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Their human tries to get the DJD to celebrate halloween?

Good luck with that.


~You can try all you want he isn’t interested.
~He thinks it’s completely ridiculous and childish.
~He doesn’t say this, he doesn’t want to upset you.
~He let’s you have your fun, but you’ll have to do it without him.
~Doesn’t fight the decorations or others dressing up or mock trick or treating.
~Does fight being wrapped into himself, he doesn’t want any part of this ridiculousness.
~Keeps a handle on how much alcohol and engex is consumed, how many treats are passed around, and how much can be decorated.
~He’s basically the ship dad for the night.

~He’s not interested at first, mostly because he can’t see the things you’re talking about.
~As you get more excited he starts to see it’s more about the fun than seeing it.
~He decides to join in with you and dresses up.
~Will also help with the decorations he can help with.
~You dress him up as a bat and he has no idea.
~Doesn’t participate in the more exciting things like getting drunk.
~Doesn’t really partake in any treats except perhaps a handful.
~He’s more concentrated on how happy you are, which makes him happy.
~He does have a lot of fun, mostly in listening to you have fun and explain things.
~He’s glad he asked.

~He thinks it’s weird.
~You dress up as a ghost to keep ghosts away?
~Ghosts aren’t real, little human.
~You have to explain quite a few times for him to truly understand that Halloween now is mostly just about the fun.
~He doesn’t enjoy dressing up or decorating.
~He likes telling scary stories and playing scary pranks and horror movies.
~Does like the treats though, it’s not often they get them on this ship.
~Definitely eats way too much and gets sick.
~Worth it.
~Spends at least one or two all nighters watching movies and telling stories.
~There’s at least one scream a day thanks to his pranks.
~He loves this Holiday.

~Much like Tarn
~Except more vocal about how much she doesn’t like it.
~She doesn’t want anything to do with this organic holiday.
~Definitely sticks to her room or medic area.
~She won’t try to get anyone to stop, though.
~She’s happy her human is having fun.
~Is not going to make everyone else stop just because she’s not having fun.
~Appreciates it when you stop by to give her treats or to place a headband atop her head.
~She also likes watching horror movies with you, the only good part.
~Make it up to her with cuddles and pretending to be scared and she’ll get over it.

Tesarus and Helex (Not Poly)
~Why would you tell him?
~He takes pranks too far, over decorates, and just about gorges himself on treats.
~They team up together for pranks way too much.
~Blasts Spooky Scary Skeletons through the intercom more than once.
~Helex has a sheet thrown over him so when he activates his smelting pool for a few fleeting seconds before it catches fire he looks like a pumpkin.
~Tes throws pumpkin guts in his gut, Nickel hates you both.
~He watches movies with you, but tends to get bored and fall asleep or fidget through it.
~The mock trick-or-treat has him squealing and flitting about like he’s a sparkling, it’s cute to watch. 
~Tes goes through at least six different costume ideas.
~Helex doesn’t dress up.

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“Why him? Why not me?” w/ alex nylander

You didn’t know why you said yes to going on a date with Jack. You never thought of him as anything more than one of the players. One of the guys you worked with. One of the people you definitely were not supposed to go on a date with. But he was smooth talking and you hadn’t had fun in long enough that you were saying yes without second guessing yourself and it really wasn’t that bad. He was nice, he made you laugh. You thought it was harmless. One date wasn’t going to kill anyone. But when you walked into the prep room at the rink the next day, it seemed like all hell had broken loose. 

Everyone either had a smart comment to make at you or the center, or looked pissed off. You ignored it as best you could and tried to focus on your job. And tried not to focus on how maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all. Behind the closed doors of your room, you smiled brightly at Alex. He sat with his leg propped up on the table. “How’s the ankle?” you asked, knowing it was hard for him to not be able to play. Not be able to be out there with his team. “I think it’s marvelous. Worthy of a skate to be tied around it, if you ask me,” he joked like he always did. 

“We’ll see,” you said, carefully slipping his sneaker off. “Roll it,” you instructed, and watched as he tried to hide the pain in his face that came from the movement. “I’m gonna say pass on the skates, a little more rehab though,” you started before the door opened behind you. You turned to face Jack unexpectedly. You smiled, taking a few steps away from Alex. “Hey,” he said. The way he was looking at you was awe-striking. Like he really liked you. And he did. “You left this in my car last night, didn’t want it to get all…lost up with gross hockey gear in my bag,” he said, handing you the blue sweater you’d taken off once he tried to impress you with his heated seats. 

“Thanks, it’s considerate,” you said with a laugh. He was out the door and you tossed the sweater over with your other stuff before bringing your attention back to Alex who now sported flushed cheeks and a grimace. “You really did go out with him then, huh?” he asked. “Yeah, it was dinner. It was nice,” you said, carefully poking at his ankle. “Why?” he asked you and you stopped to make eye contact with him. “Why’d you go?” You didn’t know what to say. Why did you go?

