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You Know What I Really Love About The Self Shipping Community?

How supportive everyone is.

You go into the tags we regularly use & its all just cute shit. All just love & support. I scroll through those tags a lot & Its very rare to see a hate post.

& if there is any hate, it gets beaten down & thrown out the window real quick. Go into other community tags & its not surprising to see all out war but here everyone is pretty chill for the most part.

I haven’t once seen two people fighting cause they have the same F/O or something like that.

What I am saying here, is this community its pretty great & I wish I had fully joined it sooner.

Mine - Chapter 7

Recap of the last chapter

When you left, you forgot your phone. Your boss couldn’t reach you, so he called Shannon.” Her stomach clenched with fear. She grabbed Jared. “Please tell me that  Gianna isn’t …”  “Not that we know.” He soothed her shoulder with a light touch. “But the first submissive to disappear, Megan? A fisherman off the coast found her body, bound, tortured, and strangled, early this morning.”


Triggers: Edge Play with Shannon and Jared, Jared being fully Dom and taking over. SMUT!

A/N: This one took longer than expected, the idea of playing with these two is like

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Lily felt the bottom fall out of her stomach. God, she was going to be sick. “Th-They killed her? I thought their plans were to sell submissives and …” Jared nodded, looking pensive. “Based on the fact that they found her in the U.S., I don’t think the victim had been sold yet. And given the description of her corpse, I’d say someone lost patience during the training or likes to play way outside the boundaries of the safe, sane, and consensual. These people are beyond hardcore, Kitten. If you’re going to pursue this case—and I wish to hell you wouldn't—then you have to set aside everything. You can’t hold back with me.” Fear tasted brackish in her mouth, but Lily had no doubt about the resolution beating inside her. No way was she leaving Gianna or any other woman to suffer. No way was she giving up on this case. This had gone way beyond pleasing Adam or serving some uncertain ambition of being a field agent, and into crusading. She needed to save these victims. Jared was right; she had to step up to the plate. Kidnapping and sex trafficking were terrible enough, but adding torture and murder upped the stakes. No matter how she felt about Jared personally or his motives, the last twenty-four hours had taught her that she’d be hard-pressed to hide her true responses from a well-trained Dom. Learning to submit was necessary for her mission. And if she was brutally honest, being submissive was filling some void inside her that she hadn’t wanted to acknowledge. It scared the crap out of her, and she’d been fighting Jared from the second she’d hit his dungeon door. Now, she didn’t have that luxury. “Point taken,” she agreed. “I’ll focus completely on learning.” Both relief and pride crossed his face as he brushed a hand over her cheek. “Excellent, Kitten. You’re so damn brave.” Lily swallowed. She didn’t want to think about how good his approval made her feel. As Michael had pointed out, Jared had wreaked a lot of misery on her life. If she was going to truly submit to him, then she had to put that out of her head. But she had to protect herself somehow. Otherwise, she wouldn’t make it through this training with her heart intact. “You have to promise me something.” He cocked his head. “Tell me, and I’ll consider it.” “I’ll give you everything I’ve got. No more fighting or holding back. No pretending that submitting to you doesn’t arouse me. I’ll give you total honesty sexually. In exchange, once this mission is over, you’ll walk away and never seek me out again. If those terms aren’t acceptable, I believe my stepfather is still in contact with Admiral Cob, who can revoke your leave immediately,” she bluffed. “What’s it going to be?” Jared stared at his clever little Kitten. Getting angry would be easy—and pointless. If he didn’t agree to her deal, he’d likely be back in some third world shithole by tomorrow, fighting tangos, which would pave the way for another Dom to train her. Fuck, no. Jared set her aside on the silken sheets and rose, scrubbing a harsh hand down his face. Talk about topping from the bottom. Either he refused her deal and gave her up now, or he took his chances and hoped that in their remaining time together, he could both teach her what she needed to know and recapture her heart. No contest. “All right.” He grabbed her chin, forcing her gaze up to his. “But I need your complete cooperation to get this done, so I have terms of my own: if you push back even once if you lie or fail to trust me, the deal is off.”

“Fine.” She bristled. “Make no mistake, Kitten. If that happens, once this mission is over, I will come after you hard, with everything I’ve got.” Lily jerked her chin from his grasp and glared, clearly trying to understand his motivation. If he hadn’t known her well, he would have missed the curiosity and confusion she tried like hell to bury. He wished she’d just ask; he’d be more than happy to tell her why he’d cut her loose years ago. He’d gladly admit that he still loved her so much that it hurt. But she didn’t trust him yet. That stunt he’d pulled with Michael earlier today hadn’t helped his cause. Jared knew that if he blurted his feelings now, she likely wouldn’t believe him. And why should she? It wasn’t like he’d been at her door every day, trying to win her back. No, he’d been trying, in his way, to move on, just as she had. She glared, then nodded once. “All right. But I need to speak with her boss before it gets any later. I have a sparring appointment with Agent John at six, then dinner with my stepfather at seven thirty. Somewhere between all of that, I need to find a place to stay, since I moved my things out of Michael’s house.” She’d been living with the asshole? It probably shouldn’t have shocked Jared, but her words were a blow to his gut. “You can stay with me.” Lily just shook her head. “That’s not a good idea. Misty said she knew of some decent nearby motels. I’ll start there. It won’t interfere with work.” “If that’s the way you want it. But you’re not leaving this dungeon before five today. I have something planned for you this afternoon. In fact, we’ve got a lot to cover before you’re ready, so we’ll be putting in long hours. For the rest of the week, we’ll start at oh six hundred.” “Fine,” she bit out. Jared let out a breath, tried to stay focused. All he could think about was picking Lily up and throwing her in his truck, taking her to his condo, to his bed—where he’d never taken any woman—then strapping her down and getting deep inside her. So fucking deep, she’d never forgotten the way he filled her up. God damn it, what irony. He’d refused a string of subs who’d assumed that giving him sex would please him. He finally found one he was dying for, and he couldn’t have her. At least not yet. While she spent tonight dealing with all the crap in her life, he’d get his head screwed on straight. And plan. His time with Kitten was limited, so he had to pull out all the stops to show her how he felt. He’d do his fucking best to ensure that by the end of the week there was no way she could fail on this mission—and no way she’d ever again deny that he was in her heart. “STAND for me,” Jared commanded. Without a word or a moment’s hesitation, Lily rose to her feet before him, hands behind her back, breasts outthrust, defiant stare glued to his. “Careful with your attitude,” he warned, voice silky. “Ever heard of edge play?” “I have.” She struggled to retrieve the information from her brain with Jared’s unnerving gaze on every naked inch of her. “It can mean activities on the „edge’ of the safe, sane, consensual, like breathplay or cutting.” “Right. That’s a hard limit for many, including me so we won’t go there. I’m talking about a different sort of edge.” Moments later, Jared punched in his security code to the dungeon door. Lily looked up to see another man saunter inside. The second his eyes latched onto her, they lit up like he’d found a fascinating new toy and couldn’t wait to play. Lily raised her arms, intent on crossing them over her chest. “Stop,” Jared demanded, his voice low. Body taut, she forced herself to drop her hands to her sides. Jared nodded his praise. “Of course you know this is my friend, brother, co-owner and fellow Dom, Shannon.” “What’s he doing here?” “Normally, I wouldn’t answer that question for a sub, but since we’re training for a mission, I’ll explain. In the BDSM world, it’s considered polite to share your subs with other Doms. Agent John may be called upon while you’re undercover to let others touch you. You have to get used to the idea that it will both happen and that you’ll have absolutely no control. Now, present yourself to us.”

