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Babygirl - Seokjin Smut (Rated M)

Anonymous said: Hello! Can I get a Jin smut, where you get kinda lonely as he always spends time with your 2 year old daughter, and he talks about her all the time. You don’t say anything, bc you don’t want to sound rude. You start to get insecure, bc you and Jin haven’t been intimate since her birth. One day, Jin comes home early from practice (the daughter is at play group idk XD) and sees you crying. You open up about your insecurities adn he reminds you who his babygirl is heheheheeee… Thank you!

oh shit. i don’t know how this is gonna turn out. im nervous. oh god. this is gonna be under a read more because its long oops

warning: smut. smut. lil fluff. smut.

“Gah, isn’t she adorable?” 

Jin was sitting on the floor across from your two year old, handing her different toys that she would pick up and either chew on, throw, or hand them back to her daddy. Her little hands would grasp onto Jin’s fingers and she would try to pull Seokjin towards the princess barbie castle you had bought her for Christmas.

“Jinhee - hey, no, don’t put that in your mouth.” Jin said, gently taking the small plastic puzzle piece from his daughters hands. “You’re such a handful, but also such a cutie!” He’d say, hoisting the child up and tickling her so she giggled with happiness. 

You stood in the doorway, just observing your husband play with your daughter and her barbies. It was heart warming - and sweet, and adorable and everything in between. Although you didn’t want to admit it, though, its as if things between you and Jin had completely fizzled out. 

After having Jinhee - who was undoubtedly the light of your life - you felt unattractive, bored, and stressed. Life as a mom was everything you thought it would be: lots of happiness, laughter and admittedly, stress. But you never thought it would put a dent in yours and Jin’s intimacy. But instead of a dent, it’s as if it’s crashed completely and is unfix-able.

The next few days were the same. Jin got the baby up, dressed her for her play group, and packed a small bag to take with her for when her grandma picked her up later that day. You just sat in bed the entire time, playing with your phone. Seokjin was a good husband. He got your little girl up and ready for her group, and offered to do everything he possibly could when he was able. You almost felt like Jin would rather spend time with Jinhee than you.

The thought upset you so much that, when Jin came in carrying Jinhee to come say goodbye, you kissed your baby girl and hugged her tightly, but when Jin leaned forward to kiss you goodbye, you turned your head so his lips hit your cheek. He pulled back with a hurt look on his face, as if you had just betrayed him. Seokjin didn’t say anything though, and just picked Jinhee back up and walked out the door.

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SPOILERS: the michelle / MJ hullabaloo.

i will post my review on the overall movie when i get home so i can put it under a read more and tag it and stuff (i honestly loved it). but seeing as i think the majority of people know about this, i’m gonna give my thoughts on it first. i’ll still tag it tho just in case.

there are 3 ways this mj/michelle thing can turn out. 2/3 of the ways i would be fine and content with. i hope it’s either of them.

  1. the first way, the whole ‘my friends call me mj’ is nothing more than an easter egg. that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously or written into canon for michelle’s character, that people actually call her mj. it was just something there to excite fans that mj may be appearing in the next instalments. because they teased mj a lot in the comics. she was teased in issue 15 and didn’t appear later until issue 42. there was even a plant covering her face before her reveal. they really teased her. and if they’re just doing that now in movie form and mj will come later, i am okay with that.
  2. the second way is if michelle revealed she’s mj, but also reveals later that she is mary jane. i honestly don’t understand the whole point of that at all, every theory i hear or come up with on my own is convoluted and silly, making me not understand even more why they wouldn’t just name her mary jane to begin with, but whatever. i love zendaya so much and she embodies mary jane more than any actress i can think of, that i would be okay with the Mess™ , if it meant she would be mary jane through and through within the next movie. give her the red hair, slowly start giving her the characteristics (but keeping the main core of what she has in homecoming because i did truly love her), have her come out of her shell, show her awful home life, make her more important and fleshed out (they did say that her character would be bigger in movies to come). so that i’d be okay with too. i mean… not how i’d do it, but i mean we can never really have it how we want lol.
  3. and the third way is she just always is this michelle/mj person and mary jane doesn’t exist in this universe. mary jane doesn’t exist in the MCU. that will be a tough pill to swallow, and i don’t think i will ever get behind that. :\ i will try to enjoy the future spidey films but they will always be a little bit empty for me because my favourite character isn’t in it, it will feel like i lost my best friend, and they just exploited her name because it brings in views, but they didn’t respect her enough to utilize her. and that’ll always burn. so i don’t think i’d ever come to terms with that direction.

but i am going to try and remain optimistic and hope for option 1 or 2. i would be very happy with either of those. i honestly loved this movie and zendaya’s portrayal i’m hoping for the best!

