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p&p au domestic goodness

  • Lance has fluffy morning hair but its not as bad as Keith’s intense mane of fur when he wakes up 
  • Lance usually uses contacts but on the weekends he turns to glasses and Keith thinks its the cutest thing in the world
  • Their dogs adore each other and always want to snuggle but Keith is an intense no-pets-on-the-bed person and Lance has no idea its because Keith just wants to be able to snuggle with him at all times
  • On their anniversary every year, Keith asks Lance to tattoo something small on him - so far he’s got a tiny star, moon and sun on his knuckles. They’re not the best but Keith loves them the most
  • Keith sometimes tags along to raves and sure he needs a couple drinks before he finally goes out to dance, but Lance loves that he wants to go with him to stuff that Lance loves!
  • They’re both horrible cooks but they both try and making dinner is one of their favorite things to do together
  • When they got married, they both cried at the altar 
  • (and so did Shiro and so did Hunk and so did Allura) 
  • Lance’s mother adores Keith, and so does his older siblings 
    • Keith has never… had that kind of connection to a parent before so Lance knows it means a lot that his mama loves Keith
  • Keith is not too big of a fan of kids but they love him and Lance finds it adorable
  • Keith did Lance’s first tattoo 

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//. Thank you so much anon ;u; !! sjghgkjgksjg !!!! I just — just wanna send this to every single being on here ;-; omg !!! fjskjgdkgjdgk — IMMA JUST TAG THEM ON THIS BECAUSE I LOVE THESE FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS !!! MY BAES, MY FRIENDS, —- THOSE I TALK WITH & ADMIRE FROM AFAR EVEN IF WE HAVEN’T DONE MUCH ! CAUSE EVERYONE DESERVES TO FEEL WONDERFUL !! AND I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE AND MUSH AND NOOT NOOT ( happily ) !  ALL OF THAT !!!


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my sweet flips fanfic part 2: wedding headcanons

the title of this fanfiction is My Big Fat Dragonborn Wedding. it is extremely long, sorry mobile users (spoilers under cut)

 over the course of that year carey went out of her way to reconnect with her comically large and extremely traditionalist dragonborn family. it was tough going and her relationship with them remained a little tense but a ludicrous amount of them showed up to her wedding and it was kind of a disaster but they showed up and it meant a lot to her 

scales, on the other hand, immediately embraced carey and her fiancée and insisted on providing the music for their wedding. carey had already had a band in mind but killian was like “PLEASE” bc she immediately became his best friend within like seconds of meeting him so scales and his like avant-garde family band showed up and played old standards and his adventuring buddies were also there bc he made them come and they accompanied his and hathaway’s musical stylings on the violin & musical saw and tanzer cried into lucian’s formal kimono and when the ceremony was finished lucian pushed him over 

 my headcanon for killian’s family is that she grew up in pretty much the most normal household ever for an orc, which of course meant that she lived with her parents in a tight-knit little community where she was distantly related to everyone. her mother was a ranger who taught her all about wilderness survival and archery, only one of which really took. killian hadn’t seen her folks in ages but they were extremely happy to see her again. everyone in her old village loved carey too of course 

carey was the one who proposed and killian almost passed out because she had seen carey wearing the ring before and never even thought that it would be her wedding ring. killian’s extremely loving orc family made a total ruckus at the wedding because you have to throw in some old orcish folk rituals at an event like this but killian made them promise not to slaughter a boar on the wedding altar because this was a panite wedding, damn it. she let them gild her tusks though because she wanted everybody to know that she was a married woman 

the reception was a mess but the food was great at least. a bunch of the cousins and family friends all gathered around and took notes while taako loudly explained the recipes and plating techniques involved and even the very straight-laced dragonborn relatives at the party had to agree that frilly elven cuisine wasn’t so bad after all 

merle of course gave a speech and of course he told a bunch of really embarrassing stories about his kids. magnus tried to give a speech but he got choked up and had to sit down. taako was not asked to speak but he did anyway and just talked about himself until people stopped paying attention. scales had a lot of terrible childhood anecdotes about carey to share and carey screamed and buried her face in her hands but she loved it because she hadn’t really felt like she had a family in the longest time and now she did, and they were all right there with her. killian picked up on this and didn’t let go of carey’s hand until she was like “babe my bones. you’re breaking them”

lucretia had painted a huge portrait of the two of them and had a super long and grandiose speech planned for when she gave it to them but when it came down to it she just told them how much she loved them and gave them their gift already. she cried also but a very respectable and elegant amount 

