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i decided to have a go at drawing these guys (this guy?) properly instead of just doodling in class. for some reason i decided to go for this artstyle - i normally only use it for hs related stuff - and i think it turned out p nice.

gonna draw the other two at some point, just gotta get the energy/motivation.

In other news Park Jimin is the fakest hoe I’ve ever seen, boy runs around with that squishy smile and baby hands acting all soft n cute like he just the Purest Bean in the bunch and then u put him on stage and he somehow gains +2000 Daddy™ points and grinds so fine the earth quakes I don’t wanna be played like this, u gotta pick one personality u chimchiminey shit I don’t have time for these games

there are so many things about this that I hate but if I don’t post it now it’ll just skulk in my WIP folder so HERE have some gorgeous liara modelling some plus-size outfits I found on the internet!

feat. “alternate casino heist dress” “the smart-casual shadow broker” “springtime on thessia” “blue beach babe bikini booty” “the cutest dang archaeologist ya ever met” and “that’s DOCTOR t’soni to you!”

I was gonna put my usual disclaimer on here but you know what? fuck that. if you gotta problem with liara not being skinny then you can fight me and all the people who’ve left tags on my other drawings saying how much they love chubby!liara. we’ll be waiting for you.

heyy guess what series i finally watched

The Steven Universe fandom reminds me of why I hate like 99% of fandoms on tumblr and hate even looking them up in the tags anymore
its like all people care about is the Race,gender and sexually of character and nothing else and tries to put here political views in them
Not to mention they are hypocritical hell
They bitch about how they don’t want the Bronies to “Take over their fandom” yet when I go in the Uncle Grandpa tag I see these same people tagging their hate ruining it for people who actually enjoy the show.
Look bruh
I’m sorry that Uncle Grandpa isn’t ubber deep like Steven Universe is
but one goofy episode is gonna kill the show okay?
lets not forget all the other shows that crossed over with cartoons that had no similarities in plot or characters
If you don’t like Uncle Grandpa fucking great, you don’t like something that’s cool just don’t flood the tagg with your hate ITS NOT THAT HARD


Also sorry to all the sane people in the SU fandom that has to put up with this SU/UG hate and other B.S

History of Primp 1/2

Hey guys! This here is an attempt by me to start a little project that focuses on translating the many books contained in Fever 2′s library, which were left almost entirely untouched by the translation patch. There’s lots of lore to be had here, and I felt it a shame to leave it all unknown to the english community, so I’m making an effort to translate these books/magazines/slates/etc.!

It might take a while to do each book because my computer is old and can’t run the game well, making it hard to get screenshots, as well as the issue of me not having unlocked all the books because I’m not good at this game ;;v;; though if anyone would like to help by contributing screenshots or even translations, that would be most welcome!!

First is History of Primp 1, translated by me with corrections and revisions from @thefizzynator!

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Anxieties (Ignis x female!Reader-Spoilers)

Gosh damn I really need to learn to not write like 7 pages for one prompt. This was supposed to be super short, but I like to just keep on writing and writing. I thought i’d post it all anyways, because why not. 

I’m gonna tag @ladyscientia because it was pretty much her fault that inspired me to write this. 

Also, Spoilers under the cut. 

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Handwriting Meme!

Put a question in my inbox for either Bucky or Mod Hell and I’ll hand-write you a brief answer! (I’m probably only gonna do like ten though, there’s a lot of you guys and you’re curious bastards.First-come first-serve, unless you ask something already covered in the FAQ or previous questions) Answers will be posted in a single response tagged ‘badwriting’, so I don’t fill your dashes with scribbling.

Ask away!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and Ghost Kak is giving out valentines to other blogs! Reblog this post if you’re okay with receiving one, and he’ll send you a card!

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Take a Sad Song and Make it Better

I’m finally done! My Music Meister AU where Tommy dies is up on Ao3 :) I’m gonna post the link here now and put the text into a Tumblr post later for those that want to read it here.

Let me know what you think and if you want more or if you have any other prompts you want me to write! Thanks for all the encouragement to get back into writing, everyone!!! xoxoxxo

(I warn you… THERE IS ANGST)

(Just tagging everyone who encouraged me to write this and expressed interest in reading it! I might be missing some, I’m sorry!)

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That explanation about names in YOI was super detailed so thank you for that! The only correction I have is that, whilst Viktor /would/ be the correct spelling in Russia, the character's name is officially spelled Victor. There are really no rules as to what somebody's name could be so if Kubo-sensei calls him Victor, it says Victor in the anime and all the official merch says Victor, I think it should be spelled with a C. ^^ could be bc it's closer to the word victory which would make sense

Disclaimer: This is nothing personal and I do appreciate you looking out for me & spreading information. And I appreciate you saying that it is correct in Russia. You did good in messaging me; I’m just of different opinion, and this is just my two pence.

