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I find that recreating interiors really helps me build my decorating skills, and it’s pretty fun to do, so…

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Guys? Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that Nickel KNOWS PRIMAL VERNACULAR!!!

Can—can we seriously just talk about this little, seemingly skipped over fact for a second?!

Either she already knew it, or Tarn taught her. First one opens up a great topic of discussion.

The second is simply another fantastic example of how this murdering, sadistic boyband is really just five bros, one worrying nanny and a pet dog travelling around the universe, killing people for kicks.

Also (just while I’m here) Kaon figuratively covering his own ass and Vos “hiding” behind Nickel…hilarious and adorable!

nct 127 + tenkunsol goes shopping

Feel free to request stuff! 


  • insists on a head count before they go in
  • forgets to count himself and freaks out (taeyong: who’s mISSINg????? did we lose one in the car?????)
  • steps into the mall and is immediately overwhelmed
  • “are there always this many people?”
  • refuses to walk infront bc first of all he has no idea where they’re going and secondly he can’t keep an eye on everyone
  • he’s gonna break his neck if he keeps looking around every two seconds
  • drags everyone into a general store and gets stuck in the kitchen section
  • *strokes a silver KitchenAid* i love you (doyoung: u will be poor for the next 9 years if u buy that)
  • “these plates are so prETTY” (ot8: we do not need plates)
  • head count when they leave a shop
  • refuses the idea of splitting up (donghyuk: this is a mall not a horror movie)
  • trails after yuta into the girl sections of clothes shops and looks sad (yuta: gender is a prison)


  • his feet hurt after two seconds in this godforsaken place
  • complains loudly (yuta: we’ve been here for less than 1 minute shUT UP / taeil: i’m allowed to complain i’m old)
  • why is the music in stores always so bad
  • do they coordinate their crappy music when they see him walk into the store
  • has a backpack and puts everything the others buy in there (taeil: n o plastic bags we have a drawer dedicated to them)
  • gives the backpack to jaehyun when it gets too heavy
  • “are we done yet”
  • forcefully removes taeyong from the kitchen departments
  • cheers up slightly when they reach the food court
  • offers to just stay at the food court but it doesn’t work (taeyong: n o)
  • avoids shop assistants like the plague
  • free food samples keep him mentally and physically alive
  • save him


  • okay kids let’s DO THIS!!!!!!!!
  • family trip yAY
  • thank god he’s here taeyong has almost had two nervous breakdowns since they left
  • walks behind everyone and acts as a shepherd
  • subtly herds everyone into the shops he likes
  • pretends to know where they are after they come out of a shop
  • they’ve been walking in circles for three days
  • shuts taeil up with food
  • pros of being tall: can see where the stray sheep(donghyuk+winwin+jaehyun+mark) are
  • cons of being tall: can see where the stray sheep(donghyuk+winwin+jaehyun+mark)are
  • jogs after them (johnny: pls stay with the group kids)
  • buys really cringey graphic tees
  • the cashier is judging him so hard but he has no shame
  • unironically hums along to the store music (taeil: i’m disowning u)
  • so tired but smiles through the pain


  • *cracks knuckles* let’s do this
  • runs up all of the escalators
  • “do you think these bookshops have mangas?”
  • is sad when the bookshops only have Black Butler and Attack on Titan
  • music store! music store!! music s t o r e!!!
  • stands by the rack with their albums on it and winks at every person who passes
  • “do u know nct 127”
  • has no shame
  • taeyong has no problem with leaving him behind
  • finally relents but not without buying the album
  • marches into clothing shops with purpose
  • bypasses the boys section with a scornful look (except if he sees something cute)
  • “gender is a construct made by the patriarchy”
  • uuuUUuUhhhh this is cUte
  • buys earrings and keeps taking them out of taeil’s backpack to smile at them


