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Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 89

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please have some mercy for my heart 

anyway heres another fic rec for you guys to consider and survive the week, its friday tomorrow woohoo but yet school is going to be long damn it 

lets start~

1) He’ll be wrong, for you

by @waitinginthedarke

a taehyung x y/n fic 

oneshot and kinda possible series

mafia au

2) Osculum Dare

by @thelillzmonster

a yoongi x y/n fic 


friend with benefits au 

3) Spark

by @jungee

a yoongi x y/n fic 


4) Tattoo

by @letterstokook

a jungkook x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

5) Who Cares?

by @sangsanghaebwa

a jimin x y/n fic 


friends with benefits au 

6) Countdown to You

by @taeinmycup

a jimin x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out

soulmate au 

7) Stay Professional

by @btsfanficss

a jungkook x y/n fic 

ongoing series with 6 parts out 

work au 


8) Dont Move

by @bangtansmut

a jimin x y/n fic 


demon au 

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~ have a great night guys~

my digestive system is still not right and i am beyond frustrated. 😔 i’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing, eating light & healthy, but i still barely have an appetite. basically forcing myself to eat throughout the day so i don’t pass out. i made an appointment with the gastroenterologist but the soonest she can see me (without having to miss school) is february 14. going to try calling tomorrow and see if there’s any cancellations, and i may just make an appointment during the day if i have to. i am trying so hard to be myself and be back to normal but this is impacting everything and i’m in tears right now because i just want to feel like right again.

thanks for listening. ❤

edit: i just called the doctor’s office, trying to do something proactive & someone canceled their appointment for this coming monday so i took it. hopefully i can get coverage at work or i will just have to take half a sick day. nervous about going because i feel like something isn’t right but i feel a little better now that the appointment sooner.

i feel so weird left the house for the first time in almost four days today, went to the doctor’s and now i’m home alone drinking coffee i don’t have to go to school tomorrow and i feel good i guess….. very weird i want wine

I have so so so many exciting things going on, and also I think I’m teetering on the edge of some fun seasonal depression (at least, I have all the exhaustion and anxiety and irritability); I would like to shake this NOW please. I’m very good at caring for depressed people who are not me. But I am trying to change that.

Anyway. GREAT THINGS!!!!

1. Edit AND POST final chapter and epilogue of Land so Wild and Savage. (!!)
2. Writing group with the Victorian nerd gang!!!
3. Day job or whatever?
4. Read article on fanfic pedagogy for grad school friend!!!
5. Go for walk.

6. Write up feedback on friend’s beautiful novel draft!
7. Day job or whatever?
8. Go for walk.
9. Book revisions: finish (?) chapter 3.

My life is so wonderful and the people in it are so talented and generous and beautiful. I’m so lucky.

“God would never put a female soul into a male body bc he never makes mistakes.” Excuse me? God literally was so embarrassed by his human creations that he destroyed the whole entire Earth in a flood leaving only one guy’s family and a bunch of animals stuck on a boat together. What on Earth are you talking about ?!?!

The story of Noah is literally God going, “Fuck this, I’m starting over.”


when the day met the night || panic! at the disco


series moodboard
↳LOST (2004-2010)

“i ask for no forgiveness father, for i have not sinned. i have only done what i needed to do to survive. a small boy once asked me if i was a bad man. if i could answer him now, i would tell him, that when i was a young boy, i killed a man to save my brother’s life. i am not sorry for this, i am proud of this. i did not ask for the life that i was given, but it was given nonetheless, and with it i did my best.”