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"Aye buddy," Guzma mumbles quietly, finally letting his partner out of his Ultra Ball once he's calmed down. He did not enjoy putting Golisopod away, but, that night he needed to. "Ya boy's sorry-- I should'nta gotten so fuckin' loud. I'm gonna make it up to ya, aight?" With that, he reaches up, giving his favorite bug a big hug and a firm pat to the back, "It's gonna be okay."

Finally released from captivity.

It happened last night - Golisopod remembered that moment with heavy concern. He had marched out of the hotel, following behind his trainer who appeared to be acting very aggressive and unstable. Golisopod’s concern over his trainer  was certainly not sated even after he had decided to move away from the crowds of people and the surrounding buildings. He did not trust his trainer in this state. A state of paranoia. A state of anger. A state of madness. Golisopod was worried that Guzma would hurt someone, get kicked out of the tournament as a result.

But perhaps even worse than that, Golisopod was worried he’d hurt himself. Golisopod was worried he’d die. He knew how he could get in these stages, and without his S/O to be there for him when he’d need it most - hell, the fact that he shoved away his S/O in his rage, told the bug that Guzma would not be okay if he were to leave himself alone like this.

He had followed Guzma as far as he needed to, and eventually it came to a stop when Guzma noticed something following him. He was angry until he realized it was just Golisopod, at which point he told Golisopod to buzz off somewhere else. To leave him alone.

But he couldn’t willingly allow himself to do that. Golisopod had to help Guzma. He NEEDED Golisopod. He NEEDED his help.

Golisopod protested, moving closer and closer to Guzma. He refused to leave, no matter how much Guzma begged. And at one point, he finally broke down, and used Golisopod’s Ultra Ball to recall him.

This was the first time Guzma has been in a state of rage so incomprehensible that he would shove away his closest companion into his shell.

And Golisopod could do nothing but sit there in the ball, with nothing to assure him that his trainer was okay. Nothing to tell him that Guzma was fine. Nothing to tell him he didn’t do something absolutely horrendous that the bug could not even help him with.

He was scared.
Golisopod, a well-trained fighter and bruiser, a goliath in bug form, Guzma’s pride and glory..

… Was left sobbing in his pokeball, praying to Arceus that Guzma would not get himself killed.

Finally, however. He has been released. And his initial release from the ball actually disoriented him, because it was so unexpected. When he came to, however, there he was.. relatively calmed down, looking both parts winded and guilty, and not only that, but he was the one to approach Golisopod, and welcome the bug with a heavy, emotional hug.

In that moment, Golisopod heard him utter the words ‘it’s gonna be okay.’

The phrase he would always tell him, when he was a wimpod cowering away from unsightly or otherwise violent things.

The phrase he would use when Wimpod wasn’t sure about a fight.

The phrase he would use when Wimpod lost a fight.

It’s gonna be okay.

… And you know what? He believed it.

Guzma was there. Guzma was with him now. The Golisopod let out a heavier grunt than usual, almost akin to a soft wheeze, as the Goliath tried to hold back its tears.

It’s gonna be okay.

His arms would find themselves wrapping around his trainer in a hug so tight it was borderline as powerful as a Bewear’s grip. He didn’t want anything to happen to Guzma. He wanted him to feel better. He wanted him to be safe.

Golisopod is nothing without his trainer.

It’s gonna be okay.

It’s all gonna be okay…

“ Gooolll….”

when is a girl gonna hold my hand and kiss me like i’m the only girl in the world and look cuter than i do in my t shirts?? free snuggles all the time?? i want that i had a bad day, let’s go for a drive with the music up and windows down kind of love. i want dedication and who the fuck cares how far away from each other we get as long as we both make sure we get back. self love is really cool and all but i can’t give myself hickies and good sex and my shotgun seat is empty and i want someone to raise dogs with

You know what gets me everytime?

when Allura is giving away the bayards..

and everyone get their own special weapon

and look so cool

and excited

and happy

and then comes Shiro’s turn…

And you knoooooooo he was watching them all get all the weapons and getting all excited himself like “oooh I wonder what my bayard is gonna turn into! the black one must be a very special one! cuz i dun see it here.. Allura is probably saving the best for last!”

and hes standing there like “I’m so ready! give it to me! sooo ready! gimme!

and Allura’s just

Shiro, I’m afraid your bayard was lost with its paladin.

and his face just goes:

and then he like smiles and all “I guess i’ll just have to make do..



do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 

Trump says he’s giving the country back to the people, that from today forward people will no longer bear the cost while politicians reap the rewards.

