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Some stuff I posted on twitter :D 


Dear friends, we all know what’s gonna happen on friday, but at the same time we don’t. But please let’s not contribute to the disgusting circus. Let friday be a day filled with support and love. We have done this before a few times and it has always been an amazing succes. Stuff the #johnnydepp tag full of love. Beautiful pictures, videos, edits, gifs, quotes, anecdotes, whatever. Let show Johnny our support and the haters that we are stonger than this. Let there be love everywhere. Together we can do this, please spread the word and please God let it be the last time. xxxx

*throws confetti in the air*


So I’m gonna start queueing fanart, and I think I can queue fanart reblogs too, so as long as there’s shiny stuff in the queue you’ll get to see 2 or 3 shiny pieces of art that people were so kind to make every day :)

Maybe people will prefer this to the ‘I pick a day and post all the fanart I’ve received’ method that I’ve done before? Ya’ll let me know what you think :) I can go back to that way if people like it better!

For people not super interested in seeing fanart, this is just a friendly reminder that I tag all of them with ‘fatal error fanart’ so if you like you can go ahead and block that tag or however people do that :)

That’s all! Have a nice Sunday! 

Announcement - Mini Hiatus

I’ll just make it now fuck it. 

So I’m super behind on tags. I miss reading fics to really read them for fun and not because I feel like I have to or people are gonna be mad at me. I miss writing for fun and not because I feel like I need to crank something out. So…as of now I guess you could say I’m taking a mini hiatus. I’ll still be writing. I’m still gonna do the challenges I signed up for. It’s just that the updates are gonna be probably much less frequent than what you’re used to from me. 

I’m also starting a new job on Monday come hell or high water. So I don’t know how much time I’m really gonna have to write at that point with training and all the stuff that comes with that. 

Tagging some people I guess to spread the word or whatever. I dunno. 

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Shaunry is the True OTP. I am curious, how is Shaunry !Morgan?

Of course Henry taught him dark magic, be it behind my back or right under my nose. The kid is no good with a sword despite all my efforts but he’s a magic prodigy.

Also he has no problem remembering the stuff he read like 6 months ago at 1am but usually can’t recall what he hate for breakfast.

And he reads while eating.

He and his father usually play in the mages’ tent and guess who has to come running when they both somehow raise the dead?

it has recently come to my attention that some people…….like my content? regularly check my blog to see if i’ve uploaded anything? genuinely would not be annoyed if i posted a million times every day????? get this, some people don’t get sick of me, what a shocking concept, i know. i’m still in denial.

a n y w a y s i’ve got so many prompts in my inbox (and by all means, send more!!! more the merrier!) and i’m gonna do a massive spam of answering all of them as an attempt to clear them out for the next couple a days, as well as 7DoC, so you guys have that to look forward to…

till then, since 90% of you probably have only seen a couple of my posts, feel free to stalk my fics/hcs tag, my short posts/thoughts/funny stuff tag, my posts that hit 1k tag, and my posts that hit 2k tag.

for real though, guys, im so so so grateful that you guys genuinely like what i post, and im honored that you even spare time to read it, i love you guys so much, i read every single tag that you guys leave on my work and they always make me laugh/smile, you guys are literally the best, <3 <3 <3 thank u


i’m not here to call anyone out, but i am going to be frank with all of you

that’s a tag I saw on this set of drawings which, admittedly, got a lot bigger than I really expected it to

but i am very concerned

because I never posted those drawings on twitter myself

I do have a twitter, but I rarely post art there, and when I do, it’s usually unfinished work because all the complete stuff goes here

so when I see that tag, this tells me that there is a high possibility somebody has taken my art off Here and put it On There Without My Permission Or Knowledge

I’m super uncomfortable with that

i took a chance and went lax on the watermark for that set, and that’s on me.  I thought I could afford to, because I’d already drawn McCree with Rockruff once and it didn’t really get much attention, so who would have thought a second set would garner much more attention

how wrong I was

At this point, I’m not gonna chase it down.  As it is, it’s fanart, and mixing pokemon with overwatch is hardly a novel idea. Truth be told, I honestly got real lazy drawing that set anyway, so it’s not my best work.  I can let it go, even if, worst case scenario, it’s not just an enthusiastic sharing on a separate social media site, and rather a malignant stealing of credit to post elsewhere.

For future reference: don’t take my art and post it elsewhere without my permission, if you want to share so badly, at least link directly back to here.  if you really want to take it somewhere, have the basic decency to ask me so at the least I am aware of what is going to happen with what I took the time to draw.

In any case, I’ll be a lot more stringent with the watermarks now, and they’ll be darker in the future.

