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i used to hate it when people in the tag (you included i'm so sorry) would talk about bbcan5, like my dumb ass mentality was "it's in the past, stop it" but i've seen the error of my ways. i'm late-watching it and... omg. i'm so sorry i was quick to judge before now. this is all i've wanted in any season of bb. when i'm done watching i'm going to watch it again because i don't know if i can get sick of it

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My sister would do that all the time. She knows I have trypophobia and she kept tagging me in pictures of it and it's just awful and i get really upset and she just laughs at my reactions and tells me it's because I freak out (i.e go into a panic attack) that she does it. So I'm sorry you have to deal with that bullshit too bb :c

THATS MY PHOBIA TOO and u got fucking tagged in a photo be they think it’s fucking funny like???? Get out of here? I literally want to RUN (literally my body tells me to run and puke at the same time) when I see these things why would you tag me in it if you know that lol


I was tagged by @pbj-anonymous - unfortunately I hardly have any fun BB gifs or pictures on my phone right now (yeah I don’t know what’s wrong with me either) so this is all very boring and real lifey, sorry.

My life…cars, cats, food, not nearly enough traveling. Finding random pandas everywhere.  I exercise a lot.  Mostly I’m just daydreaming about Seungri.  *_*

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WiP post (There’s a shite ton of ‘em, but I’ll pick three)

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1. Melody (to the counterpoint of Counterpoint) Sorry, I was a music major. This WiP follows Kathryn on the downward spiral after Kashyk (I insinuate he used/pity fucked her) leaves her rode hard and put away wet. Much angst. 

“Computer, is the captain in her quarters?”


He knew that the possibility of her being asleep was slim to none. Holding eye contact with his chief security officer, Chakotay handed over the Bridge for the time being and made his way to Kathryn.

Why couldn’t she ever just answer the damn door? He muttered in frustration after the fourth unanswered chime. Prepared for more flying objects, he keyed in the override code and stepped inside.

Starfleet jacket and turtleneck were long gone. Clad in her tank and trousers, elbows braced on her knees and hair balled in fists, Kathryn was slumped forward in her easy chair. The bottle of Antarian cider he had gifted to her a few months ago, sat empty on the table next to her.  

“Wha’d you w-nt?”

He came to stand before her, fighting the urge to reach out to her.

“You’re beyond drunk, Kathryn.”

“Mmm. Why th’ell d’you c-rr? G-tOut.

A disoriented, yet powerful, arm flung out and sent the empty bottle skittering across the room. The outburst threw her off her balance and Chakotay lunged forward to keep her head from connecting with the coffee table in front of her.

“This is how you solve your problems now? Drinking yourself into a stupor? What’s happened to you, Kathryn?”  

Her hands batted at his arms and made a feeble effort at pushing him away.

Ugh! L-ve!

He caught her chin in his warm hand and raised her face to meet his. She tried to break free, but he wouldn’t allow it. What he saw, horrified him.  

“Sorry, you’re in no condition to be giving orders. I’m taking you to Sickbay. Now.

Behind her intoxicated glare, she was overtly pale and drawn, dark bags hung around lifeless bloodshot eyes. Was she finally too far gone for him to bring her back? He was holding her in front of him, but Kathryn Janeway was nowhere to be found. He would argue with her later, right now, she needed serious intervention.  

2. Nine Months This is an AU in which Kathryn and Chakotay’s boosters fail due to the virus they contracted on New Earth. We all know they had sex. Well, they did. And baby. The episodes are all the same, KJ’s just got a bun in the oven.

Chakotay followed closely as the EMH adjusted the settings and sensitivity of the probe. The Doctor’s slowly widening eyes elevated his blood pressure.

“What does that mean? Is she in danger?”

“N-not at all. She’s probably experiencing some light strain. What you’d expect in an endurance ritual. The troubling discovery here are the clearly elevated levels of hCG present in the captain’s body. How could I have missed this?”

“Is that something that would suggest a treatment for Kes?”

Chakotay, again, trailed in the Doctor’s wake as he shakily sat down behind his desk shaking his head; suddenly engrossed in his computer screen.


The intimidating look that Chakotay pinned the hologram with could have vaporized a Klingon warrior in an instant.  

“I don’t suppose you’d settle for: ‘Doctor/Patient confidentiality’?”

The Commander’s continued silence answered the question for him.