anonymous asked:

Hello I'm new to this whole lore thing and it looks REALLY confusing, can you give me a summary of what's happened?

aLRIGHT lads strap in cos this is gonna be long as shit. before i get into this i want to give a disclaimer, theres a 100% chance i’m going to miss at least one thing and i can’t give you a definitive timeline, so i encourage other people to reblog this and add anything i’ve forgotten/overlooked. im gonna put this under a read more, cos like i said, this is gonna be long

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no pressure to reblog this but i want the attention of my ndn followers & mutuals cause im literally not going to deal with yall ignoring the nasty behavior from popular older ndns anymore. i don’t care about their activism or their Woke Posts. stop supporting them. cw for themes of child neglect/abuse, csa, & manipulation (at the very end).

do not put pinkcheesegreenghost (used to be bitterbitchclubpresident)’s original posts on! my! dashbort! any! more! if you absolutely cannot bare to unfollow them, just block me! it’s not hard! i’m gonna put this under a cut but basically! they’re a child abuse apologist and don’t understand sexual boundaries with kids either! before you read this, keep in mind pcgg is around 40 (maybe older?) and my friend & i were 17-19 at the time.

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Victuri Rec List

This is probably going to get updated constantly. Sorted alphabetically and by fic type. (Note: As a rule, I only rec completed works, so none of these are WIPs)

New recs are marked with asterisks, the more asterisks it has, the newer it is.

If you enjoy any of the fics, pls remember to show the authors some love with some kudos or a comment

I’m gonna put the actual list under a read more so I don’t clog up anyone’s dash. 

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The selfie and the official picture. Heh. I’m a bit partial to the selfie but the official one isn’t too bad either. It’s been a few days but now that I’ve been able to process everything, here we go. 

It was really great to be able to really chat with Aaron for those five minutes. I’ve met him before and chatted very briefly but having an actual conversation was a real treat. We talked about Assassins, Hamilton, and Graceland. I could write an essay but I will try to keep it brief as possible. So here we go. I’m gonna put this under a read more just in case.

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hogwarts au: femslash february

“Together forever,” is what Emma and Kenzie promised each other nearly every day since the age of five, after Kenzie moved into the neighborhood right next to Emma’s home in Redcar, England.

Emma was always told to be careful around Muggle children, as her magical abilities had set in early – but Kenzie was different. In fact, Kenzie could sometimes do the same things Emma could do – make flower buds open and close in the palm of her hand, jump several inches higher than Emma, and turn blades of grass into butterflies.

When Emma’s letter comes through owl post at the age of 11, so does Kenzie’s, and together they set off to Hogwarts, in September of 2001 – a crucial time in the Wizarding World’s reformation.

Emma’s pale, sweaty hand reaches out for Kenzie’s, and their fingers interlock as they enter Hogwarts for the first time, after a long train ride into Hogsmeade station and a trip across the lake with wild but gentle Hagrid leading the way.

Complications arise when clever, Kenzie is sorted first, into Slytherin, and stubborn Emma follows in her parents’ footsteps, settling in at the Gryffindor table, legs shaking with worry.

Despite Voldemort’s demise just a few short years prior, the rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin remains strong and just as legendary as ever.

But as the years go on, the girls begin to make it work. When Kenzie joins the Slytherin Quidditch team as a seeker, Emma, clad in a blasphemous green and silver sweater, wiggles her way to cheer her best friend on with the Slytherins, angering both the Gryffindor and Slytherin houses. And besides spending all their free time together, Emma and Kenzie manage to sneak into each other’s common rooms, and eventually dormitories as their friendship blossoms into something more intense and more serious then either one planned.

And oddly enough, their houses go from vicious opposition to vigorous support as the girls grow older and their relationship becomes stronger.

By the end of their 7th year, without really meaning to, Emma and Kenzie manage to single handedly begin to bridge the divide between the houses which aren’t that much different, after all.

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A little late night rambling..

In light of hitting the 300 follower mark and all (still can’t believe that but thank you all very much)  I wanted to write a little something, although it just might turn into a big something, cause you know me all. 

I wanted to talk a bit about this gif (which isn’t mine)  for a minute. Because  has invoked speculation and all and the episode hasn’t even aired yet. 

It occures to me that it would be no surprise that Daryl would have trouble adjusting to so-called ‘civilian life' 

There’s something about him in this shot that gets to me a little.  People have i he’s being kind of cute here and I can see why. Because he looks like a kid. One that dosen’t want to go inside.  Kids do tend to sit like this when they are feeling unsure and scared.  With the knees puled  up close in a protective mode. His posture is very kid like in that way and this makes me a little sad. 

