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Love Me That’s All I Ask Of You, chapter 2

Summary : Y/N Y/L/N is a young member of a musical troupe in a New York theatre. Even if she’s an amazing singer, she never had the lead role in any musical played in the said theatre. But the young woman has a secret admirer who will try anything to make her the star she deserves to be. In the meantime, her youth love makes his way back to New York. Torn between two different men and struggling with her new career and the drama that it brings with it, she will have to make difficult choices.
Pairing : Bucky Barnes x reader, Steve Rogers x reader
Warnings : None, language maybe.
Word Count : 2 247
Author’s Note : Here is chapter 2 guys ! I just want to thank you for the feedbacks and the fact that you love it ! I’m gonna create a taglist for that story to tag everyone, sorry  if I tagged you twice. Once again thanks and enjoy (and I promise you Bucky is coming soon). I already have a big part of chapter 3 wrote down and I’ll maybe post it tomorrow, I don’t know yet. I love ya all ! And big big new : in February or March, I’m going to see the show in London and I’m freaking excited about that !!!!!! And also, I’m craving for feedback so give me more guys !

Song of the title : All I Ask Of You, Michael Ball & Sierra Boggess


Love Me That’s All I Ask Of You Masterlist

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 3Chapter 4 -

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When I go back to the apartment I share with Natasha and Wanda, none of them is here. They probably are in some nightclub with their respective boyfriends, Clint for Nat, who’s in our troupe, and for Wanda, that guy that calls himself Vision and who’s some kind of contemporain artist.

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A/N: Here it is, in all it’s glory (or not). I give y'all the conclusion to Game Changer. Not gonna say anything else for I might give something away!

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Thanks again to @babypieandwhiskey for being my beta! Can’t say enough good things about her!!  Much love to ya!

Assassin AU

PAIRING: she’s an assassin, Reader, Dean

WARNING: murder, mention of blood, angst, just a teeny tiny bit of fluff





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“Unexpected Gifts” Part 2

A/N: I’m sorry I’m late again I know. Meant to post a new part every day but let’s are real here:  that ain’t gonna happen lol. Anyway, enjoy part 2! And thanks to everyone who commented and sent me an ask about this! I’m glad it’s so popular already!

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You looked up at your ceiling in concentration as you hung the mistletoe from a string, Tony leaning against your doorway as you stretched precariously on your tiptoes on the ladder.

“You could help y'know,” you huffed, glancing at him in annoyance. He shook his head.

“I’m more interested to see how long it’ll take you to fall. You call loverboy up here yet?” he asked, tilting his head and you rolled your eyes, standing flat again.

“Yes, Steve,” you corrected. “Is on his way up,” you muttered, mouth suddenly dry. You should’ve never agreed to this. You growled in irritation as you stretched up again, balancing on one foot when a deep voice surprised you.

“Y/N, you said you wanted to see me?” Steve’s curious voice broke in, and you whipped around, the ladder shaking beneath you with the movement.

“Steve!” you shouted, clinging to the handle as he stepped forward, helping you off with one graceful move.

“Thanks,” you mumbled and he chuckled. “No problem. You probably shouldn’t be doing that with heels on,” he pointed out, gently taking the sprig of mistletoe and moving the ladder aside, easily completing the task you’d been struggling with for twenty minutes.

“So what’s with the mistletoe anyway?” he asked, wiping his hands on his jeans and you glanced at Tony, who winked back at you.

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Kubo: It's a sin to draw what I don't like................ Kubo during WDKALY: *makes scraps sketches of end game instead of making pages full of well drawn characters and color pages like he did with Honeydish Rhapsody*

you can find some examples of past novels art work here but here are a couple of pics.

(again, credit to @kingkuchiki for the photos)

not gonna include pics of the tragic WDKALY novel cuz it’s a mess and i don’t want that shit tainting my blog. anyway everyone can see for themselves which sketches are better. the last novel’s sketches were ugly as hell and i almost feel bad for the people who attempted to edit that mess. it’s as if he was begged to do the drawings cuz they wanted the novel to be credible and have the “supervised by kubo” tag on it (hint: he actually admitted this himself :))

So I’ve been tagged by the lovely @antonxtella @jojimira @dirtyjoji and i’ve only now found time to do this <3 You guys have some dope music tastes

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tomppabeats - wunforfiddy
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crywank - only everyone can judge me
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shinzoki - 力 ちから
devendra banhart - celebration
joji - unsaved info
rei brown - picture frames

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I’ll Breathe Again : part 3 (A Flash Fanfiction)

A/N: Hi, guys ! Here it is, I’ll Breathe Again : part 3, a little late than planned ;) The next chapter will be up in about two weeks, maybe a little earlier if I have time. My school exams are in about a month so it’s gonna be hard to write a lot but I’ll try to post some imagines.
Thank you to everyone following this story. Enjoy, Jaymes.