His administration is filled with billionaires who have bought their positions and are less than qualified to do their jobs. He is about to strip away health care for millions of people WITHOUT another system ready to replace it. Oh and let’s not forget about the wall. Mexico isn’t paying for it, the taxpayers will.

“America wants great schools” yeah, well, Betty DeVos ain’t gonna make that happen.

All his actions up until this point haven’t been in favor of the people, they’ve been in favor of his family and his billionaire friends.

I don’t know what is worse.

That he can stand there and straight up lie, or that people actually believe him.

you know what i need? more gay pop punk. not shit like ‘omg he totally wrote this song about a guy you can tell because of this one 0.03 second clip of one performance in austria’ but legitimately explicitly gay pop punk. give me girls singing fuck this town im gonna drive away with my girlfriend. give me boys screaming at the top of their lungs about how much they love this boy. give me every angsty song about a hetero couple who are so damaged but so in love and just gay it up. i need my angst to be gayer. where is my gay trashy pop punk???

y’all are not gonna believe me but today I was reading a book on historic queens and I found this royal Swedish  family where the king was bisexual and known to sleep with women and men before and after marriage, and then after his death his wife started sleeping with one of her handmaidens and they even ran away together, and of course their daughter was Queen Christina of Sweden who was nonbinary, routinely dressed like a man, seduced men and women alike —even having a gf she’d make out with in public not giving a single fuck— and from the get-go decided not to get married because she’d rather do cool shit like study, fence and go hunting

this family was lit 

She Has a Boyfriend : Calum Blurb


Calum sets his beer down as a large hand lands on his shoulder. Expecting to be met by someone he knows, he glances to his right to find a stranger instead. It’s a big guy, obviously a few drinks deep. Everything about him gives away that he’s one of those obnoxious bro-dudes who thinks he’s friends with everybody. 

“Are you seeing this bartender, man?" 

Calum smiles, deciding to play nice. He’s also been captured by the bartender’s beauty for quite a while now. 

"She’s pretty, huh?”

“She’s something,” the guy hiccups, hiding a belch in his elbow. 

Calum chuckles. 

“Watch this,” the stranger slurs. 

“What are you gonna do?" 

"Uh, hit on her,” he says it like there’s a question mark at the end, as if Calum should’ve known better. 

“I wouldn’t do that,” Calum takes another sip of beer, “Pretty sure she has a boyfriend." 

"Psh!” Spit actually flies from the guy’s lips as he waves off Calum’s warning. “Soccer has a goalie but that doesn’t mean you can’t-" 

"Don’t finish that." 

"Just watch.” The intoxicated stranger strolls away from Calum’s barstool, cutting through waiting customers to get in the best position to flirt with the bartender. 

Calum watches patiently, his smug expression growing as he sees the scene before him unfold. The bartender’s attitude remains professional as she politely turns the guy down, having to tell him many times that she’s not interested before pulling out the boyfriend card. Even then the guy doesn’t seem to want to give up, the soccer and goalie analogy apparently prized as one of his most promising mottos. 

After a long minute of holding up the queue, the guy leaves her alone, defeatedly returning to tell Calum the news. 

“She was kinda busy, but her shift’s almost over so I’ll try again then,” he announces, sure of his fool-proof plan. 

“Ah, okay." 

The bro-dude wanders off for a while, chatting up just about every girl in his wake. By the time Calum finishes the rest of his drink, the bartender is hanging up the apron around her waist and clocking out for the night. She grabs her jacket from the rack on the back wall and comes around the counter, walking right by the man who hit on her without even noticing. Her gaze remains on Calum as she happily skips over to him. 

Calum can’t control his grin. "Hey, baby,” he says proudly, rising from the stool. 

She stands on her toes to peck his lips lovingly. “Ready to go?" 


"Wait a minute!" 

Calum spots the guy a few tables away, his mouth hanging agape in shock. 

"I thought you had a boyfriend!” the poor sap whines, still not understanding. 

“Yeah,” the girl answers confidently, lacing her fingers through Calum’s and tugging him toward the exit. 

“Sorry, mate,” Calum brags over his shoulder, catching another satisfying look at the guy’s bewilderment. “Tried to tell ya.”