“Alright. Well, if you must know. It appears that the captain is pregnant. According to these readings, conception took place approximately…eight and a half weeks ago.”

Both men froze as their minds raced back in time; Chakotay numbly braced himself on the edge of the desk.

New Earth,” the commander’s whisper confirmed the Doctor’s speculations.

“Yes. Of course. When the Captain returns, I’d better check on the rest of your inoculations. The both of you. Who knows what else that virus rendered inactive. I believe ‘congratulations’ are in order then, Commander,” he attempted a small smile to assuage some of the obvious terror radiating from his commanding officer.

“Are the stresses she’s experiencing going to put her or the pregnancy at risk?”

The Doctor paused, formulating the correct phrasing to approach him with.

“Would I have allowed her to go down to the planet had I been aware she was pregnant? Probably not. Could I have stopped her? Most certainly not. Will she be in danger? Only time can tell. All we can do is wait and hope that she uncovers something to help Kes. I would hate for all of this to be for naught,” Chakotay sank down to sit on the edge of the desk. The Doctor’s words fading in and out of focus.

Pregnant. In about seven months, they would have a baby. If she came back from this. If nothing happened after that. What about when the baby was born? What if there were an attack? A kidnapping?

3. Needs Our dear captain is horny as can be and there’s no standing it anymore. Is there an alien force at work, has she consumed far too much caffeine, or is Chakotay’s masculinity proving to be a burden? organ arpeggios  

Sex. Kathryn Janeway needed sex. The thought of orgasm alone was enough to send her inner muscles into small twitches, sending a rush of heat and wetness to her core. The ‘captain’ could care less if her sexual needs had been sadly neglected. Wrapped tightly in her protocol, she didn’t need anything to hold her together; content to be confined within the ‘parameters’ that had been set.

‘Kathryn’ was another issue. Every glance in her first officer’s direction would send relentless waves of passion burning through her. In his powerful wake, she was left breathless and tight; her body prepared to welcome something that could never be hers.

The seemingly endless abstinence was finally taking its toll. Coming undone on her own fingers never held the satisfaction that she needed. Yet, it was all that she had. And it was killing her. Her most intimate fantasies carried her to such great heights; only to allow her to plummet further into depression.

The purely erotic images that plagued her waking moments were becoming difficult to ignore. Heat rose from her sternum, her nipples beaded to stiff points, and spread across her cheeks. What would Chakotay say to her reddened complexion?  

A low groan left her parted lips as she sank into the cushion of the couch. Suddenly, she was struck by the vivid image of the two of them ‘breaking protocol’ in the shrouded safety of her Ready Room. Rough hands lazily tracing her hips, watching her hungrily unfasten the fly of the Starfleet trousers. His erection hot and heavy while she straddled his lap. The exquisite stretch of her muscles as she sank down on to his hardened length. Eagerly clenching around him, leaning forward to work that secret place deep within her; tongue exploring the velvet contours of his pliant mouth.

Perhaps he wouldn’t allow her to take what she wanted from him? Yes. He’d bend her over her desk and take her from behind. Pumping into her in slow measured strokes while he grasped her bare breasts, deftly rolling her nipples between the pads of his fingers? He would growl and suck at the pulse point on her neck, marking her, claiming her, running his tongue along the shell of her ear and nibbling as his thrusts gathered speed.

Damn it all! She could not be having these thoughts. Kathryn launched from the couch and strode around the room in aimless patterns. Her breathing was ragged, thighs warm and sticky, and legs ready to give out. She braced her arms against the desk, but quickly retracted her touch, having a flashback of her scintillating daydream.  

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I wanted to do a “re-draw the sceen” thingy for a bit and why not with bbrae v(^ ^)v I also realized I draw bb better with the hair style form teen Titan go….. my bbrae has been really popular!!! I want to try and beat 45 notes! 😉 ~~~thank you for every thing!!❤️❤️❤️

This is my other redraw the scene (´・_・`)

Rules: list ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

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I am going to go with fandoms with lots of women in them ❤️

Narcissa Black | Harry Potter (even though I say Minerva is the greatest character of all time)

Evie | Descendants (sorry bb Jane but I gotta go with a VK)

Padmé Amidala | Star Wars

Jane Foster | MCU

Eleven | Stranger Things

Nina | six of crows

Natasha | Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

Yuna | Final Fantasy

Catherine Morland | Jane Austen Novels

Rosetta the fairy | Disney

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