not getting arrested

something else I love about pushing daisies is how all the characters are relatively positive and hopeful in their own ways.

chuck is hopeful for love, new experiences, and adventure, emerson is hopeful for his daughter and his business, ned, while not too obviously hopeful in the beginning kind of starts to become hopeful for things; like chuck, love, and a sense of family that he never really had before… and olive, poor sweet olive is also hopeful for love, even though her affections are misplaced in ned, and she’s hopeful for her friends too. like trying to get lily and vivan out of the house, trying to make emerson see that yes they are friends, and even risking getting arrested because she wants to help her friends (lbr her dads) escape to the border.

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AU where Freddy and Larry are both prisioner

Reservoir Dogs prisoner AU, Creamsicle:

- Freddy is that kid who Larry takes under his wing and looks after him. He doesn’t expect the kid to start making this face at him: 😍
- Freddy was involved in some dumbass stunt that got out of hand. He probably was the only one to get arrested, because, you know, Freddy. Bless. Criminal!Freddy is just as bad at adulting as cop!Freddy.
- Larry initially assumes that Freddy making a pass at him is to cement the whole ‘looking after your pasty white ass’ deal, and tells Freddy that’s not how things work in his cell block, “I just like you, Freddo, there’s no quid pro quo here.” (Except Larry probably doesn’t say qpq, but I can’t think of a Larry-type way to write it right now.) He does not expect Freddy to grab him and kiss him hard and then point out that “I really, really like you, man.”
- Larry is permanently bemused by this, and pretty much every step forwards in their relationship comes from Freddy, because Larry can’t figure out why this cute, adorable little shit wants to spend time with him.
- Freddy gets out early because of the nature of the crime and for good behaviour. He visits Larry weekly and spends his free time trying to figure out how to bust Larry out of jail.
- Larry really, really doesn’t want Freddy to get in trouble trying to bust him out, and eventually, out of desperation, he puts some feelers out and gets some of his contacts to help bust him out so at least Freddy won’t get in trouble if it all goes wrong.
- He turns up at Freddy’s apartment in his prison jumpsuit, and then has to restrain Freddy from dragging him to bed, because hello, he’s just busted out of jail, you silly dork.
- They retrieve money and valuables from some of the stashes Larry can access on the way to the border, steal ugly Hawaiian shirts, flee to Mexico, and live happily ever after on a beach in Baja. The end!
(Apparently I’m feeling fluffy today. You’re welcome!)


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You got any general headcanons for Judge Angels?

She likes to keep her hair short because if she’s fighting/ running away from someone and they grab her hair, its all over my guy.

She has one of those wall sword hanger things above her bed and she puts her sword there

She may or may not have named the sword

She owns a hella lot of sunglasses. One of the reasons being that she just cant go out in public without hiding her eyes, she’ll get noticed and arrested. The other reason is that she just thinks she looks cool as fuck

Omg so many puns about justice you’ll never hear the end of it

So sharon and I ordered pizza and she put the wrong room number and she paid online and the people in the room she put TOOK the pizza and signed her name and so she called dominos, because it’s the best obviously, and the GM of dominos called her back and was like “hey so basically the people committed credit card fraud and we are getting the cops involved. just goes to show how shitty some people are, sharon. look out for yourself.”

List of things Seungbae has done wrong chapter 23 edition:

- hacked his superior’s computer
- assaulted a fellow police officer
- blackmail
- interrogated a witness in secret and without permission
- illegally used his police badge to coerce people into giving him information
- threatened a minor
- used his position to create an atmosphere of suspicion without evidence

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Why are you acting like El and Louis are actually dating? Doesn't he hate her?

1) I’m not acting like Eleanor and Louis are actually dating. You’re probably just not very bright and you’re probably just unable to to comprehend how someone can believe that even if someone isn’t genuinely dating Louis, they don’t deserve to be assaulted in an airport. Maybe you should check on your basic human decency, anon, because it’s apparently lacking.

2) Even if he doesn’t like her and doesn’t have a good relationship with her, does that mean he’s supposed to not care when she’s being assaulted while also being backed into a corner at the airport with no way to get away? What the fuck, bro? If you think that Louis would be fine with that happening to anyone, including his beard, regardless of his feelings for her personally, and that he would stand by and do nothing in that situation, you know literally nothing about who Louis Tomlinson is.

3) Fuck off.