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Part 1 - Part 2

                                    03. Scars

“Felicity ? What are you doing here ?” Barry Allen asked as he opened his front door to the young computer geek

He took a step back, letting her come into the house.

“Felicity !” She heard someone screamed

She turned her head toward the voice, noticing Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Joe and Iris West, all sitting around the table, enjoying their evening

“Hi, everyone !”

She hugged each of them, a small smile on her lips. She was happy to see them, but she felt guilty to be about to crush their fun. Oliver had just left Starling with Anastasia, saying it was better if Caitlin heard it first from a friend and was also prepared to see her sister. They wanted to avoid a crisis at all cost.

“I didn’t know you were coming” Iris said. “We would have added a plate for you !”

“No need to.”

“Is everything alright ?” Joe asked, eyeing the file in Felicity’s hands

Barry glanced at her, concerned.

“Something happened” She started.

The Star Labs scientists looked at Barry, their eyes traveling from their friend, to the detective, to Iris.

“Maybe we … should … go to the police, or Star Labs to discuss” Barry awkwardly spoke, discreetly showing Felicity that Iris was in the room.

She wasn’t aware of her friends activities. For her, Barry was just a forensic scientist and Caitlin and Cisco were the ones helping him get back on his feet after being in a coma for nine months.

“It’s not … it’s about Caitlin” Felicity confessed.

“Me ?” The scientist answered, surprised.

Felicity let out a shaky breath, not exactly knowing how to break the news. She took a seat, right in front of her friend, and put the file on the table.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your diner. I would have come to you personally but I couldn’t find you. I went to Star Labs first but Dr.Wells told me you were all here”

“It’s .. it’s fine, Felicity. What’s going on ? Do you need my help with something?” Caitlin asked

“You don’t look so good” Cisco added, earning a look from Barry.

“I haven’t exactly slept in a while” The computer expert snorted. She took a deep breath, slightly nervous when she noticed all eyes were focused on her. “I came across a … case where your name popped out. You know me, I always go deeper in my research so I … I dig into your past.”

“What ? Why ?”

“I found one article in particular” She kept going, ignoring Caitlin’s interruption.

She grabbed the piece of paper from her file and put it in front of the scientist. Caitlin didn’t even glanced at it, already knowing what she would find. Her happy smile had disappeared and, instead, her face was tainted with grief.

“You have a sister ?!” Cisco exclaimed, not believing his co-worker would have hide it from him.

“Had” Caitlin rectified in a whisper.

“What ?” Barry asked, shocked by the news.

“She … she was kidnapped” She muttered. “The police never found her. After eight years of searching, they declared her dead.”

“I remember that” Joe suddenly said. “I wasn’t a cop for long, back then. We were called for an abduction. We never found any proof other than the depositary of the sister.”

“That was me” Caitlin explained. “We … we were playing outside. It was her birthday, she was just eleven and I was fourteen. Our parents were always working.”

She stopped for a second, wiping her tears. Cisco put a comforting hand on her shoulder, encouraging her to tell her story.

“They were scientists” She kept going. “They never had much time for us. So, I told her I would take her to buy her a dress. She was so happy. We actually spent that entire afternoon together. Then … we were going back home and she told me a man was following us, that he was watching me. I thought … she was watching a lot of weird cops shows so I just told her that it was nothing, that she was imagining it” Again, she took a break, this time to calm her heart rate. “A car stopped next to our house, just as we got closer” She whispered. “She begged me to take a short cut so we went into this dark alley. That’s when I realized she was right, that the man was following us. She took my hand and we ran. She stopped next to a trash can, opened it and told me to hide inside. She said « I think they want you so don’t scream and don’t cry, count to a hundred and if I’m not back, jump and run as fast as you can to the house and lock yourself ». Those words are stuck in my head ever since it happened, I just can’t forget. I did as she said, I didn’t cry, even when I heard her scream…. And she never came home”

“My god” Iris muttered under her breath.

“What happened after that ? Didn’t the police find any clue ?” Barry asked, his eyes going from Caitlin to Joe.

