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Space Ace Stickers! (+ other stickers!)

EDIT: I can’t get the links to work on this post for whatever reason, but I made a new post specifically with only the links to everything in here, so if you search the tag links on my blog, it should pop up! I’ll leave this in the comments as well, so people can see this even if it’s been reblogged~ Thank you!

So if you’re wondering why you were tagged here, you probably reblogged —> this 
And I felt obligated to gather all of you together to update everyone on how you can now officially get these, since so many of you/your followers liked them and left such sweet comments 💜  SO, getting right into it! 

 • Yeah, these are stickers and not buttons. YET! The (short) post explaining why is —> here

 • Once I have another $265 to buy a button maker for 1" buttons, I promise, they’ll be buttons~! In fact, once they’re buttons, they probably won’t be available as stickers anymore. I just decided to make the Space Ace into stickers because they got so popular, and the rest as fill-ins until I design more, better, stickers • Most of these are Space Ace buttons, but the other buttons (Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, Wander over Yonder, and Black Butler)  available can be seen —> here and here

 • I’m gonna be honest, the edges on this first batch (excluding the Black Butler stickers) are horrible, and I’m so sorry about that 🙃  I need to do some very simple and quick edits to the PS file before I print out any more, but this is my first time making stickers, so forgive the Learning-By-Trial-And-Error stage just starting out. As I space them better, and save up to buy a circle Matt cutter, the quality will improve~! 

 • They will probably be available through most, if not all, of the summer months, and the remaining spring months, as that’ll be the time I finish up my animation class, and make more things to sell over summer break~ 

 • S+H will be added to the price after they’re sent, because I’m still learning how the heck you figure out adding that stuff into the charge before sending them, but unless you live outside the US, that should be under $10 (also if anyone that does this all the time wants to teach me how to figure that out, you’d be such a blessing, cause I’m horrible at math, and don’t even know what to look for/where to start looking for it to learn :’ ) ) 

 • I do plan to make more stickers/buttons for the LGBT+ community like the Ace ones I made (even if they don’t match the theme), but I have to be very careful, as I’m closeted to the family I live with currently, and still a little ways away from moving out (tho hopefully getting closer to doing that~), so it may be quite a while before I make more, sorry about that :’ ) If you’re not a big fan of the original art I do/fan art I draw for (Yurio on Ice, Wander Over Yonder, Steven Universe, Star vs, Black Butler, Hamilton, Heathers, Revolutionary Girl Utena, etc.), but you want me to tag you whenever I do, at last, make more of those, leave me a CHAT message and I’ll be more than happy to~! 

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Welcome to the 3rd edition of my Recommendation list for Cas!girls.

Check my Masterlist & my Castiel playlist.

I hadn’t been in the best mood for reading last week, so this is coming out late. I already have a draft list full of fics waiting to be published, but most of them are by the same authors and I really wanted to add some variations, so my list is not just full with the same names. Tho, that’s gonna be really hard because sometimes I think it’d be easier to link you to some of these amazing authors’ masterlists, hahaha.

Note: The summary of the fics are in italics. Some of them are written by their authors, and some others are written/modified by me. All the series start on chapter one, except if they have their own masterpage. The text written after this “–” hyphen are just my lame ass comments.
If for any reason you want your username and/or fic to be removed from this list, just hit me a message and I’ll erase it. So yeah, let’s get started:

One shots


  • Flying by @unadulteratedstorycollector. Graceless!Cas has been looking up the sky lately. He misses fying, so reader takes him to fly. –This is one of those things that make me the trash I am.
  • You can leave your hat on by @icecream-and-gadreelAfter the reader tries to teach Castiel how to dance (and fails miserably), she figures that liquor could get things going a bit better. –This is one of the first fics I read from this Noodle and lemme tell ya’, her blog will become one of those you constantly visit to see if there’s more content available.
  • A third heartbeat by @theinsandoutsofcastiel​. (A lil angst and non graphic smut). Cas and you fall in love, Cas leaves to war in heaven and when he comes back, he discovers you are pregnant.
  • All about us by @kaz2y5-imagines. For a hunt, you need to go to a charity event with Cas and the Winchesters and while Sam and Dean get the things done, you and Cas wait at the party.
  • Crunch & Fireflies by @vintagevalentinexx. This is a two part fic. It begins when you overhear Cas telling the boys he likes some girl, then they ask you for advice to help him out. –The fluffiest fluff to ever fluff <3 (Note that these are two fics tagged)
  • Netflix and chill by @balthazars-muse. The boys go out on a hunt leaving you alone in the bunker to take care of a healing Cas.


