I know, I know. But he’s MY ****-up and I love him. So he gets all the frilly orlesian “I’m A Screw-Up” cakes he wants.

Make that an “Imma ‘bout to Screw Up Again” cake.

it would be so cool to be taylor’s backup dancer like u get to be with her everyday and hear her lame jokes and you get to see all these crowds everynight and you could actually see the mysterious being that is taylor swift in action and wow that’d be so cool too bad i can’t even walk up the stairs without falling or getting short of breath

me: *watches the first avenger* i like stucky

me: *watches the avengers* no wait i think i like stony too

me: *watches the winter soldier* i wont acCEPT ANYTHING BUT STUCKY!!

me: *watches age of ultron* no maYBE STONY AGAIN

me: *sees bucky, tony, and steve will all be in civil war* just let me die

3ooo followers!!! WOOO!!

Thanks so  much guys! I didnt think I’d get this far so thanks for the help guys and i hope im actually keeping you entertain or whatnot :3 So i wanted to take this time to share with you my fave blogs :)


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OK! that took a lot longer than i thought it would…. BUT ITS HERE NOW!!!

So thanks again for getting me to 3ooo :) it really makes me happy :)