“I don’t know, it was…nice,” you repeated without realizing. Alex laughed and looked away. “Why him?” the he pressed. You swallowed, not knowing how to handle the anger that seemed to radiate from him. “Why not me?” he continued, finally looking back at you. “I…I didn’t know,” you stammered. “Yeah well…” he started but trailed off not knowing what to put in his next thought. “I didn’t know that was something you wanted,” you confessed. You had never thought of any player this way and somehow two seemed to think that about you. It had to be a dream. Maybe you were sick and this all wasn’t real. “Well I would, especially over Jack,” he said his name with disgust in his voice. 

Soon enough more people were bursting into the room. Needing tape. Needing ice. Needing a massage. “I’ll uh…yeah, I’ll think about it,” you said to the blonde as to not draw attention and finally he just smiled at you.

Fictober 5-Sentence Challenge: Day 17 - Hayride

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Natsu clutched his stomach, face ashen where it wasn’t green. “There’s no way I’m gonna ride on that - I still have flashbacks from the Grand Magic Games!”

Lucy pointed to the little pony cart behind the much larger ‘Haunted Halloween Hayride’ wagon. “I arranged a little something only for us, you said I could go without you, but that’s no fun. For three fish, Happy said he’d pull the cart so you didn’t get sick, and for ten he’ll do it wearing a gag,” grinning smugly, Lucy added, “I brought a dozen.”

some self-care/mental health tips for the upcoming school year

with school coming soon or already starting for some people i figured i’d share some of my tips for a healthier lifestyle. i know in the past i’ve struggled so much with being good to myself once school starts, both mentally, emotionally, and physically!

keep a clean room 

i know how hard this is. i’m absolutely awful at it, even in the summer but it really makes the biggest difference. coming home to a mess when your life is already stressful and messy enough just makes things worse. i know when i have a clean space i’m way more productive and at peace with my situation.

take a break from social media

just doing this every once in awhile makes the hugest difference. social media is a wonderful world but it’s easy to get caught up in how everyone is doing things without you or having more fun or how someone’s prettier or whatever. it’s not worth it. i’ve learned that just deleting the apps for even a few hours can make my mental state 10x better. it’s important to realize that while people are out doing things all the time, you can never be as fun as all the 162 people you follow combined.

don’t be afraid to invite people out

one of the biggest things i struggle with is being social, simply because i overthink inviting people to do things with me too much and just wait to be invited by someone else instead. remember that even if someone says they can’t do something, it’s not the end of the world. at least you opened up a possibility!!! by being someone who invites others to do things, people will feel more appreciated and like you actually want to hang out with them! but also always save time for yourself as well!

create a self-care routine with motivation

by giving yourself some type of reward to wash your face, brush your teeth and shower, such as only watching your favorite tv show afterwards, it will feel a bit easier to accomplish the tasks that seem simple but can be terribly hard, especially if you suffer from depression. i’ve learned that combining things into one task also makes it easier, such as once you get in the shower, do everything. wash your face, brush your teeth, shave, all in the shower. it makes self-care so much easier.

get outside, stay out of bed

laying in bed is the best thing ever, i know, but it can be so easy to get in there and never get out. this is my biggest bad habit. i feel more productive even just sitting on the couch. my bed is like a black hole of lost motivation. go outside for twenty minutes a day if you can. sunlight makes things a little better and staying inside all day does nothing for you.

do one thing that scares you everyday, big or small.

i’m someone who has struggled with social anxiety for years now, but i’m slowly getting better because i’m making a conscious (and very terrifying effort) everyday. this won’t work for everyone, i know, but it’s helped me a little bit. i try to challenge myself everyday to do one thing that scares me, whether it’s asking someone to do something after school or agreeing to get coffee with a friend you’re not super close to yet, or even just making conversation with someone next to me in class. don’t push yourself too far but don’t make zero effort either.

cut the negative language/mindset

anytime you have a negative thought find a reverse positive. even saying “i’m not happy with how my hair looks but my ass looks great in these jeans” is better than saying “i look awful today”. stop the constant internal bullying! think of it this way, if your best friend said the things you say to yourself, how would you feel? you’re your own best friend, so cut the shit! compliment yourself like you do your best friend. complimenting myself and finding things i find beautiful on my own body even once a day has increased my confidence exponentially. a negative language towards yourself leads to a negative mindset.

find someone who motivates you

if you need motivation to work out, study, anything, find a buddy. having someone to do things with and hold you accountable makes a world of difference. this summer i got together with a friend and made a deal that we would work out 2-3 times a week. it worked so much better than if i had just made that goal for myself because she was always there to text me to ask to workout when we needed to but i lacked the desire. and i did the same for her. now we actually both got a job at a gym together this fall and are working out consistently because we have that mutual  accountability with each other! plus just having someone you enjoy seeing makes doing the hard task more fun!