Side note: I would like to add that even if I did prefer Victor, it still would have made more sense for me to use Viktor in the post as it is being used as a general reference outside of YoI; my transliterating Виктор as Victor would have been spreading culturally-false info outside of this fandom.

I’m going to try and keep it short, but basically this argument is culturally correct vs canon, as in the fandom will never agree and we’re gonna keep seeing k and c because it’s just from personal preference. Different people are going to place one above the other, & we should be chill with that. Especially because this transliteration is already debated on in academic circles; why can’t we let fandom chill for a while.

Now, personally, I’m always gonna opt for culturally correct (especially with a language I’m so intimately familiar with), no matter what canon is. So here’s my reasoning:

Why I don’t use Victor:
- An unreliable creator
: Kubo has stated before not to take her word at all times because her thoughts get muddled, we know this. Add this to how ‘Niliforov’ made it into the animation and how Otabek, Hero of Kazakhstan, has an Uzbek name, I’m not sure how much I want to trust canon on that ‘c’.
- Incorrect translations: This has already been done by Russian fans, but yeah, there have been mistakes in the Russian used in the anime. Add that to how much they skipped in naming conventions (ie lack of patronymics, no consistent grasp on diminutives) and again, I really don’t want to trust canon. Victor could just be another translation mistake that hasn’t been caught.
- Creators are not all-knowing: Mistakes are made. It’s not a bad thing that the fandom corrects knowledge, it helps stop false-information.

Why I use Viktor:
- It is and has been the transliteration for Виктор: Outside of fandom, I will fite you over this, because ‘Victor’ is very rarely applied to Russians. Not only is Виктор listed as ‘Viktor’ time and again throughout dictionaries/academic sources/etc. but it is applied in real life for Eastern Slavs. Viktor Tsoi, Viktor Yushchenko, etc.
- Slavic linguistic reasons: This is my favorite argument and I disagree with proposals to Anglicize names like Виктор because of these reasons. If we’re going to be transliterating Cyrillic into Latin, it’s not a bad thing to look at other Slavic groups who do use Latin. So: Wiktor (Polish) and Viktor (Czech, Slovak, Slovene). See the pattern? In Slavic groups that use the Latin alphabet, k is consistently used. So why should I transliterate Cyrillic to fit Anglo-American standards when I already have a Latin alphabet base? Why should I throw off Slavic custom because a person with little knowledge of this says so?
- For transliterative purposes: Cyrillic is difficult enough to transliterate effectively. Don’t take away the ‘k’, too.
- Recent trends AGAINST Anglocizing foreign names: Yeah, remember all those recent posts telling people not to Americanize names, to not accomodate Western society? Obviously this is different from those posts, but considering Eastern Europe is on the peripheral / the Bad Guy of Western society, I don’t see why Russian should have to accomodate either. It already has had to accomodate; Americans butcher Russian a lot, though you may not realize this. Canon just more or less Westernized a Russian name (when pronunciation wise, it did not need to), can you see where this might hit a nerve? How it’d be so much nicer to see Виктор, who has defied so many negative Eastern European stereotypes, get to keep the culturally correct form of his name, too, instead of Westernizing it?

I know the creators don’t know most of this, I know it’s just a ‘c’ vs a ‘k’, but can you see why I’m holding onto Viktor personally even when canon is telling me otherwise? I’m not saying that everyone should conform to this just because I say so, or because of my reasons, this is just my opinion. I’m not here to start the discourse again. I just wanted to explain why I, personally, don’t feel right using Victor. Why between canon and culture, I choose culture.

But, as some have said, at the end of the day he’s not Victor or Viktor, he’s Виктор. So let’s be civil over the c/k usage in this fandom, everyone has their own reasonings for it & we’re both wrong/correct in different ways.


to celebrate my followers, Jhin’s anniversary, and his sick new skin coming out soon I will be giving 2 of those away! 1 on NA and 1 on EUW. (wish I could do more on other servers as well but alas)


  • reblog ONCE to enter (no giveaway/side blogs)
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  • you have to already own Jhin on your account. it’s not gonna fly otherwise I’m afraid

I’m looking to draw the winners as soon as the skin is released but god knows when that is so I’ll update this post later if need be

I think that’s all! godspeed my friends  へꉂ ಠ ᴗ●)︻̷┻̿═━一

Time’s a Gentle Stream (longer than it seems)

Robbie collapsed into his armchair with an exhausted huff. His latest scheme to make the little brats he babysat hate him and demand their parents found someone else to look after them in the evenings had, as usual, backfired, and instead the kids had gone home that evening excitedly shouting to their parents about the latest game their super cool and wonderful babysitter had played with them.

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anonymous asked:

tbh as a young lesbian who knows very few lesbians irl, going thru ur lesbian tag is like.. relatable content and it's really nice!! anyways i hope you're having a really good day, sending gay vibes ur way <3

tbh as another young lesbian who knows few lesbians irl, i made a lesbian tag for just this situation!! im really glad ur enjoying it!!! i hope you have a good and gay day too anon <3