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female awesome meme || 2/5 female driven shows » miss. fisher’s murder mysteries

I’d never presume to judge a woman on the basis of her morals. I’m only interested in solving a murder case.


We’ll throw him out an airlock.

How to sharpen gifs

When I learned how to make gifs, I could not find a single damn tutorial that helped me to sharpen them. Most of them assumed I knew what to do or where things were and I never did. 

So when I offered to help a friend with it, I thought it was easier to make a post about it. I hope you enjoy!

GIF tutorial by ginnys (this is how i learned how to make gifs)



*this is still a gif sharpening tutorial. I posted pictures because I’m using this gif on my soon to be posted gifset.

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If anyone needs a visual representation of how we’ve been feeling as we try to search the Peaky Blinders tag, please see above. 

Over the past two weeks we have been increasingly vocal about the issues affecting the Peaky tag and this fandom in general. Between the continuous (but now worse than ever) issue of stolen content that people work very hard to create, and the clogging of the general tag with fan fiction and imagines, we have officially had enough. 

If anyone of you are wondering who “we” are, it is myself and my partners in crime at @peakyblinded | @fuckyeahpeakyblinders | @ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy | and @shelbybros-ltd

The information and regulations below have come from all of us, and we are the ones that will be blocking offenders from all of our edits, posts, and content. 

I. Stolen Content

i. If you post gifs you didn’t make you & your post will be reported to tumblr and we will block you. Tumblr will delete the stolen gifs, any reblogs of it, and send you a warning. If you insist to continue, which most of you do after sending us rude messages, tumblr will delete your blog. Consider using the reblog button for once if you would like to keep your blog. 

Note for other gif makers who see their gifs reposted: Please report them to tumblr here. It takes two seconds and is very effective in stopping the theives.

ii. There is a subset of this fandom that follows our blogs but repeatedly and knowingly reblogs stolen content, expanding its reach and cosigning its theft. You know who you are, you know it’s not okay, and we are sick of it. We will all block you, and the posts will be reported. If you see a gifset and all the gifs are different sizes or clearly mismatched, it is stolen. If you see a gif standing alone, with no source, by someone who has never posted in the tag before, it is stolen. Creators have left this fandom because of the discouragement of having their work stolen because pathetic bottom feeders want notes. Be respectful of original posters.

II. Fanfics and Imagines

i. If you add gifs you didn’t make to your writing - whether straight out or via tumblr’s failure of a gif-insert tool - you will be blocked from all of us and our content. You have the option of posting your fictions with gifs of your own, with stills, or with no visuals at all. Don’t use original posters’ work that people put time and effort into to promote your own writing. Most, including us, are appalled to see some of the stories attached to gifs we’ve made. If your writing is not strong enough to stand on its own maybe you should consider a different hobby. 

ii. If your posts are long and you don’t use the “read more” feature, thus cluttering the tag and forcing people to scroll for pages to get to the content they do want, you will be blocked. Tumblr created “read more” for a reason. Use it. It is unbelievably inconsiderate not to. 

iii. If you repeatedly spam, not an occasional tag here or there, but spam the Peaky Blinders tag with imagines and fanfics you will be blocked. You are being knowingly inconsiderate to the majority of the fandom that has no interest in this kind of content. The general tag is for edits, gifsets, news, and not an overflow of your fantasies. You are doing nothing but obnoxiously self-promoting when you tag unnecessary characters and general peaky tags on every single imagine you post. You know what you are doing.  

Frankly, we are not sorry that it has come to this. We will not be warning you before we block you, and if you persist, eventually tumblr will delete your blog. We have no issue blocking you, and neither will blogs that continuously contribute content to our fandom. We can assure you that they will piggyback on this. Spam, theft, and disrespect are what ruin fandoms. If we were listened to when we first asked politely, this wouldn’t have happened. 

Thank you from myself, @fuckyeahpeakyblinders , my coworkers on @peakyblinded , @ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy , and @shelbybros-ltd


Ethanessa reincarnation AU | Dieu réunit ceux qui s'aiment

He brushes a finger on the smooth skin of her wrist and finds no scars. For all the torment she suffers suicide has never been an option. She’s stronger than him, he knows.

“Why are you helping me, Ethan?”