From this: I’m depressed, I can’t breathe, I can’t move, I don’t want to talk, I’m shameless, I’m hopeless, I want to die, I’m scared, everybody hates me, I want to run, I’m alone, are we ever gonna be better than this?

Into this: I don’t care, I hate people, why should I even try?, why are you depressed all the time?, whatever, I’ll probably kill you, wanna fight?, who cares?, I don’t need anyone, we’re never gonna be better.

But at the same time: stay strong, keep fighting, it’s worth it, don’t lose hope, people love you, they need you, don’t give up, be happy, you’re not alone, don’t run away from that, it’s gonna be better.


Rick Grimes in Every Episode» Service
I thought about hiding some of the guns. I did it before. I figured I could bury some out there. Maybe we don’t touch them for years. But what if the Saviors find those guns? What if we run into them when we have those guns on us? One of us dies. Maybe more than that. Maybe a lot more. Doesn’t matter how many bullets we have. It isn’t enough. They win. It’s that black and white. Hiding a couple of guns isn’t the answer, not anymore. We don’t have to like it, but we need to give them over. A Glock 9 and a .22. That’s what they’re looking for. Who has it? Someone knows where they are or they know who does. If we don’t find them, they’re gonna kill Olivia. They’ll do it. Most of you weren’t there. You didn’t have to watch. But you can look away now when someone else dies, or you can help solve this. We give them what they want, and we live in peace. There is no way out of this. Let me put this to all of you as clearly as I can. I’m not in charge anymore. Negan is.



Call me Helen. You may have noticed that I am not Ari Bach, the usual factmaker of this blog. Ari is busy with this special event for the release of his new novella, THE MILLENNIAL KING, but wants someone to liveblog it all. So here I am.

And here we are at Ari’s big event: BACHanalia. Get it? It’s like Bacchanalia (a Roman drunken orgy festival) but with one C, because his name is Ari Bach. Clever little brat, ain’t he? Apparently he missed that it also contains the word “anal.”

This party is gonna rock though: We’ve invited literally hundreds of friends, cosplayers, book critics, celebrities and random people from downtown who looked like they knew how to have fun. There’s free alcohol ranging from hard cider to hard liquor (including real Absinthe!), there’s free food coming from five restaurants, a live metal band called Smegmata, a Kindle E-reader to give away, and in the arena floor, a real ball pit like at Chuck E. Cheese’s but bigger! AND- We have the most epic guest speakers ever: Darth Vader and Obi Wan themselves, Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor!!! It’s about to begin, I’ll post when I can :D

random rp sentence starters

  • “ What are you doing here? “
  • “ I didn’t know you cared. “
  • “ Who are you? You look kind of familiar. “
  • “ I’m not just gonna sit by and watch while you’re getting hurt! “
  • “ I thought you cared. “
  • “ What happened to us? “
  • “ Hey, watch out! “
  • “ You’re not supposed to be in here. “
  • “ I care about you, you know! “
  • “ You’re lying to me. “
  • “ I was lying, okay?! “ 
  • “ I didn’t mean to push you away. “
  • “ You know this is a terrible idea, right? “ 
  • “ Don’t lose hope. “ 
  • “ What the hell are you doing? “
  • “ I can’t do this anymore. “
  • “ You can’t give up, not now! “
  • “ I should really practice more often. “ 
  • “ Am I supposed to know who you are? “
  • “ Get out of my house! “
  • “ I’m not in love. “ 
  • “ You’re always welcome here, you know. “
  • “ I really think we should turn around. “
  • “ This is stupid, this is so stupid… “
  • “ What was that sound? “
  • “ Tell me you see that too. “
  • “ Come on, get up! “
  • “ Wake up, please! “
  • “ I can’t lose you too. “ 
  • “ I’m not sure how I’m supposed to react to this. “
  • “ I just want to keep you safe. “
  • “ You don’t think I’m annoying, do you? “
  • “ I don’t want to be a burden. “ 

First ratified quad jumps in international competition:

Quad toe loop: Kurt Browning (CAN), 1988 World Championships FS
Quad salchow: Timothy Goebel (USA), 1998 Jr. Champion Series Final
Quad lutz: Brandon Mroz (USA), 2011 NHK Trophy SP
Quad flip: Shoma Uno (JPN), 2016 Team Challenge Cup SP
Quad loop: Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), 2016 Autumn Classic International SP

mingyu wants jungkooks attention and gets constantly rejected while jungkook tries to go for dk who he thinks he’ll be more comfortable with while dk don’t give a shit dk’s heart is set for jaehyun while minghao is stuck on his brief love affair with winwin and tries to drown the sorrow thru bambam and his dabs all while bambam and yugyeom all are basically in the most stablest relationship out of them all

i want yuuri to have both the short and long program world records… like just THINK…. about his self-doubt, his lack of confidence, his frequent devaluation of himself as japan’s top male figure skater and one of the top figure skaters in the world… now becomes the living legend who steps in where his own husband moved aside to give him a hand and help him reach it.

