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Imagine Chris helping you take care of your little sister.

A/N: I know it’s been a while, I’ve been suffering from good old writer’s block. Anyway, here’s a piece. I think there may be a part 2 to this, but don’t quote me. We’ll see how the response for this one is. X

Your little sister, Olive, watched cartoons in your living room with your boyfriend, Chris, while you stood in your kitchen on the phone with your mom. The two of you were in the argument of your life thanks to the actions of the youngest member in your family. Your eight year old sister had managed to ditch school after her nanny dropped her off, and somehow found her way to your apartment which was two hours away. As upset as the two of you were at her, you couldn’t help but be amazed by her; she’d only ever been to your apartment with the company of another adult, how she remembered the directions and the address was beyond you.

“Do you think you can watch Olive for a few hours?” Your mom asked and you sighed. “I know you’ve got a big meeting later, but I’ve got a client coming in in about fifteen minutes and your dad’s still operating. I’d send Zoe, but she’s clearly fired after today.” You tried to get a word in but she interrupted, “it’s just a few hours, Y/N.”

“Mom, I can’t risk missing today’s meeting,” you argued. “It’s down to me and-”

“I know, sweetheart,” she said then sighed, “look. I promise I’ll be there before you have to go, I just have to take this client and I’ll cancel the rest of my day. Just give me a few hours,” she told you and you sighed again. “It’s too bad Chris is in Houston, otherwise he could help babysit Olive. He lives for that stuff,” she chuckled softly and you did the same; that was true, he loved her.

“Actually-” you began then winced when you remembered both of you had wanted to keep his return a secret. He had come back a week early to surprise you and he had told no one so he could spend the week with you with no interruptions, but desperate times. “Chris got back early to surprise me, his plane landed at like four in the morning.”

“Great, do you-”

“Mom,” you frowned, “did you not hear what I just said? His plane landed at like four in the morning, he’s exhausted and he needs some sleep. Just-” you ran a hand through your hair; your stress levels were starting to build up. “Finish-” Chris snatched your phone out of your hand before you could say anymore.

“Hi Mom,” Chris greeted your mom, smiling at you even though you were frowning at him. “Thank you, it’s really good to be home. Can’t say I miss your daughter’s angry face though,” he poked your side and your lips quirked slightly. “Don’t worry, I’m more than happy to watch Olive. No, it’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to take a nap with me,” he joked then chuckled at something your mom said. “Sure, we’ll talk to you later.” With a smile, he hung up.

“You didn’t have to do that,” you told him as he put the phone down on the kitchen counter. “I know you’re exhausted.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “She’s not your responsibility, Chris. She’s my sister and-” He cut you off with a quick peck on your lips.

“She’s going to be my sister when I marry you,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against yours; you smiled at the thought of him proposing after being together for four years. “Relax, okay? I know I said I was going to sleep while you were at your meeting, but I can sleep when I’m dead.” You chuckled at that. “C'mon,” he took your hand and led you out of the kitchen and into the living room. “She thinks you’re mad at her and I know you’re not, so go tell her that.”

Olive was still sitting on the couch with her eyes glue to the television, but you could tell from the guilty look on her face that she hadn’t been watching Tom&Jerry. You and Chris stood in the archway and watched her; you were yet to decide if you were upset with her. It didn’t take you long to decide because this was your baby sister, no matter what she did or said- there wouldn’t be a day where you wouldn’t have a soft spot for her.

“Are you mad at me?” Olive sheepishly asked, looking over at you. You sighed with a small smile as you made your way over to her. “I’m really sorry, Sissy. I know you had a big meeting today, I just didn’t-” You knelt down in front of her as her pretty brown eyes welled with tears. “I’m so sorry,” she started to cry.

“Don’t be, sweet pea.” You took her small hands in yours. “It’s only a meeting, okay?” You lied to her, “I can always reschedule.” You pulled one hand away and lifted her chin with your index finger. “Don’t cry, sweetheart. It’s not important, it’s just a meeting. You’re okay,” you brushed her tears away with your hand.

“But Mom and Dad both said that it’s important,” she sniffled. “They said it’s about big movie deal and that if you miss it, you’re going to lose the job and get into big trouble with your agent. I knew that and I still came, I’m so sorry. I’m going to ruin your career,” she wept and your heart ached.

