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I feel like people don't care if kpop groups have korean members... they just care if there are asian memebers.... it's so sad because suddenly asian people (thai, chinese, japanese) ppl are allowed to participate in Korean pop but not American people or white people in general... Yeah I agree, EXP arent that great but if they were talented white guys doing kpop, they'd still get the same stigma. Korean people are more than welcomed to do hiphop and pop in America. What is this double standard..

I don’t know about you but for me if it’s Kpop then it has to have Korean members. If it would be full of Japanese members it would probably be a Jpop group. I think it’s perfectly fine that other South East Asian people participate in Kpop groups, which also helps them to become more successful in non-Korean countries. Now Idk what you mean with ‘American People’ because Johnny from NCT or Krystal from f(x) are Americans. Otherwise you’d be talking about Native Americans. Now there is no such thing like 'white people can’t participate in Kpop’. There isn’t such a rule, and that’s not something in the power of us fans, but of the companies. By the way, there is an Africa American girl in the girl group RaNia.
Now, you’re complaining about double standards but honey, there isn’t such a thing in this case. I don’t know any Korean nor Asian musician who is famous in America. Yes, Koreans make hiphop, everyone from every race can make hiphop. The thing is that Koreans get teared down for it because of different reasons. (I’ll talk about this another time because there is a lot to explain)
LET ME TALK ABOUT THE DOUBLE STANDARDS THAT DOESNT EXIST. Double standard is that when a man takes off his shirt, it’s considered as hot and manly, but when a woman does, she’s a slut and gets shamed for showing her body. A GROUP OF FOUR WHITE MEN NOT GETTING ACCEPTED INTO THE KPOP INDUSTRY, WHILE ASIAN PEOPLE DONT GET ACCEPTED IN THE AMERICAN AND WITH THAT THE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AND FILM INDUSTRY ISNT!
I can’t name one leading Asian actor, nor an Asian musician in America. Asians have it so damn hard in America and it upsets me that you just ignored that. I can not, will not shut up about this issue. Let me explain and give you some examples. Movies about Asia with Asian characters get played by white actors. For example, Ghost In The Shell. Just to let you know, I watched the movie and it was amazing, but that doesn’t mean that it stops me from addressing the issues. The movie is based on an anime, anime is from Japan, which is in Asia. Now, the whole story is in Japan and has Japanese characters only. BUT GUESS WHAT. The main character, Major, an Asian woman, gets played by….you guessed it right, a white woman! (I’m not blaming Scarlett Johansson, I’m blaming the movie makers) I have an even better example! Death Note life action movie. Death Note is an anime and now there will be a life action movie. Sounds cool, right? Well, there is just one huge upsetting problem. The people who made this movie obviously searched for actors, but now comes the shocking part (which isn’t even that shocking since the American film industry is racist, there I said it) during the casting they made it clear that they are NOT looking for an Asian actor…what?! These people make a life action movie of a Japanese anime which is all aboutJapan and decide that they do not want an Asian actor to play and Asian character. Don’t come at me with 'double standards’ when there is just racism and disrespectful people. It’s time for Asian people to break down stereotypes and become a part of America music and film industry, not the time for white people stealing and taking over something that was created by and for minorities, which in this case is Kpop. It upsets me that some people get offended as soon as white people don’t get what they want but overlook Asian people who get oppressed and don’t get a chance to be a part of the world industry.

BTS reaction: Finding out you are in the hospital

Aah~~ I have a feeling this is going to be really sad.


He wouldn’t really show it on the outside, but he’d feel super guilty and saddened at the fact. He would be really worried and wants to know how you are doing ASAP, but when it gets to much for him to handle he’d probably wants to talk to one of his members about it.

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Honestly… He’d loose it. He’d go mental and throw anything he could grab a hold on. His members would be the only one to help him calm down, but you were the only one who could make him happy again. After he stops trashing the place, he’d probably want to be alone until he could go visit you.

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This ray of sunshine would just fall silent at first. After everything had sunken in he’d start shedding tears that would probably be able to flood the room. He’d blame himself for not being there with you when you got into that accident, but would most likely understand he couldn’t do anything about it. 

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:

He’d be hurt and also confused. How did this happen? Why them out of all people? He’d probably question everything and anyone wondering who could have done this to you. It would break his heart, but he would really get mad about it. Not saying he wouldn’t shed some tears.

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Jimin would be such a lost puppy. Like Namjoon he’d question why it happened to you out of all people, but he’d surely cry and get mad. He would want to blame the person who did this to you, being so caught up in the heat that he can’t think straight anymore.

