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hi everyone! i was thinking about uploading some of the really old photos from a few of the more prominent changsub fansites (i.e. forest, everything, dreaming days, être conquis, etc) until i catch up to where the data on this blog started, which is around late dec 2016 … my question is: do you guys want me to keep this data blog limited to just current updates in terms of photos or would you be cool with old photos being uploaded too? it would be a super slow process cuz i wouldn’t wanna spam you guys + i’d need time to go through each fansite and stuff but i can definitely work on it~ what do you guys think? yay or nay? please let me know by replying to this post ^^

Editing Watercolor Scans

Hi again, guys! Sorry again to spam your dashs, but here’s how I edit my watercolor scans. My scanner, like most scanners I’m sure, doesn’t have very good color accuracy, plus I tried out some new brown Higgins ink on this and it bled REALLY bad, so I have lots of edits to show you, lol!

This is what we’re going for with the final colors:

A photo of the painting itself.  I actually use watered down gouache for a lot of my paintings, so this one ended up “thicker” than usual watercolor. (see that smeared Higgins ink!?!?! grrrr)

The photo looks a thousand times better than the raw scan:

Here’s the problem with scanning watercolors: your scanner is probably off in color (mine’s too yellow usually), it flattens out all your cool values that you spent forever on, and the background texture of the white is annoying. If your painting doesn’t have large empty white spaces, editing is easier, but I like spot illustrations that don’t have white-paper backgrounds, so…onto to editing.

Erase the background and adjust the levels to get rid of the paper texture like yesterday (again, it’s okay if there are some fuzzballs the levels didn’t catch):

Now to deal with color correction. This is a bit of a process, and an art, and it takes lots of personal tweaking to find what you like. Because this ended up too yellow, I dropped a layer of red in, set to screen, and then because I wanted to darken her hair, I added another layer on top and painted a dark brown with the flow (under “other properties” in the brush palette) set to pen pressure, and then I set the whole layer to overlay and dropped the opacity.  I used a layer mask on this layer so I could paint roughly and clean up later. (Layer masks are the rectangle with the circle in it at the bottom of the layer palette; click that while selecting the layer you want and then you can erase parts you don’t want of that layer using a black paint brush; using white is like “erasing” the mask).  I also tend to use the hue/saturation tool (image > adjustments > hue/saturation) to tweak either the layers I lay on top to get the right color or the entire painting itself (for pieces that require less editing, that’s sometimes all I do).

Then I fix the fuzzballs and ink smears (thank you Higgins) using a white paint brush and the rubber stamp tool like yesterday:

And after looking at the color rough and seeing that I liked her face better in it, I used the rubber stamp tool to change her face shape a bit.  I also added some black to her eyelashes because they had been lightened more than I wanted by the screen layer of red.


Not all of my watercolors require this much editing, but I learned my lesson with Higgins ink – it does not like thick gouache under it! :P I guess it worked as a demo though because I had a lot to change. Adjusting the colors with overlay layers, hue/saturation, or the color balance tool (image > adjustments > color balance) just takes experimentation and practice, but this is why I label half of my pieces “mixed media,” haha! Anyway, I hope this was helpful to some of you and thanks again for reading! :)



- #dan
- he hasn’t been outside today
- he woke up like this :D
- younowception
- he was in Sweden filming a thing (with the BBC)
- his trip to Sweden
- his bed was messy
- his birthday
- Top Fans
- he wore sweatpants :D
- he’s been listening to ‘Drones’ a lot
- long train journeys (traveling)
- he finished reading ‘Paper Towns’
- d&p were invited for the screening of Paper Towns
-> really enjoyed the movie
->Cara was very great
- the Final Fantasy 7 remake
- his fave ‘American Horror Story’ character is Jessica Lange in ‘Coven’
- Game Of Thrones
- he’s gonna try going vegan for a month (starting next week)
- the 'Matilda’ musical
- rant about video games
- his twitter icon
'I know i’m a memelord but this just goes too far’
- Michael Clifford’s accident
- the Pete Wentz prank
- aw Pete Wentz apologized via DM
- the 'hullo’ story
(BBC let’s their guests call their contacts with a blocked number and Dan just tries to protect himself incase it’s a Fan or a spam number calling him)
- “don’t ever think i change people..i’m still the awkward guy”
- “you’re my friends,special snowflakes,equal people”
- his 2 million followers on Twitter
- his caps lock tweet :D
- “i appreciate you for appreciating my sense of humor”
- rant about vegan
- he did some background work on his project
- he’ll go somewhere this weekend
- the Dil video
- he’s very proud of their gaming videos AW
- the road sign in Sweden
- Dan took a selfie of himself first before he took the photo of the road sign
- he stayed a bit longer :)
- Sweden (he loves Sweden and it’s culture)
- liveshow next tuesday
- he doesn’t go outside but he travels a lot
-“love you to bits”
- “thanks for consuming my existents and i hope you’re happy” (he was super cute at the end there!!! :’)

That was it!! x tysm for reading!

