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Series: Apocalyptic

Title: Baby

Photo/GIF credit goes to original owner/maker.

I was out on my own, searching for anyone that may have been in need of help. The folks a couple of towns over had said they’d seen a pregnant woman wondering by.

They tried to help her, but she never would accept it.

I decided to keep an eye out for her as I scavenged.

In the distance, I could hear leaves shuffling and twigs snapping. I paused in the middle of the road, turning my head to the side to listen.

That was one serious advantage that I had; great hearing. At the sound of boots, I took off in a dead run, trying to find a place to hide.

A gun cocked and a man shouted at me, making me flinch, “Don’t move sweet ass!”

I rolled my eyes, holding my hands up.

“Go get the boss,” he whispered to someone.

More feet thundered on the ground.

“Now slowly, turn around and get on your knees.”

I did as I was told.

I watched as a group of men made a half circle around me, all watching me with curious or lustful glances.

“Now boys, back up a bit. Give the lady some fuckin’ room to breath.”

A tall, lean man with dark hair and salt and pepper beard, advanced towards me at a leisurely pace. He had a bat wrapped in barbed wire propped on his shoulder.

He licked his lips as he neared me, squatting down to get down to more my level.

“What’s your name Sweetheart?” His voice, though rugged and smooth sounding, left no room for arguments.

I swallowed nervously, “Y/N Fairway,”

He kissed his teeth at my name, looking me up and down, “I’m Negan,”

“Hel-” I paused, turning my head to the right.

What was that sound?

“What are-”

“Hush!” I scolded Negan.

I focused on the rocky rode, trying to listen as close as possible.

There; I heard it! It was the faintest wail of a baby.

I stood quickly, having all the men point their guns at me.

Negan held up a hand, watching me, “What the fuck is going on?”

I turned in a small circle, pin pointing the exact spot, “A baby!”

I took off running down the road, only to be brought up short at the sight of a small horde of zombies coming from the woods.

That’s what all the leaves shuffling and twig snapping was about.

“Simon!” Negan yelled.

A group of men went over, taking them out.

“Listen Doll, you’re either bat shit crazy or I’m deaf, but I don’t hear a goddamn baby.” Negan said, straining to hear.

I ran towards an abandoned wedding shop, pushing the door open.

I heard growling, snarling and choking as well as the baby crying.

“Help me,” a faint voice called out.

Towards the back was another door, that two walkers were trying to get into.

Negan whistled, making me jump.

The walkers came towards us, snapping their jaws and their arms out stretched. Negan swung with his bat, the thick clunck of wood against skull, nauseating.

The other came towards me. I didn’t have my weapon on me, so I ripped an arm off a mannequin.

Thrusting is forward, it dented in the face of the walker with a wet squelch. The growling stopped as it fell to a heap in the floor.

Not paying any attention to Negan, I ran to the door and carefully entered.

A woman was propped up against the wall, sitting in a pool of blood, near death.

“My… my… baby,” she breathed.

A bloody, gooey covered baby laid between her legs, shaking and crying.

Using the last of her strength, the woman panted out her last words, “Save… her…”

I ripped off my backpack, and took off my shirt.

I had to work quickly before the mother turned.

“Scissors and a shoelace; get them out of the bag, now!” I ordered.

Negan put his bat down, immediately helping me.

I shushed the poor baby, using the shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord. He handed me the scissors, watching me as I cut the cord.

Once that was done, I laid out my shirt and gently lifted the screaming newborn and wrapped her up.

“Hush, baby. It’s okay.” I soothed.

I craddled her to my bra clad chest, letting her have what body heat I had.

“Here,” Negan’s voice startled me.

He stood, taking off his leather jacket and helping me get my arms in. He then zipped it up with the baby against me.

“Thank you,” I said, softly.

He didn’t smile, but his eyes held a kindness that I hadn’t seen in a long while.

“No problem.”

The dead mother gurgled, falling to the side and reaching out for us.

I gasped, stepping back as Negan put his arm out in front of the baby and I.

“Go on out in main. I’ll take care of her.”

