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Hii, I have had these two thoughts for Morrilla fics for like a week and after reading your SQselfie story which I loved! I thought if you wanted to try writing them. First is inspired by jmo's tweet. She's excercising on treadmill while watching show Scandal and Lana comes to visit her unexpectedly..You can go wherever you like from that. Second....

Hey there! Sorry it took me so long, again stress and school and more school and more and more and then stress again. Anyways, I changed Scandal into Grey’s anatomy if you don’t mind because I really don’t know anything about Scandal. Also, I might have drifted of a bit but I still hope you like it! 

“No!” Jennifer screams at her television, almost forgetting to keep up with the treadmill underneath her feet. She stumbles but quickly catches herself and continues running, still watching the screen.

She had been watching this show called Grey’s anatomy for the past few weeks now and she’s absolutely addicted to it. Sure, there’s a lot of drama going on (maybe a bit too much) but the pain is good. She feels like she has developed some kind of bond with these characters. They’re her babies now and she doesn’t want bad things to happen to them.

Now though, as she watches what’s happening in front of her eyes she almost can’t believe it’s actually happening. They’re in a fucking plane crash and everybody is dying. Or well.. it doesn’t look good. Her favorite character Arizona has her leg all messed up, Derek is nowhere to be seen and OMG where is Christina’s shoe?? Also, she fears for Lexie.

The suspense of the scene is only encouraging her to run faster on the treadmill, completely lost in her thoughts. She doesn’t even notice someone entering her now very small trailer. She supposes she should have placed the damn thing at home instead but then again, she’s barely there.  Suddenly there’s a cough behind her and she forgets to run for just one second  - one split second in which she becomes so afraid that she forgets to run – but it’s enough to fall on the damn thing and on the ground. She feels her elbows burning and she’s pretty sure she strained her ankle.  

“Are you okay?” A soft voice asks and for the second time in half a minute she is startled. She completely forgot what caused her to fall in the beginning. Now though, when she sees it the beautiful brunette she breathes out her relief.

“I’m fine. You just scared me.”

Lana chuckles. “Clearly.” Then she holds out her hand for Jen to take. Once the blonde is up she feels just how much her foot actually hurts. She tries to hide it for the brunette but it takes just a minute for her to notice the slight dragging of her feet and the pained look on Jen’s face.

“You’re hurt.”

“No, I’m –“                                                                

“Fine?” She raises an eyebrow at the woman and directs her to the couch.

“Sit down.”

Jen laughs a bit because she isn’t really used to this side of Lana. Regina, yes, but Lana definitely not. Of course, they don’t hang out that much but she’s still surprised to see her so serious and bossy.

“Fine, Regina.” She emphasizes the name of the older lady’s character just to tease her and by the look on her face it’s working.

“Shut up Emma.”

They both laugh a little then because all of this is very strange.  They stare at each other then and Jennifer isn’t sure if she’s supposed to say something, perhaps thank her for helping her. Before she can make her decision though, Lana is sitting down next to her and lifting her leg up in the air, carefully placing her foot on a pillow on top of the small table.

Jen just watches Lana with a curious gaze. She hadn’t expected her to do this.  She feels Lana’s hand softly touch her ankle, applying just a bit of pressure here and there. It hurts, yes, but she can’t stop the shiver that runs along her back every time Lana places her hand on her again.

“It definitely needs some ice. Do you have some in your trailer?”

Jen shrugs. “I have some frozen peas.”

Lana laughs. “That will do.”

While Lana goes to get the pack of peas and some towels, Jen turns the television back on to take her mind of the current situation. Of course, she also wants to know what is going to happen in Grey’s anatomy. Oh good, she thinks to herself, they found lexie!

She gasps when she sees the state of the character on the television. That does not look good. Oh poor Mark! She’s so into the show again that she doesn’t even notice that Lana has returned until there’s suddenly something very cold against her foot. She gasps and looks at the woman next to her.

“Well hello to you too. You didn’t respond to anything I said!”

Jen smiles sheepishly. “I’m sorry.”

“What are you watching anyways?”

“Grey’s anatomy. Ever heard of it?”

“Heard, yes. Seen, no.”

Immediately Jen becomes enthusiastic and claps her hands. “It’s amazing! You have to watch it!”

“Seems like I’m watching it right now.” Lana says with a smile on her face.

“Well.. yeah.. but you should like watch it from the beginning.”

They sit in silence for a few minutes, just watching the show, until Jen speaks up again.

“What did you come for btw?”

Lana frowns but then remembers that it was her that actually came to the blonde. “Oh it’s nothing I was just going to ask if you needed to run lines for tomorrow.”

“Oh thanks but I got it.” Jen answers with her most genuine smile.

It seems like Lana doesn’t know whether to stay or leave now that she has no reason to anymore, so Jen decides to make that decision for her.

“Do you need to be anywhere?”

The brunette slowly shakes her head. “Not really. Why?”7

Jen points to the screen. “I have a feeling I’m going to need some emotional support after this episode.”  It’s a bit of a lie because she doesn’t think anybody is really going to die which means she’ll be fine.

Lana laughs then and it causes all kinds of feelings in the blonde’s stomach. Shit, she was supposed to get this under control.

