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I wish I’d taken a screencap of the post you made and then deleted after I messaged you that just said “Lmfaooo” and was tagged #not #op.

I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are still as good a person as I remember you being, but apparently you aren’t. I don’t know what reason you have to be stalking my blog but since you are most pointedly not answering my message, the only conclusion I’m seeing here is that you are being malicious.

Were you hoping to find that I’m not doing well or something? If that’s the case then I’m sorry to let you down, but I’m doing great. This has been my best semester in school so far, I’m about to land my dream job, I have amazing friends, and I have an incredible girlfriend.

I’m really disappointed in you, Sara. I genuinely thought you were better than this.

Hfjfgdh time to change my url again like an indecisive pric k


Things I’ve learned about myself during this VLIVE:

- I’m Mingyu trash;
- I could stare at Mingyu’s gorgeous face for a whole Eternity;
- I am a sucker for his canines;
- Shy!Gyu is a concept I live by;
- Still Mingyu trash;
- I love Mingyu more than I thought I did;
- I love how he pronounces Wonwoo’s name;
- I love his efforts to not look too awkward while doing all of this;
- I love how he actually has huge boyfriend potential in him;
- “You’re mine” - d e s t r o y e d;
- My loyalty towards Wonwoo decreases if Mingyu’s around (but everyone knows that by now LOL);
- His smile can both break my heart into a tiny million pieces AND rebuild it into something new holy moly what a man;
- His gaze makes me choke on thin air;
- All of him leaves me numb in every sense of the word;
- I’m Mingyu trash and I love it.

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jesus i follow like 100 blogs that have an h as the url but here u go,, im putting more than 5 bc i cant leave them all out lmao

@harrysimpact​ // @harryisiconic // @harryokay // @harryqstyles // @hazzaog // @hsrold // @habibharry // @harlodst // @heart-attack-harry // @harryguccistyles

i have a ton more that i follow on my blog roll that is here!!

send me a letter and i tell you my 5 favorite blogs starting with that letter!!


If you want to put my art on any other website I am OK WITH IT so long as YOU CREDIT ME. And I don’t just mean putting my tumblr name PLEASE LINK IT FROM WHERE YOU FOUND IT, be it THIS TUMBLR OR MY DEVIANTART (which I have a link to it on my blog). 

Recently a lot of people have been seeing my art on pinterest and I am fine with that but for god’s sake LINK IT. That’s all I’m asking. Otherwise I’m going to have to keep putting my full tumblr and deviantart urls on my future works and it just makes it look ugly. 

I mean I’m very generous and I make a LOT of FREE fanart ok, if you like it what you see, link it proper or I’ll stop posting free art.


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Hey, I have a question regarding deleted fics. I'm on mobile and can't seem to get the faq working and I don't know if it's a point on there. I was wondering how you find out if a fic has been deleted? Like is it just the typical 'not working' thing? That could mean that there is a URL change right? Sorry, if this sounds rude, I really just want to help 🙈

this isn’t rude at all! It’s a great question! Finding out if a fic has been deleted is both harder and easier than URL change, in that.. if you can’t find the url change, it’s most likely to just be a deleted fic! 

Usually, what I do, is if, when I click on a link, if I am taken to the authors blog and a “not found” is in place of the post, I go to the authors fic page/and or put /search/keyword into their url, and see if I can find the fic! If I can’t find the fic, chances are JUST the fic was deleted!

However, if I’m taken to a “page not found” when I click the link, then I go about these steps outlined here to determine if there was a url change. If nothing can be found, I have to assume the author has deleted completely! 

Sometimes, we just happen to know that the author has a wattpad, or an ao3, or an, either because someone told us, or because we’re an active reader of that author. That’s the best news, because then we can determine for certain that the fics were not fully deleted and were not re-posted except for by the original author! If you want to know any authors we already know the url or site change for, you can click right here! We’ve been updating it alongside the link fixes on the blog from your guys help with communitycleanup!

I hope this helps even just a little bit!

- Eliza

I made something with my awesome photoshop  skills 8’)

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Im gonna thrill you right now. Im gonna blow your tits clean off. go into google translate and put my url in there and ask it to translate from polish



I’ve decided to go ahead and leave this blog and start fresh.  You can find me here @michaelxtrevino.  I’ll be keeping this blog as an archive.  Thanks to everyone who has followed me, liked and reblogged my junk, for all the great conversation, and for putting up with my bullshit. Y’all are the greatest.  



Deoxyrebornicleic/Rebornica/Dapper-Deoyxs Callout 2.0

Since I have since aqquired new information and they changed their url, I have decided to redo the old callout. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE INFORMATION BUT MAKE IT RELEVANT!

TW: emotional manipulation, self harm, threats, incest mention, rape, gaslighting, among other things I’ve forgotten to add.

Old callout ( not mine )

Emotionally manipulating people by threatening to harm themselves

Comparing using someone’s characters to rape | Analysis of the comic

Freaking out over a gender headcanon

Having their fans attack someone they don’t like, nearly driving them to suicide

Namedrops, vague/indirect hostile posts

Never apologies for their wrong doings ( and uses their schizophrenia as an excuse )


They’re against neopronouns other than Xe/xir and ze/zir *

They’re Truscum *

* = added by @diamondheartwc (thank you so much)


That being said, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM HATE, but I strongly suggest you STOP supporting them.

EDIT: They deleted a lot the new posts I added
I’m moving accounts

since I’m starting to refollow people on my new account, I’m gonna go ahead and put up my new url, @gay-ass-skeleton.

please read my links there before refollowing me, as some of them have changed and there’s some important new information.

eventually I will change that url back to this one, when I’ve stopped posting here for good.

Edit: this is rly old im gonna make a new post hhhhh i need more otherkin friends

like/reblog if you’re 

ghostkin, mothkin, plantkin, forest-related kin

any otherkin in general tbh 

(if you’re over 20 or a cis male id prefer if u didn’t contact me thank u)

if you wanna add me on skype go ahead, it’s andalusites ! please put your tumblr url in the invite though!


so im back.

anyway you guys, i know i haven’t been here for the comeback at all and i’m really sorry abt that - the thing is i (unfortunately) don’t think i’m invested enough in the group to keep this sideblog running. i haven’t even listened to the album :( it’s just.. i don’t know i don’t feel connected to the group or their music that much anymore. i feel really bad about that but i can’t really help it? it’s not smth that i want to feel but i do and that makes me feel really bad. 

i still love the group and will stay updated on comebacks and such but i don’t think i still stan them per say and for that reason i think i’m going to deactivate this sideblog and put this URL UFT :( 

as i said, ill still be keeping up with the group so i can still remain mutuals with some of y’all from my main blog @taegnsic 

thank u for all the follows on this blog and for everyone who interacted with me or my posts - i love all of u