A thousand thoughts swirled through her head. Anger and shock that Jared wanted another man to look at her. To touch her? He’d just done everything possible to remove Michael from her life. But he also had to prepare her for whatever might happen undercover. Lily refused to reveal her anxiety or renege on their deal, so she merely nodded and did as Jared demanded, sliding onto the cold concrete on her knees in front of them both. Shannon looked at every inch of her bare skin, just as Jared had ordered her to let him. “She’s gorgeous.” Shannon’s deep voice slid over her skin, and she tingled with the sincerity in those words. “Kitten always has been.” Warmth sang in Jared’s tone. The whole situation was twisted, but for some reason, hearing his desire and pride made her hopelessly wet. “She’s also smart and prickly sweet,” Jared added. “And submissive.” “Lucky bastard,” Shannon murmured. “May I?” “Go. I’ll direct.” Before Lily could wonder what their exchange meant, Shannon held out a hand. What did they expect? She cast Jared a questioning glance. “She already looks to you,” Shannon said, clearly impressed. “You’ve made a lot of progress in barely twenty-four hours.” “We have a lot more to go,” Jared replied, then turned to her. “Put your hand in his, Kitten. Do whatever he asks unless I say otherwise. Do you understand?” “O-Okay, Jared.” She laid her fingertips across Shannon’s rough palm. His skin was burning hot. He smelled like coffee, musk, and something very male. Without a word, he helped her to her feet and guided her toward the bed. Jared crossed his arms over his chest, watching. Knowing that he wasn’t too far away was somehow comforting, even if his next words weren’t. “Strap her down, wrists and ankles.” Lily’s immediate response was to protest, but she bit it back and forced herself to examine her reaction. The command caused a pulse of sensation behind her clit and it scared her. She hated to admit that. But she’d promised honesty and couldn’t squirm away from it. If she allowed Shannon to do as Jared had ordered, it would make her utterly vulnerable to them. It would also arouse her more. Somehow, Jared knew that. “What’s going on, Jared?” “You don’t get to ask that, Kitten. Unless you’re pushing back?” “I’m not.” Lily took a breath, willed herself to remain calm. Then Shannon’s large hand all but swallowed hers as he led her to the black silk sheets, melting her composure. With her heart racing, she clenched her fist. Gently, Shannon squeezed back in reassurance.

“I won’t hurt you,” he whispered. No, but he’d push her way beyond her comfort zone. And Jared would tell him exactly how to do it. And as much as it discomfited her to admit it, that thought made her flushed and faint. All too quickly, they reached the bed. Shannon helped her onto the mattress, then secured her ankles with Velcro straps at each corner. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, achingly aware of her naked sex. Sitting back on his heels, Shannon spread her thighs wider with searing palms and stared directly at her pussy. Lust narrowed his dark-lashed hazel eyes. He reached out, rubbed a thumb directly over her slick clit. The shock of arousal stung her. Her body bucked. “MMmm,” Shannon murmured. “I love bare pussy, but I can see why you haven’t shaved hers. With this deep brown fringe and pink flesh, she’s like a jewel.” Jared edged closer, brushed a hand over her aching nipple, her cheek. “I could spend a whole day playing with her, touching, toying, tasting, watching her come over and over.” Lily gasped. Jared’s words turned her inside out. Being held down helplessly as he teased her with his fingers and lips, teeth, and tongue, all for the purpose of giving her unending pleasure…Need, tightened her body. Unable to keep her reaction in, she moaned. “Nice,” Jared praised. “That’s an honest response.” She bit her lip. Too honest. Shannon ran a finger through her very wet pussy. “She definitely likes that idea.” “Remember, Kitten, no coming unless I say so.” He turned to Shannon. “Blindfold her.” Shannon grinned as he went to the cabinet in the corner and came back toward her with something that looked like a black, lacy sleep mask. She struggled, shaking her head. “I need to see what’s happening.” “Remember your promise. You get no say in this scene, so you don’t need to know anything. I’m calling the shots.” “If I can’t see, how will I understand the point of this exercise,” she improvised. The truth was, being blindfolded and touched by both of them excited her and scared her spitless at once. A sexy smile lifted Jared’s lips. “Trust me, you’ll get the point quickly. Shannon, go.” All too quickly, the mask settled over her eyes, and Lily was plunged into darkness. Immediately, she worked to tamp down her panic and focused in on her other senses. The cold air grazing her hard nipples and the wet folds of her heated flesh. Shannon’s breath on her face as he hovered. The tangy taste of apprehension in her mouth. The rustling of clothing as Shannon moved away, then returned. He brushed a thumb over her clit once, twice. The need in her belly twisted tighter. Again, he pulled away. A few moments later, a mechanical humming buzzed—just before he settled something that vibrated directly over her clit. It gave her a jolt of pleasure. “Oh God,” she cried out. “Is he hurting you?” Jared asked. Shannon moved the little device to one side of her clit, then another, awakening more nerves. Just when his stimulation of that spot made her desire spiral, he eased back over the hood and started the cycle all over again. He moved the toy around until the fire engulfed not just her greedy nerve-filled nub, but her very skin and blood. Lily’s sex clenched with aching emptiness. Every time Shannon eased that little rubbery device over her, he made her arch, gasp, burn just a little bit more. “Is he?” Jared demanded. What was the question? Damn, she couldn’t recall, could only drown in desire. “Is he hurting you?” Jared snapped. “I’m not going to ask again.” “N-No.” She was panting now. There was no denying that orgasm was mere seconds away—all the more potent because Jared had demanded that a stranger, his friend, make her body want it. Even so, some part of her didn’t want to climax for Shannon. Instead, she wanted to beg Jared to touch her and drive her to ecstasy in his arms. It made no sense to want the conniving bastard, but the thought pushed her even closer to the edge. God, just another second …“Stop,” Jared demanded. Instantly, Shannon lifted the device from her clit, then settled two stationary fingers over her plush, sensitive flesh. She shuddered, mewled. “It’s hard and shuddering,” Shannon said as if that excited the hell out of him.