I waited, gently swaying my body to soothe the hungry baby.

I flinched as I heard the bat connect with the walker.
In the truck, I sat in between the driver and Negan. Fat Joey was his name, I believe.

The baby was doing everything she could to find a source of food. She was sucking on her fist, whimpering and it was breaking my heart.

Negan placed his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him, “We have a doctor and baby supplies at The Sanctuary.”

I nodded, not wanting to speak and startle the little one.

Once there, Negan led me to the Health Hall and demanded the doctor get in there immediately.

He stayed with us as he checked the baby out. It was all good news, which I was relieved of.

Negan then took us to his main home and I saw a gaggle of risqué dressed women lounging around.

They perked up when they spotted me, most glowering and snearing; saying that I was in Negan’s jacket and what right did I have.

From there, a bottle was fixed and warm water was ran in an oversized sink for the baby’s bath.

He helped me out of his jacket, watching as I fed and burped the baby.

“You’re good with her,” he said.

“I use to have a daughter… she was bitten at the beginning.”

“Aww shit,” he cursed, rubbing his hand over his beard, “I’m sorry, Sweetheart.”

I just nodded, focusing on the baby.

He helped as I bathed her, getting all the dried afterbirth off of her new skin.

Negan placed the towel on his chest and hands, ready to take her.

“Don’t drop her now,” I told him, getting her from the water.

“Give me a little credit woman,” he chuckled.

The smile left his face once the baby was in his hands, “Oh shit,”

“Yeah, uh huh. Thought you knew it all, didn’t you?”

He grumbled, letting me wrap the baby up. He craddled her to his chest, shushing her gently.

I wondered if he was a father before the apocalypse hit?


How One Day Changed Everything - Redux (Dean’s POV)

Dean x Reader

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Summary: She’s been Dean’s best friend since when he was four. But is she just that?  (Best friends to lovers - College AU)

Prompt: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

A/N: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Someone is shaking his shoulder, forcing Dean out of his dream and into the real word. “Idontwantanyhats.” The fuck did he just say? He tries again, “What?” and turns on his back, the light blinding him and making his head split open. He covers his eyes with his forearm, but he knows it’s her, her smell is already embracing him. “What time is it? When’d you get back?”

“5 am. Right now. Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?

God, why is she talking so fast? “Wait, slow down. 5 am?!” Had her trip home made her insane? Or had she missed him so much she couldn’t wait to see him? Because he missed her too, a lot. And then it hits him. “Wait, what? I’m not naked,” he states, and lifts the covers by reflex, only to find that he is. “Crap.” Had she seen any of that? No, wait, probably just his butt.

“Got drunk last night?”

His headache is screaming yes.

“Yeah, sorry, must have confused the rooms,” he replies, moving into a seated position and cupping his forehead with a hand. “Man, I feel like shit.”

With the corner of his eye, he can see her walking towards her suitcase, and he does a double take, confirming to himself that yes, she’s in her panties. And look at her walking away - Holy - He looks away just before she turns around and walks back to hand him a bottle. “Drink up.”

Ugh, water. He groans but knows that all that alcohol last night dehydrated him badly, so grabs the bottle and gulps down half of it. His mouth is less dry, but he’s otherwise the same. “Ugh. Still feeling like shit.” He wipes his mouth and throws an eye at her, only to find her with a hand in front of her eyes. What’s that about? He’s still covered by the sheets, isn’t he? … Yes, so what is happening? “What’s wrong with you?”

“Huh? Nothing, just tired.” Well, all right. She probably drove all night, it wouldn’t be a mystery if she had a headache too. “You didn’t bring Cassie here, though, right?” She says. “Otherwise I’m revoking your key privileges.”

Cassie, right. Funny story that one. It’s not like he left her for his best friend. The same best friend he’s sure he’s in love with. Better to save this conversation for a time when he can think straight. “No, ‘twas just me,” he replies, and hands back the bottle. “Hey, can you see any of my clothes?”