  • internet shopping exists
  • this is redundant
  • w h y are we here
  • on a similar level of distaste as taeil
  • nopes out of kitchen sections so fast
  • forgot to bring something to drink and he ref u s es to buy overpriced restaurant water
  • suffers but not in silence
  • bought an iced americano
  • doesn’t even like iced americano but bought it out of spite (yuta: that doesn’t make sense / doyoung: ur face doesn’t make sense fuk off)
  • sighs every two seconds
  • “when will we see natural light again”
  • his mood improves considerably when in clothing stores bc w ow this is all so ugly
  • has superior taste in fashion thank u very much:)
  • “awww this is kinda cute” *turns it over* / shirt: oh daddy / “n o p e”
  • do the designers for these stores take some kind of sadistic joy in ruining perfectly good clothing
  • low-key wishes he had stayed in bed


  • made a shopping list in the car
  • is still kinda car sick and wants to sit down
  • treats himself to a frozen yogurt with a l l of the toppings
  • forgets his list exactly 3 minutes 54 seconds into their shopping experience
  • does he need shoes
  • does he really need shoes
  • yes apparently
  • taeil refuses to put the shoebox into his backpack so he’s just cradling it like a newborn baby
  • naturally gravitates towards the food court
  • “when are we eating” (doyoung: u just ate wtf)
  • uuuhhh niCE toiletries
  • get’s himself and winwin matching toothbrushes
  • remembers his list and is shook at what his carsick brain comes up
  • cutlery?????? a plant??? colour markers??????
  • buys the plant tho
  • it’s called jeffrey jr and don’t ever talk to him or his son ever again
  • laughs at Taeyong but also buys him a snickers (jaehyun: ur not u when ur hungry / taeyong: i will bite ur head off)


  • has been waiting for this opportunity for ten years
  • has water, comfortable shoes and all of his money
  • likes internet shopping but there’s something about running your hands through racks upon racks of clothing that gives him a special feeling
  • exclaims loudly when he touches a gross fabric
  • “do i need this overpriced article of clothing” (ot8: no)
  • buys it
  • don’t let him near a tech shop or he’ll want to buy a TV
  • sighs loudly when they’re in a shop which he doesn’t like
  • gravitates towards the food court
  • spreads himself over a table to protect it from approaching families
  • buys a shit ton of anime and yuta sheds a proud tear
  • !!!!!the floor is lava!!! in a home decor store
  • chaotic neutral
  • they get kicked out of said home decor store
  • pretends to be sorry
  • pretends not to know korean when a shop assistant approaches him


  • doesn’t know!!!!what he wants!!!!!!
  • window shopping bc he doesn’t want to spend money (mark: i’m saving it / ot8: for what???)
  • cracks in the music store and buys like 13 music vouchers
  • get’s a headache the moment they step into a drug store
  • not helpful when it comes to picking cologne or perfume (taeyong: *waves sample at him* what do u think? / mark: it all smells the same i don’t undersTAND)
  • impulse buys an umbrella
  • ?????
  • get’s lost with jaehyun, winwin and donghyuk and they just wait for johnny to pick them up again
  • calls johnny a lighthouse until he get’s threatened with food exemption
  • buys a nike pullover and feels sweggy
  • pained smile when he gets accosted by a shop assistant  
  • pulls a winwin and pretends not to know korean
  • floats happily through the music shops and subtly waves at the albums he’s bought already
  • tempted by a drawing pad but donghyuk kindly reminds him that he can’t draw
  • is broke by the end of the day


  • changed his outfit 5 times before they left
  • is wearing the w r o ng shoes ohgod no
  • hiS FEET ARE BLEEDING PEOPLE (yuta: it’s ur own goddamn fault)
  • buys new shoes just so that he can take these abominations off his feet
  • wants to throw them away but johnny won’t let him :\
  • why does this shopping trip feel like a school trip (johnny: now find your travel buddy and we’ll head for the next shop:) / donghyuk: i’m gonna kms)
  • w h y are all the plants in this home decor shop fake
  • who let him drink coke
  • races yuta up the escalators and gives taeyong several heart attacks
  • smiles and waves at babies
  • w h Y are all of the plants fake
  • touches everything in every shop ever
  • unironically starts dancing to the music in a supermarket
  • “impromptu dance battle in aisle four someone pls remove them”
  • finds the nearest security camera when he’s bored and just stares
  • makes doyoung carry him at the end of the day bc his feet still really hurt


