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A/N: This one was pretty fluffy. Fun to write

You hit the punching bag again and again. After a while, you paused to drink water. That’s when you heard the footsteps. You pretended not to hear but you were prepared with all the adrenaline still pumping.

“Boo,” a voice whispered in your ear and you turned around to take a swing at the voice. Had he not ducked in time, you would’ve punch your boyfriend square in the nose.

“That’s not funny, Steve. I could’ve seriously hurt you,” you said as he laughed.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to see you. We’ve been on too many missions lately,” Steve said wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“I know, but I guess that’s kinda what happens when you help your superhero boyfriend save the world,” you said wrapping your arms around his neck

“Hey, you’re just as much a hero as I am. I’d probably be dead or in pretty bad condition if it weren’t for you,” he said pulling you closer. You smiled. 

“You’re too good for me,” you said. He gave a small laugh and smiled. 

“I think you have it switched,” he said. Despite how sweaty you were and how much you probably smelled, you leaned on your tiptoes to kiss him. He kissed back eagerly until someone cleared their throat. You both pulled away from the kiss but not from each other’s embrace. 

“What’s up, Tony?” you asked. Tony just stared at the two of you with his mouth slightly open. “What?” you asked confused. He just motioned to the two of you. You raised an eyebrow.

“Spit it out, Stark,” Steve said.

“You two. Together. When?” Tony asked. You shrugged.

“I don’t know,” Steve said.

“A while,” you filled in. Tony just stood there.

“JARVIS, tell everyone of my new discovery,” Tony said before turning to walk out. As he was walking, you heard someone a few rooms over yell, “I knew it,” making you and Steve laugh. You looked at each other again.

“Wow I guess we aren’t obvious enough,” Steve said. You giggled and kissed him again.

new girl at my work today joined me on my break. we were debating about politics and she said she was voting for Donald trump, I spit my food out and asked why. she said “I think he’s funny and it’s good that he’s so harsh.” I was like “?????” she was arguing with me for 30 mins about how she’s not a feminist but she believes in gay and trans rights, how she’s all for the black lives matter movement and how she grows out her body hair and how she believes that men and women should have equal pay and equal rights but she said “I’m not a feminist, I hate feminists” smh

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I contacted save-benedict because I hardly use tumblr and she was the only url I remembered. Now I wish I had taken pictures this is interesting. She looked young, early 20s, short light brown hair and because of what you call her: the burberry brunette. She defintely wasn't Sophie, I saw her taking a picture and he must have said something funny as she started laughing and he put his arm around her as if he were to say "aaawww cutie" (you get the idea) Never seen her face before that point.

Thanks for clarifying. I still think it’s something innocent, so I don’t want to read into it. Just glad he seems happy.

sorry to whoever sent this ask but tumblr literally will not let me reply!! but here’s my answer I hope you see it :

so I went to se gglam with my friend joanna (@courfaeryac) today and we had some time to spare before the show so we were walking around Broadway. and as we were in back of the imperial I made a joke about throwing rocks at Chris’s window but then we realized we could see him in his dressing room so we stopped across the street. and as we were standing there we looked out his window so we waved at him and he opened his window to say hi and wave back and he was so cute and happy!! and then he asked us how are day was and I answered “pretty good now” and it was really hard to hear bc it was far and loud so we were just shouting at each other which was so funny. and then he had to go perform so he said goodbye and left and I decided to tweet the picture I took and like half and hour later he retweeted me and I almost like fell over !! it was all so unreal. anyway I can’t believe how nice he is and excited to see fans!!!


Another tragic episode of idols vs pyrotechnics

Made this beauty in my graphic design class. I’m very proud of it. It is now the background for that computer, and it is named Trumpity Stump


“So, Sam, you want me to go get your oxygen tank?” you joked, walking back to the bunker with Sam. He had his hands over his head, sweat running down his neck and forehead as he took in long, raspy breaths.

“Very…funny,” he said between breaths, glaring at you.

“I’m just sayin’, I mean, it really did look like you were in shape,” you continued. “With those muscles, which I, of course, don’t complain about—”

“Of course,” he smirked.

“—I expected a little more.”

“Oh, you expected more?” he huffed, raising his eyebrows. Before you could stop him, you felt your world shifting underneath you, a small noise of protest bubbling in your throat. Sam bounced you in his arms, causing your hands to lock behind his neck for protection. “I’ll give you something to expect.”