She bends down and he looks away, feeling too disrespectful. Besides, his lower brain has already too much power as it is. His boxer falls on his laps and he takes them and puts them on from under the covers. “Want me to go?” He asks, even though he hopes she’ll say no.

“No, you can stay. Scoot over.”

He smiles and tries to get comfortable. “Nope. Your turn to take that side.” But as soon as he says that, he realizes it was a bad idea because now she has to climb over him to reach the other side. In her defense, she does this as innocently as possible, trying not to put a hand on him, but her leg does brush him on his boxers region, and his little friend down there might be starting to rise to say hello, so he decides it’s a good time to think about planes crashing, and the Impala getting smashed by a truck. Impala destroyed. Impala destroyed. All right. Nice.

“Can you turn that stupid lamp off? It’s killing my eyes.”

He groans, then turns on his side to flip the light switch off. Lying down again, he tries to find a good position and tries and tries. He could turn towards her, but what if he gets a boner during the night? No, too many precedents already. How about -

“D, I’m about to suffocate you with this pillow, I swear.”

Maybe on his stomach…? Oh, yes. Nice and comfy, and close to her with his arm draped across her middle. “I don’t care who dies, I’m not gonna move again,” he mumbles, closing his eyes.

She hums in agreement and rests her hand on his arm. Aww, nice. He smiles to himself. Now he can go back to sleep.

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Cold Shoulder

Requested by: @midnightdarknesstaylor 


“Don’t smile at me,” I said bitterly to Roman who thought it was a good idea to come sit next to me in the club room backstage before the show.

“That’s just my face, I’m a happy guy. You should try it,” he said calmly.

“No thank you, I like my resting bitch face, especially if you don’t like it,”

He kissed his teeth and shook his head, “Shame, such a waste of beauty,”

I slammed my magazine shut and glared at him, my breathing exagerrated as my chest heaved up and down visibly.

“I know it’s hard for you go get through a day without bullying people but can you please just leave me alone?”

“I’m not doing anything, I’m just sitting here in the room minding my own business, you’re the one talking to me.”

“Fine, have the room to yourself. Enjoy it,”

“Aaaw damn, she’s mad,” he said and then start laughing as I huffed and puffed, picking up my stuff to leave.

The man really grinded my gears. I was one of the few, if not only, people who couldn’t  tolerate him. His ‘stunning’ looks didn’t conceal how much of a dick he was; cocky, arrogant and overall self-entitled. He walked around here like he owned the damn place and everyone fell for it; his wrestling 'bro’s’ as he called them, loved his pretentious ass, the Divas had him on their lists and watch. They loved him for the same reasons I hated him.

The cockiness, they’d say:

“He’s so confident it’s sexy,”

About the self-entitlement and manwhoring ways:

“If I were him I’d get as much ass as I could too, why not? You’re blessed with those looks for a reason,”

And overrall annoyingness, borderline bullying personality:

“Aww he’s so charming and sweet, a very good sense of humour. Such a playful guy, I like that in a man.”

What the fuck? Where?

He wasn’t oblivious to how I felt about him, I suppose that’s why he made the extra effort to annoy me. It was my punishment for not appreciating him in all his glory. Besides, the feeling was mutual on his part. He’d make that clear everytime I was in close proximity.

“Mhhh, your ass is jiggling,” he called out as I headed to the door.

I was tempted to turn around and comment, but I thought against it. He thrived on this kinda verbal tennis match.

“Bye bye Y/N, see you soon,”

“For fuck’s sake Roman, what’re you? 5?!” I exclaimed, I couldn’t bite my tongue. I tried.

“No actually,” he said lying down lengthways on the couch and clasping his hands behind his head. “I’m 8,”

“This is why you’re single!”

“My main goal in life,” he laughed. “Means I can have all the sex I want without worrying about anyone. Y'know me Y/N…I’m not built for emotions, right? Isn’t that what you said?”

“Fuck you,”

“I’m right here, frankly, I could use some before our match, take the edge off.”

“Fuck yourself,” I rolled my eyes and finally left.

