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A bunch of doodles for someone having a crappy time on twitter, for their bigender Mic headcanon- I left it a little vague to fit my hc too ;)- I definitely put him on the nb scale somewhere but I didn’t bother going into pronouns etc! (this is also assuming a trans Aizawa)

They spent a long evening on the gender wiki- and got Mic some cute clothes the next day :’).

I had to horribly edit things and squeeze them together to get them under 10 pics, sorry about that ;).

And as always, sketches are tagged mal sketches if you want to blacklist.

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some phan things;

- having 0 personal space
- feeding each other
- when phil is terrible at describing smth but dan knows exactly what he’s trying to say instantly
- when phil is talking and dan makes himself rlly small and leans closer and closer and is looking up at him Like That
- when they talk at the same time and then laugh about it
- when dan gets whiny and phil gives him exactly what he wants bc he spoils him
- knowing little random details about each other and the other one getting surprised that he remembered even tho it literally goes both ways
- “philllll you’re so precious”
- “I’m obsessed with your curl dan”
- dan wearing phil’s hoodies
- phil rolling his eyes fondly at dan when he’s being ridiculous
- dan going out to buy him hair product in the rain and getting him chocolate when there’s a wasp honestly the text section of tabinof was a blessing
- dan lying across some airport chairs while phil puts drops in his eyes
- “and phil is in his own little world again… *giggling* don’t trip!”
- that time they played tag at night on that street u know what I’m talking about
- wrestling shirtless out in the water in Jamaica
- when they look at each other Like That for a minute and don’t even bother editing it out like can u even imagine what they DO edit out??
- dan being super defensive over phil and making sure he gets the credit he deserves
- singing together where phil gets rlly deep and dan goes rlly high and I cry
- phil filming dan without him knowing
- “I think I’d be quite sad if you died. and I’d just be awkward for the rest of time… might as well kill us both.”
- 2016 halloween baking video.
- phil miming dan’s hand movements in that one live show
- they went on tour together and sold out the dolby theatre like they literally #didthat
- when phil stuck a cat sticker on dan’s arm and it stayed there all day
- literally not being able to stop mentioning each other when no one asked
- phil being rlly flirty and sexual in 2009/10 and dan always being flustered
- for example: “do you know what gay chicken is? would you play it on camera with phil? for 12 billion pounds.” “my paypal is” *winks* *dan blushes and laughs and bumps him and tells him to shut up like a 12 yr old with a crush*
- doing a radio show together and dan being rlly sad that time he had to do it alone and saying there was a “void in his heart” where phil should be
- the fact that this list could go on forever and ever bc they’re an iconic power couple that have been in love since 2009 but it’s 2am and I’m overwhelmed and should probably stop

life pro-tip: please don’t idolize people. don’t put them on a pedestal and pretend that they can do no wrong. people make mistakes, and if you don’t view everyone around you as flawed humans who are growing and learning from their mistakes as you are, you’re going to end up in a lot of hurt and frustration.

if you love a media, call out the problems with it. shit like family guy shouldn’t exist with flagrant racism/misogyny/transphobia- unless the writers decided to frame such opinions as negative ones that needs to be changed or learned from. make your opinion known that the media/person in question problematic- but don’t burn people at the stake, don’t doxx them, and don’t assault them because they did you wrong.

they need to learn and become better people so we can eventually HAVE the flawless faves, but like. if you go too far with your punishments, you’re putting fear into the hearts of anyone else who would potentially be a better candidate.

no one wants to take the job of the person every predecessor lost their livelihood from.

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Hey I created a selfie post but it's not showing up in the tag so I edited it to tag you and mark in it but I have no idea if that works so I thought I'd drop you a message to make sure you saw it. I wouldn't normally bother you but I actually put effort into a selfie for once lol I'm wearing a warfstache and everything ^_^

Hey bother me all you want! I don’t mind at all lol I’ll go check it out right now! Thanks so much for participating! Sorry it’s not showing up!