He chose Erwin

After Erwin’s death a lot have been saying that levi chose Armin because he heard the ocean conversation between Him and Eren.But that’s not true Levi’s choice has and will Always be Erwin, his priority is Erwin .

Here he was determinant to inject Erwin with the serum ,even called Eren a brat who needs growing up , punched him for standing in his way .

But look what happens next 

Erwin pushed levi’s hand before he could even introduce the injection in his body.

Look at Levi’s face expression , he was not expecting Erwin to open his eyes or even move but he did .Erwin opened his eyes , pushed his hand and whispered something about his dream as a kid , thanked levi and then passed away.

Erwin whispered something to levi before dying , Levi looked at him in disbelief “ERWIN?” like “GONNA GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM?” but Erwin simply thanked him and died peacefully . 

This is not the face of someone who would choose Armin tbh , he looks rather schocked and startled by Erwin’s words. I think Erwin asked him to give the injection to Armin, and so levi had to grant him his last wish . and he was left to face the pain .

Erwin died a very peaceful and beautiful death , yet even if levi injected Armin with the serum his choice is still Erwinn.It was Erwin’s wish he granted, he needed peace after all the suffering , after all the painhe went through .And Levi gave him that peace andrest he needed .”Thank you Levi” were his last words.

special thanks to @fuku-shuu translation.

imagine your found family…in space. on a spaceship.

- whose job basically boils down to “makes sure nobody manages to start a feud with an ancient alien civilisation by insulting their shoes”?

- who’s the engineer that keeps the ship running? are they the “buckle up pals, i’m going to put plutonium in the motor to see what happens” engineer or are they the “sTEP AWAY FROM THE CONSOLE THAT THING IS BROKEN” engineer?

- who’s the medic? are they the “look, i can totally jump off this building, trust me i am a doctor” medic or are they they “SIT DOWN AND STOP FIGHTING I’M NOT PATCHING YOU UP” medic?

- who’s the pilot? are there multiple pilots? are they the “i’m gonna steer this entire ship into that star, someone tweet this” pilot or the “i’m just trying not to die” pilot?

- who’s the cook? are they the “give me a second with these…um…space rocks and i can definitely make pasta” cook or the “EAT YOUR SPACE ROCKS I DON’T CARE” cook?

- who’s the leader?

- are they the actual leader?

- why is your found family in space? did the government actually look at them and say “yes, this is who i want to send my billion dollar craft into the void with” or did they just kind of make it out of duct tape and tin foil? are they even supposed to be doing this? if so, what missions do they have and how do they mess them up save the day?

Power Nap (Otayuri)

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Otayuri, lee Yuri) -  29. “I can’t sleep…” combined with Yuri on Ice!!! (Otayuri) -  3. “Why are you so grumpy?~” by another anon! Probably the last I’ll be writing in one night of speedwriting, but I think I broke a shameful writing record … x) #happy1yearanniversarytomyblogalright.

Summary: Yuri is tired enough to be in need of a power nap, but can’t get himself to sleep peacefully. Otabek finds that tickling him is the solution: it’ll either wake him up properly so a nap won’t be necessary, or it’ll give him the final push to fall asleep and rest. Now which is it gonna be….

Word Count: 1235

“Beka… Turn the volume the fuck down.” Otabek raised his eyebrows and looked down at Yuri who lay in the corner of the couch, only a little bit away from him, curled up like a kitten.

“Say what?” he asked in a calm but low voice. Yuri only made a grunting sound and waved his hand angrily at Otabek who sat in the other corner of the couch, the remote in his hand as he watched some silly comedy show.

“Why are you so grumpy?~” he asked, earning a cushion in his face. This had been Yuri’s only support for his head, and Otabek chuckled when Yuri turned on his back, squirming uncomfortably with both his hands covering his eyes.