So now you know, and I hope you think about that if you see my art elsewhere, or if you want to take a copy to share somewhere else without telling me.

That’s all.

I think I’m gonna take a break from posting up here for a while. I’m still gonna post on Instagram and be around liking posts and stuff but I’m just really not up for trying to keep this blog updated with posts and selfies and what not so when my queue runs out I’ll be done with posting for a while. I’m okay it’s just I’ve had a rough month, and especially this weekend where my life has changed a bit and I’m in a very somber mood all the time. I’m just sad and thinking about the “what ifs” that bum me out a lot. I went from the happiest I’ve been honestly ever in my life to not so happy and it’s taken a lot out of me. I’ll bounce back. I always do.

peace out for now



bae > bay 
→ “Someday we will foresee obstacles
Through the blizzard, through the blizzard
Today we will sell our uniform
Live together, live together.”

ok, it’s basically my life motto to avoid Discourse™ like the plague (especially here on tunglr) unless entirely necessary, but this shit abt the latinx portrayal in d–irty laundry has really peeved me so this is all i’m gonna say on the matter:

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a guide for magisterium day

if u don’t know who to follow for all the original/reblogged content on magisterium day i made a little list of some blogs that are pretty cool

@tamararajaviforpresident2020 they reblog almost everything and write some fanfics and make headcannons and deserve more followers

@verritytorres amazing artist 10/10 would follow again but they’re gonna be gone on Saturday so they’re just gonna reblog some stuff later

@joker-ace they make some of the best content in this fandom sorry I don’t make the rules

@misterpoofofficial calron game is on point, everybody’s very gay on that blog

@allaboutthefandom a great blog that reblogs a lot, they also ship callmara if that’s what you like :)

And then me, a terrible artist who has no idea what they’re doing

honestly those are the first ones that come to mind sorry if u aren’t on here im trying





any of the character tags really

and some of the ship tags maybe


the main ships in this fandom are

calron- call and aaron, summer boyfriends who wear eachothers clothes

callmara- call and tamara, the meme team

winterhunt- call and jasper, a crackship at it’s finest

telia- tamara and celia, they may never interact but they’re in love

honestly whatever your opinions, headcannons, or ships you’re great because you’re a part of an amazing fandom (and don’t let people diss you for your beliefs, you’re valid and awesome)

blind date spot #2 / arcade


  • being hella competitive in all the arcade games, loser has to treat the winner to something 
  • laser tag also provided, go ham decide your fate 
  • maybe a group blind date where people pair off in teams of two to win stuff ( ie laser tag ). 
  • someone’s gotta win that giant bear worth 9000 tickets 
  • someone loses their phone in the ball pit who is gonna fish it out
  • or anything else you’d like to do !
Writing Fanfiction Maybe o.O?

So I’ve actually been motivated to do some writing for the first time in a really long time! And it’s all thanks to Anti :) I think I want to start writing some fanfiction for him and Jack! What I want to know is if any of you want to see it? I’ll tag everything in it to the best of my ability, to make sure everyone can be warned before reading it (I tend to write horror and angsty things so that is a necessity). So just lemme know :) I will also probably take requests/prompts for it (as long as it’s not nsfw). 

Summary: I’m willing to write some fanfiction for anti, do you guys want to see it?


I seriously thought someone else was gonna do this any second now and has been refreshing arc V tag all day

No one was doing it so I did it

zero effort was given

so am I thrown off the fandom yet


To be honest I was completely stuck on which couple I was going to draw. I settled on SnazzySloth for the simple fact that it’s Sloth’s birthday as well so I decided to draw them. It’s funny the inspiration for this drawing was literally looking at dating sites and seeing ideas. I saw painting was one, so what if they painted each other? That’s kind of how I thought of the idea ahah. Sloth’s painting a heart on Snazz. 

Oh yeah the background was completely blank so I made it like they were meant to be painting a wall but ended up drawing all over it and writing notes to each other. Sloth writes in orange, and Snazz was meant to be writing in purple. There’s a lot of stuff there, so look closely! 

The love letters that were submitted through asks for each other I used in the background as well! 

Overall this was a lot of fun to do. It was hard to wait till today to post this to be honest. 

Snazz, of course goes to the amazing @alternativesaga!! And Sloth belongs to me. 

The Proust Questionnaire

The Proust Questionnaire has its origins in a parlor game popularized (though not devised) by Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, who believed that, in answering these questions, an individual reveals their true nature.