“Not a single one” The detective answered. “It was exactly like she … vanished. We didn’t have the technology we have today but even then, there was absolutely nothing to help I.D the man.”

“After that my mother got depressed” Caitlin said. “I busied myself with work and so did my dad. When … after eight years, when the police declared her officially dead, my mom broke down. There was still hope as long as nobody was saying anything, and that hope was the only thing keeping her alive. She was … devastated. She took her life the day we buried an empty casket for my sister”

“I’m so sorry Cait” Cisco whispered to her, enveloping his friend in a tight hug.

“What was her name ?” Iris inquired sadly.

“Anastasia Snow” Felicity answered.

They all turned to her, surprised to hear the answer coming from her.

“What … what happened in Starling ?” Caitlin suddenly asked, her whole body tensing.

“About a month ago, I was coming home when I saw a girl walking with no shoes on, blood on her clothes and looking very much scarred. I took her with me and she kept repeating she didn’t want to go to a hospital, so I brought her to Oliver. She was out of it, answering only a few questions. But I did ask for her name.”

Caitlin started sobbing, a hand covering her mouth. She was smart enough to understand where this story was going. Felicity grabbed one more piece of paper with a shaky hand, putting it in front of Caitlin.

“I ran every tests possible”

“No, no, no, it can’t … it can’t …”

Her whole body started to shake uncontrollably. Joe got up, taking the paper and handling it to a very much shocked Barry.

“I immediately thought of you when she said her name was Anastasia Snow but we didn’t want to overwhelm her so we waited a couple of days. After that, I started the tests and they all came back positive”

“She … She …” She was hyperventilating, the tears streaming down her face rapidly. Iris and Cisco were by her side, supporting her. “Say it … please, Felicity, I need to hear you say it” She whispered.

“Anastasia is alive”

She let out a breathless sigh, grabbing the paper. The tears kept flowing as she was reading.

“What happened ?” She said with a shaky voice. “Where is she? Is she alright? Why did you say she was covered in blood? Felicity, where is my sister? Why did you wait a whole month to tell me?”

“Take a deep breath. I’ll explain everything but you have to calm yourself down. You’re gonna have a heart attack at this rate, Caitlin”

“I just … I just learned my sister was alive. I think I’m allowed to a few heart attacks”

Joe took the file on the table, going through it at a fast rate.

“Can I keep this ?” He asked Felicity

“I actually brought it to you. Figured you would want to investigate.”

“Yes, yes, of course. But I’ll need …”

“Ana will cooperate, don’t worry.”

Caitlin suddenly put her hands on Felicitys, looking at her with pleading eyes.

“Please, tell me.”

“I don’t know much of what happened to her. She doesn’t talk a lot about it” She lied partially. They didn’t need to know the extend of what the girl went through, at least not at that particular moment.

“Who abducted her ?” Barry asked

“She calls him the « Doctor ». We don’t know much about him apart from the fact that he’s a psycho with the tendencies to abduct children”

“Children ? She wasn’t alone ?” Joe inquired

“She told us she saw more than thirty kids there when they took her.”

“Where is there ? And what happened to those kids ? Surely, someone would have noticed” Iris commented.

“She was kept inside an asylum”

“What ?!” Caitlin exclaimed, shocked.

“We … already had someone looking into that. There’s no one there anymore. And as for the kids, apparently this « Doctor » experimented on them with a drug he created. Ana said many of them died within the first three years”

“They used my sister as a lab rat ?” Caitlin whispered with a shaky voice.

“I think … I think the details of her abduction should be discussed with Joe. You don’t want to hear it, Caitlin.”

“What ? Tell me ! What did they do to her ?” She screamed hysterically. “Tell me!”

“I won’t tell you. The horror of that place defy anything we have ever seen. She was tortured, that’s the only thing you need to know.”

“My god” Iris mumbled.

“How did she get out ?” Joe asked

“She escaped. She was with a friend, another girl abducted. Her name was Olivia”

“Was ?” Barry added

“They fought for their life and Olivia gave hers so that Anastasia could get out of the asylum. They were the last kids alive from the experiments.”

“Where is Caitlin’s sister now ?” Cisco asked

“With Oliver. They left Starling as soon as I knocked on your door. We … we wanted you to be prepared”

“Prepared ?” Caitlin repeated.

“Why did you wait a whole month ?” Barry asked.