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Taehyung would blame himself for it. He’d hate himself for everything that happened to you and wouldn’t let anyone change his mind. He wouldn’t cry as much as some of the other members, instead he’d just lock himself up blankly staring into nothing.

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Our little golden maknae would try to keep everything together, trying to look strong. But behind all that trying, he would be broken. Everything would build up so much to the extent of him bursting into tears when he is with one of his hyungs and then he’d blame himself for having that outburst.

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I tried to keep it short, but i’m thinking of maybe making one of the members reactions into a full scenario. What do you guys think? And which member should I write a full scenario too?

The Office - Part 5

Requested by: lovetoheadbang, xxcherrxx, l0serlike-me, theelishad, huntingthetardisat221b, sweet-candii42 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: The reader and Dean are in a relationship now, but they still keep it silent. While in a business meeting, the reader decides to distract Dean. Also, Dean’s wife comes around and causes some more trouble…

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warnings: smut, swearing

Words: 1200

A/N: Please, please, tell me what you think of it! It really means a lot to me!

Dean had gathered the whole team for a meeting. We were all sitting around a large, wooden, black table, steaming coffee cups in front of us. 

I sat right next to my boss, who also happened to be my lover. Nobody knew about it yet, even though it’d been weeks since he moved in. He had planned on finding himself an apartment soon, but I didn’t mind having him around. I didn’t mind waking up next to his beautiful face every morning. I didn’t mind him touching me whenever he could – when I got out of the shower, when I was getting dressed, when I was making breakfast or dinner…

We finally had a relationship. And I loved it.

But he was still afraid of telling everyone about it, he was afraid of making it official. So we still kept it secret at work, shooting each other loving gazes and subtly touching when no one was watching.

“So, you probably wonder why I asked you to come together,” Dean said, his voice mature and dark. I crossed my legs, tried to look casual, while my mind was imagining all kinds of filthy pleasures that I wanted to make him feel. He looked unforgivingly good in his perfect fitting suit and him being my boss was just such a turn on. Some things would never change. His white shirt embraced his beautifully formed body, he looked so strong, so manly. I bit my lip. This man had me going crazy. 

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LLSIF JP updates
  • there will be maintenance on 3 December from 2pm - 5pm (Japan timezone), as there has been some problems like when some users use loveca to refill their LP bar / they rank up, they got extra LP (10 i think). also, when their member space is full, they are still able to play lives isnt this good tho. somethibg about messaging other players, data downloading, etc. thanks to anon here, regarding the LP issue, if you use a loveca to refill your LP / rank up, your remaining LP will carry over ( e.g. you have 23 LP left and your max LP is 50, you use a loveca to refill your LP, they will give you 23 + 50 = 73 LP ). regarding the member list being full issue, you can still play your live songs even if your member list is full, just that the cards will be sent to your present box. how fucking cool is that sifjp is rlly good!!1!1!! regarding the messaging issue, an outbox will be added so you can see the messages you’ve sent to other users wow yay now i dont have to ask the other person what i said before cuz my memory is bad af. regarding the data downloading issue, im just quoting what anon said: ‘they’re making one time downloads, so you can just download all the game data at once (I’m a bit confused about this) and it’s a version update, so you’ll have to update the app (or reinstall it if u use android and downloaded it) when the update is done’ ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU, ANON! IM SO SO SORRY FOR GIVING WRONG INFO I SUCK hey anon maybe you can join and help me translate the jp stuff i need u (no but im serious i rlly need you it would make me so happy if you join as a mod of this blog)
  • llsif jp has reached the milestone of getting 13 million users!!

to celebrate, users will be given a total of 7 loveca over 7 consecutive days!

there will also be an arcade version of llsif with details coming up soon! (?)

new KiRa KiRa Sensation! R cards will also be released! samples:


Love these photos!

Love the fact that Hugh and Phil X are being included in the photos!

Anyone who has a problem with that should think about this quote I read yesterday. Phil is not the enemy. He was there for the fans and our band when they/we needed him not once, but twice when Richie left the band in a hard spot. He has earned his part in our band and I for one look forward to seeing him with Bon Jovi again, this time a full member of the band.

“I think it just hit me this morning when I saw this shot. here I am…. this guy playing with Bon Jovi, a band I went to see at the CNE Grand Stand in Toronto, Canada on the New Jersey tour all those years ago. it’s just so damn surreal.

JBJ once told me, “you didn’t win a contest. you worked your ass off & deserve to be here." 

I think I originally snuffed it off but now I truly get it.”  Phil X