 I was tagged by the sunshine that is @sunny-day-sky , thank you friend. And jesus did I took long to do this,

I’m gonna tag some of you that I think haven’t bee tagged, probably forgetting people if you want to do it, say I tagged you! @bahorelly @mariquia @todaysgonebi @just-a-colour-bandit @draco-rys @cottoncandyfeuilly @courf-the-goof @brohorel @grangratree

1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?  Look, I’m not sure; what I can say about happiness is that I don’t expect it to be constant, but is all in the small moments. The laughs with silblings, the feeling of a strong wind in a sunny day, an afternoon with nice colors. There’s hapiness in all that things.
2. What is your greatest fear? I fear that one day I’ll look back and realize I didn’t do anything. But also like being in a pool and then for some reason to find that there’s a shark or a huge snake in there too.
3. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? My laziness. I do have a terrible tendecy to procastinate everything to absurd levels. Sounds funny but no pal, it’ll drive you and me crazy.
4. What is the trait you most deplore in others?  Hypocrisy maybe? 
5. Which living person do you most admire? A lot of people. But I had this professor, and he was such a good professor. Ah, good times.
6. What is your greatest extravagance? How do I answer this? I’m a extravagant person in a lot of aspects, but nothing too remarcable that I can pinpoint??
7. What is your current state of mind?  Hahaha what do i know.
8. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Puntuality?
9. On what occasion do you lie? I’m generally an honest person,  usually if I lie is by omission, sometimes deliberatly by omission.
10. What do you most dislike about your appearance? I feel a bit uncomfortable about my forhead, maybe my cheeks i don’t know. I’ve never considered myself particularly attractive, but  standard is alright-
11. Which living person do you most despise? I can’t think of anyone? Most people I’ve despised became pretty irrelevant.
12. What is the quality you most like in a man person? Strenght of the mind.
13. What is the quality you most like in a woman? Same as above. Why would you even make a difference? In fact I’m going to cross this out.
14. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? They’re mostly in spanish. “Mae” that’s the equivalent of  “pal” or “buddy”. 

16. When and where were you happiest? I’m not sure, I think it might have be when I was a child around six, but as I said happiness comes and goes.
17. Which talent would you most like to have? Oh, I’d like to be much better at drawing, you know there’s a difference between drawing what you can and drawing what you want, I’m still stuck with the first one. But also like I’ll like to move things with my mind or teletransportate that counts as a talent or is superpower?
18. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Maybe my laziness, I which I could be more pro-active sometimes, you know, keep my motivation for longer and all.
19. What do you consider your greatest achievement? Ehhhhh. I once won a medal for dancing La Bamba when I was like four. HA.
20. If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? Oh, I’d love to come back as some big feline, or as someone with the resources and the ability to make great changes and have cool adventures.
21. Where would you most like to live? The mountain probably, a place not too secluded, close enough if I want to visit my family, but surrounded by nature and easiness, and also cats of course, maybe a dog.
22. What is your most treasured possession? I’m guessing this refer to material belongings. Not sure, I have a nice necklace with a trisket that mom gave me when i turned sixteen.
23. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?Hahah I read mistery and was stuck reading this again and again like nine times. I guess not finding the strength to enjoy the little things of life, being stuck always waiting for more, without stoping from time to time to appreciate what is there.
24. What is your favorite occupation? Hm, like for myself? I’m a Social Worker, but I’m not very sure about it, I’d like to be an art teacher, that sounds nice,
25. What is your most marked characteristic? I’m known to be a bit of a calm mess.
26. What do you most value in your friends? For me it’s enough that they enjoy my presence from time to time, and that I enjoy theirs, and of course that they accept who I am, some laugh is always nice.
27. Who are your favorite writers? Uh! I like Kafka, Herman Hesse, Kahlil Gibran.
28. Who is your hero of fiction?  Scheherezade.
29. Which historical figure do you most identify with? Can’t think of anything?
30. Who are your heroes in real life? I guess, the heroes I most appreciate are those people who fight the small fights in the everyday life, that call for respecte and acceptance of the minorities, and that by doing so creat a better world.
31. What are your favorite names? I’m not sure? Jeez, I’m not sure about a lot of stuff hahaha. 
32. What is it that you most dislike? The feel of superiority
33. What is your greatest regret? Hm, maybe small things, I tend to try to be unapologetical, particularly I regret a long relationship that i didn’t endeed sooner. 
34. How would you like to die? Heroically? haha Sounds ridiculous but it’s true, It’s true,. At least with a clean conscience that i did what i could. 
35. What is your motto?  Do what you can, what you can’t you can’t.

There, not sure what this says about me, probably that I don’t know much.