carey also did not put silverware on their wedding registry bc she went home with her coat pockets full of the flatware from the reception. killian was almost mad but she was also extremely wine drunk so she just laughed and they both lost it 

 and after the wedding, taako, merle, and magnus all went and stood on the bluff at the edge of the island and looked out at the sea. davenport took the newlyweds in his boat to another island with a little cottage where they planned to honeymoon and the boys watched them push off it had actually been a while since they all hung out so there was a solid minute or so of awkward silence before taako broke it by loudly pointing out how much magnus cried at the ceremony and they all just dissolve into good-natured ribbing and stand out there for hours talking. eventually it got too dark to they all go back to the hotel but it was so quiet out that no one talked the whole way back


YouTube user “Krista Green Ninja!” has been making comics videos of VLD fancomics. They don’t seem to credit any of the artists in the making of the comics, and I’m not real sure they’re asking before they do it, either. You might want to check and see if your stuff is in any of their videos. (They’re up to 18 videos and counting as I write this.)

I’ve been contacting artists I know whose stuff shows up in them, but I don’t know all the artists. KGN doesn’t seem to be removing any artist tags or anything, so maybe you’re okay with it, but I figured y’all should at least know.

Please don’t attack them, just ask them politely to credit you or drop comments in their videos with your Tumblr/DA/etc. (however you want to be credited).

This user is a little kid, guys, so go easy. They need to know this is NOT COOL, but don’t jump down their throats.

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rec anon: yay! anyone with for any of those categories except for kpop, would be nice please, thank you ❤

a lot of my friends are multifandom so I’ll rec you some of them and then some more specific people

i cant emphasis enough on the fact that everyone needs to follow @kunstpause @liamxryder @adobabe @lunarmelodies @aishitaeru cuz they’re just the best people and no kidding im who i am today because of them. they’re all heavy with Mulitfandoms and activism, but liamxryder is the only one who doesnt, or very seldomly posts kpop. i think lol

and then for more specific intrests there’s

@knifeofdaudwall, @outsidexboxofficial, @outsidextra @junkrat-3-trash @achryathesecond all my go-to’s for gaming if im not finding it in the tags. tho only outsidexbox and outsidextra are official gaming blogs

@hellyeahteensuperheroes @timmyjaybird @dapandabanda @superheroesincolor for comics and comic related fun times

@voltronlaundryday @sir-scandalous @bext-k @dailybnha @unbreakable-red-riot @relatablepicturesofkacchan @sugarmagic @owls-are-scary for all things tv shows and memes, really. i mean they post other things but thats what i follow them for. mostly its Voltron and BNHA cuz im still getting back into anime after a long stint away in im too cool for that shitsville. but im getting over it

oh and obviously, the love of my life 
@sharkfactoftheday @sharky-sharks @gentlesharks 

because you should always love sharks 

I was going to reply to these individually but ASDFGHJ to my surprise…THEY PILED UP so I thought instead of spamming ya’ll I’ll reply to them all at once in this post! Some of these are a tad old as you can tell but I wanted to reply to them!
Also a big thank you to everyone in the tags for all the kind words on my latest piece (the shatt gif) and the support and compliments in my art! it really means a bunch to me and inspires me to create more!💕💕 imsohappy really ya’ll the best!!

OK time to get answering! below the brake sorry if I sound like a broken record I’m really ahshgasfghahfajhhda

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Harry Potter Networks

Hello! Do you know/have any active HP nets? Please reply to this post with what you know! You can also send me an ask. It’s high time someone made a masterpost with all of them with what they post | how they work tags they track. It’s not necessary to put these in the ask/reply. I can figure it out for myself. :D

Reblogging this post will help too!

This post is going to be the masterpost, so feel free to like it for bookmarking purposes.

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A Plea to Booklr

When discussing a specific book, like fangirling over something amazing that is going on, or freaking out about something horrible the author has done, please put the name of the book and the author in the original post. Put them in the tags, too, if you want, but please put them in the post, because while people can read the tags, the tags usually don’t get carried over into reblogs, and then there are the inevitable “What book is this?” posts and yes, those people could be taught to go back to the original post and read the tags, but please, just save all of us some aggravation and put the name of the book and author in the original post.

Thank you.

No Sleep

Was it requested: Naw. 

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Pairing: Gendry/reader

Rating: Your gran is going to deck me. 

Warnings: Swearing, smoking, lack of sleep. 