Then his warm touch left her. The slide of leather told her that he’d stepped back. “Excellent.” Jared sounded vastly pleased. Later, she’d want to die of shame and clobber him, but now she ached too much. What sort of game was he playing? Trying to prove that he controlled her orgasm, and therefore, controlled her? The whole thing was so caveman…but knowing that she was helpless for him, that he would only give her pleasure when he deemed it, made her dangerously excited. “No more.” She shook her head from side to side. “We’re just getting started,” Jared vowed. Shannon—funny how she could already tell them apart—laughed in amusement. The pair of them stepped away from the bed, their low voices unintelligible. Her body protested, clamoring for another touch, a bit more friction. Instead, a squeak, a whoosh, from her left. They’d opened the door to the cabinet in the corner again. What the hell else did Jared keep in there? Lily feared that she was about to find out. Moments later, Shannon stepped close again. She could tell from his scent. He leaned in, brushed his lips against the skin between her shoulder and the swell of her breast. She gasped. It didn’t feel either good or bad, but rather shocked her with sensation. Suddenly, there was a rustle of cloth, a thump, then Shannon let a long-suffering sigh. Lily had no idea what to make of that. But she felt Shannon approach again and braced herself. She could almost feel Jared watching intently. This time, something cool and rubbery traced the wet, swollen lips of her pussy, coating it with her cream. Then Shannon slipped it inside her. Plastic also touched her clit. Lily held her breath, not sure what to expect. Her friends all talked about sex toys being a single girl’s best friend. Lily had never invested in any. Now she was paying the price because she had no idea what this thing was or what Shannon planned to do. She held her breath. There was a little click, a nudge of the slippery gadget deeper into her. Then the torturous pleasure began. The little bit of plastic nestled against her clit began to vibrate, working the already stimulated bundle. Worse, this toy feathered across a sensitive spot inside the clasp of her pussy, and the second she felt that startling pleasure, she clamped down and cried out. “That’s it,” Shannon encouraged. “Oh, she likes having her G-spot stimulated. This is going to be fun.” His voice rang with a naughty glee that made Lily both want more and fear more. “Stick to the plan.” Jared sounded like he was gritting his teeth. What plan? “All right.” Shannon sounded glum. He began to rock the toy against all her most sensitive spots, a gentle back and forth that hyper-focused her pleasure until she gasped and arched and cried out. Helplessly, Lily clenched her fists, her body bowing as the need for orgasm stacked up into unrelieved torture. She bit her lip, trying desperately to keep herself together. Jared had forced Shannon to stop last time her mewl had given her imminent orgasm away. Maybe if she stayed mute, he wouldn’t notice until it was too late. The sensations crept up, wrenching, tightening, pounding through her. Her heart raced. She couldn’t keep the muscles of her shoulders, thighs, and butt from tensing. Almost there …“Stop,” Jared demanded. Shannon snapped off the device. “No!” “You won’t be sneaking in an orgasm, Kitten. I ought to spank you for trying.”  “Don’t do this.” The plea was out of her mouth before she could stop it. “What do you think I’m doing, exactly?” Jared asked. Shannon pulled the toy from the clinging depths of her body. In its place, his fingers slid through the slippery flesh between her legs, hovering near her clit, rubbing all around it, but never over it, never giving her enough stimulation to do anything but make her aware that they held her body—and her pleasure—in their hands. “You’re keeping me on edge.” “Yep. It’s a facet of edge play. I could do this all day, baby. How about you?” Oh God, he was going to leave her like this, a pleading mass of nerves and need until she begged. “Bastard! You’re punishing me.” “For walking out on me without permission or a single god damn word, maybe.” And maybe she ought to be asking herself why she responded to this. Yes, Shannon was exciting her body through the clever use of toys, but that wasn’t what aroused her half as much as knowing that Jared controlled her pleasure. Lily sensed that, as her desire grew frantic, his also rose to a fever pitch. That flipped her switch. What the hell did it mean? After setting the toy down with a soft tap on the bedside table, Shannon again walked away. This time, Jared stayed rooted in place. Lily felt his stare burn all over her. Her skin flared with heat, her breasts tightened, her clit tingled. God, with him looking at her, desiring her, she wasn’t coming off this arousal high. “I get it,” she insisted. “Someone else is going to touch me. I’ve proven that I’m not a shrinking violet since Shannon put his hand between my legs and I didn’t flinch.” “That’s not the only purpose. A well-trained sub holds her orgasm until she’s given permission to release it when it will please her Master most. Yesterday, you screamed and pleaded and came almost the moment I put my mouth on your pussy.” She flushed. “Thanks for sharing that with Shannon.” “Privacy and modesty don’t belong in a BDSM club. Some Doms won’t tolerate you coming without permission. If you want to save Agent Miles and do this job properly, start focusing and stop worrying about what you can’t control. Are we clear?” Again, Jared reminded her to closet the anger she felt toward him and focused her on her purpose. She’d promised to let go and she needed to live up to her end of the bargain. “Yes, Jared.” “Good girl. Shannon?” Instantly, Lily tensed. Round three; here it came. With her blindfold on, she had no idea what to expect. She shivered in both fear and anticipation, focusing on getting out of her body and head, and just letting whatever was going to happen, happen. A wet tongue rolled over her taut nipple. Shannon’s. The little point tightened even more. Lily breathed through the sensation, then again when he took the whole nipple in the heat of his mouth and sucked until she gasped, fists clenched.

Slowly, Shannon released the hard point, only to repeat the process with the other nipple while twisting the other between a firm thumb and forefinger. Against her will, her back arched in a silent plea for more. A second later, he lifted away. Before she could process her disappointment and thrill that Jared was still watching intently, she felt twin shots of pain, one wrenching each of her nipples. Lily gasped. “Oh, God. I don’t…I can’t …” “Breathe through the pain,” Jared demanded. “You can take it.” Was he insane? “No.” “Are you saying your safe word?” She couldn’t take the easy way out. “No.” “Then take the pain. For me.” God, for some twisted reason, those words melted her. She felt helpless in a way she never had. She could do nothing but accept what he chose to give her. And for some damn reason, she didn’t want to let him down. Since she couldn’t change it, she let in the pain. Slowly, the bite rolled through her system, settling into a smooth throb. The hurt lashed her pussy with a direct jolt of fire. She cried out. “Do you want to come?” Jared asked. “Yes!” “Rephrase.” “Yes, Jared! Please …” A hand drifted over her stomach, fingers prowling lower until sure fingers slipped through her drenched folds and circled her clit. She knew by the touch and scent that it was Jared. “Shannon,” Jared prompted him, but no other explanation was forthcoming. He caressed her breasts, tugging gently on the clamps. Lily bucked, begged. They both petted her, keeping her just shy of climax. Tears leaked from her eyes as her body felt like a building storm. So many sensations piled on top of emotions. She couldn’t block them, couldn’t process them, couldn’t do anything but let them pour in. Suddenly, Shannon removed the clamps. Blood rushed back to her nipples in an uproar of tingles. And Jared’s fingers toyed with her clit again. Lily thrust and wriggled, trying to manipulate more pressure where she needed it. Jared stopped instantly, then spanked her pussy lightly with the pads of his fingers. “Stop moving. No coming.” Lily bit back a curse, nearly out of her mind with need. “What do you want from me?” “Breathe, Kitten,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ll start with your submission. We’ll talk about the rest later. Focus on holding back your orgasm.” She clenched everything inside her to stop the pending climax. The sensation was so intense, it was like physical pain. She tried to gulp in deep breaths, calm herself. Slowly, it worked. Lily unclenched her fists and dug her nails out of her palms. She eased her butt and thighs back to the bed, then forced her shoulders against the silk sheets. Another long exhalation later she hoped—prayed—that she had it under control. The rip of Velcro and the easing of her restraints told her that she was free. Shannon removed her mask. Together, they rubbed her wrists and ankles. After a long minute, Jared edged his way in front of her and took her face in his hands. “You okay now, Kitten? Breathing and calm?” “That’s it? You’re not going to let me come?” With a shake of his head, Jared retrieved the silk robe and tossed at her. As she scrambled into it, he glanced at his watch. She couldn’t miss his tense shoulders and the sizeable erection behind his zipper. “Training isn’t always going to feel good. It’s seventeen hundred. Go home. No masturbating or I’ll know, and your ass will be redder than…well, a tomato. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow.” He shifted his gaze to Shannon. “Don’t piss me off.” His exotic brother held up a hand. “Wouldn’t dream of it. We’ll talk when you’re out of the shower.” “Fucker,” Jared muttered, then hurried toward the door. No way was she letting him leave her like this. Fuming and aching all over, Lily charged after him and grabbed his granite arm. “What the hell kind of power trip is this?” He raised an ominous brow at her. “I explained.” “I heard a lot of blah, blah, blah. Haven’t you taken enough from me today? I lost my fiancé. God knows, you quickly stripped me of dignity. Because of you, I have no privacy. You don’t allow me modesty. You shove everything on me. This is just about you having your sick pleasure, bending me—” “Ooooo.” Shannon shook his head at her. “I’d run if I were you.” He pointed at her. Lily stood her ground, tightening her grip on Jared’s biceps. “I’m not going anywhere until he explains what the fuck he’s trying to pull.” “I explained.” Jared enunciated each syllable with quiet bite. “You heard me. But that’s not what you’re pissed about. You’re angry because I’m withholding this.” Before Lily could even blink, Jared scooped her up in his arms and stalked toward the bed, jaw clenched. Every muscle in his body felt tense. She had a feeling that she’d awakened the sleeping beast. Her heart seized up in her chest. “Put me down!” “You don’t give the orders, Kitten.” With that reminder, Jared plopped down on the bed, then turned her to face him, shoving her legs on either side of her hips.  