“She is not used to people, or family, or affection, or anything really. She was overwhelmed by this whole world she hadn’t had the time to discover. We didn’t want to put too much on her. She needed time, just like you. You would have wanted to see her, and she wasn’t ready”

“Didn’t she want to see me ?” Caitlin whispered

“She doesn’t remember her life before the abduction. I’m sorry, Caitlin”

The scientist had a hard time keeping herself together. She couldn’t prevent the tears from falling down and she couldn’t stop the fast rate inside her chest. Her whole body seemed ignite by a fire and she was burning alive.

“Oliver told her she would meet you but not before she was ready to. Like I said, she is not used to people, she reacts very badly at the simplest touch. We wanted to give her a small sense of safety before making her come to Central City … I should warn you though… ”

“What is it ?” Cisco inquired.

“She is going to be … acting strangely. I know it’s hard, but, Caitlin, please, try to stay calm. Each of you, remember when you will see her that she lived ten years with a man who tortured her. And please, do not look at her wrists too long, she will notice and feel guilty”

“Her wrists ?” Barry said

“Why would we look at her wrists ?” Joe added.

“First visible marks of torture. They used to chain up the kids to make sure they wouldn’t escape.”

“My god that poor girl” Joe whispered.

Caitlin took a deep breath, trying to get a hold of her own thoughts.

“Do you have a picture of her ?” She muttered. Felicity faintly nodded, getting her phone to show her. Caitlin took it with shaky hands, tears still flowing down her face as she looked at her long lost sister. This was a photo taken a week ago, during diner, with all the girls together; Felicity, Thea, Laurel and Anastasia. “She’s beautiful” Caitlin cried. “She looks just like my mother”

“I’m sorry” Felicity told her. “For what you both went through, what you will both go through. I can’t imagine how you must feel”

“It’s … I don’t even know it myself. I am beyond happy that she’s alive, I can barely believe it. I missed her so much. I spent the last couple of years convincing myself that I was at peace with her … her death, but…” She stopped talking for a minute, contemplating her friends. She felt exactly as if she had step into this inter-dimensional space, that she would wake up soon and none of this would be real. “I’ll truly believe it when I’ll be able to hold my sister again” She stated, her voice shaking with emotions.

Felicity offered her a small smile, squeezing her hands in hers.

“I know this will be hard, for all of you. I know you don’t know her, she’s a stranger to you, but she’s going to need your help”

“Of course” Barry answered automatically.

“She’s welcome here” Iris added. “We’ll do anything we can to help her recover”

“If it is alright with you, Joe, I think it would be safer for her to live with you” Felicity admitted.

“Why ?” Caitlin asked suddenly, hurt evident in her voice. Anastasia was, after all, her family.

“We hid her to buy some time but this « Doctor » is probably looking for her. I don’t want to put you in any danger. She, as well as you, will be safer if she stays with Barry and Joe”

“Yeah, of course” Joe automatically agreed. That man had a big heart, he was always trying to help, in any way he could, the people around him. He wasn’t going to let that girl get hurt, not under his watch. They all knew it.

“We will keep her safe” Barry added firmly.

Felicity smiled at his words. It was in the way he said it; she knew Anastasia was now protected by the Flash.

The computer scientist had developed a sweet spot for the girl. She had seen the asylum through her computer, witnessed the nightmares, the cries, the screams. She just couldn’t bare to see the poor girl hurt any more than she already was. It was a wonder to her how Anastasia had lived so long through pain and absolutely not an ounce of hope. Any person, in their right mind, would have given up.

“There’s no way anything will happen to her under our watch” Cisco affirmed. “If she’s Caitlin’s sister, then she’s family”

They all nodded at that and Caitlin faintly thanked them, her hands brushing fresh tears.

“Will you be alright ?” Felicity asked her friend.

“Yes” Caitlin whispered. “I will. I need a minute, I’ll be right back”

She left the room abruptly, needing to take a small walk to clear her mind.

“I’m gonna follow her” Cisco added, going after her.

Joe sat at the table, going through the files, Barry behind him.

“I’ll make some coffee” Iris suddenly said. “This is going to be a long night”

She didn’t wait for an answer and made her way to the kitchen. When Felicity was sure she was out for earshot she walked to the two men who were silently working.

“Anastasia knows about the Arrow” She confessed, gaining both their attention.

“What ? How ?” Barry asked.

“Oliver told her”

“He … What ?” Barry couldn’t believe it. The man capable to do anything to protect his identity had told the girl he rescued his secret.

“Look, he’ll explain to you in detail, I’ll sum it up before Iris comes back”

Joe frowned, not liking where the story was going.