“So, you’re alright man? About the Y/N thing?” Dolph asked Roman

“It’s not me whooping her ass, it’s Naomi, besides, I’m happy to see her in those little shorts up close,”

Dolph frowned in confusion and looked at Xavier for support, who only reciprocated the expression.

“Not the match, as in she and Seth?”

“It’s part of the script, relax. Besides, why do I care? Wait, why do you keep making those faces? What’s up?”

“Seth’s gonna ask her to be his date to Hall of Fame,”

“What?” Roman said louder than he needed to.

“Yeah man, he pretty much told everyone in the locker room, he’s gonna do it after the match,”

Roman heaved a sigh, a frustrated one at that. Seth knew exactly how Roman felt about Y/N, despite the front he put on. All that stuff he said to her, teasing her and annoying, was just his own way of expressing himself. He really liked her. Everyone knew and they teased him about it. But that was typical Seth; going after what Roman had his eyes set on. Sometimes he’d do it just for the fun of it too. No wonder why their friendship had fallen apart in recent months.

“Whatever, she’s not my girl, and if she says yes to him, then she’s not worth it. The guy’s a dick and everyone knows it.” Roman said standing up. “I gotta get ready for my match, see y'all later.”


I could tell something was wrong with Roman as we stood in the ring; me and Seth side by side, he and Naomi. We’d rehearsed this and I remember everytime that we did, he taunted me with that smile of his. Tonight, in front of the crowd, that charm was gone. He was serious. Angry.

Maybe it was for show; he and Seth weren’t exactly on the best terms anymore, but they’d managed to patch their differences for the sake of the job. And they often spoke backstage, though things weren’t the same. So I knew it wasn’t that. So maybe he was just fulfilling his role in the script. But even then, he didn’t ease up when he was addressing Naomi in their little corner.

I wasn’t wrong. When the match started, he was aggressive and the referee had to keep intervening. Seth picked up on it too. He tagged me in, to settle the situation. Roman tagged Naomi in.

She went in for the kill, pulling me into her by my hair and into a headlock; dragging us both onto the floor. She pinned me and by the count of two, Seth ran in to distract her, only making Roman come in after him. They started brawling and the bells rang.

“The winners by disqualification, Roman and Naomi,” Eden announced as instructed.

But obviously it wasn’t enough for Roman. He pursued Seth as he slid out of the ribg; the rage on the man’s face was fear inducing.

“Roman! Roman! Stop! Stop!” I ran up behind him, pulling at his limbs but it was fruitless considering the size and strength in his arms. “You’re hurting him! Stop!”

“Good job then,” he said, dragging Seth by the hair and throwing him at the staircase.

The crowd cheered, 'this is awesome’ unaware that this wasn’t part of the screen. To amplify the situation, several security ran into the set, trying to hold Roman back but he was still in a belligerent mood, throwing them away from the grip on him.

“Roman, calm down,” one of them tried to reason with him from a distance. “Let’s get you backstage, we can sort something out.”

Roman paced back and forth angrily, his hands pushing his wet tentacles of hair back. If it wasn’t such a heated moment, I’d have been so turned on.

“What’s going on?” I muttered to Naomi, facing away from the cameras that were still rolling.

I suppose they had to keep rolling otherwise it’d raise a red flag that there was a genuine tension and off-the-script moment. Not what the company needed.

“I dunno, he’s just been in a bad mood since before we came out,” she said looking just as confused as I was.

I glanced at the man in question; our eyes locked. He slowed down and kept looking at me. It’d petrified me because I didn’t want to deal with him like this. It was all fun and games when he was annoying me, but this side of him was a surprise to me.

“I think you should talk to him, he might listen to you,” I urged Naomi, to stop him from looking at me.

She nodded and walked cautiously towards him. Her back was to me. I saw him nod. Then he clasped his hands behind his back. And then he rolled his eyes and said something, gesturing it with his hands. Eventually, his body language relaxed and I watched her lead him out of the way. I had no choice but to follow but I let them go a few seconds ahead to avoid a confrontation.

He was gone, I was sure of it, by tomorrow, they’d be shortening his contract after that stunt, giving him weeks if not days to sort himself out. Bye bye Roman.


