblr-isms and terminology tbh) and… ugh well… that’s really shitty. I am definitely not that then! I didn’t mean to (and hope I do not ever) come across like that to anyone! :)


i saw this and i was like…. i wanna do tht ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i tag @dreamui @lairiel @gomiphoria @daisydyke @acedesi @mattenee and any of my mutuals or followers who wanna do this!

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Still about the tattoo lol... I swear he covered it up, but the reason this wasn't blown out is that the artist didn't tag his account, only mentioned it in the description, kinda like "tattoo for a friend", and I don't think Jeremy even follows him. I saw this randomly

i was gonna say also not everyone tags everyone in stuff either. but yeah tbh i actually wouldn’t be surprised if he covered it up but i’m also having a good laugh about it

got hyped by the star trek reboot and churned out another nordics au because im really bad and need to go to jail. there were more doodles with this but i got lazy plus i didnt like them.

all you missed was: dennor w/ dane laughing because vulcan finger kisses tickle and all these guys fawning over ice’s tribble except for sve and nor who were really confused in the distance

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Fili and Kili are Bagginshield trash and are constantly trying to subtly push Thorin and Bilbo together but the two idiots just don't get it so Fili and Kili finally just lock them in a small room together like "Just kiss already!"

this is my jam

  • fili and kili dropping hints to their uncle about hobbits courting with flowers (balin told them, he’s in bagginshield hell too). 
  • fili and kili rearranging place settings at meal times to make sure thorin and bilbo sit together
  • fili and kili telling bilbo that thorin needs help with paperwork regarding trade agreements and he likes to do his paperwork laaaaate at night and that of course bilbo would be welcome in thorin’s private quarters don’tbotherknocking
  • fili and kili caaaaasually suggesting over and over again that thorin give bilbo a private tour of a) the new forges b) the restored market place c) the royal library d) the storage??closet???rightoverthere??????


That’s all thanks to you guys for supporting me for so long and being cool people in general!! I’ve gotta share the love for all those that have stuck by me through my months-long hiatuses and all my complaining and ranting about Sid, so here’s to you guys! I don’t where I would be, and I don’t know how I would’ve coped without this wonderfully safe haven that I have here on Sid’s blog. My dash is full of inspiring writers and the nicest people I’ve met in my life, and I am honestly!!! so glad!!! to be here with everyone!!! 

You inspire me every day to be a better writer, a better friend, and a better person!! I appreciate every one of you and I hope that maybe?? maybe, this will brighten up your day a lil!! I mean look @ those Siddos. They’re so cute they’re so fluffy, imagine them all of ‘em sliding on you and just being warm and fuzzy, like how GREAT IS THAT? I love Sid and I’m glad you guys love him too!!!!!

Anyway, under the cut will usual, me being sentimental and gushy about some people that I really really really love in my life!! And tbh I hope they stay in my life as well, but EVERYONE !! I HOPE EVERYONE INTERACTS W/ ME AND BECOMES MY FRIEND!! I want everyone to feel loved and welcomed, especially if you’re interacting with me!! So!! 

Without further ado,,,,

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i was going through my likes about i saw a bunch of stuff from the Great TFIOS Anne Frank House Debate and i remember talking about this with pancakes-fruitloops 

if jgreen had to keep the anne frank scene in, he could have made it less shitty by making Gus Jewish. 

I’ve been sitting on this for a long time and I feel like if John had done this (carefully of course) he could have had a much stronger story overall.

Gus is afraid of dying without being remembered by the world, right? you know who else is forgotten after death by the general population? Holocaust victims. 

Jews remember the family we lost, but beyond us who remembers them? Names at Yad Vashem aren’t the same as being remembered, and goyim like to deny that the Shoah happened, or was /that bad/. 

In my alternate TFIOS, Augustus Waters is an Ashkenazi Jew with a convert/agnostic dad. His maternal grandparents were both survivors of the Shoah that relocated to America after the war ended. As a child Gus learns the names of all the family that was lost and gets the scale of the Holocaust pounded into him at Hebrew school. His grandparents die when he’s like 10, and after his Bar Mitzvah he tries to slide out from his identity as a Jew, distancing himself from it. 

When he’s diagnosed with cancer, the physicians say something offhand about how prayer can’t hurt. Gus goes to shul for the first time in a few years, and realizes about halfway through Shabbos he can’t remember all the names 

which prompts his fear of oblivion and being forgotten which then plays out basically as the book originally did only now the Encouragements are quotes from Talmud and possibly he’s less pretentious

and now with that background, IF AND ONLY IF Gus kisses Hazel and NOT the other way around, kissing in the Anne Frank house is slightly less shitty. Jewish Gus has more of a right to reclaim the Anne Frank House than Goyische Gus, not because of his cancer but because of his people. 

Hazel is still a goyische white girl because there was no saving that character :/