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What About Sex?

// In which Y/N gets fucked too hard //


a imagine where Justin literally fucks you so that you can’t walk and you have to go to the emergency room

*Contains Mature Content*


“Fucking scream my name!” Justin grunted out as he fucked into me harder. I let out a loud moan before screaming his name. Justin taking pride in giving me such pleasure, smiled as he continued his brutal thrusts.

“Daddy, please. Harder,” I moaned. Justin eyes got signifitly darker as he pulled in me like a rag doll when he ground himself into me. Trying to take all he was giving me, I had no control of my limbs as my arms flew out beside me and my legs wrapped around his waist as an act to encourage him. He moaned at my attention before pulling me even farther and throwing my legs over his shoulder. At the new angle, I screamed knowing that this has been the best I’ve even been fucked.

“You like this princess?” Justin muttered through his clenched teeth as he brought sweat to the surface of my body from working me open.

“Harder, Justin! Fuck me harder,” I moaned feeling myself getting there quickly. Justin sped up his pace as he rocked his hips into me. I moaned out but I wanted more. I needed more. “Daddy, fuck me.”

At my words, Justin threw my legs off his shoulder and pressed them as far back as they could go. I couldn’t moan audibly as Justin pounded into me, using my legs for leverage as he hits spots never reached before.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy!” I chanted as I tried to move against him but my legs were trapped beneath his hands, making me take everything he gave me. After the most forceful thrust yet, Justin gripped my my thighs and made a burning sensation surge up and down my leg. I could only focus it for a second before Justin hit my walls just right, making a stream of cum unexpectedly shoot out of me.

Justin flipped me over and embedded himself in me again. In half a second, he pulled my ass into the air and hit it from behind. My legs burned as he continue to use me to reach his own orgasm. My legs shook as he fucked me back against him while tears ran down my face at the oversensitivity. I felt my next orgasm reaching the brim as his thrust became erratic against me.

At the next heavy roll of his hips, my legs gave out as I quivered through my high. Justin quickly pulled out and shot ropes of hot cum on my back. Every part of me felt numb as I laid on my stomach, trying to catch my breath. Justin littered kisses down my body before licking his cum off of me. It wasn’t until he leaned against my left leg to reach the cum the small of my back that I shouted in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Justin hopped away from me in sudden panic as the pain in my leg from earlier took over my senses. Instead of Justin in me, now the only sensation I focus on was the throbbing of my thigh.

“Fuck,” I screamed out when justin shifted making my leg move a new position that hurt even more.

“What?” He leaned over me but this time he leaned on my leg so he could see my face.

“Justin! My leg get off my fucking leg,” I wailed out as tears began to roll down my face.

“What’s wrong with it,” Justin asked stupidly before touching it making me jolt in toture. “Did I fucking break it?” Justin asked in astonishment.

“I don’t know but it really fucking hurts. Both of them do. I don’t think I can move them without it hurting,” I said frantically. Behind me I heard a snicker. Moving my lower body as little as possible, I crooked my neck to see justin kneeling over me and laughing his ass off with his phone in his hand.

“This isn’t funny, Justin,” I snarled through clenched teeth.

“You’re obviously fucking with me. You’re being overdramatic,” Justin chuckled above me.

“No, I’m really not,“ I rolled my eyes.

“I can’t believe I fucked you so hard that you actually can’t walk,” he started laughing even harder.

“Justin nothing about this is funny.”

“But it kind of is though.”

“Justin, I deadass cannot walk,” I stated.

“That means you need to go to the emergency room,” Justin suggested with a smug smile on his face.

“I’m not going to the emergency room,” I snapped before resting my head in the pillows again out of frustration.

“Yes, you are,” Justin hummed behind me.

“No, I’m not.”

“You can’t even move without crying,“ Justin whipped around to kneel beside me.

“That’s better than explaining to a doctor why I cant walk,” I glared at the cause of my physical and mental pain.

“I think it’d be a fun story to tell,” Justin’s eyes gleamed.

“Justin, I don’t want to go,” I pouted.

“If you can get out of bed and walk then I won’t force you,” he offered, his hands raised in surrender.

“Fine,” I slowly leaned up. Trying to rip the bandaid off, I threw my legs over the edge of bed without thought.

“Shit justin, I-“ I clenched in pain as it felt like jackhammers were abusing my legs. Justin’s eyes instantly softened at the sight of my pain.

“Just lay back down. I’ll get you dressed then I’ll take you the doctor,” he looked down at me sympathetically as he realized how painful this all was.

“Thank you,” I sighed as he went to retrieve the things I needed. Twenty minutes later, I was sat in the emergency room waiting for a doctor see to me.

“Yeah, just bring it up here. Thanks, see you soon,” Justin concluded his conversation while I played games on my phone, trying to distract myself.

“Your parents said they’re on the way,” Justin hummed as he put away his phone into his back pockets.

“You called my parents!?” I screeched, not caring if I was being too loud. My parents could NOT know about Justin and my sex lives.

“Nah, but I did call Hails and Za,” Justin laughed.

“I hate you.”

“This is technically your fault,” Justin shrugged.

“How in the hell is this my fault?” I glared at him for even suggesting that.

“You’re the one who woke up horny, begging to be fucked,” He smirked, reminiscing about. what happened an hour and a half ago.

“Only because you didn’t get me off last night even after I gave you head,” I countered quickly. Homeboy fell asleep before I could even get done sexual relief.

“Well, maybe if you weren’t so desperate to get off all the time and begging for me to go harder and faster, then we would be in this situation,” Justin skimmed his hand high along my thigh. He jumped away in surprise when the door swung open revealing an older white man who was presumed to be the doctor.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Griffin and can someone please explain what happened here,” he held his hands out waiting for a response.

“So we were like missionary and she was like ‘oh harder daddy’ so put her legs over my shoulder and I went harder then changed to doggy and broke her legs,” Justin rushed out at the same time that I said “We were rough housing and I got hurt.” I glared at Justin as he smiled hard. The doctor cleared his throat before starting to check on my legs.

After forty five minutes of x rays, examination, and waiting it was concluded that I pulled both hamstrings and slightly tore my left one. “What can I do to treat it?” I asked anxiously.

“For the right leg, rice. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. As for the left leg, since tendon is torn, to ensure that it doesn’t break away from the bone completely, I’ll have to put you into a cast and crutches. This is only to make sure that the muscle tear doesn’t worsen so, we would be able to get you out of it within a couple of weeks. I’ll prescribe you some pain killers but other than that, everything should heal up within the next few weeks,” The doctor spoke as he filled out my paperwork.

“What about sex?” Justin spoke up.

“I’d wait at least two weeks before engaging in sexual intercoarse. And even then, if you don’t want to be here again, it seems like missionary is going to be your new best friend,” the doctor chuckled. “Now Y/N, what color do want your cast?”


thank @baddiehel​ and the anon for this MESS. part 2 coming to smut tag near you soon ! - drea✨