“I do. If you want this, scoot in.” She had no idea what he was up to, but the opportunity to be closer to him was a lure she knew she should resist, but couldn’t. Bracing her hands on his shoulders, she moved her hips closer until her wet folds were nestled against the hard ridge of his cock. “Wrap your arms around my neck.” Breath coming in pants, she slid her palms over his hard shoulders, then curled her arms around his nape. Their faces were inches apart, and the heat blaring from his eyes blasted her with something that made her stomach tighten her pussy clench. “What’s your safe word?” he barked. “Lover.” “Yes. Either use it or rub that pretty pussy over my cock until you come.” Oh God, his actions became crystal clear in a second. He was forcing her to either deny that she wanted him or to use him to pleasure herself. No matter what she did, she was going to lose. God damn it, wasn’t that a metaphor for her whole relationship with Jared? “Bastard,” she hissed. “Choose, Kitten. You’ve got three seconds.” Fury and desire had whipped her into a froth. She wanted him so badly that she hated him. But he’d always been like gravity for her; the pull to him was undeniable and inevitable. Lily slanted her mouth over his and took his lips in a fierce kiss, rocking her aching clit directly over the thick stalk of his cock. She gasped into his mouth as need streamed through her body, lacing her veins. Jared met her tongue with his, fisting one hand in her hair. She writhed like a wild thing, panting, straining, needing everything he could give her. And it wasn’t enough yet. Mewling, she clawed at his back, desperate for the orgasm beckoning with frightening intensity just out of reach. Suddenly, he ripped away from her kiss. “You want to come?” God, she could barely focus through
her haze of need. But those blue eyes were an inescapable lure; she couldn’t look away from the hot demand slowly burning her alive. “Yes,” she gasped. “Please, give it to me.” “No. Take it.” His eyes burned into her. “Take it now.” As if his words had been precisely what she needed, the wall of sensation flattened her. She screamed, then she couldn’t breathe at all, just feel herself open wide to the pleasure pouring in. And her soul pouring out. As the deep pulses of her womb subsided, Lily stilled, sucked in a deep breath. Then she looked at Jared, as still as a statue, his face like a time bomb with a short fuse. “Jared?” “Did I take anything from you? Force anything on you?” His questions made her feel small—and forced her to acknowledge the truth. Tears pricked her eyes, but she blinked them back. “No.” “Then I’ll see you at oh six hundred.” Jared pressed a hard, fast kiss to her lips, then set her down on the silk sheet beside him. She barely had time to notice the wet spot she’d left on the front of his leather pants before he stormed across the room, slamming the door behind him.  

Lily watched Jared go, feeling as if she was watching a part of her walk away. He was angry; it felt painful. The tears returned. What the hell had happened? One minute she’d been furious with him. Then he’d forced her to admit her need, take what she craved—and torn her wide open again. Shannon laughed, a bemused expression lighting his face. Lily belted the robe more tightly around her waist. “What’s so funny, damn it?” “I’ve never seen him so off balance. That orgasm was for you, you know. The normal Jared would have made a sub suffer to teach her a valuable lesson.” He turned to her, cocking his head. “But he let you come because he couldn’t stand to leave you hurting. God, you’re…perfect for him. I’m laughing because he’s going to the shower to think about you while he masturbates, as usual. But I don’t think that ritual is going to stand much longer.” So much of Shannon’s speech startled Lily that she almost didn’t know where to start. “You think that Jared thinks about me when he masturbates?” “I know he does. Every day I’ve ever spent with him since you two broke up.”  Impossible. She opened her mouth to sputter…she wasn’t exactly sure what. Then she closed it. But the myriad of questions kept coming at her. “How would you know that he thinks about me?” “He admitted it after a few too many shots of tequila. We’ve talked about it. I’ve even had the misfortune to walk into the bathroom and see it.” Shannon sent her a quizzical expression. “Have you seen his tattoos and scar?” “I—I saw the 30STM but his thigh has a scar no.” Quirking a dark brow. “Have you gotten a close look at him without his leathers?” What was Shannon trying to tell her? “No. He hasn’t taken them off.” “Make him. I’ll tell you something straight up: Jared hasn’t had sex with a woman as long as I can remember.” Lily’s jaw dropped. “No way. He spends a lot of time here and—” “When he’s on leave, yeah. He spanks the subs, works them up, makes them come. He never kisses them. And he definitely never fucks them. When he wants that done, he calls me.” Shock pinged through Lily’s system. “Bullshit.” “Ask anyone here at Manor.” Shannon sidled closer, dropped his voice. “Look, he’s my brother, and I’ve been worried as hell about him for a long time. His behavior isn’t normal. For a Dom, he’s an awful lot like a monk.” It still wasn’t adding up for her. She understood Shannon’s implication that Jared was hung up on her, but how was that possible? Jared had broken it off with her. Why would he be hung up on a relationship he’d ended so brutally? “I don’t understand. Why tell me this?” He shook his head. “I’ve pushed the door open a bit. Now you have to choose to walk through it. Or not.” After everything that had happened today, she couldn’t take more mind games. “Jared left me. He crushed me and walked away without a backward glance when we were in high school. I make him feel guilty, but he doesn’t actually care.” Shannon shook his head. “For him, the sun rises and sets on you. If you decide to seek the truth, once you see and understand all of his tattoos and his scar, maybe you’ll believe me.”

Will Lily ask Jared? Will Lily ever find out the truth? Find out in the next chapter!!


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My life goal is to adapt every meme


Inspired by these three wonderful posts

Lips (Drabble)

Summary: You and Bucky are kissing when you find his particular weakness.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 351

Based off of this prompt: “D-Don’t do that with your lips.”

Warnings: Making out, & kinda smutty? (just the buildup though)

A/N: So this drabble wouldn’t have been possible without my babe Gen, @bucky-plums-barnes, who gave me the idea for this drabble since I was stuck on what to do. She’s a smut queen™ (but you guys probably know that) & she came up with this idea in like .2 seconds when I told her the prompt because she’s talented & I LOVE HER OKAY. Anyway, this was fun to write, even if I’m terrible at smut. I just need practice, I guess. Hope you enjoy :)

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

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Flannels & Shotguns

Sam x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Oversized flannel. Because everybody needs to be warned about that.