accept your individuality

you don’t need to look like society’s ideal of beautiful. there’s millions of types of flowers, and just because one kind is pretty to someone, does that make all the others ugly? no. there’s tons of species of dogs too and they all look totally different. is a poodle ugly just because a golden retriever is cute? NO. your individuality is you. everyone is beautiful in the very own unique way. don’t try to look like someone ellse. your beauty is not measured by how perfect your features are. 

drink some fucking water

and eat some food too

understand that a bad week doesn’t mean a bad life

we’re all going to go through those weird ass time periods where it feels like everything sucks and nothing can go right. accept that although it’s pretty bad right now, it won’t be forever. 

good luck with this school year everyone! hope my tips help even just one person. take care of yourselves, kiddos.


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)

Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.



Than any boy you’ll ever meet 

Sweetie you had me

Just say yes 🥂

“Fancy meeting you here.” Harry watched amusedly as Malfoy whirled around in surprise and almost dropped his champagne flute.

“Potter.” He sounded breathless, caught off guard. “I thought you were in Egypt on some mission.”

Harry cocked his head to one side and gave Malfoy a quizzical glance.

“I see you’ve been keeping tabs on me.”

“That’s not-” Malfoy’s cheeks turned rosy as he quickly looked away. “Your name is always all over the paper.”

“This was a secret mission,” Harry replied, trying not to snicker.

“Yeah, well… It’s- it’s hard to escape you. People talk about you everywhere. Everywhere!”

“Sure,” Harry said, taking a sip of champagne.

“Auror Potter! Auror Potter!” A small, middle-aged man behind Malfoy began waving frantically at Harry, almost jumping up and down in his excitement.

“Oh no,” Harry muttered. Malfoy took a look over his shoulder and rolled his eyes.

“Auror Potter! We didn’t expect you to be back so soon,” the middle-aged man said, clasping one of Harry’s hands and shaking it vigorously.

“Mister Franklin,” Harry said, barely able to hide his annoyance.

“You were on a mission I presume? Was it undercover? Did it go well?”

Harry sighed and briefly closed his eyes.

“Mister Franklin, a gala is hardly the place for an interview, is it?”

Mister Franklin chuckled and clasped Harry’s hand even tighter.

“You know how it is with us reporters, we never rest.”

“Oh yes, I know,” Harry said. “However, I am currently unavailable for a statement.”

“But Auror Potter-”

“If you will excuse me, Mister Franklin,” Harry interrupted him, freeing his hand from the other man’s grip and placing it on Malfoy’s back. “I have important business to attend to.”

He ignored the incredulous looks Mister Franklin and Malfoy were giving him and pushed through the crowd. Harry noticed how Malfoy’s body twitched under his touch. It made Harry’s stomach flip. He hadn’t planned to be so bold but escaping a reporter from the Daily Prophet always took priority.

He hoped Mister Franklin wasn’t following them. But even if he left them alone, almost every other person in the room was sure to assault Harry sooner or later. But he couldn’t leave yet. He had promised Kingsley he’d stay at least two hours. And now, after bumping into Malfoy, he had another reason to stay.

When Harry spotted the double doors leading to one of the balconies, he let out a sigh of relief. That could work. He gently pushed Malfoy outside, who was completely flustered at this point.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he snapped, slapping Harry’s hand away and smoothing down his robes.

“What? I really didn’t want to talk to that reporter,” Harry said shrugging.

“But why did you drag me along with you?” Malfoy studied him suspiciously and Harry noticed how he was clutching his champagne flute.

“I wanted to keep talking to you,” Harry said, surprised Malfoy had to ask.

“And what gave you the impression I wanted to keep talking to you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Harry said, knitting his eyebrows together. “Feel free to go. It wasn’t my intention to bring you out here against your will.”

Malfoy narrowed his eyes. After a moment, he turned and walked to the edge of the balcony, resting his elbows against the railing.

It took Harry a moment to realise Malfoy wasn’t leaving after all. He was waiting for Harry to join him. Harry made sure the goofy smile had somewhat vanished before he stepped up beside Malfoy, mimicking his pose, and looked out to the garden below.

“It’s a little bit like Romeo and Juliet, isn’t it?” Harry said, relishing the sudden quietness around them.

Malfoy let out a snort and Harry was pretty sure he was rolling his eyes.

“For that you’d have to be standing down there, you knobhead.”

Harry blinked.

“I didn’t mean… I just meant the setting reminds me of-” He raised an eyebrow. “Are you saying you’d want me to be standing down there, serenading you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Malfoy muttered. But Harry had the impression his cheeks were getting pinker by the second. “Besides, Romeo didn’t serenade Juliet.”