Because you need me, he thinks, because, maybe, I need you a little more. But he grins instead “Can’t you read it in your cards?”

EXO Reaction when they find a girl hiding behind their car (from some bad guys)

Well… forget  my nap. I’ll do this first :D Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Badass Chanyeol* “Come, get in! I won’t leave you here, alone… I’ll help you, you don’t need to worry now that I’m here”


“there’s nothing to worry about babe… you don’t need to cry anymore. You’r hero just arrived” *Super badass galaxy*


“Are you really trying to pick up a fight? Do you know who I am? Ever try to hurt her… and you’ll meet me and my friends…fists” *Would never let someone hurt a girl*


“We have two options… stay here and wait for them to leave… or you get in the car and I’ll fight them! I’ll teach them a lesson” *Martial arts mode on*


“Tell me where you want to go, and you’ll be there in less than a second… you don’t need to worry about them anymore” *Super powers are back on*


*Tries to have the situation under control* “look… you come behind me, I’ll help you get in my car before they see you… I’ll take you home safely okay? but we have to act quickly”


“Are you okay? Were they following you? You don’t need to worry anymore… I took care of it. Come, take my hand, I’ll take you home” *Baekkie is a hero*


“This is what we’ll do, I’ll distract them while you run to the other side okay? Don’t worry about me, I don’t want them to do anything to you. Here’s my number, call me when you get home okay?”


“Hush… just get in the car before they see you. If we are lucky they won’t follow… I’ll stay by your side though, so don’t worry”


*Thinking what to do* “I don’t understand how boys can be like that… someone should stop them. Come, I won’t let you stay here alone, do you mind if I take you home? I don’t think I’ll be able to leave knowing you are here, alone in the dark” 


*Trying to distract you* “Look what I found.. such a pretty girl! You know, I would love to take you out tonight, come… I’ll buy you some ice cream and make sure you arrive home safe!” *Guardian Angel*


“Oh babe! There you are! Sorry to keep you waiting.. what a terrible boyfriend. Come, let me give you a hug!” *Pretending to be your boyfriend so they would just give up and leave you alone*

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i have decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a tumblr awards for y’all!

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if you don’t win anything, you’re still absolutely awesome and amazing and i love you all <3

Babydoll (charliesfairy)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader 

#22: “You can scream if you want.”
#50: “You know you want it, sweetheart.”

Requested By: Anon 

that gif,,goddamn daddy

    Kim Seokjin.

    The most arrogant, pretentious asshole anyone could ever meet.  You absolutely hated him, but you couldn’t lie to yourself.  You wanted him.  How could you not want to kiss those pretty pink lips that said so many offensive things until you couldn’t breathe?

    It was normal for him to tease you with winks or by suggestive  things, but he was never serious about it.  It was when you were at his dorm to spend the day with your friend Jungkook that something changed.

    Jungkook had to leave for dance practice around three and gave you the option of him driving you back to your place or staying at the dorm to which you chose to stay at the dorm since no one else was there, but you were wrong.

    “Well, hello, babydoll.” you heard as you walked into the kitchen.  

    You rolled your eyes and looked up to see Jin’s smirking face.

    “Don’t call me that.” you huffed and pushed past him to reach the refrigerator.

    “Don’t be like that.” he laughed, “You know you want it, sweetheart.”

    “Sure,” you scoffed, “but I don’t ever remember being into guys that aren’t even three inches.”

    Suddenly, magnets were stabbing you in the back, and Jin’s pretty pink lips were just inches away from your own.

    “Want to repeat that?” he growled.

    You gulped.  You couldn’t find any words to reply with.  His sparkling eyes had turned a darker shade of brown, and his licked his lips.

    “That’s what I thought, babydoll.” he smirked.

    A fire ignited between your legs from his words and the close proximity.  You couldn’t deny that you had dreamed about this many times, but you’d never let him know that.  No matter how flustered you got, but you subconsciously rubbed your thighs together, telling him exactly what you never wanted him to know.

    “Seems like you’ve got a little problem.” His eyes flickered down to your thighs and back up, “Would you like me to help you with that?”

