not going to tag you all bbs sorry


i h8 myself u can see me cringe at the end of my second gif lmao

i feel like i would forget about doing this so i just decided to do it rn lol. i guess i can use this as a 500+ special??? idk its not great but you can appreciate the two bbs woojin and jaehwan. i was tagged by @ongeuigeon (shes super pretty go follow her lol) and this is the second selfie tag i did w/ my ult fave, park woojin (if u couldnt tell already hes my bias), the one of many dorks that is in wanna one :-) im sorry for exposing my face to u all ily

uhhh i tag : @wannabl (alot of people tagged u already u better do it ;-) ) @darkpastwoojin (im sorry) @wannawrite @wanna-one-scenarios @kanggdaniell @godkimsamuel and whoever wants to do this god forsaken tag lmao

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i used to hate it when people in the tag (you included i'm so sorry) would talk about bbcan5, like my dumb ass mentality was "it's in the past, stop it" but i've seen the error of my ways. i'm late-watching it and... omg. i'm so sorry i was quick to judge before now. this is all i've wanted in any season of bb. when i'm done watching i'm going to watch it again because i don't know if i can get sick of it

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I dont rlly mind it but did you realize that aizawa was nsfw

AHHH! SORRY BB, I FIX! I think I know which one you’re talking about. Sometimes it slips my mind because on my main blog I reblog without tags like a savage. Sorry about that! If it happens again, please don’t hesitate to tell me so I can tag properly. Sometimes I space out! Well, I space out most of the time. All the time. Yes, all the time I space out, so call me out!

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Lol all you gotta do is look up Trisha and the word "black" and you'll see what pops up. Fuck that whole she's a troll bullshit why is she getting a free passs for being a horrible human. Makes me sick. Sorry for ranting at your blog but I know you have a somewhat decent following in the bb tag and I just want more people to realize how the shit she's done is not ok... but people won't

Not to rain or your rant, but I googled Trisha and black and got this lmao

but I added her last name and some stuff did come up 

So I hit 2000 followers!!!! I was going to do one at 1000 but then I forgot and then I was going to do one at 1500 followers but said fuck it 2000 is where it’s at. Sorry for the quality of this also, for some reason tumblr doesn’t let me tag people so I have to do this on my phone. But thank you all for following me! I honestly can’t believe I hit 2000 from shit posting and making terrible gifs!

So here are the awesome mutuals that I know!

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I wanted to do a “re-draw the sceen” thingy for a bit and why not with bbrae v(^ ^)v I also realized I draw bb better with the hair style form teen Titan go….. my bbrae has been really popular!!! I want to try and beat 45 notes! 😉 ~~~thank you for every thing!!❤️❤️❤️

This is my other redraw the scene (´・_・`)

5 things tag 🎀
tagged by @isapetal thx bb! sorry it took so long this is sc!!

rules:tag 15 ppl

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
- my cute blue wallet
- rose-flavored anis de flavigny
- a pencil and sketchbook
- headphones

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
~ my cello
~ all my stuffed animals 
~ a huge bookcase
~ notebooks I’ve already filled up
~ fuzzy socks with cherries on the side

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
~ go to harvard 
~ live in paris for a year
~ kiss my girlfriend under the stars
~ write a graphic novel 
~ go on a vacation with my friends

5 things that make me feel happy:
~ talking to my friends
~ wearing a really cute outfit 
~ getting a good grade
~ when girls compliment me in the street
~ drawing

5 things I’m currently into:
~ primary colors 
~ lust for life by lana del rey 
~ anything rose-flavored 
~ that makeup look where you draw on lower lashes 
~ these pastel highlighters and a fountain pen i got

5 things on my to do list:
~ apply for this internship i want 
~ get a new mascara
~ (re)start a bullet journal
~ buy a new backpack for school
~ go running

I tag: all my mutuals!! Please do it it’s sc!!