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I feel like Emma gets drowned out. I mean even in the new interview with yahoo there are almost no questions about her. and she has hardly had any real story screen time. I am scared that abc doesnt even realize how much jen/emma matters to some of us

They’re gonna realize if/when they try a S7 without Emma and the ratings plummet even further. Emma is the show’s anchor. She’s the glue that holds Once Upon a Time together. Every TV show with a large ensemble cast needs an Emma. Without her, the show will be adrift. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey. Or Sex & the City without Carrie. It just doesn’t work. 

ABC might be banking on Regina’s popularity to carry S7, but it ain’t gonna work. The show needs Emma. 


ok thats it are you guys honestly worried about this? seriously there is nothing going on between them at all relax and to the fans bitching about the lack of hiccstrid its not the main focus its never been the center so why are you guys bitching about this now? personally i enjoyed the subtle moments we got doug even tweeted to the worried fans *you realize there’s more to come right?* its like he’s a mind reader and finally to fans bashing doug and art’s writing for rtte simply don’t watch it they try their best and i respect them for that the tv shows are the glue that connects httyd and httyd2 so we should be greatful besides originally dean had  no plan on expanding his universe but since httyd did so well he pitched the idea of a trilogy and the tv shows came to light anyway ill end this post with this hiccstrid gif