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Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but are there going to be any major Persona 5 spoilers with this new AU? 'Cos I've only just had Futaba join my party, and have thus far avoided the bigger spoilers...I think.

It’s a cool question! It assumes that I actually have plans for this AU hahahahaha So don’t worry about that because WYSIWYG. There won’t be any spoilers if ever considering that this AU will incorporate mostly the story of dangan ronpa (hope vs despair theme) so it’s going to go in a different direction for sure. I mean the most I’ve got going is that they’re stealing “distorted hearts of despair” and the effect is more on the people changing into a hopeful mindset. Other than main elements and mechanics, there’s nothing P5 to spoil!

[Translation] 100% SKE48 vol.1 Kimoto Kanon

I actually finished translating this quite long time ago, just forgot to post… I know it’s late LOL
1 year passed since Vol.1 release, some part of interview may not be up-to-date. However, the content is still interesting.
This time it’s Kanon, who already announced that this year election (2017) is her last. Without any warning to fans, unfortunately, she didn’t ranked this year.
That’s sad, but I believe that Kanon will still be Kanon who is full of spirit as the same as in this interview.

Next time, it will be the last interview in Vol.1 (finally complete!!!) I will post it real soon.

Entered when she was 13 as the center of Team E

Now, Kimoto Kanon is already 18 years old

The youngest of team and the position under spotlight, tasted the feeling of pain

We would never imagine that we will see her like this

Effort that is full of passion and steady aim have been revealed

My goal is to be new ace, who can be both “conventional” and “radical”. The one that Nagoya people can be proud of.

Value of experience from concurrency

- After interview with BUBKA in 2014, Kimoto-san is with us again this time.

Non: such a long time.

- There were misunderstandings that Sashihara (Rino)-san brought it up to tease you in concert…we are sorry for that.

Non: Hahaha Not at all. Don’t mind it. *laugh*

- Thank you! As we invited Kimoto-san for an interview this time, it’s what we have been waiting for all along because you are in the same level as ace.

Non: Eh? Thank you. But, really?

- Really! Kimoto-san, you have also faced with many tests up until now. You gained so much valuable experience from them, right?

Non: That’s right. Until now, I have tried doing so many things. If I don’t like challenges, I would be very worried. Now, they have decided on national tour and stage play (AKB49). I need to concentrate to do it well. This feels good. If there are things I have never done, I would want to give it a shot. I’m that kind of person, very greedy. *laugh*

- Hahaha that’s alright *laugh* Talking about “challenge”, being concurrent with HKT48 last year was a good motivation, right?

Non: Yeah. At first, I didn’t know what I should do. I never thought I could be friend with everyone in HKT48 until now. So, I am happy that everyone welcomed me.

- Especially, Motomura (Aoi)-san. You also named your combination.

Non: She was the first one who came to talk to me. You can say she saved me. Aoi blew away my loneliness and we got very close after that. Aoi’s Oshi also told me “I really like this combination”. Because of concurrency, I could meet her. And we went on tour as HKT48 members. Now, SKE48 tour will also resume. If we go to the place where I went when I was concurrent, I will tell other SKE48 that “This place is like this”

- Audiences who went to see HKT48, did they come to see SKE48, too?

Non: That’s the point! I think that is the meaning of concurrency!

- The concurrency ended in 2015. For Kimoto-san and SKE48, many things have changed in this 1 year.

Non: Many 1st gen seniors graduated. Now, we have Makki-chan (Saito Makiko) as captain. 2nd, 3rd gen and also 4th gen must try harder. We know well that what are used to be done by 1st gen must be done by us now.

- The time of forming each team, from the start until SKE48 established, was 1st gen to 4th gen.

Non: I think this is the boundary (between former and latter gens) But the position between 4th gen and latter gens is quite subtle.  

- I have read Kimoto-san’s latest blog. As members in the same gen graduated one by one, it seems you need to do something to enhance current 4th gen entity, like a mission.

Non: I think 4th gen is full of members who are independent. Some may think this is not a good thing but I don’t think so. We always take part in every matter. SKE48 needs this kind of members. Though we got criticized many times, but we always feel that we need to do something. For example, (Shibata) Aya-chan started to focus on talking, (Umemoto) Madoka already graduated but she still works related to sports, (Yamashita) Yukari got the first place in Request Hour 2 years in a row. Yukari is our pride.