“Hmh tired. I can’t sleep… Beka. Turn it down,” Yuri sighed grumpily.

“You shouldn’t be able to sleep. It’s noon,” Otabek replied, but he still did as he told and turned the volume down a bit. Yuri still didn’t seem satisfied since he turned back onto his side restlessly, his knees pulling up to his chest as he curled up. Heh. Otabek wasn’t returning that cushion either.

“Mrmph. Need a power nap,” Yuri mumbled. Otabek rolled his eyes but still smiled. Yuri could easily get up and retreat to rest in bed, but he chose not to. Otabek knew he wouldn’t, since on relaxing weekend days like these Yuri refused to be in separate rooms. It was funny and cute how Yuri was being grumpy but affectionate at the same time.

“Still can’t sleep.” Yuri continued to complain, sigh and filled the room with negative energy. Otabek found himself torn between being disapproving about sleeping so early on the day, but then again he thought after such a tough week of training Yuri did earn some rest. Oh, but he knew how he could get him to sleep without tucking him into bed right away.

“You know what works better?” Otabek finally asked after a lot of uncomfortable turning and squirming from Yuri, and the sleepy guy opened one eye and looked at him with a frown. 

Otabek extended his hand and motioned he should come to his side of the couch. Yuri first sighed and closed his eyes again, ignoring him and too lazy to move, but then after a short moment he reacted. 

The Kazakh grinned when Yuri crawled closer, and he allowed the smaller teen to curl up against him. Rubbing his head against Otabek’s chest, Yuri made himself comfortable, wrapping his arms around his middle as he accepted his boyfriend’s invitation. 

Smiling, Otabek lowered his hand and rubbed Yuri’s back. He then grinned and hooked his fingers under the hem of Yuri’s sweater, lightly trailing his fingernails along his bare waistline. He could feel Yuri tense up against him and he felt warm and tingly with mischief at the thought of what he would be doing to him in three- two- one….

“Whaahahaha Bekah! Fuck no!” Yuri’s angry giggles filled the room at once. Otabek used both hands to scribble at the skin of Yuri’s waist and lower back, then slowly moved up further under his sweater to tease more of his skin.

“Otabek no!” Yuri warned before collapsing and letting his beautiful laughter loose. 

“Hahaha-how’s this waha working better!?” Ah, Otabek hoped he would ask, enjoying his own little excuse to tease his sweet sensitive boyfriend with tickles. 

“Tickling you will either wake you up completely, or make you sleepy enough to get to that power nap straight away. It will just work either way,” he said, his voice calm unlike his fingers that moved rapidly all over Yuri’s sides and back. 

“You bahahastard!” Yuri squealed and twisted, holding tightly onto him but also making desperate movements to jump out of his grip at the same time. 

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who should you fight Hamilton edition
  • Alexander Hamilton: you're probably gonna lose because he will NOT give up but please fight alexander hamilton. he probably wants to fight you. he wants to fight everyone. even if you don't want to fight, he'll fight you anyway.
  • Aaron Burr: if you can actually get him to fight (he'll prob just run away most of the time) you've got like a 60-75% chance of beating him but this poor man's been through so much just leave him alone
  • John Laurens: you could probably beat him but John Laurens has done nothing wrong and deserves only the best in this world. do not fight laurens.
  • Marquis de Lafayette: you want to fight lafayette? master tactician and owner of many guns, marquis de lafayette? well ok then good luck
  • Hercules Mulligan: dude spies and sews pants for a living. he's pretty big, real feisty, and has incredible resilience but if you're strong enough you might be able to take him.
  • Phillip Hamilton: what?? the fuck? why??? why would you want to fight phillip??
  • Eliza Schuyler: eliza is a pure and good angel and fighting her will only get your ass kicked by alexander and angelica
  • Angelica Schuyler: she will mess you the FUCK up. DO NOT FIGHT ANGELICA SCHUYLER. DO NOT.
  • King George III: yes. beat his smarmy pompous ass. he's used to a life of comfort so it's almost a guaranteed win.
  • John Adams: you should most definitely fight john adams. he'll probably try to slander your name after tho so maybe wear a mask or something
  • George Washington: do you honestly think this would be a good idea
  • Samuel Seabury: fight this loser. another guaranteed win.
  • Charles Lee: did you see how he did in the war? if you can get him to stand still and not retreat you'll definitely win