Summary: You share a house with Bronn, Jaime Lannister, Ramsay Bolton, Robb Stark and Jon Snow, all of them are fairly protective over you and worry when you don’t sleep one night; however, your housemates invite your boyfriend, Gendry, around for support, which results in a day filled with films, Pot Noodles, and Red Bull.*

Tagging: @lj-laufeypevensieweasley @tinaruthbelcher @sansaboltonofwinterfell

*I fucking suck at summaries. 

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10 Slots for Audio Reviews at 50 Gems per Lair!

ALRIGHT PEOPLE I’ve gotten a bit of interest from asking if people would pay 50 gems for a full-lair review so here we go!

How this is gonna work- the first 10 people to reblog this gets a slot for a 50-gem lair review from me~ I’ll post a list of the people who got it, and I’ll start recording. After I’m done recording, I’ll send you a PM on Flight Rising asking for the 50 Gems. Once I got them, I’ll post the audio review on here and tag your FR tumblr in it! When 10 people get a spot, I’ll post a list of the lucky winners and get to recording

So what I need from y’all is: A reblog of THIS post with a Lair link, and your FR tumblr so I can tag you when its done!

Keep in mind I sometimes let slip a cuss, so I may swear now and then, but that’s all~

Reader Questions Tag

The ever lovely @quillbit-reads tagged me to do these!!

Right so, immediately off the bat, I’m breaking rules here. I don’t have a huge amount of time, so I’m not tagging or adding new questions. 

1. If you could have any author over for dinner, alive or dead, who would it be?

Jane Austen, I think that she’d be fascinating dinner conversation.

2. Do you know of a book that you wish didn’t exist?

A few, but I’m not going to name them. Primarily because I’m not interested in shooting down other peoples favorite books. 

3. Favorite indie bookstore?

The Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Vermont. 

4. Favorite book quote?

“Are we not all things?” from Ruin and Rising by @lbardugo

5. Do you have any coffee table books?

SEVERAL and I love them. I’m sure that once I move into my house I’ll be taking artsy pictures of them. 

6 Have you ever been to a bookstore in a foreign country?

Many times. I’m very fond of Waterstones in the UK, but there was one bookstore in Amsterdam that I can’t currently recall the name of that was WONDERFUL

7. What do you have on your bookshelves that isn’t a book?

At the moment nothing, because I don’t have any bookshelves. But usually I’ve got plants, my funko pop dolls, book ends, pretty things

8. Favorite comic?

I don’t have one? I don’t really read them

9. Should comics count towards a book challenge?


10 How often do you use your library?

Not as often as I should. 

11. Favorite out of context quote?

“Just to be clear, you’re not using your mind powers on me right now, are you?”

Aaaargh Stunsails is finished. \o/

(We’re now cracking on into the sequel)

I also just wrote a Dickon Tarly/Sansa Stark shortie because why the fuck not. Canon can’t stop me now. Never could, really.

(I seriously can’t understand why there’s so many people in the tag going ‘Oh well, that was fun while it lasted’ like canon gets to dictate what happens in your shippy heart. Fuck no, it’s mine now, and I shall do with it whatever the hell I want. Which is usually to make them sickeningly adorably happy)

If you strike down my ship, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

Wassup b?

So, I was tagged by @rbuns for a selfie and bias thing so here it is.

Aldo, here is another with me not using a filter and my mans not using a filter as well because we both a buffet.

Someone stan me because damn, I’m cute. Lmao all jokes aside though, thank you to all and I really don’t know anyone enough to tag them in this so I’m going to let it blank but if anyone’s interested in being tagged by me (as if because I ain’t a Khaleesi or a Khal) let me know and I’ll add you and reblog this again. Thank you for the tag, pumpkin! 

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Hi! I'm a Sasuhina and Sasunaru fan and draw fanart, but honestly I'm scared to post my fanart here on Tumblr, because of the antis. I feel happy and really content while and after drawing, but when I go into the tags and see a lot of anti and negativity, I loose the will to post it at all. I feel dumb for shipping them because they're not canon, what do you think I should do? And btw love your blog!

Fuck what the antis say, you’re allowed to ship whatever you want regardless of canon status. I would honestly love to see your art, both ships are great (snh ot3 lol) and there’s never enough fanart. If someone tries giving you trouble, just direct them towards me and I’ll fight them for you. (Tumblr’s search function is so messed up though, so have you tried searching #sasuhina or #sasunaru. It helps a lot with filtering out hate imo) 

Originally posted by flowering-positivity

(Also, glad you like the blog! I’m looking forward to seeing your art!)