Forever Tags: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate@fabulouslycassie@lizbeth-loves-bobear @nicolesyneah25 @lemonadegazeelle

“Daddy, wait for me!” You bounded the corner. Dragging a small child size suitcase and doing your best to pull up the extra long sleeves on your arms.

“Munchkin, what are you doin’?” Dean came over to you, leaning against the nearest wall while smiling with his arms crossed.

“I wanna beat up monsters too.” You said energetically. Fully expecting them to let you go.

Sam, came into view. Laughing at the sight before him. There you were. Hair in a messy style from just waking up. Tugging a bag no doubt full of stuffed animals behind you. Wearing one of his flannels which fit like an extra long dress in your tiny body.

“Daddy already talked to you about going. It’s too dangerous, sweetheart.” He crouched down in front of you. Making it so you were near eye level with each other.

“Nuh-uh!” You sassed back at him. “An look, Daddy. My shirt can protected me just like you an Unkie Bean!” Waving your arm and flapping the sleeve, you showed him what you meant.

Both of the boys laughed lightly. Trying to not let you hear in fear of offending your four year old mind.

“Our flannels? How could they protect you?” He reached outward, taking your sleeve and rolling it up so your hands could be used properly.

“Betuz you always wear them and always come back to home. They protected you.” You spoke so innocently. “So they can protected me too, Daddy!” The words giggled off your lips.

“Dad, I think she’s figured out your secret.” Dean piped into the conversation, giving Sam a once raised eyebrow.

“I think you’re right, Dean.” Sam sighed. “You know what that means?” His attention directed towards you.

“What?” You asked with a small twinkle in your eye.

“It means you’re ready to be a hunter like us.” He laughed as you beamed with excitement and joy.

“But there’s rules. You’ve got to start at the beginning where all the big girls start. And soon you’ll be hunting the monsters with uncle and Daddy.” Dean spoke to you as he slipped his jacket on over his own flannel.

“Uncle Cas is going to teach you some hunting skills while we’re gone. Think you can get pass the first part of hunter training?” Eagerly you nodded at Sam.

Without a moment to spare you dropped the handle on your suitcase, letting it hit the ground as your small “combat” boots slapped against the ground as you ran towards the kitchen.

“Cassy! We has to go on a hunt so I can big girl hunt with Daddy and Uncle!” You yelled in a happy yet determined tone.

The only hunting in your future would be Easter Egg hunting.

Pick Up Lines (Spideypool Quick Fic)

So this… this got ridiculous lol
For my anon prompt: is that a phone in your back pocket because your ass is calling me

Peter is Andrew Garfield/ Wade is Ryan Reynolds

“Hey did it hurt?”

“Huh?” Peter looked up from brushing the dirt off his suit to see Deadpool peering down at him from the fire escape in the dirty alley.

“Oh. Hey Wade. Did what hurt? Oh the–” he motioned to his dirty suit. “Just took a tumble through a construction yard chasing someone. No biggie.”

“No, I meant did it hurt when you fell from Heaven.” Wade corrected, leering at Spider-Man from behind his mask.

“Good grief.” Peter muttered and turned away. “Don’t you have anything better to do than spy on me and drop terrible pick up lines?”

Well.” Wade dropped onto the ground next to him. “I’d definitely have something better to do if you’d go out with me.”

“I told you no dates.” Peter said firmly. “My identity is very inportant to me, and you need to respect that. Besides–” and now he was grateful his mask covered his blush. “–besides you just like me because I’m covered in spandex.”

“I resent that!” Wade sounded horrified. “While I will admit to staring for hours at your…at your….” his head tilted to the side exaggeratedly, dropping to stare at Peter’s ass. “Sorry, what was I saying?”

“You were agreeing that we’d never date.” Peter said firmly, and shot a web towards the sky, shooting up and out of the alley before Deadpool could say anything else.

“Damn.” He chuckled and scratched at his head. “Spidey playing hard to get.”
Wade landed with a thump on the roof next to Peter and tossed him a chimi.

“Thank god.” Peter mumbled and shoved his mask up to just above his nose so he could eat. “Thank you so much.”

“No worries.” Wade lifted his own mask to take a bite of his food, and Peter made sure not to look. He didn’t ever look, knowing that if Wade thought for one second that he was staring, the mask would come down and this relaxed moment between them would end.

They were happening more and more– post patrol, both of them starving after a night of fighting crime. Wade usually disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared with food and they would sit and eat together before going their separate ways.

It was nice, for all of Wade’s bluster and bullshit, he actually enjoyed the early morning quiet like this. Both fully in their suits, both still coming down from the high of fighting… just hanging out watching the sun rise.

It was… nice.

And Peter wasn’t going to do anything to spoil it.

“Got you a name tag.” Wade said casually inbetween bites of food.

“What now?” Peter asked, confused.

“Got you a name tag.” Wade reached into the bag next to him and threw a giant handful of white packets in Peter’s face.

“What the–damn it Wade!” Peter pushed them off his legs. “Why are you throwing sugar at—”

Wade started laughing.

“Are you kidding me?” Peter finally asked and Wade laughed harder. “Are you kidding me with this?”

“Aw, come on sugar!” Wade made kissy faces at him and Peter just rolled his eyes.

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commissions will be done per character and paid with invoices through paypal.

chibis; $10.


for other




chibis ive done. its your choice which you’d like. i also offer

detailed lineless for $15.

sketch; $10 - lineart; $15 - color $25

sketches would be along these lines. theyre cheap and i can get them to you pretty quickly.
lineart can come transparent at your request for you to color.
colored pictures will also generally come with colored lineart. more references. shading is $30 and case by case, depending on the picture.

icons; $10 - custom adoptable; design $15 - sheet $25

icons are 300 x 300px unless requested otherwise. 


adoptable designs are fully customizable to your preferences. you can give me as much or little to work with as youd like; nothing wrong with a little surprise after all >B). ill ask some precursory questions and present it to you once ive put together a cohesive design.

design only will go $15. itll be a singular picture of the character.

sheets go $25. they come with two pictures of the character along with a set of aesthetic items to go with them.

art blog - commission tag - doodle blog

This still probably doesn’t happen in the au, but here’s Mari as Monarch, having double-transformed with the butterfly brooch and the ladybug earrings. No clue as to weapon.

Mari, even in these dire circumstances, has a certain inner strength and radiance to her. You can feel that she’s going to win and it’s really only a question of how and when.


On the other hand, if someone else was to lose their other half… well. 

(this is the bad ending I’m not that cruel)

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

(I’m going to cover Iris and Aranea in this post. Will get around to Cindy and Luna soon!)