“She’s not going to miss her meeting, bug.” Chris walked over and sat down next to Olive, wrapping a comforting arm around her small frame. “Don’t worry, she’s going to go to her meeting and you’re going to hang out with me. It’s okay,” he gently rubbed her arm. “Hey,” he said and she looked up at him, sniffling. “Your sister’s career is not that easy to ruin, she’s dating a dumb dork and she’s still one of the highest ranking actresses in Hollywood.” He joked, drawing soft giggles from Olive, and a chuckle from you. “There’s that smile,” he poked her cheek and her giggles became louder.

“Why don’t you tell us why you ditched school?” You asked and saw her facials contorted with angst. “We can’t help you if you don’t tell us, Olive.” You told her when she looked hesitant to tell you and Chris; she glanced between the both of you, chewing on the inside of her cheek.

“You’re friends with Captain America for a reason, bug.” Chris whispered in her ear and she managed a small smile. “Whatever it is, I promise you that I will do everything in my power to protect you. Just tell us what happened,” he gently urged.

Her head dropped and she whispered softly, “everybody thinks I’m weird.” She looked up and continued, “they all think it’s impossible that I’m your sister. Nobody believes me when I tell them, they say that we are nothing alike and that I’m lying when I say I know you and Chris. But I’m not lying, Sissy.” She lowered her gaze and mumbled to herself, “I’m not lying.”

“I know you’re not,” you chuckled softly, lifting her chin so you could meet her gaze. “How can it be a lie when we’re right in front of you?” She smiled when you booped her nose. “Baby, people are going to say what they’re going to say. You can’t stop that, but you can stop letting it affect you. It doesn’t matter what they think because you are my sister and you do know us.”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. “You’re the one that gets to come to our premieres, you’re the one that gets to hang out on our sets, you’re the one I carry on my shoulders at football games and have tickle fights with.” He reminded her, playfully tickling her sides and making her laugh. “Not your school mates,” he told her, smiling. “So who cares what they think? They’re just jealous they don’t have the same opportunities you do. Just keep your head up, play it cool, and it’ll blow over soon.”

“Yeah,” you agreed. “And if it doesn’t, I think Captain America and I can drop by and pick you up after school one day.” You suggested and she looked between the two of you with a wide grin. “Can’t we, Cap?” You winked at him and he winked back, nodding. “That’ll show them, won’t it?” You asked Olive and she nodded excitedly. “But you have to promise me something if you want that to happen.”

“Anything,” she nodded.

“Don’t ever do something like this again,” you told her with slightly narrowed eyes and she lowered her gaze sheepishly. “What if something happened to you on your way here, Olive? You’re eight years old, someone could’ve just grabbed you off the street.” You scolded. “This was a very stupid thing to do, you know that right?”

“I know, but-” she looked up, trying to argue but was cut off by your glare; Chris pressed his lips together, suppressing his smile because it seemed like that glare of yours worked on anyone. “I know,” she mumbled, lowering her gaze once more. “I won’t do it again, Sissy.”

“Good,” you softened your facials. “To be honest, I’m more impressed than upset. How on earth did you find your way here by yourself?” You asked as you rose to your feet; your eyes narrowed when you saw your boyfriend and your sister share a knowing smile. “Is that why your bagel run took so long, because you drove two hours to pick her up?”

“No, it took so long because the line was ridiculously long,” he stuck with his story and you shot him a weary look. “And I had to wait for Scott to drop her off,” he added then pressed his lips together. “What?” He chuckled when you scoffed. “She texted me and told me she didn’t want to go to school, I mean- have you ever seen me say no to you Y/L/N ladies? Scott was in that area so I asked if he could pick her up and drop her off.”

“How did you know Chris was coming back?” You asked Olive.

“Because he told me he was coming home early to surprise you,” she giggled. “He’s also-”

“Uh uh,” Chris cut her off, laughing, his hand over her mouth. “You’ve said too much already.”

“What are you talking about?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing,” Chris smiled. “You should go get ready for your meeting, don’t you also have some emails and whatnots to attend to?” He quizzed and you nodded, narrowing your eyes at his odd behavior. “Go on,” he beckoned his head towards your home office. “We’ll be fine, we’re just going to watch some Tom&Jerry. Right, Olive?” He asked her and she nodded, noising agreement into his hand.