“You bastard!” I marched up to him the next day at the table in catering, not caring that he had his friends around him.

“Hey Princess,” he smiled as if all was peachy.

“Don’t - urgh, whatever shit you have against Seth, do not put me in the middle of it! What’s wrong with you?” I was yelling at this point.

His calm demeanour was pissing me off.

“I do not want to be associated with you by any means, I only tolerate you because we are bound by this fucking job. Stay away from me and don’t use me as an excuse to fuel your ego,”

“Whoa, don’t flatter yourself sweetie,” he chuckled. “It had nothing to do with you. It was between Seth and I. Men’s business. You wouldn’t know anything about that,”

His friends snickered. I now felt humiliated and inspired to outdo him if he wanted to embarass me like that!

“What are you doing here anyway? Haven’t they sacked you yet?”

“I’m still here aren’t I?” He smiled again. “Guess what Princess? I had a meeting this morning about my atrocious behaviour last night and I was this close to getting sacked but guess what? Apparently the WWE fans loved a badass Samoan flipping out. Good TV someone said, and Dean correct me if I’m wrong…didn’t Vince say that it garnered the most views online?”

“Uh yeah,” Dean said hesitantly. Caught off-guard.

“So I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” he faked sadness. “Tsk, must be a bad day for you huh? Cheer up Princess, your time will come. Besides, you still get to see me, good news right?”

I didn’t even know why I thought it was a good idea talking and reasoning with him. Naomi had spilled the tea when I met with her a few hours ago about what last night was all about.

I couldn’t help it, I was flattered. Well I shouldn’t have been because my ego wants me to hate the man. But gotdamn, Roman was pining for me? To be fair, he pined after anything on legs, but Naomi was adamant that he was about more than the physical with me.

“That’s why he teases you all the time, add it up girl, you’re smarter than that. You know it,” she’d said over our coffee date before practice at the Performance Centre. “And I think the only reason why you pretend to hate him is because he’s never acknowledged you sexually the way he does all the other girls, admit it. You want him to look at you like that, like he wants to fuck your brains out?”

“What makes you think that?”

“Uh, because he’s irresistible. I’m married, but I know, Jimmy knows, you know, hell even Roman knows he is too damn fine for his own good. And it wouldn’t hurt if he dipped his fingers in that cookie jar,”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said sipping my beverage.

“I’m just saying, find a way, get in there because y'all need to take that edge off.”

“I wouldn’t even touch him with a pole,” I lied.

“Yeah but the man fought for your ass last night…” And that’s how the story unfolded.


“No, seriously, I’m fine, I got it, thanks,” I said bitterly to the pair of men who’d approached me at the bar, each on either side of me.

It was typical; the bartender had to take long with my drink too. I wasn’t even in the mood to come out; damn the girls for coercing me. It was tradition anyway; we always celebrated the last night in the city. Initially it was just the girls, then their boyfriends on started coming, before we knew it most guys joined us and it just became standard.

“Can I at least get a dance?” the persistent one in a red shirt offered.

“I’m good,”


“Because I don’t wanna dance. Sorry.”

“Damn, you’re a stuck up bitch aren’t you?” His friend commented.

“Yeah, it’s fun. Y'should try it,” I said calmly, owning it. I’d been called worse.

And it seemed to work. So I thought, because they stopped harassing me. I got my drink and went to walk away, but red shirt and grabbed my ass. I stopped momentarily, shutting my eyes tightly to get it together. Let’s be real, I wasn’t gonna start something with them, despite knowing I had back-up. I just turned around and glared at him. He winked at me.

“See ya later babe,”

“Asshole, fuck you,”


It was just my luck though, when I returned to our booth, it was just Roman sitting in our reserved area overlooking the entire ground floor. Though he just sat there his phone in hand as he went through it. From
one devil to the next; better the devil I knew I supposed.

“Why did you let them harass you like that?” Roman sounded angry, more at me than the sexual predators.

I frowned at him.