    He didn’t wait for you to answer before he pressed his lips to yours and slid his hand that had previously been by your head, up your thigh.  He bit your lip as he pulled away from the kiss and brought his lips to your ear, his hot breath sending  shiver down your spine.

    “Don’t worry, baby,” he whispered, “You can scream if you want.”

If Only

A/N: This is an aftermath Drabble of a story I’m working on that involves the reader suggesting that her and the Winchesters try to find the Colt as an option for killing Abaddon. Dean blows the reader off, making her feel like a fool, reminding her that the trail went cold years ago with Bella. So, the reader seeks Charlie’s help in trying to locate the Colt behind Dean’s back. She never imagined what Dean was up to behind her’s. It would change everything.

You watched, helpless, as a look of pure hatred crossed Dean’s troubled face. Magnus held the first blade, you could feel its power radiating through the house as it neared Dean’s clenched fist. As it called out to him.

You could see in the look in Dean’s eyes that he could feel it too. You furrowed your brow as you saw a look of desire briefly flash across his face before replaced with something much more sinister.

You squeezed your eyes shut and willed yourself not to cry. If only Dean had listened to your pleas to search out the Colt as a viable option for taking out Abaddon, he might not have been where he was now, barely able to control himself, nearly beside himself with rage as the blade beckoned him.

You and Charlie had followed the Colt’s trail. Charlie was damn good. She had traced it, how you were afraid to ask, to a small house in the middle of nowhere. The two of you had monitored the house, a demon occupying it, ready to move on the information Charlie had gathered.

You took your information to Dean, but it was too late. Crowley had heard about your desires to find the Colt and had taken matters into his own hands, leading Dean straight to Cain. Right to the mark. You didn’t know why he was so hellbent on keeping you from the Colt. You wouldn’t discover the truth until years later.

Crowley was responsible for everything that was happening to Dean.

Rage coursed through your veins at the mere thought of Crowley. This was his fault. All of it.

You were going to find a way to rid Dean of that mark and as soon as you did, Crowley was going to pay.

With his life.

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67(.)media).(tumblr(.)com/812263568b89eee08e89fb7a26754e9e/tumblr_ofrjq0OFB61ty1s4do2_540).(gif Can you do a tutorial for how to make this kind of gif style?

Hello!! I’d never really tried it myself and the tutorials I found were kinda confusing, so I ended up making my own tutorial after playing around with it….

Tutorial: How to Make Line Art Gifs

Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Time Allocation:  less than 10 minutes
Prior Understanding Requirement: it would be helpful to know how to make gifs beforehand and have some general photoshop knowledge.

Please Note: If you do not have an extended or portable version of photoshop, you won’t be able to do it with the method I’m going to show you (since those versions don’t have the timeline option and this is the only method I know I’m sorry;;)

Final Result:

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Goodbye *oblivate imagine*


Info: one simple spell changes everything between you and Newt, leaving you feeling empty. Can old flames be ignited once more?




That’s all you felt.


You hadn’t a bloody clue.

You had become a silhouette, as if you walked from a photograph and left behind blackness.An ache that comes and goes, always returning in quiet moments. Although not knowing what has caused the upset within you, you feel as though someone ha became an absence in your life.

A certain aura remains, beautiful and strong, making the pain all the worse, keeping the feelings so raw. How could you miss something which you couldn’t even recall….

The only place you found peace at is the little cafe you worked at. The tiny café was huddled despondent among the huge city buildings. Washed out under the overcast sky, it hunched in itself, fighting against the drizzle. Unlike the outside, the interior of the café was warm and cheery, with bright lights and colourful walls.

Hundreds of people rushed by it, outside on the crowded street. The half a dozen customers glanced up as the door swung open, heralded by a blast of cold wind. The customers returned to their conversations as the door swung closed behind the new entrant and the cold breeze was forgotten. That’s when you saw him.

The same man which had been coming to the cafe everyday for the last couple on months. Messy auburn hair fell over his forehead, little freckles scattering his face. His tall frame effortlessly towering over yours, but what you never failed to notice was his eyes. His eyes were the glimmering color of emerald, sparkling in the light of the morning sun like a fresh sheen of morning dew. When he turned his head, they caught the light and played tricks with anything and everything that screamed ‘spring.’