MENTIONED PHIL: ||||| || (7)

In honor of the fact that it’s been a year since I began that @crystal-grumps fusion spree, I decided to draw another precious bab.

This is @anna-mator/@annacpadilla‘s Howlite, who is of course a fusion between Dan and Jon. And c’mon let’s face it, it’s scientifically proven that any Dan/Jon fusion is going to be the most pleasant, soft, Not-Grump-At-All guy ever

Tronnor One shot

Hi so this is my first fanfic, it’s based on Troyes interview when he’s talking about his best kiss. I hope you enjoy :)


Troye’s POV

I woke up in our hotel room next to my green-eyed dork of a boyfriend with our legs tangled in each other’s. “Morning Tro” he said stroking my head which was lying on his chest, “morning Con” I replied in my groggy morning voice. “What do you want to do today babe?” He asked me while attempting to climb out of bed but I stopped him by pulling him back next to me, “I just wanna lie here all day”
“you can’t just stay in bed all day Troye, we’re in New York, let’s explore!” I rolled my eyes at his enthusiastic tone and I didn’t even bother trying to argue back because I knew he would win, so I dragged myself out of bed and went to get changed.


I kept bumping into Connor because he would run off then stop just to take a picture, yeh that’s how annoying he gets when he’s taking pictures for Instagram, although it is cute and I enjoy seeing him do something he’s passionate about. I looked up and a really tall building with people standing at the top caught my eye, “hey Con!” I shouted trying to get the attention of the boy that had now ran off to take pictures of anything that catches his eye, I caught up with him and asked if we could go to the top of it. He just looked at me and smirked and in seconds I was being pulled along by Connor who was running towards the building.


“Holy shit, that view is incredible,” I said looking down at New York City during sunset, “hey troye can you take a picture of me looking out at the city please?”
“Yeh of course.” I took his phone and started taking hundreds of pictures of him looking out on the beautiful city. Ugh he’s so hot when he poses for photos, his eyes would always go really deep like he’s looking at something he’s in love with. Once I finished spamming his phone with pictures of him on the edge of this building, I go to sit next to him and enjoy the view as well. It’s silent for a few moments until he turns to me and says, “it’s so beautiful”
“It really is” I reply turning to face him. Now I’m not the type of guy who likes cheesy romances but this was just the perfect scene, like you would see in movies. So I brought my hand up to his jaw and stared into his deep, green eyes, “I love you so much Connor”
“I love you too Troye.” I cupped his face in my hands as he wrapped his arms around my torso and I leaned in closing the gap between us and softly placing my lips on his. The kiss deepened as we started moving in sync and pulling each other closer, I felt his hands moving up my back so I wrapped my arms around his neck as he let out a soft moan, when he did this his moth opened slightly, I took advantage of this and stitch my tongue in swirling it around his mouth and ended by biting his bottom lip gently. Our foreheads rested on each other’s for a while as he softly placed small pecks on my lips and stared into my eyes with a slight smirk on his face. We just sat there for the rest of the time with me wrapped up in his arms and my head in the crook of his neck. Holy shit I’m so in love with this boy.


I hit 5,000 followers last night! Hooray!

So in celebration I’m going to be reblogging all of my favorite posts starting tomorrow morning. Why the fuck not? These boys are hotties and there are some pretty delicious photos and gifs in my favorites tag!

If you’d rather not have the line of Durin’s beautiful mugs coming at ya every 10-15 minutes please blacklist “5k spam’ - although I’m pretty sure blacklisting these beautiful beasts would make you insane. 

And a huge THANK YOU to all of you, old and new - you are a crazy, wonderful, inspirational, creative, and hilarious bunch. I love you guys!

Hey i just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you guys who came to my defence over this stupid photo drama thing, i got quite a lot of messages and you guys are all so sweet. I figured i’d say thank you to you all at once by making this post so that way im not spamming everyone’s dashboard haha :* Honestly guys you’re fabulous and major respect for you all, i just wanna give you all a hug for it so this is like a little group hug message haha :) 
And to the anons that started it, shh your faces please, i will not go suck a dick no matter how many times you tell me to. 


For the pjofandomfaces day. Having a go at being a Roman and then a Greek. Then at the very top of the Empire State Building with my Percy lol <3 (we had some crazy passes that let us go further up then the general public. Was kinda sad that we didn’t see Olympus :P) then with some of my girls (I’m in the bottom left then bottom right is blessedjessed, top right is kataraqui and then my lovely cousin).

It’s so lovely to see everyone in the fandom today! :D Hi guys around the world! You are all so wonderful <3