  • Blindfold by @theinsandoutsofcastiel​. Every time the reader masturbates thinking about Cas, she wears a blindfold. One day Cas hears her calling his name and he thinks she’s praying.
  • Since forever by @deanscolette. Cas and you have been best friends since they were kids, and you’ve loved him just as long. Too bad Cas is with Hannah…right? –I did not feel projeted with this fic. Nope, I definitely didn’t.
  • Like a virgin by @whispersofwinchesters. Virgin!Cas. Cas asks you to teach him how to have sex.
  • Green-eyed monster by @not-so-natural-spn.  Cas gets worked up after reading Dean’s smutty thoughts about you, so he decides to show Dean who you belong to.
  • Arguing vs discussing by @bkwrm523.  All relationships have their problems.  Your relationship with Castiel develops an issue that has you seeking Sam and Dean’s help. –I read this one like two months ago or something like that and finally got to add it to my list! It’s funny, fluffy and sexy. Perfect.
  • Debts paid by @rowdyhooliganism​.  Sam and Dean tease Cas about leaving you unsatisfied in the bedroom; Cas is determined to make amends. –Guys, this is so fucking sexy!



  • Al Dente by @abaddonwithyall​. Chef!Cas AU.  It’s your final year in culinary school when you receive a phone call: You got it! You got the internship at Singer’s, only the biggest restaurant in the city. You weren’t excited for the restaurant, you were excited to work under the new, up and coming chef, Castiel Novak. –Let Jess fill your life with lots of drama and don’t forget the smut… because Jess, of course.
  • Adore by @divinitycas. Soulmate AU. Your job at the local gas-n-sip gets a little more interesting when you’re joined by a new, blue eyed co-worker named Steve. He’s not your soulmate, but you feel a strange attraction to him. What’s up with that, anyway? –!!!!! DJSJKSHFKJSNCHJSH


This is it for now. I’m currently reading a Destiel fic that seems very promising and  I still have a long list waiting to be read + some authors’ fics I haven’t finished to add to my draft list because they have so many good fics and sometimes I give in and end up re-reading, so it takes me more time to get to the next blog I already know has good stories. How wrong I was when I thought that would be fast because I had already read them…

Reblog it, like it, send it to your friends, your teachers and your grandma, so we can all inhabit the same trashcan, and more importantly, send your love to the authors aaaaaand enjoy!


I still haven’t found that fic I read like a month ago  where the reader was a poet, she wrote a poem to Castiel and beautiful smut ensued, so if you’ve read it, know who wrote it or you’re the writer, HIT ME A MESSAGE! 

I won’t stop until I find it!

Asktheblueoceangem’s/Wend’s Askblog Tips and Stuff!

Okay, before I answer this, I’m assuming you want to know how to make an askblog like the ones I have. This would be an askblog that gets asks and answers them using fanart that only you or your co-mod has drawn). I’m not going to cover roleplaying blogs or askblogs that don’t use drawn responses.

Yeah, there’s a lot of info here but honestly, it isn’t that hard. I’m just a really wordy person.

Table of Contents: (These are not links btw oops)
-Choosing a Character
-Making the Blog (URL tips, Theme, Icon and Description)
-Managing Your Askblog
-Starting off Your Blog
-Tips and Managing Your Blog (Art, Answering, Tips on Posting and getting questions)

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Olicity: Speaking Words of Wisdom

Anonymous said: Dialogue Prompt: Ava and Oliver have a daddy daughter talk the night before Ava’s wedding!

Originally posted by d-lenis


“Hey, what are you doing awake?”

“Couldn’t sleep. Too many thoughts.”

“I hope you’re not getting cold feet.”

“Nah, my socks are too warm for that.”

“Come join me, I can’t sleep either.”

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