  • “remember my knee is still messed up so i get privileges”
  • how many bottles of body lotion can fit in taeil’s backpack
  • more than enough according to taeil
  • smells like the perfume section of every department store ever (mark: ur not helping my headache)
  • smiling 24/7 and having a good ol’ time
  • finishes doyoung’s americano when he doesn’t want it anymore
  • buys three floppy hats


  • smiles fondly at all of the anime in the dvd sections
  • transfixed in front of the huge flat screen tvs bc they’re all playing the s a m e thing perfectly insync and it’s freaking him out
  • three pairs of adidas tracksuit bottoms is not enough
  • adds in some nike just for variety
  • automatically starts humming the pokemon theme when he sees the nintendo logo
  • b-boys to a ballad in the supermarket
  • the other (less reliable) shepherd
  • also the other orientation point for short members lost in the crowd


  • manages to take aesthetic pics of a crowded mall
  • stands in a bookshop like “ah yes i can read this”
  • forgets every korean lesson he’s ever had when confronted with so many books
  • strokes a chinese - korean dictionary fondly
  • qUiLT cOveRS?????
  • kicks yuta’s and donghyuk’s asses at escalator racing
  • in charge of squad selfies

I honestly dont understand why people send hate to the wonderful authors we have on this place like? They dont work for you so when the they say request are closed. REQUEST ARE CLOSED YOU AINT SPECIAL. Another thing, I havent talked to all of them but the ones i have are the sweetest people in the world. They dont deserve the hate. And if you’re gonna send hate, which im gonna not so kindly suggest you fucking dont, at least have the tiniest bit of idk was gonna say courage but anyone who sends shit to bring people down isnt courageous so idk..decency to do it publicly not anonymously. I mean why are you hiding??? What are you scared people are gonna send YOU hate??? Like show people who you really are. I try not to wish bad things on people who are douche bags bc its against my religion but you are really tempting me. Im gonna tag some of the WONDERFUL people who are authors down below. Sorry for any grammar mistakes Im typing this on my phone and its hard to proof read on this. Im tryna remember authors off the top of my head and I follow 88 amazing people…im obviously forgetting some soooo if you do take the time to read my rant please tag other ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL authors too. Also idk if everyone down below is getting hate I just tagged people who’s writing is just so good. I literally just binge read the stuff they write. Please check out the people below they write awesome stuff. 🤗🤗🤗
@maruthor @batfamily-imagines @batboysimagine @imamotherfuckingstar-lord @imaginesofeveryfandom @obscure-imagines @bonniebird @justwritingscibbles @actbat @angstytodd @batfamilyimagines @fandomvariousness @sceawere

spidertomms  asked:

Can you do an imagine where tom gf!reader is youtuber and they do the boyfriend tag or something like that? :)

doing this as a bullet list, hope that’s okay!

  • you’d ask him one day and he’d get all excited and then he’d be like “wait, what actually is the boyfriend tag?”
  • explaining it to him and him groaning like “oh god i’m gonna sound so bad cause i forget so much”

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i’m gonna say one thing about this trigger tagging thing that seems to have blown up.

if there is content that triggers you, tell the blogger. we can’t read your minds and sometimes (like my adhd ass) i forget. i’m a human being. we’re all human beings. everyone has the right to feel safe and fuck, no one deserves to experience anxiety, but please don’t attack people for not knowing or making a mistake? especially if they’ve apologised?

this fandom is better than this, we shouldn’t be at each other’s throats; we should be protecting each other and forgive each other.

To all the makers of gifs, manips & edits - Radiance needs your help!!