“Okay.” Lana just says and with a smile on both their faces they continue watching the show. It’s hard to not get distracted by the proximity of the brunette woman next to her. Their entire sides are pressed to each other and Jen can actually feel the woman’s deep breaths.

“You’re gonna be fine okay.”


“ Just a few minutes okay. They’ll be back in a minute. “


Oh god, not cool. She isn’t supposed to die!! They’re supposed to be together. She feels her eyes water a bit and tries to push them away. She can’t go crying over a stupid show, what will Lana think of her? Be brave, Jen, be brave.

I’m dying.”

“No you’re not. “

I am.. please..tell.. Meredith.. that I love her and that she’s a good sister. And please.. tell my dad-“

“Lexie, you’re gonna be fine.”

Okay, yes it’s happening. She can’t hold back the tears now. She stays quiet thank god, but as she feels on tear escape from her eye and onto her cheek, she quickly brings up her other hand that’s not pressed to Lana’s side to wipe it away, hoping the brunette didn’t notice it.

“Please, hold my hand. “

“I’m not holding your hand because you’re not dying. “

“Hold my hand.”

“No! You’re not dying. Do you hear me? You don’t die today.”

Another couple of tears escape from her eyes and this time she feels Lana’s eyes on her as she wipes them away.

“Jen are you okay?” She asks her with wide eyes.

The blonde nods. “Yeah I’m good. It’s just a bit sad.”

To her surprise Lana doesn’t tease her with it. She just pushes a bit closer. “I understand.”

They continue watching on, and Jen can’t help but lean a little bit more into Lana. Right now, she doesn’t care how she feels or how Lana feels. She’s upset because Shonda is about to kill of another one of her favorite characters and she needs some support. She can’t help it that person is also the woman’s she has had a crush on for months.

“I love you.”

“You don’t have to say it just because I said it.”

“I do. I love you, I have always been in love with you. I will always be in love with you.”

Jen sniffs and then mentally curses herself. Okay that was just gross and embarrassing. “Urgh sorry.” She says and it sounds like she has had a cold for weeks.

Lana doesn’t respond. She just reaches out for Jen’s hand to hold and squeezes it in quite the same way Mark is doing on the screen. She gives back a tiny squeeze and smiles at the side of the woman’s face. Lana doesn’t want to meet her gaze it seems, but the touch is enough.

“And we’re gonna have two or three kids. “

“So- Sofia can have siblings.”

“Yeah. A sister and two brothers.”

Lana squeezes her eyes once more when she has apparently noticed that the blonde has given up on trying to hold off the tears.

 “And we’re gonna be happy Lex. You and me, we’re gonna have the best life Lexie, you and me. We’re gonna be so happy. So you can’t die okay? You can’t die.  Because we’re supposed to end up together. We’re meant to be.”

“Meant t-to be.”

As Lexie’s smile fades from her face, Jen knows she is dead and the actress can’t hold it anymore. She sobs and leans into Lana, nuzzling her face in the brunette woman’s neck.  For a few minutes she just stays there. She’s past being embarrassed. No show should have moments like this. That is fucking not okay.

Lana’s hand lets go of hers so it can tangle in her hair, softly caressing it. Her other arm wraps itself around the blonde woman, holding her close but being careful not to do more harm to her ankle. ‘I should make you watch more sad movies if I get to hold you like this.’ She thinks to herself.

“What?” Jen looks up, her sobbing momentarily stopped.

Shit! Did she say that out loud.

“I didn’t say anything.”

Jen smiles. “Yes you did.”

Not quite realizing it herself, she leans in to press her lips against those of Lana. It takes a moment and Jen almost thinks that she misunderstood what that comment of the brunette had meant, but then the pink lips start to move against her and she feels herself smiling into the kiss. Reluctantly, she pulls away after a while. This isn’t the right time.

She nuzzles her head in Lana’s neck again and places a soft kiss there.  “Next time we should watch something happier.”

Lana pushes her away a bit to look into her eyes. “Only if I can hold you like this.”

Jen smiles a broad smile that only grows once she sees it’s returned by the older woman.  “Deal.”

The Animal Inside - werewolf!Calum pt. 7

Author’s Note: I’ve been having horrible writers block lately, at least in terms of this fic. I’ve been working on another piece outside of tumblr so that took some of my time and honestly, I’m not really into this chapter. The next part should be a lot better though because smut + action but this one is more of a filler until the very end. Huge apologies for taking so damn long to write it too. Hopefully I can get my mind back on track.

Rating: PG-13

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six

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I am ashamed to admit this, but the Joult tag is what makes me doubt how much of a joshifer in a romantic relationship fan am I. Like i love josh and Jen together when they do interviews and stuff and they are so great together and they are great as bffa and then i go to the joult tag and they look cute together too and they are dating and im like shit shit shit. In the end I will be glad if she marries one of them and has babies lol.

I’m not gonna lie joult looks cute but like Jen is a completely different person around Josh. The person you are in love with should be the person you can be craziest with and tell everything to and make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and can depend on for anything. I’m not going to pretend I know Nick and Jen’s relationship on a personal level, but she just seems…. fuller with Josh, you know? At the very least they’ll always be bfffffffs so they’ll always be in each others’ lives. They are really young though, so I don’t see her having anyone’s babies any time soon. I think if joshifer is going to happen it will be when they are older. Never give up hope, anon!