  • Their first interaction:
    • Iris: *Calls while Gladio is replacing one of the Regalia’s tires*
    • Sora: “Gladio, it’s Iris”
    • Gladio: “Answer for me, would ya? Tell her we’ll be in Lestallum tomorrow”
    • Sora: “Okay.” *Answers phone and delivers Gladio’s message to Iris*
    • Also Sora: *Ends up talking to Iris for an hour about fun things to do in Lestallum*
    • Gladio: *Big brother instincts conflicting with his understanding that Iris has been though a lot and it helps to have someone closer to her age to talk to*
  • Sora and Iris hit it off!!
    • Fast friends!!
      • Go shopping together!
      • People-watch together!
      • Make moogle plushies together!
        • Sora’s sucks
    • When Iris wants to come with them on a hunt, Sora is the only one who has no problem with it
      • He trusts that she can handle herself, and knows that she’ll be totally safe with them
      • This pisses Gladio off
    • She reminds him of Kairi. So spirited and independent and spunky! :) 
  • When Iris goes to get her Amicitia family tattoo, Sora tags along with Gladio
    • The conversation goes:
      • Gladio: “Don’t you have something better to do?”
      • Sora: “Uh NO. Iris needs emotional support”
      • Gladio: “Isn’t that why I’M going????”
      • Sora: “You’re an emotional-support pool floaty. I’m an emotional-support raft stocked with a week’s worth of provisions”
      • Iris: “Sora was great when I needed someone to vent to after Kravyn broke up with me”
      • Gladio: “AFTER WHO DID WHAT”
    • Sora goes into that parlor fully expecting to be there if Iris wants someone to hold her hand
      • But he ends up trying to hold HER hand because WHOA WHY IS THERE BLOOD I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WOULD BE BLOOD
        • (Sora is moderately hemophobic)
        • Gladio slaps his hand away when Sora reaches for Iris’s hand. The tattoo artist is working on the shoulder attached to that hand
          • Gladio: “Watch it, kid! Let the artist do his work!”
          • Also Gladio: *Lets Sora hold his hand instead*
            • (Also Gladio: “Don’t tell the guys about this, or I’ll punch you so hard you’ll travel through dimensions and end up back on your home planet”
            • Sora: “Uh ok”)


    • Her first interaction with Sora:
      • She literally drops from the sky and lands on Sora’s face
        • Yes he is more or less incapacitated during the group’s first encounter with her
          • But he wakes up near end of the fight and uses Graviga to yank her out of the sky and slam her face-first against the ground
            • She manages to get away but her nose is broken as shit
      • Ignis examines him at camp that night and discovers that Sora has a mild concussion and a broken nose
        • The first thing these two do when they meet each other is break each other’s noses
          • This is a WEIRD RELATIONSHIP
    • When she joins the group during Gladio’s temporary absence:
          • Sora: *Upon seeing something cool in the tomb* “Whoaaaa… what do you think that is?”
          • Aranea: “Well, it’s—”
          • Sora: “I was asking the people whose opinions actually matter to me thank you bye you can literally leave”
        • Sora falls in battle. Aranea slaps him across the face to snap him out of it. Sora casts Aeroga and sends her flying across the room
          • They are like cats and dogs okay these two do not get along at first
      • After they go their separate ways, Sora is still pissy but unsure how to feel about her. She helped them, yeah, but she works for the bad guys. If she was really so good, why would she be helping them?
        • Sora more or less ignores her whenever she jumps into the party during random encounters 
          • Beats the sass, I guess
            • This boy is confused and this lady tried to hurt his friends. He doesn’t know what to make of her
    • During Chapter 12:
      • Sora is a complete emotional wreck. Prompto’s in trouble and everything is just so awful. He finds a spot on a hill near a field of sylleblossoms, away from the guys
        • Areana finds him and walks over. She keeps her distance, but she talks to him
          • Sora is resistant at first.
            • But he’s so upset… he can’t help it…
              • He bursts into tears. Aranea doesn’t say a word. Just stays with him as he cries
                • When he’s done, she says, “There. You’ve had your time to cry about everything that’s gone wrong. Now it’s time to get the hell up and do something about it.”
                  • Sora: “Aranea… I-I… you…”
                  • Aranea: “Save it, kid. Don’t you have somewhere to be right now?”
                    • Things are different between them after that
    • During the long night
      • Sora names his chocobo Highwind and Aranea WILL NOT LET HIM HEAR THE END OF IT
        • Sora: “Gimme a break, Ara, it’s what my best friend wanted to name a raft I built when I was like 12 that we wanted to sail to another world”
        • Areanea: “That you wanted to what”
      • The two of them team up on hunts and they’re actually a pretty damned good duo
        • Aranea striking from above to catch an enemy by surprise, pinning them in place while Sora rushes up behind and delivers the killing blow
        • Sora using Aeroga for the forces of good this time by launching Aranea even faster around the battlefield than she could go on her own
        • They’re fucking devastating okay
          • RIP anyone unlucky enough to face them at the same time

to anybody going through the nose job tag considering/prior to getting it done, here’s what you need to know-

  • this is your decision, not anyone else’s. if your family or friends try to make you feel bad for doing it, then that’s their problem, not yours. if you can’t love yourself fully then do whatever you can to get there
  • the surgery’s easy. you can ask for a calming medicine before and they might give you something. even if they don’t, you’ll be knocked out before you can even say it isn’t working and then it’ll be over.
  • you might feel a little queasy after, but they will take care of you and you’ll go home and sleep for hours
  • please please please have someone to watch after you for the first little while, because it’s hard to get your shit together, especially the first day or two
  • within a week or two you should be fine to go back to school/work and you can use a little makeup to cover up the black eyes, but there will be a small red scar under your nose and a little crusted blood/snot
  • clean your scar or anything gross stuff with a wet q-tip and for the love of god please do not poke inside your nose (it’s not dangerous, just stings))
  • it kinda feels like you just hit your nose after, but it’s manageable tbh
  • i got hit w/ a broomstick and was singing in a musical nearly right after mine. you’ll be fine.
  • the constant congestion is the worst part. you’ll have to retrain yourself to breathe after and it gets really annoying- imagine a constant stuff nose but with snot still coming out
  • the snot sucks too, but DO NOT blow your nose for a few weeks after
  • it’s been 6 months after and i still can’t feel the tip of my nose so don’t worry about it
  • taking the packing out feels like pulling a really deep, long booger out of your nose- it’s uncomfortable and kinda gross but doesn’t hurt
  • taking the stitches out stings quite a bit, but it’s not the worst part. there are usually only 4-6 and you’ll want to check after that they got them all
  • do not go to anyone you feel uncomfortable with
  • check reviews on your surgeons
  • please make sure this isn’t an impulse thing- i was bullied for years and years because of my nose and would cry when i looked in a mirror because i hated it. it’s a serious, serious thing
  • people will stay dumb shit after like “but I loved your nose, it was so ethnic!!!” and you just gotta be like w/e. it was your decision and you don’t need to feel shamed for a low self-confidence
  • they may also say that you’re a spoiled, shallow brat, but fuck that. it’s just wrong and if you let that get to you, then send me a message and i will talk you right out of that
  • please invest in some cheap button ups/flannels from goodwill
  • tbh you’ll probably get blood/food all over your shirts
  • get a netflix or some good movies to watch on your computer. i’d bet you probably won’t be leaving your bed
  • it’s going to bruise n swell- ice won’t help anything other than your eyes
  • don’t use nose strips until 3 months after
  • the healing probably won’t be complete until a year or two after, but will look decent within 2 weeks to a month
  • if you need a revision surgery, then oh well. i won’t know for another 6 months, but it’ll be fine.
  • don’t wear glasses for a while unless you can stop them from touching your nose
  • a lot of people won’t even notice anything’s different, but if you’re really scared of that, change your hair right before and people will just notice that
  • i find “deviated nasal septum” to be a good excuse for getting it done
  • you won’t be able to move your top lip for a long time so be ready for sultry selfies
  • you might feel sick or horrible when you first get the cast off because it’ll look puffy and kinda gross, but it gets better. i swear.
  • do not expect a perfect ski slope nose. that’s near impossible. you can only change it so much, so keep your expectations realistic
  • the soreness after isn’t that bad, just a little annoying, but you get medicine
  • don’t read the horror stories- they rarely happen!!! you’re probably going to look 10/10 perfect
  • it’s normal to be nervous, but it is fun!! 
TWO YEAR UPDATE: I have never been happier with myself!! I feel beautiful and my nose healed perfectly! Check pics on my Instagram @emilieacw because I don’t really post on here (not a self promo just wanna show you)
4 a.m. Cuddles (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: (by @maddie-leighhh )

prompt list: 27. “If we get caught I’m blaming you” & 34. “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?”