Okay, we made a thing… But we know, you guys can do this so much better 🙈

So, we’re calling all the Gif wizards, manip masters & edit heroes: PLEASE HELP US & spread the word about Radiance with your wonderful work!!

Post your creation with a link to our Kickstarter and tag your creation with #FuelForRadiance so we can find it and reblog it. We’ll randomly select three winners who will each receive a surprise set of posters and prints from our campaign.

You can enter gifs, manips & edits up until Monday, July 10th 2017.

We’ll announce the three winners after our Kickstarter campaign closes (after July 15th). Make sure your inbox is open so we can contact you.

We’re gonna ship the surpise sets worldwide. You don’t need to pay for shipping.

Everyone can participate with as much entries as they like and are willing to create. Every entry counts.

If you have already created something (like @slashyrogue) you can add the tag and we’ll count it in.


And don’t forget to use #FuelForRadiance :)

PLEASE NOTE: Well, “everyone can participate” means everyone can participate, but we’d like to give people a chance here who aren’t in the book because they aren’t writers or artists. So, if you are in the book but are into making gifs, manips and edits as well, you are absolutely welcome to do so - we need and appreciate every kind of help and signal boost!! – but we’d be happy if you gave your fellow fannibals who couldn’t be part of the book the advantage here. Thank you so much for understanding <3


Alternative scene “Secret Handshake” Ghostbusters 2016

Favorite part: 
Abby [to Erin and Kevin]: “Don’t you already have a boyfriend? Don’t both of you already have a boyfriend, I’m assuming?” 
Erin: I broke up with mine.
Kevin: I’m not sure..

Bonus for Holtzy’s reaction to the ‘handshake from hell’: 
“I’m gonna try to forget by fitting Patty for a proton pack, come on.”

chocolatey-umbreon  asked:

Don't worry about the other ask, you can forget it if you want Mmm I'm not sure how to write this. I was thinking of the feeling when you have a crush on someone that's just completely out of reach? Like, they're right there but they're so perfect they won't even look at you? That with prince being anxiety's impossible crush? Idk if this makes sense...


I’m sorry its short and i took so long ;-;… I dont know how to write about crushes? but I tried :/ 

Im not gonna tag everyone but… @analogically-prinxiety @starlight-sanders @beach-fan @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic @princeyandanxiety @princey-and-hottopic

Glances over his phone, from under hoods, from across the room. 

He never got caught staring, Well not from the one he was staring at. 

“You have realized by now he’s out of your reach.”  He heard from beside him. Glasses being adjusted as he peered at him from over a book, judging. 

“He, regrettably, just doesn't like you.”   Logan added, trying to sound like he understood. 

He didn’t. 

He was right there. 

Only meters away… If he extended his arm, he could touch him. 

Emphasis on ‘could’  But Prince never took notice and if he did? He never acknowledged it. Not even to shut the feelings down, Anxiety never received closure on the matter. 

The crash had always been there. Simmering away. 

Even the banter was full of guilt. Every rude word he had towards the Prince was nothing but lies. He left every conversation with a sour taste in his mouth and his heart strumming sadly. 

Those feelings were not reciprocated. Romans words held a lot of passion, he did not lie when he called Anxiety a beast.. or that he crushes Thomas’s dreams.

He tried. Multiple times, to get the feelings out, to rid himself of the meaningless torture and fruitless longing. 

But every time the crush came back, just as strong. 

He couldn’t have him.

Because he had another.

And even then.. when he watched them from afar. Kissing, cuddling. Everything that he would practically die for, the feelings stayed. 

Tears became more frequent. Conversations and banter, even the arguments, stopped.  

They didn’t notice. In their happy little bubble. The Two brightest traits. Content in each other's arms.  Scenes like this teard Anxiety’s heart. Suffocated him in the loneliness. 

His crush turned against him. 

He no longer fantasised about being with him, because when he did, it resulted in tears. He no longer watched, because his chest would ache. He no longer cared. 