Non: That’s because I’m happy. It was very tough for us at the beginning. It came out badly for everything we do and we didn’t know what we should do. We were in that situation for a long time. Friends at that time went separately to each team. Some graduated, some are still active. Really, I don’t even know why I’m happy that much.

The feeling of “I have to stay”

- This feeling, is it your current motivation?

Non: 4th gen right now is in the time of “thinking about graduation” or “being unsure what to do next”. Some of us chose to graduate, some chose to stay as SKE48 member. Like Madoka, she decided to graduate to do what she wish to do. We, the same gen, are also glad for her. So, the ones remaining would like to try in her part, too. We don’t want to hear they say 4th gen’s getting worse because of graduation.

- “We won’t let anyone look down on us!” right?

Non: Well, yeah *laugh* Once you are looked down, you will be more encouraged. Your mental gets stronger. There are many members think like this “You will see!”

- Kimoto-san also has this side *laugh*

Non: Feel strong, right? Actually, I am coward *laugh* Normally, I think about things but I just don’t speak it up.

- What is it?

Non: My own thoughts. If I write it in my blog, everyone would be like “Kanon gets all fired up again!” but for me, I always see idols as someone who’s cute and shining. They shouldn’t show any strong feeling like “I will not give up!” So, that’s why I became like that.

- Then, it resembles Watanabe Mayu.

Non: Yeah. In other words, it’s someone who doesn’t let emotion influence herself, wants to be only the “idol” in her ideal.

- But I think Kimoto-san is still “conventional” somehow.

Non: Thank you. But I think walking in conventional way can be faded easily. Though it’s important to have someone being like this, but you can’t stay this way forever.

- Kimoto-san, you are also “radical” quite often. *laugh*

Non: Actually, I am the type that love to lighten the mood in dressing room *laugh* I like watching comedy shows, such as, “Gakitsukai” and “24-Jikan taikyu”. I even watched it before it gets popular. In the past, there were not many dirty jokes like this. I really like it.

- Maybe, it’s because you have good foundation like this so you are good at entertaining. Kimoto-san in “Magical radio” was also very funny. It would be good if there’s more that kind of program.

Non: That’s true. I would love to do.

Not “everyone’s little sister” anymore

- Kimoto-san, this spring you will reach working age, right?

Non: Yeah, that’s bad *laugh* To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t have been here by the time I graduate from high school.

- in SKE48?

Non: When I entered, I thought like that. But in the blink of an eye, 6 years have passed. I feel “is it this fast?”

Non: Of course, there are. People also told me that I’m changed. Though my basics remain the same - my determination like “I can do it no matter what!”, it hasn’t changed – but my surroundings have certainly changed, right? Before, I felt like I’m everyone’s little sister, I’m junior but now I became senior…well, I’m quite worried about it!

- What’s the matter? *laugh*

Non: I want to get close with juniors but I don’t know how. I really thought about it hard “is it be okay if I’m kind to them?” It was like that for a long time but then, I realized that “If you want to talk to them, just talk! If you don’t, then don’t!”

- You thought too much *laugh*

Non: Everyone calls me “junior” all along. Fans also see that juniors are my rival. I got stressed out and tried to avoid it. But now, it’s the time that I should already be a senior so I just “Arghh! So be it!” *laugh* That’s why recently I got really close to everyone. Like (Goto) Rara and Sugawara (Maya) who are in the same team, we always talk to each other.

- It seems that Kimoto-san’s changes from last year to this year are related to (Matsui) Rena-san and Miyazawa (Sae)-san graduation.

Non: It really seems like that. In AKB48 Request Hour this year, after rehearsal, (Matsui) Jurina-san asked members for dinner. That time, everyone discussed how SKE48 should be doing from now on.

- I saw pictures on internet. That was also a hot topic among fans. And what’s the conclusion?

Non: Well, we don’t like the way it is right now. We need Nagoya to love us more. In Nagaya nowadays, there are many groups doing their activities, right? Of course, we can feel those powers. So, we think that we need to be Nagoya’s pride to the degree that we can walk on streets and announce by ourselves that “We have theater stage, please come see us” We want to thank to everyone supporting us. We want to try harder and not forget where we came from. When we talked about “what we can do” everyone raised so many opinions. Though we are in pinch, we still continue to do our best with solidarity. This is SKE48. It’s the time that we need to be united!

- Kimoto-san, you get so fired up!