 Maybe because I can picture him as a kid sitting just like this.  That abused, neglected, socially-awkward kid that just didn’t fit in with anyone. Who may have sat like this outside his own home (or what passed for it) when it wasn’t safe go back inside. For him a house and roof were no guarantee of safety.  He would no doubt feel uncomfortable, and be supsicious of a place like this, because, well he never really had one. . 

It sort of reminds, just a tad of Rick and Michonnes conversation in the car in “The Distance’ about letting go of the fight.  Hyper-vigilance has been a way of life for Daryl for so long, that being a safe place probably feels pretty unsettling to him. For alot of them, but more so for him and Carol. 

It occurred to me that he may have been his happiest and most comfortable in the prison. He certainly seemed to be. There he did have structure, safety  a family that care about him. A specific role. And he could go out and use his skills to provide for everyone. It was sort of ideal. He wasn’t confined to it, and it wasn’t like a mini-suburbia, which is a place he never really fit in.  So the prison home they had was more his style.  He did seem to be at his highest point there before everything fell apart. 

And he did have Carol to come home all the time too right?  ;) 

He just seemed in a very good place there. Socializing, taking active part in things. Smiling more. Just seemed happy to me to start out Season 4.   

It was the loss of this, and the guilt surrounding it, as we know, the twin tragedy that sent him into that catatonic, slightly devolving state that Beth had to deal with out in the wilderness. 

I wrote a little something on his on his grief jag in 'Them’ (a few things actually) and in one of them I said that making his breakdown and depression strictly about Beth’s death and so-called 'romantic’ feelings for her was cheapening his grief and I stand by that. It was all the losses added up that culminated in that pain and withdrawal that he is still dealing with now.   

It did, after Carol talked him (sigh forhead kiss and hair brush) and he  he expelled some of this, seem like he was getting somewhat better, getting more of his fight back and acting a little more like himself.  But it seems like coming back in to 'civilization’ is setting him back a little more again.  

I’m gonna try and put the rest under a cut because it deals with spoilerly stuff and non some don’t want to read that..

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Last post I’m gonna say on this topic

I like Undertale, a lot. I think it’s a great game.

I think people should vote for whatever game they like best. I picked ALttP over OoT, I picked MGS3 over SMRPG… Honestly, I’m saddened that Paper Mario 2 isn’t on the poll, because that’s imo the best game I’ve ever played and I would have voted for it in a heartbeat.

But you people? Are sick. You are demented. Instead of having a fair, usual vote that’s all fun, even if stupidly organized because it’s Gamefaqs that no one should care about, and it’s dated, doesn’t have the best userbase… This is wrong.

You’re rallying against any game just because you “want to see others salty”.

But do you realize, that in the process of “making others salty”, you’re only hurting your own community and game? That people won’t try out Undertale because of this and be scared off by you? That people like me, who legitimately enjoy the game, played through the whole thing, and know it isn’t perfect, are starting to dislike it slowly?…

This is the kind of shit Superwholockers would do–

No… Wait.

You have SURPASSED Superwholockers. You have surpassed bronies, you have surpassed FNaFers, and right now? You’ve surpassed genwunners and Meleefags. It’s impressive for a “FOTM” game…

I hate Smash fans, I really do. But I actually would rather them win over you insane Undertale fans.

You claim that it’s progressive and done things it hasn’t… Which is not true. A lot of the things in Undertale have been done by MULTIPLE games (good characters and fourth-wall breaking? Again, Paper Mario 2). Undertale was SHAPED by all these games, that while dated, are considered groundbreaking for their time.

But you don’t acknowledge it, saying that people are blinded with nostalgia. Some are, yes, but most hold great attachment to their games. You also attack anyone– Whether they admittedly like Undertale or not. You continue to put yourself in a bubble, and call out everyone around you to pick on a user for saying their thoughts against Undertale.

You know what people call that? Bullying. You’re harassing users and calling them salty, and dumping rather mean memes on them. And then you won’t leave them alone.

You claim things of DETERMINATION… That’s true. But you know whose DETERMINATION it is? Chara, because you love to slaughter and mock all the others having fun competition.

If fictional characters existed? Sans, Toriel, Frisk, Undyne… They would all be disgusted with you and how you’re acting.

If Toby Fox found out (which I hope he does)? I doubt this is what he wants.

… I would have put this under a “read more”, but I feel like people should read it.

Not like it matters. People just like scrolling past posts like these… Don’t they? Just shielding themselves from those with reason. And never admitting they’re wrong.

TL;DR: Go outside. Or look in a mirror. Get help. Because this is not normal, even by internet/tumblr idiocy standards where we have seen some shit. Watch, as either this post gets ignored, or I get hate comments/replies of memes which I ain’t gonna bother with. I’m done here.