Kondou Shouri
Today’s rehearsals complete.
Somehow the two of us ended up doing a lot of stuff and staying out really late.  We had all that rehearsal, and then we talked a bunch too.  
We wanted something sweet so we went to Starbucks~
This is actually my first time since coming to Tokyo.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

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What do you think of nick (leapingtitan)

Dank meme lord aka my big bro who currently has become a meme bro™ thanks to the payback of memetaku herself. I guess we can say that justice is served for him, though it probably is not enough when you think of his meme sins adfsgd. Also his stalkers seems to be A LOT more than any way I can guess since one of them is in my poor empty box.

Tell me, Nick’s stalker anon, why are you in my ask box for the love of god? *looks at you with disapprovement*

We all meta children might come from the same meme-mom’s same metavagina, but that doesn’t mean when you message to one the other is gonna get it. We are all different meme-eggs in the end.  Please know your lines, you all look like this when you do stuff like that:

I was tagged by @bodhi-imperial do this ‘get to know me’ thing and thought it might be fun! I’m not gonna tag anyone but any of you guys (particularly those who I always see reblogging and liking my stuff (yes I notice you)) can do it and let me know!

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 (or less.. or none.. or.. all ??) blogs you want to get to know better!

•nickname: a lot of people I know call me by my surname cos they’re posh but I generally go by Abi or Squiddie online
•star sign: Capricorn! I’m actually not that into the astrology stuff but I’m insanely loyal to my mbti (ENTP)
•height: 5′4" (I’m not that short IM ABOVE AVERAGE HEIGHT)
•time right now: 10.11 pm
•last thing you googled: capital punishment in France…did you know that they only stopped using the guillotine in 1977?!
•fave music artist: woodkid, miike snow or troye sivan
•song stuck in my head: literally all of the Hamilton soundtrack
•last movie i watched: the Lego batman movie (twice in two days) (it’s great)
•last tv show i watched: shadowhunters
•what i’m wearing right now: batman pyjamas and a dressing gown with my pet rat Bucky in it
•when i created this blog: I got tumblr in like 2013 but I never really had a 'proper blog’ until this one in December
•the kind of stuff i post: anything star wars that doesn’t have jyn in it, fics i like, the usual star wars trash can shit
•do i do asks regularly: umm I don’t really send many asks but I answer as many as I can!
•why did i choose my url: it was literally the day after rogue one came out and I panicked because I wanted to make a bassian blog but I didn’t know if anyone else would ship it so I just chose something that sounded alright
•gender: the least feminine girl you’ll ever meet
•hogwarts house: slytherin and proud (legit have t shirt, socks, sticker collection etc that people have given me because they know I’m a lil shit)
• pokémon team: Instinct whoop whoop
•favorite color: i guess the honest answer is I don’t have a favourite colour because I’m not six years old (I love you if you know what that’s a quote from)
•favorite characters: Bodhi and Cassian obviously…other faves include Oswald Cobblepot from Gotham, Theon Greyjoy from asoiaf/game of thrones and Angel (Warren Worthington III) from x men
•dream job: research scientist (marine biology) and author on the side
•number of blankets: not many but one is to me what most people’s teddy they had when they were 2 is to them
•followers: oh shit I’ll check bare with…2819! And I love every single one of you!

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Do you have any recs for KisuHaru fics as well? ;3;

aughhh h, not nearly as much as id like to have. :’) like wtf where’s all their content. aight, so im gonna mostly just say writers instead of specific fics, bec the best kh fics typically come from the same people

- popnographic on ao3 has got some gREAT kisuharu fics. real good, dependable stuff. honestly all the works by her are super good, but if you’re specifically looking for kisuharu, you can bet your ass she got that too

- gwenndelous (Eristastic) also very dependable, provides a lot of v good stuff for the tag. lots of sweet stuff, a kisuharu idol!AU, (which is GREAT,) et cetera. definitely worth a quick lookie on the ol’ google search engine

- im not sure if cyancandy has more kh on ao3 but i DO know they wrote a super cute one shot called “Braids” that made me love this pairing even more ;v;

- i dont thiNK ishka has any kisuharu fics by themselves, but if youre into ot3-5 type stuff they DEFINITELY have some v good, satisfying, wholesome reads. “Sea Glass” (a multichap w/ soukisuharu) is one of my personal favorites

- the one individual fic that i will list here is [pink], by livecement, bc i think it’s the only kh the writer did. suuuuuuper good, nice and angsty, just the way i like it :’) 

honestly the kisuharu tag is so pitifully small you could probably just go through it yourself and find the best ones in a matter of like. thirty minutes. super sad, ik, but it makes the good ones all the more precious, right?