Non: Members are all fired up like this, too. When we are united, things become great. In this point, no other groups can beat us. Even AKB48 can’t do like this. I think we must be proud of it. When we and the fans come together as one, there must be more new fans for sure. So, now we are thinking of what can we do to draw more people to like us.  

- You mean, you would enclose them with passion and draw them to support, right?

Non: Yes. Anyways, Nogizaka46 is also rising now.

- They are skyrocketing. For Kimoto-san who loves idol, how is Nogizaka46?

Non: They are really cute! So good-looking!

- Hahahaha I think you are also about the same, really.

Non: Not at all…in fact, the feeling they give out is totally different from SKE48. The image of fighting with all our might, that’s SKE’s image.

- This should be both weapon and charms of you guys.

Non: Right now, SKE48 is totally fired up. We need only a chance to ignite. At the time like this, if we can attract people to look at us, I think SKE48 will never end.

Pave the new way

- While you are thinking of SKE48, how do you think about your own direction?

Non: I couldn’t rely only on my thought, yet when I was thinking which way I will go; conventional (idol) or variety, I realized that I can pave the new way in the middle of these two. I like varieties, I wouldn’t let it slip if I get a chance. But there are also fans who likes conventional part of me, that I also would like to keep. It is so complicated…so, I, Kimoto Kanon, will pave my own way.

- You can see it clearly now.

Non: That’s right. Both goal that should be and place that I am aim for.

- Can we expect to see Kimoto-san leading on conventional way to the center position of SKE48?

Non: It depends on myself from now on. When the time I stand at the center comes, I would like everyone to think “SKE48 can also be like this” Of course, first, I have to be accepted by fans. I also want attention to SKE48 to spread out more. That’s my true last goal.

- I can deeply feel the fire that burning in Kimoto-san’s heart from interview today. Lastly, I would like to know how do you feel about this coming general election.

Non: When I was confused that “does SKE48 still need me?” Madoka told me “No matter what, Kanon is indispensable” since the one who has always taken care of me said this, I decided to continue to do my best. My goal is Undergirls. I will keep heading forward, continue on.

- We will wait for good news. Thank you so much.

Non: Thank you. For the sake of my gen and SKE48, I won’t back down!


You are a really bad liar.

(TRANS) Oricon Style Vol. 13 - BTS Interview

-There’s lyrics in ‘Boy in Luv - Japanese ver.’ that says “like becoming a child.” Which BTS member has a mentality most like a child?
(raises hand) Me, it’s me! (Strongly insisting)
All: (laughs)

-Although he raised his hands, does everyone think it’s V?
Rap Mon: It’s him all right.

-Everyone is in agreement.
That’s great!

-But there’s not that many people that would admit that they’re like children.
Rap Mon:
I’m a bit envious of V like that.

-What are you specifically envious about?
(blocks Rap Monster) Looks

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The Office - Part 5

Requested by: lovetoheadbang, xxcherrxx, l0serlike-me, theelishad, huntingthetardisat221b, sweet-candii42 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: The reader and Dean are in a relationship now, but they still keep it silent. While in a business meeting, the reader decides to distract Dean. Also, Dean’s wife comes around and causes some more trouble…

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warnings: smut, swearing

Words: 1200

A/N: Please, please, tell me what you think of it! It really means a lot to me!

Dean had gathered the whole team for a meeting. We were all sitting around a large, wooden, black table, steaming coffee cups in front of us. 

I sat right next to my boss, who also happened to be my lover. Nobody knew about it yet, even though it’d been weeks since he moved in. He had planned on finding himself an apartment soon, but I didn’t mind having him around. I didn’t mind waking up next to his beautiful face every morning. I didn’t mind him touching me whenever he could – when I got out of the shower, when I was getting dressed, when I was making breakfast or dinner…

We finally had a relationship. And I loved it.

But he was still afraid of telling everyone about it, he was afraid of making it official. So we still kept it secret at work, shooting each other loving gazes and subtly touching when no one was watching.

“So, you probably wonder why I asked you to come together,” Dean said, his voice mature and dark. I crossed my legs, tried to look casual, while my mind was imagining all kinds of filthy pleasures that I wanted to make him feel. He looked unforgivingly good in his perfect fitting suit and him being my boss was just such a turn on. Some things would never change. His white shirt embraced his beautifully formed body, he looked so strong, so manly. I bit my lip. This man had me going crazy. 