“He didn’t? Huh. I thought he did,” Harry said frowning. “Well that’s good I guess. I’m rubbish at singing.”

There was a long silence after that and Harry wondered what Malfoy was thinking about. He heard him take a deep breath before he finally spoke again.

“I guess we are a bit like Romeo and Juliet.”

Harry looked at him in astonishment.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, our families weren’t exactly enemies but I have often wondered what would have happened if my father hadn’t- if it weren’t for my father…maybe it wouldn’t have been impossible. Or forbidden.”

“Forbidden,” Harry repeated dumbstruck. “You mean to say…”

“I’m not saying anything,” Malfoy said quickly, clamping his mouth shut.

“I think you just did,” Harry insisted, giving the other man a toothy grin. “I have to admit, when I saw you tonight I didn’t think it would lead up to this.”

Malfoy didn’t reply and just stared at the fountain in the middle of the garden below them.

“It’s not too late, you know,” Harry said quietly. “We could still… well, how about we start with dinner?”

“Dinner?” Malfoy sounded skeptical. When he gulped down the rest of his champagne, Harry couldn’t contain a snicker.

“Dinner.” He turned to Malfoy and bit his lip. “All you have to do is say yes.”

When Malfoy didn’t say anything, Harry tentatively moved his hand down the railing and placed it on the other man’s.

“Just say yes.”

Harry watched as the corner’s of Malfoy’s mouth twitched and his body gave a little shiver.

“It’s that easy?”

“Yes,” Harry said. Malfoy cleared his throat and kept his eyes on the garden while his lips stretched into a smile.

“Is that a yes?” Harry asked. Malfoy turned his head to look at him, his eyes shining brightly.

“Yes, you twit! It’s a yes.”



Some Random Guy: *Literally risking his life because he Really Likes a video game*

Prompto: Whoa! What do you think they’re doing?

Noctis: Some kind of contest?

Prompto: All the way up there? Looks a little risky, don’t you think?

Noctis: Nah. I’d be there and back in a flash. 

Ignis: I’d fancy a walk up there.

Noctis: You seriously want to do that?

Ignis: Can’t spell “funambulism” without “fun.”

Noctis: How do you even know that word?



CB + underappreciated scenes | 3/?

This is the episode right after Chuck discovers the crushing revelation that Blair is pregnant with Louis’ child. It’s this discovery that finally awakens him from the bubble of self-destructive lack of emotion that he put himself into in order to cope with the pain of his breakup with Blair and everything that followed. Still, when Chuck and Blair run into each other on the street the next day, they fall back into talking like they always do. Chuck literally stops her in the street to seriously ask if she’s okay. Even though he was shaken by the news, he’s more concerned about Blair’s well-being. How she is and whether she’s okay is always what’s most important to him. I think that’s a big theme for them throughout the series. Even when they’re not together or they’re at their lows, they’re always there for each other and concerned about one another. There’s also an ease to their relationship that shows how comfortable they are with each other. I love this little scene because it demonstrates the support and comfort they always find in each other, whether they’re together or not. 

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

the signs as that feeling when...
  • Aries: That feeling when you're desperately working your ass off for a better body and you don't get some good results and you're just so fucking angrya
  • Taurus: That feeling when you're hungry as fuck but you don't have the money to buy food and instead you go home early without having fun
  • Gemini: That feeling when you can't put up with everyone's shit anymore so instead you just go and mind your own business
  • Cancer: That feeling when you're desperately waiting for your crush or some particular person to like your selfie and they like it 4 days after you posted it
  • Leo: That feeling when you're expecting to win at something after you've insulted everyone else and you DON'T actually win and you hate the entire universe because of it
  • Virgo: That feeling when you have to sneeze but you DON'T actually sneeze and you want to punch the wall afterwards
  • Libra: That feeling when you just can't stop overthinking about something that seems so important at the moment (but YOU KNOW that it's stupid and it won't matter in 2 days) and you are just haunted by it and you have insomnia because of it
  • Scorpio: That feeling when someone talks to you and you're just thinking about all the ways you would fuck them
  • Sagittarius: That feeling when you're telling the best advice and nobody is paying attention
  • Capricorn: That feeling when you have the perfect idea for a thing but you're just too damn lazy to get up and do it
  • Aquarius: That feeling when you ignore someone talking about sad things and you continue having fun
  • Pisces: That feeling when you want to go to bed but you're way too obsessed with a song and you can't stop listening to it

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will you dance to this beat

and hold a lover close?

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off [Shower Audio]
Panic! At The Disco
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off [Shower Audio]

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off // Panic! At The Disco

SHOWER AUDIO // (close your eyes and pretend you can hear brendon sing in the shower!) use earphones