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Darkpower: “Youre saying…ive been ashamed of my past, and my behaviors about the past this whole time… i acted like such a child, selfishly dramatizing and apotheosizing my traumas despite the fact that everyone on this earth has their own tragedies…have i been making myself suffer for nothing? because we fetishize sadness; that its romantic and poetic to fall apart in the wake of personal tragedy? yes, truly shameful. ive been a fool, enough is enough.”

Darkpower’s monologue ends and he turns to face the audience, which is funny in itself because, haha, the 4th wall got broken! Haha! You kids love that 4th wall break, right??

Darkpower: “Hahaha do you guys get it? Its a funny joke, do you get it? do you? see, its funny because i took a really silly, nonsense joke-ask and took something really profound and serious out of it. thats a classic! do you get it now? do you? Do you get it? It’s funny right ahahahhaha funnYYYYYY…. JO K E!!!11!!1!!one!”

He leans stage-right and whispers that he ‘isn’t sure if the audience got the joke’ to the tech crew.

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So I was watching the scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier were Steve and Natasha show up at Sam’s house and I noticed something

when they get there Nat’s hair is a little messy (which is expected considering that she was near an explosion) but for the most part its still straight 

when we see her again she’s drying her and it’s wavy/kinda curly now because that’s what happens when you wash your hair if you don’t have naturally straight hair and you have to use a hair straightener 

and when the scene changes her hair goes back to being straight, so my guess is that for some reason Sam Wilson has a hair straightener at home 

maybe he had long hair at one point and now all I can imagine is Sam taking his time to straighten his hair before he goes out 

So @zenlikejen and I have a deal… 

my favourite ff

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I just realized one thing the DADs and Joey have in common: they’re the only Harley/English/Crocker/Egbert/Claire’s to NOT have glasses.

okay so, me and a friend were talking about lush and they saw that one of their facemasks contained garlic as the main ingredient and we started to wonder if lush had like, something against vampires or something so i sent an email to lush askin if they r pro-vampire and they actually replied back lmao

  • Clegane: *throws a stick at a white walker*
  • White Walker: I'm a good zombie so Imma let that go.
  • Clegane: *throws a rock at the white walker*
  • White Walker, walking over to kill Clegane: :) I’m :) trying :) to :) be :) a :) better :) person :) but :) some :) people :) are :) testing :) me :)

The fact that French students still barricade their high schools/university buildings with furniture to protest shit is the True™ les Mis legacy