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BTS reaction: Finding out you are in the hospital

Aah~~ I have a feeling this is going to be really sad.


He wouldn’t really show it on the outside, but he’d feel super guilty and saddened at the fact. He would be really worried and wants to know how you are doing ASAP, but when it gets to much for him to handle he’d probably wants to talk to one of his members about it.

Originally posted by pangguk


Honestly… He’d loose it. He’d go mental and throw anything he could grab a hold on. His members would be the only one to help him calm down, but you were the only one who could make him happy again. After he stops trashing the place, he’d probably want to be alone until he could go visit you.

Originally posted by sugaglos


This ray of sunshine would just fall silent at first. After everything had sunken in he’d start shedding tears that would probably be able to flood the room. He’d blame himself for not being there with you when you got into that accident, but would most likely understand he couldn’t do anything about it. 

Originally posted by oppaseokjinnie

Rap Monster/Namjoon:

He’d be hurt and also confused. How did this happen? Why them out of all people? He’d probably question everything and anyone wondering who could have done this to you. It would break his heart, but he would really get mad about it. Not saying he wouldn’t shed some tears.

Originally posted by ygnj


Jimin would be such a lost puppy. Like Namjoon he’d question why it happened to you out of all people, but he’d surely cry and get mad. He would want to blame the person who did this to you, being so caught up in the heat that he can’t think straight anymore.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


Taehyung would blame himself for it. He’d hate himself for everything that happened to you and wouldn’t let anyone change his mind. He wouldn’t cry as much as some of the other members, instead he’d just lock himself up blankly staring into nothing.

Originally posted by myeong-su


Our little golden maknae would try to keep everything together, trying to look strong. But behind all that trying, he would be broken. Everything would build up so much to the extent of him bursting into tears when he is with one of his hyungs and then he’d blame himself for having that outburst.

Originally posted by jengkook

I tried to keep it short, but i’m thinking of maybe making one of the members reactions into a full scenario. What do you guys think? And which member should I write a full scenario too?

SKE48 Centers... the past and the present.

This interview took place right after Request Hour.

What was your first impression on the new song after performing it for the first time, and also on being the new centers?


When we were going to perform the new song, when I was on standby,
I was really anxious and almost going to cry.
I was trying my best to hold it back.
The moment we started to perform, I burst into tears…
I was worried that I might look a little ugly,
With the warm support from the fans, it brought back my courage.


Firstly, I keep thinking how will the fans react to it.
I thought they might react with “Eeeehhh!!!!!!”
But surprisingly, majority of the fans were congratulating us.
And I felt relieved about it.

When you heard that you are going to be the center?


Nothing but anxious about it, keep thinking “What to do????”
Jurina-san and Rena-san keep telling that I’ll be fine and supported me.
Somehow, I managed to pull myself together.


When they gathered everyone and made the announcement, I thought that it was a prank.
Even when I told my mother about it, she didn’t believe it at all. It hasn’t hit her yet. Now that I get to sing in front of the fans, “My time has come”, that’s what I think.

Miyamae-san, what about your gravure?

Miyamae: Of course I’ll do it.

Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena: Really?

Miyamae: I’ll do it.

Matsui Jurina: She just said it.

A word about the new senbatsu lineup.

Matsui Rena:

Since Tani (Marika) transferred from HKT48, she has been worried that if she is doing her best in SKE48. She feels that all her hard work is getting recognised now.

Souda-chan (Sarina) is the first draft member chosen to be in senbatsu.I think that is a message for the draft members, that it is possible for them to be chosen to be in senbatsu too.

For this senbatsu, I feel that the lineup is full of possibility. I think for those members and the fans that have been supporting them along the way, they start to feel that “Senbatsu is getting closer” for them, and the opportunity is always there.

What exactly is it that you’re looking forward to?

Matsui Rena:

Change for new centers is something big. Change is very important too. I want more fans to know that we are changing too. There are a lot of members chosen for this senbatsu, with good teamwork, it helps to bring out their personality respectively.

I think that appealing to a lot of people so that they think that SKE is really cool, is extremely important. Therefore, as I support the two of them as well, I also want to create an environment for them so that they can bring out their own respective personalities.

Matsui Jurina:

I’m happy that there is a new force to push SKE48 along, I feel nostalgic when I look at both of their resolution and the figure.  It feels like I’m back to basics once again.