“I saw it happen Y/N,”

“I didn’t let them, I just ignored them. I wasn’t born with the privilege of being free from sexual harassment or using my fist to tame two grown men. I used to use the 'I have a boyfriend’ excuse but it got tired, they don’t ever care. You don’t need to worry about me. I handled it well, thanks.”

“Oh did you? Which part, the part where he groped your ass?”

“What can I say? I was born with it,”

“Were you born with an attitude too?”

“Yeah, it keeps people away. Makes it easier to keep my enemies far far away,”

“Isn’t it 'keep your enemies close’?”

“Mhhh, you imagine it Roman, would you keep me close, as an enemy?”

He brought his glass to his lips and looked at me over it, his eyes set on me.

“I’d keep you real close,” his voice lowered. “Literally, figuratively, physically,”

“Oh yeah, of course. The manwhore’s out to play tonight,” I chuckled over my glass.

“Nah, I’m sober baby, I mean it. I don’t hate you,” he said tenderly. “At all, it’s you that has a problem with me. I just like playing with you,”

“I don’t hate you,” I said, my voice now quieter, avoiding eye contact. “I just…think you’re all about you and don’t care about who you hurt,”

“Is this about last night with Seth? Because that was very calculated and I care that I hurt him. I wanted to hurt him, that’s why I went out of my way to hurt him,”

“Tsk, no Roman. Be nice. I mean - you know what I’m talking about.”

He groaned and ran a hand over his face.

“You didn’t call me back, so I didn’t call you back either,” he defended himself.

“You know why I didn’t call you first,”

“Ah don’t give me that gender bullshit. I gave you my number so you could call me; so the ball could be in your court. When you didn’t call, I thought fine, I get the message. I’m not gonna push her.”

I sighed, defeated by his valid point.

“But you didn’t need to start flirting with every girl on the Diva’s team in my face,”

“And you didn’t need to be all over y'now who,”

“I only did it to make you jealous, so you could make a move,”

“I did it for the same reason,” he said and suddenly we became silent as we absorbed it all in. He laughed at the epiphany as it hit me too. “I guess we were just tryna outdo each other when all we needed to do was talk,”

“I’m not a big talker anyway,” I joked, waving my hand dismissively.

He chortled, “Yeaaaah right, shut that shit up. This morning in catering definitely proved that,”

I hissed, “Not my finest moment,”

“You looked fine to me, you’re cute when you’re all pissy, and you know me; I couldn’t let you outdo me,”

“Of course,”

“Come here, let’s talk, properly,”

“About what?” I faked innocence.

“About us. About how I’m about to start a serious chase on this woman,”

“You chase women?” I gasped.

“Errm, only ones with fiery attitudes and don’t like to call dudes first. Those are definitely my type. Keep me on toes and make me work," 

Asks!After a loong long time ;;w;;

Anonymous said: Okay but your coloring… HOW?!

Anonymous said: I love your bright colors! If it’s not a bother would you consider making tutorial posts on coloring? Thanks! (If you’re busy and can’t do it it’s okay too^^)

Since many people asked already…

rest of the questions under the cut OwO:

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Fright Night - Roman Reigns

Request: Can I have a Halloween WWE imagine where Roman comes home only to see his wife (reader) and their child (you can pick gender) dressed up in costume and telling each other cute scary stories … Then he interrupts by scaring them only for it to blow in his face cause the reader ends up socking him right in the jaw while there child kicks his shin and then he says some sort of cliché thing about being welcomed home .. Lol please xoxo
Word Count: 1008
Warnings: Not anything I can think of, just spooky goodness

A/N: First Halloween themed request and it sure is a cutie! I hope you don’t mind but I decided to use Roman Reigns’ real daughter’s name, if she seems “OOC” that’s because I literally don’t know how Roman’s daughter acts. I’ve only ever seen her in that commercial singing I’m a little teapot. XD <3

Roman’s POV

Twenty minutes after I had had my tag match with Dean and Raw had finished for the night, I swung my gym bag over my shoulder, making my way through backstage to the exit that lead to the car park. I heard them distantly starting to pack up all the staging and the familiar scraping and scratching of the ring being folded up and put away. A smile crept on my face as I remembered when it was my role to help with the ring, that was a few years ago now. I bumped into Dean as I reminisced.