“Whatever,” you chuckled softly and made your way into the home office.

In the living room, Chris and Olive discussed out of your earshot. “She has no clue you’re going to propose, does she?” Olive asked her soon-to-be brother-in-law, giggling. “I am so excited!” She squealed, hopping off the couch. “When are you going to do it? Can I see the ring? Please, Chris? Can I see it?” She jumped up and down; Chris laughed and rose to his feet, picking her up with one arm and spinning her.

“How about you quiet down before you ruin the surprise?”

Here’s Part 2 and Part 3

my mouth tastes like booze and bad decisions (Tuckington, AU, NSFW mentioned, 1.7k)

i’m sick as fuck, here’s some unedited fluff. take it and leave me here to die.


It takes Washington a good minute of lazy wakefulness, crushed under the gentle weight of layers of blankets and pleasant fading dreams, to realize he’s not alone in bed. A few seconds after that, and a deep inhale of sheets that smell like sex and unfamiliar detergent, and he realizes it’s not even his own bed.

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♡3:00 AM♡

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Hoseok (bts)




Your best friends, Bts, come over and spend the night. You had to wake to feed your fatass dog, who just has to be fed in the middle of the night. While doing so, you were surprised to see a sleepy Hoseok sitting on you couch and playing video games.


Early morning sex; fucking while the boys are sleeping; being friends with Hoseok but you’re close enough to do…things; fingering (y/n receiving); oral (y/n receiving); riding Hoseok


It was 3:00am. You were half awake when you felt your dog jump onto you bed and start licking your hand. You had forgotten about how they just had to be fed so many times in a day. You got up and walked into the kitchen to put food in their bowl. Afterwards, you went into the bathroom to pee and wash off the dog saliva from your hand.

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goodbyes & hellos

on ao3

im so so so late but hey this is for first day of prompt week for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​!!!! day one: wrong number

this was a lot of fun tbh and ive been dying to write this ship. alyas texts are italicized, adriens are underlined on ao3, just bold here bc tumblrs a butt. shoutout to @reyxa​ for the title <3


Alya narrows her eyes at the new message that lights up her phone. It’s an unknown number that she doesn’t recognize — not that she’s given her number to anyone recently — and it’s also seven in the morning . Anyone how knows her at all should know that she doesn’t wake up before at least nine on the weekends. (And that has nothing to do with the fact that she doesn’t sleep during the week and tends to go to bed after two in the morning.)

She groans as another message shows up on the screen. She squints and lets the messages flow in, figuring she can tell the person they’ve got the wrong number after they’ve finished whatever they have to say. Or she can decide that it’s unimportant and ignore it and go back to sleep.

She likes her second plan the best.

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A chilled night

No warnings, just a disclaimer:
This is my first work. It’s kind of rushed so excuse me for the shortness and basically any grammatical errors that you might come across. Thank you for checking it out❤️❤️❤️

-The night starts with Harry casually lounging on the couch with pillows scattered around him.

-He would wait for you to be done with whatever you were currently working on.

-And impatiently asks “Are yeh done yet?” every 5 minutes.

-And when you finally wrap up your work,
he would hog the rest of the couch, pretending to be asleep just to annoy you.

-You tickle him because you know he’s faking it.

-“Ok,ok. I’m not sleeping.“he gives up and moves his long legs, patting the spot next to him

-You smile and sit down, picking up a glass of red wine on the coffee table that has been there since you started working.

-"What do yeh want to watch?” Harry asks, picking up the remote.

-You shrug, leaning back.

-He flicks through Netflix. Stopping occasionally and attempts to decide which series to watch based on your facial expressions.

- “Should we watch this?”

- Another shrug.

- You two spend the next thirty minutes trying to decide, but you end up discussing how elevators work.

- ‘Just pick a show.’

- ‘How bout this one? “13 reasons why.” I mean sounds really interesting.’

- You nod, taking another sip of wine.

- He wraps his arm around you, positioning yourself against him as the two of you decide to lie down.

- 'Comfy?’

- You nod gently as the show starts.

- After episode one, both you and Harry are hooked.

- 'Don’t yeh think Clay should just go out with Hannah anyways? It’s obvious he likes her. Unlike Justin Foley.’