He came most days always ordering just a coffee. Even though you had never personally served him before you always caught him sneaking glances at you. Today was no exception, as he sat alone at the table.

“Y/N can you get table 12 please?” Your boss Thomas asks you.

Lifting a notepad and pencil you made your way over to were the strange man is sitting, “hi can I get you anything Sir?” Your politely asked. Remaining professional was a task, as a little bit of you couldn’t help but this man attractive.

“Em-” he nervously cleared his throat, “Newton is fine, no need for Sir” he looked up giving you a warm smile, which could thaw ice.

“Well the usual I take it?” You tease him, watching his cheeks tint red. He didn’t realise you noticed him in here everyday.

“Eh yes just a coffee thank you” shyly he mumbled. God this man was just adorable- no stop Y/N, he’s a customer not a date.

“I’m more of a tea person”, you playfully joked writing down his order on the notepad.

I know” he whispered softly, the smile on his face turning sad, the green in his eyes becoming washed out.

“Pardon?” What did he mean, 'he knows’?

Startled the man abruptly snapped out of his solemn state, “Sorry, I s-shouldn’t of … I can’t do this….pardon me but I have to go”. He quickly stood up from the table, briskly walking out from the cafe. Hurt was hazed over his face, as though he were recalling painful memories.

Taken back a minute you replayed what had just happened in your head. Was it something you said? You’d only been polite to him..

Turning your attention back to the empty table, you saw the so called 'Newt’ had forgotten something, an old battered brown case lying beneath his seat. As you stared at the piece of luggage, an overwhelming feeling hit you. Almost as though an immense headache had just hit. Holding tightly onto the edge of the table, dizziness spelled over you, as you felt areas of your mind become unlocked. The emptiness you had felt for so long became filled. Only one man would own a suitcase like that.

You remembered.



*6 months ago*

You drifted in and out of consciousness, the world a blur in your half asleep state. The gentle hand running through your hair momentarily brought you back to the outside world, knowing the touch to be Newts. A content smile settled itself on your face as you stretched slightly in the comfort of the bed sheets.

Life was perfect. Whole even.

You tried to keep your eyes open, you really did but it became impossible. Soon, all you were aware of was the soft mattress underneath, the warmth of the sheets around you and Newt whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Your eyes drifted closed, blissfully unaware of what was going on around you.

Newt however stood over you, a crying mess. Why did things have to be this way? Why did he have to leave?

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”, Newt softly whispered, low enough so you wouldn’t stir.

Although quiet, his voice trembled slightly, still unprepared for what he was about to do. A tear drop lightly hit your arm but peacefully you slept on.

In the corner the room Newt’s one item of baggage sat readily waiting. Removing his wand from the pocket of his vintage blue coat, he took a deep breath.

This was it.

There was no going back. Tears flooded his eyes as he gave you one last loving look, leaving was never going to be easy when it was the only option he had. Deep down he knew the reason it hurt to say goodbye was because he’d never get to say hello again.

“Please..please forgive me” newt begged, his voice sounding broken.

Shakily raising his arm, he cast the one spell which would change everything



*Back to the present*

Tampering with the locks you wanted to see if you were just imagining all this, but as the little 'muggle worthy’ tag popped out you knew the truth. (shown in gif)

Completely forgetting you still had your work apron tied tightly around your hip, you rushed out into the street, taking his case full of creatures with you.

“Newt, Newt?!?” You desperately called into the street. Oh merlin no. He’d already left, what if you never found him again?

The bad weather had scared most into staying off the streets, the echoes of your voice bouncing down the lane way. His vibrant blue coat stood out strongly among the dull grey buildings.

Newt turned on his heel, words unable to describe the shock plastered on his face. He helplessly looked in your eyes, hoping that this wasn’t jut some cruel joke. God knows it would break him if it was.

“Don’t you mean Newton?” he attempted to say blankly, testing if you really remembered. That this wasn’t just a dream. He wouldn’t allow himself to get hihopes up  quickly, just to have them shattered.

“No”, you smiled in euphoria, before panicking, “Newt…please I remember…” you desperately begged him, praying you weren’t crazy.

“Y/N” Newt cried engulfing you into a hug, your defences becoming paper, the rain masking his tears.