Because he .. was crushed. 

I want you all to know

Today I graduated high school. Under my gown was a Red Hood shirt from my cosplay. I was recognized as an honors student and in the gifted program. I had all the cords and shit, I looked pretty dignified ahhahahah….

When I walked off the stage I paused, ripped the zipper down the gown and flaunted my red bat, strutted the rest of the way to the stairs and promptly tripped down them.

My family laughed very hard at me.

Bonus: when I got my diploma, I had been previously told to write a note on my name tag on how to pronounce my last name. My last name is Robb. So I wrote “ pronounce Robb like the way you’d say I’m gonna rob this diploma” and I got a look from the principal. As I walked off with the diploma, I did finger guns at everyone

HOLD ON MORE: I forgot to mention I was bribed to wear my Arkham Knight Red Hood hoodie under the gown and over the shirt. I left my red hood (like the hood of the hoodie( sticking out, forgetting that having a hood over the back of your gown signifies something. Turns out red is the color for theology, and the shape was that of what a PhD would be granted. So I, the most unreligious person ever, accidentally walked down the aisle with symbolism claiming I was a doctor of theology.


Thanks to this amazing anime I was blessed with the opportunity of meeting every single one of you guys! We are an amazing community, even with some occasional arguings and stupid stuff like that, but I believe that’s kinda normal, considering we’re dealing with different people from different places and cultures. We have some really good artists, writers and people who contribute to making this fandom one of the best ever and even those of you who doesn’t create things are important and loved.
I’m really happy that I’m part of this fandom with all of you beautiful people, even those of you who never spoke to me haha

I hope that 2106 gives us more amazing official art, fanarts, fanfics, headcanons, canon facts, new game routes and mini colles, batonama (ONE IS ALREADY ON JANUARY 6TH!), new songs, and of course, our most expected season 2!

Here’s to all of you ♥

Love forever

if you cant tell i did something different for bfsn….hahah whoops…im so scared about tonight but our babies are gonna hug again and i might cry….anyways….can you…tell i love….ellipses
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happy bellarke fam selfie night guys !! i hope you all have a great night ! like every wednesday i’m super excited about tonight’s episode but this time omg i know i shouldn’t expect anything from bellarke but i can’t stop myself PLUS TONIGHT WE BETTER HAVE A GOOD BELLARKE SCENE ON THE ROAD OR ANYWHERE OR I’M GONNA BE SO MAD 

i didn’t take any selfie recently so i just took this pic 3min ago on my bed in pyjama but my hair look quite fine actually with some snapchat filter (obvsiously lol)

anyway, i’m tagging this cuties, let me know if you don’t want to be tagged and don’t feel oblige to do it ! @nowwesurvive @bellarkesurvivestogether @stardust-blake @parapluiepliant @skruprotocol @bl-ake @beliamyblakes @bellamyblakesgun @bellarkess @morleybell @starkdelinquents @bell-arkethe100 @alwaysbellamyblake @ everyone else that i forgot/who want to be tag ! <3 and don’t forget to tag me in your selfies so i can see your pretty faces ! enjoy tonight’s episode ! <33

Midnight Snack

Word Count: 1554

Warnings: FLUFF AHOY (hah, geddit? Nah, not yet. But it’s a cookie joke!)

Summary: Bucky is unable to fall back asleep, so he goes downstairs for a midnight snack.

A/N: This is a rewrite of a Sam Winchester oneshot I posted a long time ago. I laughed when I realized the reader’s dog’s name was Captain (Which was totally because of Captain America)! XD 

I SAID FUCK THE STRESS AND DECIDED TO POST SOMETHING TODAY!! I really, really missed writing and posting for you guys! You all have been so kind and patient and I didn’t know how else to say thank you than to post a new Bucky fic!

If you would like to be tagged in any future oneshots, please let me know!! I hope you guys enjoy!

