not gonna lie this made me cry


s12e11: Surface Tension

Not gonna lie but last night’s episode made me cry


Not gonna lie, I full on whimpered when I made that 2nd gif. Then I slowed it down a little bit …

And then I just wanted to cry. 

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Tangled Rapunzel Wig Tutorial by nocturnalbloom

Hello bunnies, this is my rapunzel wig I just finished for Anime Revolution 2015 in Vancouver. No photoshoot pics yet because the con is August 14-16. The wig is 150 cm and does not weigh too much! I saw these on etsy selling for like 300$??? I think in total this costed me like 75$. Not gonna lie though, this wig made me cry once, I hate tangly wigs ToT. Thinking about adding battery operated lights? I looked up a ton of tutorials but i ended up doing it a bit differently. Anywho here’s how I did this, i’m sorry I’m terrible at explaining things:

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It’s weird how I process emotions because sometimes I genuinely don’t understand myself. I’ve seen a lot of shit over the course of my life and not even the thought of crying came to me. But I’m watching Logan the second time around and yo, I’m not gonna lie to you. I almost shed a tear.

I was driving home jus now and had a conversation with myself about why that is. This is a movie and somehow it almost made me crack. I’ve talked about how I’ve only cried like 3 times within the past 10 years of my life and that was over some heartbreaking losses. So it’s wild to me that a movie almost joined those ranks.
AJ Styles Interview | Lilian Garcia: Making Their Way To The Ring
On this episode of Making Their Way To The Ring with Lilian Garcia, Lilian welcomes AJ Styles! For 15 years, Lilian Garcia worked with some of the best athle...

Y’all, this AJ interview made me cry, not gonna lie. Mostly the stuff about having a daughter. I had two boys then a girl so I get it. I also cannot believe he was with his wife for four years before they had sex. OMG, he’s a saint.

You might been hurt babe. It aint no lie. Ive seen them all come and go…I remember you told me, that it made you believe in no man no cry, maybe thats why…every little thing I do never seems enough for you, I dont want to lose it again, i’m not like that. Maybe when you finally get to love somebody, guess what?
—  It’s gonna be may
Spn 11x20

That episode of Supernatural is one of the best this show has ever done.

Chuck/God. Metatron. Dean refusing to leave Sam. “I’m here, I’m here.” Finding out that Sam has had the amulet on him this whole time. 

I feel like this episode tapped into what makes this show so great: the fact that Supernatural is not afraid to just do Supernatural. That not only did they personify God, but they personified him as more than just a burning bush or a voice in the sky. They did God “The Supernatural Way,” and it was a gutsy move that paid off in such a satisfying way.

Not only that, but they paid off on other storylines that have been gathering dust for the past 6 years: Chuck being God, bring back the amulet….

Not gonna lie, guys. I’m in tears…because this feels like my show again.

The acting was fantastic, Metatron’s monologue made me cry, and the fact that Sam has had the amulet with him this whole time makes my heart ache in a way that I can’t even put into words. 

I’m so grateful for this episode.

Finding Dory thoughts

Ok I LOVED destiny the whale shark and Hank the octopus.  And I’m not gonna lie it made me cry with a trope that always gets me though I admit the ending was a bit crazy lol Also It makes you feel bad for laughing at Dory’s condition in the first movie.  Honestly i give #FindingDory a Spill/Double Toasted full price because I couldn’t stop smiling through It

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I’m not gonna lie this video made me cry


The last segment in the Try Guys Cosplay video is up! 

I just wanted to say too– working with the Try Guys was nothing but a pleasure. It was obvious from my interview and chat with them that they were nothing but genuinely curious about the actual cosplaying process and the lifestyle of the cosplayer. 

There were more questions they asked that didn’t make the final edit. And they asked everything from why people cosplay to the costs to confidence and even racial issues. 

It is so good to be able to spread awareness about this hobby in a positive and fun way. And they handled it so well. Not to mention their skit was amazing! So much detail to their characters. They took time to get to know what they were doing. 

Best Coach
Kataoka Tesshin
Best Coach

The VA-ing was top class.

That soft ‘thank you’ at the end.

Fuck, I cried all throughout this. 

Kataoka is seriously my favorite coach. I wouldn’t have first loved Daiya if not for that chapter where he thanked the unchosen third years for 1st string before Summer Koushien.

This is just so heartfelt, I feel so blessed to be able to hear it.

I’m gonna miss everyone.