Before you can draw in the air your body needs you have melted into his form. You felt his firm torso and the heart that beats within. His hands folded around your back, drawing you in closer. Your body shook, crying for the missed time you will never make back, crying to release the tension of these 6 long months.

He pulled his head back and wiped the tears with a calloused finger, even this roughness brings more relief than your heart can hold. Running his hand through your hair, as if he couldn’t. He didn’t quite believe your not part of an almost forgotten dream. Leaning in towards you he gives you a kiss, sweet, gentle, and tastes of tears.

You wanted to speak but all you could do was croak, “Don’t go, not again.” His mouth painted a soft smile and he nodded once before folding you in his arms again. Pulling back from the hug your sniffles became weaker, “Why did you leave?”

“Y/N…please I didn’t mean to hurt you b-but I didn’t have a choice. You know the rules about muggle and wizard relationships…MACUSA was going to come after you if I didn’t do it myself, I never meant to hurt you”.

“Newt how was this not supposed to hurt me. You left. Not even giving me a proper goodbye, I would’ve left for England just to be with you…”

“That’s the point Y/N, I don’t want you throwing your life away for me. I’m not worth it. You’ve got a bright future here-”

“-Working in a bloody cafe isn’t a future Newt. Look what happened when you left! You were the only one who gave me adventure. Newt, you were the only stable thing in my life, I fell apart when you left and you knew that but left anyways. I would’ve happily gone to England with you”. You cut Newt off completely angry at his excuses. Him leaving ruined your future, not him staying.

 Newt, who looked completely heartbroken brought his gaze directly on yours. “Y/N love, I regretted that spell everyday for the last 6 months, the guilt bringing me back to you. I still love you Y/N”

The sincere look in Newt’s eyes made you believe every single word which spilled from his lips. You knew that look anywhere.

“I’m sorry that I can’t make up for the time we lost but only promise to do better in the future…

Please - just let me show you”



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Could you please show us how to make gifs? Because this is siriusly beyond me! Thanks 🌿

+ Can you make a tutorial on making a gif the way you do please?            

okay i’ll try to show it the way i do it but my photoshop is in russian so translation will be off and i’m not sure this will be easy to understand if you’ve never had any encounters with photoshop before

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Imagine Erik scaring you when he’s angry.

“The humans are monsters!” Erik shouted, slamming his hand down against the table. You flinched at the sharpness in his tone.

“Erik, not all of them are like that-”

“You don’t know that!” Erik snapped, his eyes flashing. “You’re small and weak and naive! You have no idea what they’re capable of!”

“Erik, please-”

“They deserve to die!”

Your eyes stretched wide, “Erik, you don’t mean that.”

His lip curled back in a sneer, “Don’t tell me what I don’t mean. You haven’t seen what I’ve seen. The humans must be dealt with one way or another. If that means death, so be it. Charles is ignorant and weak to think we can make peace. Peace was never an option.”

You gripped the table, “Erik, you’re frightening me.”

“You shouldn’t be frightened of me, you should be frightened of them,” he snarled, “They are the ones who would slit your throat if given the chance.”

“Right now I’m not so sure.”

Gif Credit: Erik

Imagines: Sebastian Stan - Staring

After a routine trip to the farmers’ market on a Sunday morning, Sebastian and you decide to sit down at a cafe nearby to enjoy the nice weather.

It’s not a cafe you usually go to, so you are interested to see if there is anything special on the menu.  You never notice Seb, your boyfriend of a year, is carefully studying your face, thinking about how happy he has been since you are together.

“Hey, what are you going to have?”  You ask without looking up.

Feeling as if he’s been caught staring, even though you never find out, he giggles and looks away, “Bagel, duh.”

You keep scanning through the different breakfast options, struggling between two choices.  What you are missing, though, is Seb staring at you…a dreamy expression on his face that only says, “God, I really love this woman.”

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Gintama week // DAY 1 : SHINSENGUMI
Option 3 : Member of an Organization » Hijikata Toushirou“If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.” ♡

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*sips tea* we're just hear for a good time. Getting turned on and mutual flirting is part of the creative process.

Obviously. Anyone writing smut alone is missing out on a very fun opportunity. 
You’re the best Mulder to my Scully (though let’s change that up sometime). 

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