I have to work harder, so that I won’t lose to both of them. From now on, I will support both of them with all my might.I think that it’s good to have changes in SKE48 to show everyone that we have powered-up.

Why do you feel that they were chosen to be center?

Matsui Jurina:

I thought that it’s good when I heard both of them were chosen to be center. Just like me and Rena-chan, both of them have a great symmetry.

I’m not sure if Ryoha is the outspoken type, but when she is on the stage, she shines brightly, like the bursting kind. As for Miyamae, she is very noisy when she is on high tension, I feel that she is like me, able to show her own quality. Both of them are a total different type, I’m sure they will be able to bring out the best in each other.

Matsui Rena:

I think that Miyamae has like an explosive energy within her, so even her performances look really dynamic. Her ability to instantly portray all the various feelings when it comes to performing songs is, I think an excellent ability possessed by her.

Ryoha is the type who has a lot of potential hidden within herself, and she does have times when she is not doing very well. To support that is also one of the forms of an idol. It’s not like I’m a person having the skill to do anything at all with ease or something like that though. But to be able to keep on cheering her as she goes on steadily climbing up these stairs, is a really a thing that I like about her.

Please give some words of advise to the new centers.

Matsui Jurina:

I think it would be nice if we are able to make people think that it’s really great that these two are the new centers of SKE48. Of course they do have their seniors performing behind them too, but there is also a feeling that they are now pulling SKE48 along with themselves leading, is something really incredible and satisfying in itself. We will be along with them too, so we will also be supporting them as they take this step.

Matsui Rena:

Standing in the front of the stage is a really exciting experience. And because standing at the position on stage where the spotlight is focused the most is so exciting, it’s exactly why when you are moved to a position even behind there, you’ll have a feeling that you need to improve, you feel like you need to put in more effort, is what I think. The word “Center” itself is something which has an exceptional value. But no matter what your current position is, you just need to be yourself, and perform how you would always do.

Translated by: lowwh88 & ahotantei
QC by: aidolmayuyu

LLSIF JP updates
  • there will be maintenance on 3 December from 2pm - 5pm (Japan timezone), as there has been some problems like when some users use loveca to refill their LP bar / they rank up, they got extra LP (10 i think). also, when their member space is full, they are still able to play lives isnt this good tho. somethibg about messaging other players, data downloading, etc. thanks to anon here, regarding the LP issue, if you use a loveca to refill your LP / rank up, your remaining LP will carry over ( e.g. you have 23 LP left and your max LP is 50, you use a loveca to refill your LP, they will give you 23 + 50 = 73 LP ). regarding the member list being full issue, you can still play your live songs even if your member list is full, just that the cards will be sent to your present box. how fucking cool is that sifjp is rlly good!!1!1!! regarding the messaging issue, an outbox will be added so you can see the messages you’ve sent to other users wow yay now i dont have to ask the other person what i said before cuz my memory is bad af. regarding the data downloading issue, im just quoting what anon said: ‘they’re making one time downloads, so you can just download all the game data at once (I’m a bit confused about this) and it’s a version update, so you’ll have to update the app (or reinstall it if u use android and downloaded it) when the update is done’ ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU, ANON! IM SO SO SORRY FOR GIVING WRONG INFO I SUCK hey anon maybe you can join and help me translate the jp stuff i need u (no but im serious i rlly need you it would make me so happy if you join as a mod of this blog)
  • llsif jp has reached the milestone of getting 13 million users!!

to celebrate, users will be given a total of 7 loveca over 7 consecutive days!

there will also be an arcade version of llsif with details coming up soon! (?)

new KiRa KiRa Sensation! R cards will also be released! samples:


Love these photos!

Love the fact that Hugh and Phil X are being included in the photos!

Anyone who has a problem with that should think about this quote I read yesterday. Phil is not the enemy. He was there for the fans and our band when they/we needed him not once, but twice when Richie left the band in a hard spot. He has earned his part in our band and I for one look forward to seeing him with Bon Jovi again, this time a full member of the band.

“I think it just hit me this morning when I saw this shot. here I am…. this guy playing with Bon Jovi, a band I went to see at the CNE Grand Stand in Toronto, Canada on the New Jersey tour all those years ago. it’s just so damn surreal.

JBJ once told me, “you didn’t win a contest. you worked your ass off & deserve to be here." 

I think I originally snuffed it off but now I truly get it.”  Phil X