not gonna lie i am very very proud of these

so I finally got around to catching up with Haikyuu...

Not gonna lie but I was about two seconds from shipping these two

but then his boyfriend arrived so

and also I remembered Hinatabb has his own boyfriend who’s very proud of him and loves him very much

conclusion: do not mess with the KageHina dynamic :)))

i have returned

The memories and experiences I’ve had over the past 26 years I wouldn’t swap for anything in the world.

I’m a very lucky boy and I am also proud of what I’ve given back - the sacrifices, the dedication and the loyalty. Liverpool Football Club have been unbelievable for me since I was eight years old.

This club has helped me fulfil my dreams over and over again. I enjoy a very strong relationship with Liverpool Football Club and I don’t see that coming to an end. I hope to serve the club again one day.

There’s been huge pressure and responsibility on me but I’ve always loved and embraced that. I’ve never seen that as a burden.

It’s been a massive honour to be captain of this club for so long and it will be right to the end. I’ll be a Liverpool fan to the day I die. I’ve lived my dreams.

—  Steven Gerrard