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When I first saw your blog, my first assumption is out of this world, it's more like my first impression of your art. Ofc, not in a bad way. I'm fascinated with most of the ideas of your art, it's something myself personally won't even be able to think of and thought it would work and ended up loving them so much. It's just amazing!! I also think you're chill and nice, based on how you always respond to asks from anon & users :"D

oh my this is such a nice assumption and I am so goddamn honored to be assumed about this way



giorno “glamour” giovanna 



It’s ridiculous how much a lil glow and shading can change this from ‘cosplayer slammed into a wall’ to ‘idiot ghost-boy we know and love slammed into a wall’

If choosing to be in sex work is so great why aren’t men “choosing” that employment even remotely as often as women have to? If being on the receiving end of violence and degradation for a living is totally okay, why aren’t men being abused and violated even remotely as much as women are in porn? Even if you act like a good liberal and claim you care about the woman’s choice to be degraded, you still know that the demand is for WOMEN to be degraded and the vast majority of men are completely unwilling to even consider doing what they so regularly watch and pay women to do, even in a monogamous or private. What does this say about the relationship between men and women?

Liberal normalization of porn and sex work allows the demand from men for violence and use of women’s bodies to remain unchallenged and without criticism. So long as we can convince women it’s empowering to choose to give men what they want, men don’t have to reflect on what it is they want or how awful it is.

I only bring the finest creations to this fandom