  • At Gwanghwamoon was supposed to be a KRY song at first, but Kyuhyun snatched it for his solo lol
  • Kyuhyun:We showed a lot of new things during this concert, but we decided to prepare another new stage. I think it's going to be amazing
  • Yesung:This song was actually supposed to be a song for all three of us. We will show you the version that all three of us sang in.
  • Kyuhyun:Yesung and Ryeowook were recording the song and they said that it felt like visiting a stranger's house. While Yesung was recording, I went into the recording studio but he asked me to leave (LOL)
  • Yesung:Truthfully, I was actually embarrassed and shy. Although we all sang this song all together before, Kyuhyun released it as his solo for his album. We went to practice the song, and we said "It'd be funny if Kyuhyun came" but he actually appeared like a ghost. He didn't even enter and he stood in front of the door so I was so surprised. He came in to the recording studio and kept on trying to record my voice.
  • Kyuhyun:We will now sing 'At Gwanghwamoon' all together. I sang this song over 1000 times but singing with my members will be quite different and new.

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Wait, I just got home from a 11 hour flight and something happened with Dan and the fandom? Could you maybe tell me what happened I'm a bit confused Thank you!

Dan took a selfie of himself after a haircut and some people on Twitter responded sarcastically or just kind of rude in general. 

He has said he understands that kind of humor…but honestly that doesn’t make it okay.

Just because one understands something doesn’t mean they agree with it or find it funny.

He said “[he] understands it. So don’t worry.”

He did not say he is okay with this.

Here’s the deal:

Yes, Dan IS an adult.

But adults can still be insecure and not appreciate that kind of humor.

Speaking as an adult myself…I don’t appreciate that kind of humor either. When someone makes a joke like that about me, even though I’m 25, I still feel very insecure and shitty about myself as a person. 

It makes me uncomfortable and makes me doubt myself. Though I’ll rarely speak up about it as to not make them be like, “oh, it’s just a joke; get over it.”

Yes, they are jokes…but that doesn’t make them anymore harsh or rude.

Any kind of humor where you purposely belittle someone isn’t okay.

You don’t know if they’re okay with it.

You don’t know if those words bring them back to unhappy moments.

You don’t know them or how they’ll feel about it.

Because of this, it’s better not to make unpleasant personal jokes about someone. 

Just because something doesn’t bother you, doesn’t mean it won’t bother someone else.

It’s honestly all about knowing the person - if you know them and know for a fact it won’t bother them…make that joke!

If you don’t know them…just don’t do it. 

Sorry for that rant, but this has been bothering me for a while.

Stop acting like adults can’t be insecure and hurt by words…because we can.

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people cAlling dan a lesbian pisses me off like its offensive to gay and bi girls and also offensive to dan calling him a girl and all in all its just sexist lmao people need to come up with better insults

Honestly out of all the stupid and offensive jokes in the phandom the “tall lesbian” thing pisses me off the most. 

Listen up kids:

DO!!! NOT!!!! FUCKING!!! CALL!!! DAN!!! A!!! LESBIAN!!!!

oh my god.

Just don’t do it.

It’s fucking offensive to lesbians? Do you know how hard it is to constantly have to deal with the stereotype that we’re all supposed to have short hair and look like men?? Like??? Dan’s not a fucking lesbian, he is a man. Dan himself has said that joke isn’t funny and he doesn’t like it. It’s homophobic and ya’ll need to knock it the fuck off.

Tbh it just makes me so angry. 

My teacher said the reason he got a phd in history was so that if he was at the movies or something and someone was having a heart attack and asked if there was a doctor in the house, he could go I am! In history! And then talk about the history of heart attacks while the person lay dying.


its been too long since you’ve seen this

Ok listen up, whenever I see thsoe posts about representation I’m not gonna lie I usually skip over (not that they aren’t important I just don’t like to be so serious on Tumblr) but today my little cousin broke my heart. We (me, my seven year old cousin and some of her friends) were talking about who our favorite Avengers are and when we said who, I would ask them why jsut cause I was curious. One said Iron Man because he’s funny, a’ight I respect that, another said the Hulk cuz he’s “strong and awesome”, but when it came to my seven year old cousin (who’s a girl) she said the Black Widow, which is fine I mean the black widow is pretty cool, but her reason broke my heart. When I asked her why she’s her favorite avenger she shrugged and said because she’s the only girl. I don’t know about you but that makes me kinda mad that the boys had so many options that they could choose a more specific reason like he’s strong or funny, but she only had one female role model to choose from and that kinda got my goat. My rant is over, sorry.