Warnings: mentions of murder and sexual language (but not that much)

Word Count: 586

A/N: I’m sorry this is a bit late and also very short! (btw I made the reader and Peter both Avengers, thought that would be more suitable in this imagine)

Originally posted by tmhllnd96

It was nearly 4 a.m. in the morning, meaning the Avengers Tower was in complete silence. Everyone was already asleep, being exhausted of the mission the day before. Except for one person.

Peter Parker was wandering around the tower, trying to find something that would help him fall asleep. Even though the last mission basically wrecked everyone, Peter felt more energized than ever. He tried to watch TV, spend time I the training room and even considered swinging around the city for a while. Then he realized what he had to do all along. Pay a visit to his girlfriend’s bedroom.

He knocked on Y/N’s door for a couple of times, but of course, she was already asleep. He tried to open it but it was locked. It wasn’t a surprise for Peter so he decided to climb up to her window, which is impossible for a normal person to do but not for Spiderman. He quickly ran outside of the building and shoot his web up on the wall.

When he finally arrived at Y/N’s window, he was already exhausted, he knew he could just go to sleep but he wanted to sleep with his girlfriend so he didn’t give up. Luckily, Y/N’s window was open because Peter didn’t want to pay the damage for a broken window. He got inside quickly and walked towards her bed. He didn’t want to give her a heart attack so he gently shook her.

“Mmmhh…” Y/N whined. Peter knew he had to wake her up first because if she noticed someone was laying down beside her, she would freak out and maybe even murder Peter in his sleep.

“Babe…” Peter whispered. Y/N was woken up. She blinked her eyes for a couple of times to adapt the darkness. She looked up and saw someone standing beside her bed, watching her. “Who are you?” She sat up quickly and rubbed her head. “Spider-man” Peter answered with a grin on his face.

“Why are you here Peter?” Y/N wasn’t mad at Peter waking her up in the middle of the night but since she just woke up she wasn’t really adapted to the situation, she was just simply confused and Peter knew this. “Any guesses?”

“Peter I swear to god if this is a booty call, I’ll murder you in my own bed while having sleepy sex with you,” Y/N glared at him.

Peter threw his hands in the air and murmured: “This wasn’t a booty call at all but if you would suggest we-“


“Alright I’m here because I couldn’t sleep and thought I would be able to sleep if I slept with you- But not in that way since you are clearly not available for that right now,” Peter smirked.

“You come to my room and wake me up at 4 am, to cuddle?” Y/N asked. Peter nodded and without letting Y/N talk more, he jumped into the bed and dragged Y/N under the blanket. “If we get caught I’m blaming you” Y/N mumbled, closing her eyes to go back to sleep. “What are you talking about? We are fully clothed and we are just lying beside each other?”

“You know how much they like to mock us about everything,” Y/N chuckled lightly; she was nearly asleep so Peter decided to shut up finally. He wrapped his arms around Y/N and threw his right leg over her hips. He nuzzled his face into her neck, feeling warm and peaceful for the first time that night. Then slowly fell asleep.

TAG LIST: @maddie-leighhh @jaderbugz @xloonaticbloodx @neewtmas @redlune18 @sinnamoncronch @followthatfangirl

IF you want to be added to the tag list, just let me know :)

The aroace tag is currently fully of positivity for aroaces that still experience some kind of attraction/want relationships which is great but right now I need some positivity for aroaces like me so:

Here is to aroaces who the idea of any kind of relationship leaves a sour taste in their mouth.

Here is to aroaces where the extent of their ‘attraction’ to anyone is an appreciation for good fashion choices.

Here is to aroaces who have to prove again and again that they honestly are happy being single.

Here is to aroaces that constantly have to deal with the narrative of 'you can’t do x,y and z on your own’ even though they have been doing x,y and z on their own for years.

Here is to older aroaces who are reminded constantly by older people that they 'will soon be out of there prime and need to find someone to settle down with’

Here is to aroaces that never want to settle down.


A follow up to the posts about the Nazi art (drawn by a Klance artist), the Pride Parade Klance sign & all those edits where Sheith scenes in canon got turned into Klance ROMANTIC scenes by people who constantly spam “I ONLY SEE THEM AS BROTHERS, BROGANES, THAT’S SUCH A PLATONIC BROGANES SCENE” everywhere.

NOTE: This is referring to the Klancedom, NOT Klance shippers. If you do NOT do any of these things, this post is NOT talking about you.

This interview has been approved of by MisterPoofOfficial (names were blacked out at her request).

Do NOT harass any of these people in the screenshots.

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Full of Surprises

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none really.      

Word Count: 1003 (exact cause I know steph - sorry bout the 3 girl!)

A/N: This is for one of the best people I have met on tumblr. She is the first friend I gained on here and she has put up with my ass ever since. It’s your birthday Stepie so I am gonna say this even if it is gonna make you barf. I love you so so much <3 Happy birthday @torn-and-frayed Hope you enjoy your Jensen you impossible woman ;)

Psst the aesthetic I promised you is at the bottom of the fic. It is kinda a give away so I hid it :P

Thanks a billion to the sweet @impala-dreamer for betaing this one for me <3 I owe you one Beka!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

“Jensen! You missed the turn,” you scolded as Jensen blew past your street and continued into town.

“No I didn’t,” Jensen merely replied, making your blood boil. You knew he had wanted the two of you to go out on your birthday and make some big deal out of you turning 30. You had steadfastly refused. It was just another birthday and you hated all the fuss. You didn’t wanna be the center of attention all night long. Your idea of a perfect birthday was sitting in front of the tv, eating pizza with your boyfriend. You knew Jensen knew that and you couldn’t believe he didn’t wanna accept it.  

“Don’t make me jump out of a moving car, Jensen. Take me home,” you warned him, just enough anger in your voice for him to nervously shift in his seat.

“You don’t wanna go home, babe,” he answered you in a slightly shaky voice.

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Heat Wave

Originally posted by lolurnotgrantgustin

Request: (@the5sosfreakme) I was thinking evil Barry, high school? Like he’s super SUPER possessive of y/n and she comes to school in little shorts… So he’s like super possessive over her and like let’s say Mark Mardon, was flirting with her and he steps in. Then maybe hot and heavy in the parking lot?

Notes: I decided not to add the hot and heavy just because the fic itself ended at a good point and just it would have been a little out of place. Anyways, enjoy!

 Tagging: @tmrhollandkay @silverwingedfox

You groaned as your alarm clock woke you up, the loud song you chose shaking the last remnants of your dream from your mind. Now fully awake you rub your eyes, kicking the sheets off your legs. It was boiling hot outside, and your open window letting in the heat made your room almost unbearable.

Sluggishly, you got out of bed, going through your usual morning routine. Faced with the difficult decision of what to wear in the heat you decided on a cute tank top and a pair of high-waisted short shorts, shrugging on a long cardigan on top in case school was cold inside. You put on a pair converse and quickly finish your makeup, deciding to pull your hair back so it doesn’t stick to your neck. Comfortable with your choices, you grab your backpack and make your way downstairs, grabbing something quick for breakfast and saying a quick goodbye to your family before getting into your car.