(btw this smile kills me. it’s so beautiful. i love that smile)

Originally posted by brego19

Your name: submit What is this?

Bucky felt the edges of consciousness creep up. He welcomed waking, because he was eager to share his dream with you. It would make you laugh. Like, laugh til you cried. Cap was on the moon and… Shit, nope. Wait. It’s right there at the edge of his brain. What was Cap doing? Was it even Cap? It was gone. He couldn’t remember the dream anymore. Damn.

Bucky turned over to his other side to make himself more comfortable. He bunched his pillow up under his head and reached for you. His hand brushed against your soft bare shoulder. He opened his eyes to the dark room and smiled when his gaze landed on you.

You were laying on your stomach, arms wrapped around your pillow. You were snoring softly, and your hair cascaded around your head like a messy halo. Bucky grazed his fingertips over your arm, up your neck and jaw, until he was gently brushing away the hair from your face. He wanted to trace your features and kiss you until you woke up. He was even content to simply cradle your sleeping face in his hands, but you needed your sleep. He did, too. It had been well over a week since he had slept through the night.

With that thought, he reluctantly dropped his hand from your cheek, shifted onto his back, and closed his eyes once more. He didn’t even want to look at the clock. He knew it was late; and if he knew what time it was, he would only obsess over it. Bucky heard a deep sigh from the foot of the bed, a lot of shifting, and eventually, joints popping. No. No, no, no–

Your dog, Captain, nosed Bucky’s skin until the dog’s huge spotted head was under his arm. Bucky thought that maybe - just maybe - if he laid still and acted like he was sleeping, then Cap would go lay back down. The great big mutt huffed and licked Bucky every which way he could reach. When that didn’t work, he started whining gently. Cap was smart. He knew how far he would have to push Bucky to get his attention. Bucky felt his resolve starting to crumble right before the dog let out soft little barks.

“Captain, cut that out! Mom’s sleeping.” Bucky whispered sternly. Cap wagged his tail while staring Bucky down with his icy blue eyes, just happy to have attention. Bucky groaned. Looks like that was all the sleep he was getting tonight. “C’mon, Cap. Let’s go outside.”

The dog let out a happy little noise and padded out of your room, his shaggy speckled coat swaying with movement. Bucky brushed his hand over your cheek affectionately, kissed your shoulder, then hauled himself out of bed and made his way downstairs.

You rolled over, half asleep, and groped for Bucky. You wanted to bury your face into his chest or his neck or his hair. You weren’t particular about it. You just wanted to feel him beside you, to be surrounded by him. When your fingers met cooling blankets, you let out a disgruntled whine. You opened your eyes to see that his side of the bed was, in fact, empty. Again. Where did he keep going, you wondered? He frequently woke up in the middle of the night and was unable to get back to sleep. You never went to search for him; but, tonight, you were upset because you couldn’t snuggle with him, and you needed to see what was so damn important to keep him from you.

Grumpy, you tossed the blanket off of you and pulled on one of Bucky’s shirts. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you realized that Captain’s bed was empty. You made your way down the hall to the staircase and descended as quietly as possible. The bathroom, living room, and patio lights were all off. So, if Bucky was in the house, he had to be in the kitchen. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you made your way there. You heard a soft thumping and a chair scraping against the floor. Captain was probably begging for a treat. A soft smile played on your lips as you pushed open the saloon-style doors.

The sight before you stopped you completely.

Bucky Barnes was chin deep in an oreo, enthusiastically licking the cream out like he’d been starved for years. There was an open package in front of him that was nearly gone. Nearly gone?! You crossed your arms and cleared your throat loudly. Bucky jumped and looked up meekly. Even Captain looked embarrassed as he slunk off into a different room.

Bucky wiped his face, hoping to get rid of any cookie evidence. “Hey, doll.”

You wanted to laugh. He looked so startled. You bit the inside of your cheek trying to contain your smiles, and sent him a glare. “What do you think you’re doing?” you asked tightly, jutting a hip out.