“That drug they used ? It wasn’t just any experiment, we think they were trying to create metahumans”

“What ?” Joe exclaimed.

“It didn’t work for most of them”

“But it did for Anastasia” Barry guessed.

“Yes. She’s a meta, she can’t control her powers yet. We’ve been working on that with her. She’s powerful, she might be able to help you fighting the Reverse Flash … which is why …” She stopped, taking a deep breath.

“Why what ?” Joe asked, worried.

“Why I told her about the Flash”

“You told her about me ?!” Barry exclaimed, trying not to be too loud.

“I had to. I’m sorry, Barry. I know this is your secret to tell” Felicity said. “Look, I told her she would be staying with you both, and she refused. She is scarred of what she can do. They made her believe she was a monster. She was convinced she’d hurt you, so I told her about you to appease her.”

“You did the right thing” Joe admitted, surprising both his companions.

“What ?” Barry was shocked to hear he was willing to let another person into this crazy life of superheroes.

“She needs to know she’ll be safe. That girl has enough on her shoulders, if she can promise she won’t tell a soul, then I don’t see why she couldn’t know. You learned how to control your speed, you can help her, Bear”

“She will keep your secret” Felicity promised.

Barry nodded, not knowing if he entirely agreed with the decision. Before any of them could say anything more, Iris came back with coffee and Felicity felt her phone vibrate. She pulled it out, noticing a new text from Oliver saying they had just landed in Central City. Flying in Palmer Tech’s private jet was apparently faster than expected.

“They’ll be here in less than ten” She announced.

They all nodded while Iris went to retrieve her phone from her purse.

“If we’re going to hide her, she’s going to need to look different, so we’re going to need a hairdresser”

“That’s a good idea” Joe told her.

“I think she’d like that” Felicity added.

Just as Felicity’s phone rang again, Cisco and Caitlin came back, small smiles on their face.

“They’re only a block away. Should be here any minute now”

Caitlin unconsciously put her hands on her stomach, trying to ease her feelings before she meet her sister. She forced herself to take deep breath, to calm herself. She was more than ready to see her, and more scared than ever. Cisco clenched her right hand, putting all the support he could give her into this grip. When she turned to look at him, he offered her his most comforting smile. He was her best friend, he wouldn’t let her down, not now, not ever. Her head turned abruptly to the door when she heard someone knocking. They were all silent, all waiting for Joe to go and open the door. The room was filled with mixed emotions, apprehension and impatience. None of them knew what to expect, but they were all certain that, whatever would happen that night, it would change their life forever.


Don’t mind me sharing these here too guys (it’s for my tag as well haha)
Thanks again @mykenbomb , @snottle , @dilfosaur and everyone else who have bought my stuff so far!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


HEY ANON, glad you enjoyed the original post, and thank you for your question!! :)) it took me a while to compile and sort this all out but here are ARCANAS N HEADCANONS


  • Hanged Man – restriction, sacrifice //  martyrdom, indecision
  • homeschooled all his life, suddenly a public school kid and he’s. so awkward.
  • is probably Asch’s Shadow??


  • Temperance –  moderation, patience, purpose //  imbalance, lack of long-term vision 
  • Luke’s live-in tutor or something. his only friendo. 
  • a senior and is going to leave next year and Luke throws fits about it EVERY DAY


  • Chariot –  will power, victory, determination //  lack of control/direction, aggression 
  • Middle schooler, Ion’s self-appointed bodyguard


  • Justice –  fairness, truth, cause and effect // unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty 
  • Mysterious transfer student??


  • Hierophant –  group identification, tradition, beliefs //  restriction, challenging the status quo 
  • Student Council Prez, voted in unanimously


  • Hermit –  soul-searching, being alone, inner guidance //  isolation, loneliness, withdrawal 
  • creepy science teacher everyone is afraid of 
  • weasels his way onto the investigative team through a combination of blackmail and sarcasm

Ion + Asch + Van + Mieu

  • Ion is the Star (hope, spirituality, inspiration //  lack of faith, despair) and is the sickly middle school class prez. basically Nanako, let’s be honest.
  • Asch is Judgement (rebirth, inner calling, absolution // self-doubt, refusal of self-examination) and is ANGRY ALL THE TIME because he was replaced by a Shadow and is probs stuck in a TV. 
  • Van is Death (endings, beginnings, transformation // inability to move on) and is Police Chief and Suspect Number One
  • Mieu is the Teddie.  He’s the Sun (fun, warmth, positivity //  lack of success) !! Imagine Shadow Mieu

Since I automatically record and save everything I livestream anyway, have a timelapse of yesterday’s stream!