“Hey Roman are we gonna hit the bar tonight, grab a couple beers, see Halloween off in style!” He said, probably still hyped from the killer main event we had had. I swear Ambrose was the only guy I knew who could go from being the most chilled out person you could meet to wanting to down ten shots and back flip off the Empire State Building in mere seconds. It was crazy, just like him.

“Nah man, I’m heading home to Y/N and Joelle. Gotta chase those nasty monsters away.” I chuckled, Halloween was such a great season.

“Okay, guess I’m just gonna have to drag a couple of NXT guys away from the Performance centre to paint the town red. But you owe me one!” He said backing away with his arms in the air, pointing at me.

“Yeah Dean whatever.” I said as he scampered off, I better keep my phone on, who knows what trouble that Lunatic could get in to?

I went outside to the parking lot and clambered in my car, chucking my bag in the backseat as I flicked on the radio.

I pulled into the driveway and got out of my car, deciding to leave my bag it could wait till morning. I strode up to the door and opened it, letting myself in quietly in case if the unlikely event that Joelle was already asleep. I paused as I closed it about me, I could hear voices coming from the living room. Cautiously, I made my way along the hallway, if it was a burglar, they had sure picked the wrong house to break into.

The lights were off but I could clearly see there was no burglar, Joelle was dressed up in a pretty frock with a matching tiara on her head looked on in awe at Y/N sitting cross legged on the floor telling spooky stories. Y/N’s witch’s hat looked like it had long been forgotten laying by her side but she still held an old broom in one hand and a torch held beneath her face in her other. They hadn’t noticed I was there, a smile crept up on my face as I listened in to Y/N’s story.

“In a dark, dark wood there was a dark, dark house.” She began. “And in that dark, dark house was a dark, dark hall.” I had to put a hand over my mouth to keep myself from laughing as I heard Joelle gasp. “And in that dark, dark hall there was a dark, dark room.” I started to walk closer to them as Y/N continued. “And in that dark, dark room there was a dark, dark cupboard.”

“Not a cupboard!” Joelle said, anything but sarcasm coating her voice, she always loved a good story. Y/N smiled which looked even more creepy in the light of the torch.

“And in that dark, dark cupboard was a dark, dark box. And in that dark, dark box was-” Unbeknownst to her, I cut her off.

“A GHOST!” I yelled waving my arms around hoping I had given them a good fright. They screamed and Y/N rocketed up to her feet turning and swinging the torch right into my jaw which it met with a resounding crack. It totally caught me off guard as I was not expecting to get attacked by my wife when I came in the door. I stumbled back grabbing at my jaw and before I could say that it was only me and not an unannounced intruder, the onslaught continued as Joelle decided to drop kick me in the shin knocking me to the floor. Jey must have taught her that one, damn Usos. Y/N ran to flick the lights on as I sat on the floor wondering if I should be proud or annoyed.

“Daddy!” Joelle beamed as the lights came on, throwing her tiny arms around me. One minute she’s like a freaking shadow ninja and now she’s all sweetness and light.

“Oh my god Roman, I thought, we thought you were-” Y/N said having to double over with how hard she was laughing. Yeah, real funny, at least I could take a bump.

“This was definitely not the welcome home I was expecting.” I said rubbing at my injured jaw. I gave a glare to the discarded torch that rolled back and forth on the floor, why did that thing have to hurt so damn much?

“Aww I’m sorry baby.” Y/N said crouching down in front of me and pressing a quick kiss to my lips. “Come on Joelle let’s get daddy some candy and make it all better.” Y/N said standing up and taking Joelle’s hand and leading her out to the kitchen.

“Am I as good as Daddy at wrestling now?” I heard Joelle’s little voice say and my I felt my heart swell.

“Even better.” Y/N said and I could practically see her shit eating grin from here. She had definitely gotten the best of me tonight.