Your boyfriend had never looked so small. He spluttered a half-assed apology and explanation, swearing that he would replace them. You ignored him. It was taking all of your willpower to not burst into laughter. You weren’t mad at him in the slightest; you really just liked to see him squirm. “I mean, you know I have trouble sleeping. And they just sounded so good…” he tried to use his wide-eyed puppy look on you.

You had to look away or your facade would crumble. He was so good at getting you to forgive him. You forced a frown. “I’m pissed, James Buchanan. First, I wake up and you’re gone again. All I wanted to do was cuddle with you.” You made your way to him, slowly. “Then, I come downstairs to find you not only eating my oreos, but eating them incorrectly–

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Y/N.” Bucky interjected. “Oreos are supposed to be taken apart and eaten. It’s science.”

You stopped and stared at him in disbelief. “Science?” You shook your head and padded to the fridge. “You’re an amiture. Dunking them in milk and eating them is far superior.”

Bucky scoffed, turning to face you as you got your glass of milk. “Amiture? I was alive when Oreos were first made, doll. And that’s disgusting. The cookie gets all mushy if you put it in milk.” The slightest hint of a smile was on his face.

“So, what do you do when you finish licking the cream out like a heathen? Just eat the cookie all by itself?” You made a noise like you were going to vomit and clutched your stomach for a dramatic effect. “That’s gross. You know the cream is the best part.” You sat on a bar stool next to him and reached for a cookie.

Bucky made sure to wait until your focus was on him. He locked gazes with you, opened a cookie up and licked it obscenely. “That’s why I eat it first.”

You held his stare, doing your damnedest to not bite your lip and let your eyes go hazy. He knew how to use that mouth. Fuck. Instead, you cleared your throat, licked your bottom lip, and preceded to dunk your oreo into the milk until the bubbles stopped. You bit the inside of your cheek to stifle your laughter. “Doing fancy tricks with your tongue isn’t gonna win this for you, Bucky. I mean, I still love you despite the undeniable fact that you eat oreos the wrong way.”

He laughed at you while you ate your milk drenched cookie. “If we have kids, we’ll have the answer. The superior way to eat oreos will be the dominant gene, obviously. Have you even tried to eat it this way?” Bucky prattled on about the highlights of his way to eat oreos, but you were stuck on the fact that he nonchalantly brought up having kids with you. Was he really planning that far ahead? The thought scared and thrilled you.

He was still passionately defending himself when you got off your bar stool and stood between Bucky’s open legs. You cupped his stubbled jaw and pressed your mouth against his feverishly. His debating abruptly stopped as he eagerly returned your kiss. He wrapped an arm around you and laced his long fingers through your hair and gripped you to him like he was trying to rebalance himself.

You pulled away slowly, smiling to yourself over the confused look on his face. He wasn’t the only one that could get easily turned on by your kisses. His warm, steel blue eyes smoldered yours instantly and he quirked an eyebrow at you, leaning in closely. “You get bonus points for tasting like cookies, but the debate is over for now.” Bucky reached for something behind you, chastely kissed your lips, then abruptly stood and left the kitchen.

Shout out to your boyfriend for effectively ruining the mood. Now it was your turn to be confused. “Babe, what do you mean?” you called. “This isn’t over.” You looked at the bright blue package of oreos and stopped. Your jaw dropped. “Bucky, you did not. I’m gonna kill you!” You pushed away from the counter and ran through the living room. “Those were mine! Why did you eat the last oreo?!” You ran up the stairs, following Bucky’s deep laughter.

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I got tagged by the cutest @thedancingsim​, thanks, bud!!!

Were you named after anyone?
Nah, my parents heard the name in the city and decided, yes, let’s name our daughter Kenia. My middle name is my grandma’s name, though. Cutest name twin. 

When was the last time you cried?
LMAO today because I thought I failed my midterm and then I gave myself a pep talk and bought a pastry.