[here are the results]


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Once again for my feels..

I know I have talked about this scene a million times… but I’m gonna do it again. Because I want to. And to help add some more levity in the tags again (thanking oasis-haze for getting me going again with that hug levity) 

I love…love…LOVE the way touches him here..

Just that gentle brushing of the hair away from his face, and the way his eyes flutter closed at every touch, every brush of her her hand.. And the way he watches her the whole time… the way she holds his attention, he can shut everyone else out… but not her..

Her hand on the back of his head and the way he dosen’t even resist her. His eyes close because its a comfort for him to be touched and kissed by her. He NEEDS this. 

And then she continues to touch him,, continues to gently brush his hair away, letting her fingers trail over his forhead,  and tells him he will feel it. And he’s still watching her, taking in everything she says. Including her own inability to feel it, even though she is telling him to. That he will. He’s listening, while she continues to touch and comfort him as best she can..

and lets not forget the trailing of the fingers down his arm, While he’s still watching her, still feeling her comfort, even if he can’t express it. He HEARS her, and more importantly FEELS her words as clearly as he feels her touch on his skin. 

This intimate comfort on a deep level, The touch, the eye contact is so meaningful, even thought its subtle, it speaks clearly to their connection. She got through the fog, because she’s the only one who could touch him and talk to to him like this. Because they KNOW each other, TRUST each other and yes,  LOVE each other that much. 

They are just too beautiful its going to be the death of me I know it..

ya girl's doin ships again

ayy everyone! i used to do ships and i’ve decided i wanna bring that shit back, but obviously i gotta update it! here’s the new rules + results for ships:

• mbf me
• reblog this post (this time i’m deleting anon requests!)
• have a face/about me/tagged page
• ^ if you don’t, please send in a description of your personality, appearance and sun sign

what you’re gonna get:
• who the fans ship you with
• who you end up with
• who acts like your big brother
• your best friend
• love/hate relationship
• random song on shuffle for your relationship

BONUS: you’ll get a relationship gif if you ship me in your ask request.

if this doesn’t get notes, act like it doesn’t exist :)

I feel like I should say a few words before this episode airs,so here we go!

I started watching Arrow a week before S02 aired and I joined the fandom at the same time. I remember we were very small fandom like if you went to Olicity tag it’d be the same 30 people talking over and over again and everyone knew each other and there was like 200 fics on AO3. 

I remember after 2x06 aired, everyone was like ‘WOAH DID THIS JUST HAPPEN? DID THEY HINTED AT OLIVER HAVING FEELINGS FOR FELICITY???? ARE WE GONNA GET THAT?’ and then next week we got the famous ‘There was no choice to make’ and everyone lost it. This is still my fave Olicity scene to date cause I realized the writers were serious and it was gonna happen and omfg YES

Anyway, the time between the premiere and when it came back after the mid-season finale (never forget: Olicity first hug AND ‘I’ll come back’ ‘Promise’ - I swear, everyone died although most of us were still crying over ‘there was no choice to make’ exchange) so many people joined us and when s02 was done, this fandom was HUGE. Seriously, season 02 wasn’t just Olicity growing closer and falling in love, the fandom as we know today grew a lot during that time and how things are going, we will just grow and have more fans, more people to welcome to our Olicity family - which is always great.

Although it doen’t matter if you’re here since 1x03 aired the first time or if you joined us last week, what is important is that you’re here to see this episode with us, the people who are around for years need to hear this:


That’s good enough reason to celebrate, so LET’S DO IT!

For the record, I don’t really have a strict blocking policy. I just block everyone, and yes, EVERYONE who irritates me on a number of different levels. Because I ain’t hanging out here to be lectured by someone else about how I should watch my shows. I don’t care if you “have a point”, nobody asked and nobody cares. I don’t need all sides of the story at all times to keep me from embracing literally every single show I ever watch. Of course you can play the role of SJW here and teach everyone a lesson about how literally everything is problematic therefore we should what, not be a fan of anything anymore? It’s just fucking rude.

So no, I don’t keep track of people who disagree with me. I’m not masochistic like them. I just block everyone who pollutes my tags with counter arguments, period. As long as we’re not gonna see each other’s posts ever again, I’m not gonna be the one who will be missing valuable content on my dash.