The drive to school was short, the AC cooling you down only to be blasted with heat when you get out of the car. You push through the doors into school, saying hi to people you pass as you make your way to your locker.

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|| starboy, stargirl || [[smut]]

{summary: “i just want to see you shine, ‘cause i know you are my stargirl.”}

anonymous asked: what is a starboy?

sweet anon, you are going to find out in this fully written imagine [♥] for added effect, listen to the weeknd’s ‘stargirl interlude’.

side note: peter and the reader are 20 years old in this imagine.

warnings: smut

Please don’t repost/plagiarize this story

forever tags: @ghostedwolf


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pure relief

A story in which Harry and Ron talk about bisexuality and chat about who they fancy one rainy Friday night…

inspired by this post

It was their fourth year at Hogwarts, and Hermione was dating Viktor Krum. This, naturally, did not sit very well with Ron Weasley.

One rainy Friday afternoon, he was sat in the Great Hall next to Harry, who was pouring his eyes over that morning’s Daily Prophet. Across the hall, Hermione leaned in toward Viktor, pointing something out in the book that was open on the table in front of them. Their heads bumped slightly, and the two of them laughed. Then Viktor leaned in to kiss Hermione on the cheek.

Ron couldn’t look away.

It was as if his eyes were glued to the two of them, and a hole was burning in the bottom of his stomach.

Harry noticed, and nudged Ron’s arm with his elbow. “I’m sorry, mate.”

Ron snapped his head toward his best friend, swallowing the dread in his throat. “It’s fine,” he muttered, rubbing his eyes with his knuckles. “It won’t last, anyway.” 

When Harry didn’t respond, Ron suddenly stood up, nearly knocking over the glass of water in front of him. “I’m gonna go upstairs,” he mumbled, clutching his stomach. “I’m not feeling good.”

“Okay,” Harry said, looking up at him. “I’ll come up soon.” 

Ron took one last look at the happy couple across the room before turning and shuffling out of the Great Hall.


When he finally reached the boys’ dormitories, Ron found his school bag and rifled through it until he found what he was looking for:

The Viktor Krum action figure he had gotten at the Quidditch World Cup, just months earlier. 

He snapped it in half and threw it on the floor.

Flopping down on his bed, he sighed deeply as his head made contact with his pillows. (They much more comfortable than the ones he had on his bed back home.) He looked over at the wall, where he had hung a small poster of Krum, as well.

He felt an urge to rip it down. But in all honestly, Ron was too tired to get up.

It was then that Harry entered the room. “Hey, how’re you feeling?” He sat down on his bed and looked across the room, at Ron. 

The red-headed boy sat up, clearing his throat. “All right. It’s my stomach again.” His stomach had been bothering him for about a week now. After letting go of the denial he had held onto for a few days, Ron had accepted that it was something more than just abdominal pain. He didn’t know what, exactly - anxiety, worry, stress - but it was not something he was enjoying.

And it was undoubtedly something to do with Hermione and Viktor.

George and Fred suddenly bursted in, laughing about something Ron couldn’t care less about. “Hey, guys,” said George, before bending to pick something up off the floor.

“What’s this, Ron?” he said, holding up the Krum figurine, which was now two separate pieces. “Finally broke up with your boyfriend, did you?”

“Ha!” Fred laughed, clapping his hands together. “Good one, George!” 

Ron groaned, ignoring the swirling feeling in his intestines. “Would you two bugger off?” 

“Fine,” George said, dramatically dropping the action figure pieces next to Ron and following Fred out of the room. He started a new conversation with his twin as they walked out the door, Ron and Harry already forgotten to them.

Ron could feel his skin burning with heat. He hated that about his complexion - his skin turned red when he was angry, or embarrassed, so people could always tell how he felt. It made him feel vulnerable.

He turned slightly on his bed, so that Harry couldn’t see his face. His cheeks were on fire, and Ron was pretty sure that was due to the fact that his brother had just referred to Viktor Krum as his boyfriend.

He had been confused about the whole thing for a while. It took him some time to realize that when he was looking at Viktor and Hermione together, he wasn’t just jealous of Krum.

He was jealous of Hermione, too. Or maybe their relationship altogether. 

That made his stomach churn. 

“Ron?” Harry said, from across the room. Ron squeezed his eyes shut. “Are you okay?”

After slowly exhaling and blinking his eyes open, Ron turned to face Harry again. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” he said, shaking his head, and focusing his eyes on a spot on his bed quilt. “I’m used to it.”

Harry slowly stood up, and moved toward Ron’s bed. He stopped at the foot of it, as if he didn’t know if Ron wanted him so close. “Just so you know, it’s okay if you like Viktor like that,” he said, wrapping his hand around one of the posts on Ron’s bed.

Ron’s heart rate seemed to increase rapidly inside his chest.

“W-What?” he stuttered. He had never talked about this out loud with anyone - not even himself. To hear Harry say that was like someone shaking him out of a dream. 

“I’m just saying… there’s nothing wrong with fancying boys,” Harry continued. “In fact, I think Cedric is quite attractive.” 

The two boys finally locked eyes. “Really?” Ron said, a wave of relief crashing into his chest.

Harry moved to sit down on the edge of the bed, and Ron let him. “Yeah,” he answered, nodding his head slowly.

Ron processed this. He couldn’t fathom a better way for the two of them to be talking about this. He felt as though a blank page was open in front of him, and now he could say whatever he wanted. And someone would understand.

“That’s great, Harry,” was all he came up with, because he wasn’t ready to pour his entire heart out just yet.

A bit of pink rose to Harry’s cheeks. “Thanks,” he muttered, looking into his lap. And then, “And Draco’s not too bad either.”

“Okay,” Ron said, his eyes wide. “Now that’s crossing a line.” 

“I’m not gonna do anything about it!” Harry said, a hint of a laugh under his voice. “He’s just nice to look at,” he said, shrugging. 

“Blimey, Harry,” Ron said, shaking his head. “I can’t believe you just said that.” 

A small laugh escaped Harry’s lips. “Are you telling me that you’re more put off by the idea of me and Malfloy than the idea of me being with a boy in the first place?”

“Yes,” Ron said, immediately. The boys were silent for a moment after that. 

The rain knocked loudly against the window.

Ron took a big breath before admitting, “I think I might fancy Dean a bit, as well.” He had said it barely above a whisper, with the paralyzing fear that Dean was anywhere near their shared dorm.

Before Harry could respond, Ron added, “But I also still like Hermione… Is that okay?”

A warm smile spread across Harry’s face. “Of course that’s okay. You can like both, Ron.” 

One side of Ron’s mouth upturned into a grin. “I can?”

His heart was still pounding, just from talking about this.

“Yes,” Harry reassured, smiling again. “It’s called bisexuality. I think I’ve fully accepted it, in terms of myself.”

“Oh, that’s right. You and my sister.”

Harry suddenly looked flustered, and brought a hand to the back of his neck. “There’s nothing going on between me and Ginny!”

“Uh huh,” Ron replied, giving him a sarcastic smile. “And now you want to throw Malfoy into the mix too.”

“Merlin, Ron, would you let that go?” Harry said, rolling his eyes. “I fully regret telling you that.”

Ron laughed. A full, whole-hearted laugh. And for the first time in the entire week, he felt like he was going to be okay.

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