not fugly

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I found this disturbing IG profile"by_genneel" where the girl tries to find ways to dress + look like the wives. Not so much of a question, just giving a check at their unrelatable wonky money values/tastes : e.g. Germ's cashmere skirt for her gluten fuc salad 1.590$/ Germ's striped t-shirt for her LA red vest basking on a terrace: 325$ the tee / Germ's pompom sweater on her flight back from LA (fugly): 1.195$ / Bonus: Pumpkin's velvet greenumpsuit: 298$ what a waste...

horrible horrible horrible fashion sense.

joltikhime  asked:

for the requests thing!! can you draw the jettwins hugging/cuddling please? ;v;

I drew them hugging! i hope you like it @joltikhime !

I also was playing around with the effects, ill get really good with them I promise