Do you have kids?
Yeah, he’s  an 11 years old west highland terrier/poodle mix.

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
real talk, probably not. I’m super inconsistent and find it hard to continue conversations so I end up overcompensating by rambling. 

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
no, of course not, why would I? /s

What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Their shoes because I’m always looking at the ground. jk, I guess their hair?? I find it hard to looks people in the eye so I notice hair first. 

What is your eye color?

Scary movie or happy endings?
Scary movie

Favorite smells?
Old books (so dust, I guess l ma o), pastries, artificial peach smell, real peach smell. 

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?
I went to New York one summer, it was cool. 

Do you have any special talents?
I have the amazing talent of drifting away from people very quickly bc my insecurities and recurring depression. :)

Where were you born?
Mexico City, Mexico. 

What are your hobbies?
Not getting enough sleep, making gifs, crying over Produce 101, studying.

Do you have any pets?
No, I only have a child, but technically he’s a dog. so yes. 

Do you have any siblings?
Yeah. He’s 15 and we’re dorks. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I am grown up. I just want to be okay. 

Who is your first best friend?
Uhh this kid named Nicholas that’s super cool. He was the first person I ever felt was truly my friend.

How tall are you?
4′11″ or 149.86cm according to google. 

Funniest moment throughout school?
I hated high school. One time in college, a kid tripped but ended up making a very smooth landing and he turned around hoping no one saw but I saw. 

How many countries have you visited?
Guatemala where I grew up and the US where I currently live?? Does that count?? I can’t visit any other countries or else I can’t come back to the US lm a o #undocumentedstruggles

What was your favorite/worst subject in high school?
Favorite subject was english because I love reading. Worst subject was math because I hate math. 

What is your favorite drink? Animal? Perfume?
Favorite drink is water to match my bland personality. Jk, it’s green tea. Favorite animal is snails. Favorite perfume is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

What sports do you play/have you played?
I’m uncoordinated. I tried track once and broke my glasses and my spirit at the first track meet. rip. 

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
those channels that make tiny food with tiny kitchen supplies. 

How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?
One boyfriend and it was awkward. oh high school…

Favorite memory from your childhood?
Taking a bath with the pigs on our farm.

How would you describe your fashion sense?
a mess. 

What phone do you have?
HTC One m7 from 2013 because I don’t like change. 

Idk who’s been tagged so just gonna tag a couple of people @aandidas, @john-sims @momobunniisims, @byuuygygu @loniden

anonymous asked:

Hi! What are your favourite ESC blogs? I've just made mine and need some to follow xxx

oh god, I follow so many esc blogs I’m afraid I’ll forget some.

I’m gonna name a few blogs I follow, some are 100% eurovision, others may have other fandoms and be more personal

@anotherescsite @itsjusteurovision @eurosong @only-eurovision @uselesseurovisionfacts @because-its-eurovision @balkanheart @eurenvision @balticboys @aprilskyforever @robinbengtsson @dailyeurovision @coloureverywonderoftheworld @slightlyintimidating @eurovision-gifs @juuret @eurovisionfanblog @kostovs

I’m sure there are many others I can’t think of right now, but if you keep an eye on the /tagged/eurovision and /tagged/europals you will find a lot of eurovision blogs. And don’t be afraid of interacting with anyone, everyone is usually really welcoming and friendly

Alright guys, since everyone is feeling extra thirsty for Nathan Darrow. Me and a couple friends have been meaning to rewatch Gotham 3x17. And the Inherited after that! I’ll stream it on Rabbit on Wednesday. Maybe around 3PM EST (unless there’s some other time people would prefer?). 

Just gonna tag some people I think might be interested in watching with me: @unfamiliargroundsquirrel @rogha-an-da-dhiogha @amandajuly81 @shirl85 @geherin @riddlerbird im sure im forgetting like a ton of people, so just message me if you’re interested. (You don’t even have to be a freezewald shipper, you can just come to rewatch 3x17 if you want, obviously)

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