- ’ Clay wouldn’t have the guts to do such thing at this early stage, would he ?’

- 'True.'he agrees.

- And you just keep on watching. With eyes glue to the TV screen.

- And Harry would put his hand on your eyes whenever a love scene comes up.

- 'Inappropriate behavior.'he mumbles.

- Although your eyes are covered, you are pretty sure he is sporting a lopsided grin.

- 'Let me see, Harry. I’m not a child anymore.’ You whine, pushing his hand away.

- He chuckled.'Sure’

- As the fourth episode rolls around, your eyelids began to droop.

- 'Sleepy, love?’

- 'No, no, not at all’ you lie, fighting back the urge to just doze off.

- 'Whatever you say, m'love’ he brush a loose strand of hair from your forehead.

- But after all, as the 5th episode ends, the sleepiness finally hits him too.

- 'Sleepy much?'you mimic his voice, rubbing your eyes tiredly.

- 'Yea’ he adjusts the fluffy throw blanket so it could cover your legs and his also,turning the TV off.

- He gives you a sweet kiss on your forehead,whispering 'Good night m'angel’

- You smile with your eyes still shut.'Night,H’.


- Tell that little girl she’s ugly.

- I don’t want to.

-Tell that little girl she’s an embarrassment and worthless and useless. Because that’s what you do every single day when you say that to yourself.

Well, Don’t you think she’s ugly?

- No.

- No? Or fat?

- No.

- No? Or an embarrassment? Or horrible or worthless?

- Just stop it! No!

- Want do you want to say to that little girl?

-That she’s fine. That she’s perfect.

Then that’s what you need to tell yourself.


I was in Hakone a couple months ago to film an episode of a Japanese TV show. For the show, I got to spend two days working with and learning from the Mr Ishikawa. He is a seventh generation master. There was a lot to learn.

At the end of working together, he walks over to a shelf and pulls out three of these large sheets of shaved Yosegi. Each is one is approx 12"x22"!! He had shown me sheets like this and I had seen them being produced. He makes the Tanegi by hand and they have a modified veneer slicing machine to shave off slices from the block.

He says these three sheets are a gift and I’m blown away. Obviously I express my deep gratitude and promised him I will frame and display them as soon as I can. They are not for using. I get the impression it is very rare for someone to receive such a gift.

My work making a small Tanegi (pattern block) with Mr Ishikawa is humbled by his massive work. But it was a great experience working side-by-side with him, learning by doing. There a nice moment during the first afternoon where we just quietly worked, me glueing and him clamping, all the while the TV crew filming.

On the second day, we walked around the bend from his his workshop to visit his family’s small graveyard. There is the grave of his ancestor, Nihei Ishikawa, the inventor of the Yosegi technique. He showed me how to pay my respect. Once again, I’m the recipient of an wonderful honor.

After the first day working with Mr Ishikawa, the TV show’s director was in a bit of a panic. He had not expected Mr Ishikawa to be so giving of his time and knowledge, including inviting me back for a second day. Let’s just say Mr Ishikawa figured out I didn’t care about the TV show, only learning and respecting his craft. The TV show was the free opportunity for me to achieve my goals.

The director had realized I didn’t have an appropriate and sufficient “thank you” gift. Japanese culture values effort and intention in gifts so I was asked if I could make something. I looked at him very confused and reminded him I’m a woodworker without tools, material or time. After a bit of thought and feeling I’m not without some education in writing, a poem should work. Drafted a poem in English and the evening before the second visit, the director, my translator and myself wordsmithed it until midnight. I attached a couple slices of a Yosegi pattern of my own design.

My translator and I arranged he would read the Japanese after I read each line in English. This way I can see Mr Ishikawa’s reaction as I read. I could look at him square-on as he heard what I felt. And it worked. He understood how grateful I was for the opportunity to learn. By the end, the corner of his eye was a little wet. We made a solid connection.

I will visit him again once I begin to master what he taught me.

Beautiful Accident [Part 1]

Part 2Part 3Part 4

Word Count: 1,092

Genre: Fluff, romance, humor

Member: Chen (Kim Jongdae)

Part One: Encounter

You shiver and puff onto your cold hands to warm them as you make your way to the baggage claim area.

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