not from anything respectful mind you

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

Imagine: Caught
Pairing: Robbie Kay
Requested: yep
—\>Robbie Kay jealous smut + overstimulation if you have the time??
—\>Can we please have one where Robbie wants to have sex but the reader is not in the mood so he *cough * jack off *cough * but the reader saw everything and things get really really awkward but funny :D thank you
Word Count: 1038
Warnings: smuut
A/N: y'all im so sorry for not posting much these few weeks but I’ve been going through some stuff and havent been able to write much. i hope you understand but i hope ill be able to most more soon!

You heard strange, low moans from above you. Lately Robbie has been very..horny. He’s been hinting about it. But you always stopped it from going too far. Of course he didn’t mind because he would never make you do anything you didn’t want to. He respected your wishes.

You wondered what triggered the noises and ran upstairs and looked into your bedroom door that was cracked open by a mere two inches.

What you found was quite arousing, but it was funny. You let out a low giggle; one that wouldn’t disturb Robbie’s jacking off.

He couldn’t see you because of the fact that his head was thrown back against the headboard and his eyes were sealed close and facing the ceiling.

“Mmm, (y/n),"he said very softly, but you just made it out.

It was an extremely appealing feeling knowing that he pleasured himself to the thought of you. You could see his juices flowing out of him; juices that you ought to taste.

You walk in the room silently while he rode his orgasm out.

"Couldn’t wait now, could we?"you giggle crawling up to the bed sheets that were caked with his cum.

"I-it’s not w-what it looks like (y/n),"he stuttered.

"Oh that’s quite alright baby. You deserve this.”

You slid your finger against it seductively, recieving a thick piece of his cum. Slowly, you moved your finger up to your mouth and sucked harshly.

Robbie smirked at your action.

You then crawled up on top if him, grinding on his member that was hard once again, knowing what was coming.

You grinded on his cock skillfully. You have never had this much confident before, but Robbie’s moans just let you know that you were doing it right.

While you were grinding, he pulled off your gray top, throwing it absentmindedly.
He cupped your breasts that were still covered by your black bra that he expertly pulled off with one motion. That too was thrown around the room. He massaged your breasts with the pad of his thumbs flicking on the very nub.

He repeated that until he took his hand off of your right boob and replacing it with his mouth. His mouth traced the outer part of your nipple, circling until he found the center. He flicked his tongue wildly on your nipple while still massaging the other.

“Oh Robbie right there,"you moaned as you grinded faster and he groaned onto your boob.

Though enjoying his pleasuring actions you moved from his lap and began playing with his member; stroking it.

"Hmm,"you heard his faint moan as he tilted his head up to the sealing.

You licked his several tip; still jacking him off. He hated it when you teased him.

”(Y/N),“he groaned growing impatient.

"Mmhm,"you said innocently, taking your hand and mouth off of his large member. He looked back down at you obviously in need of friction.

"Baby please,"he groaned. With that you pulled his cock into your mouth; covering what didnt fit into your mouth with your hand.

You bobbed your head up and down quickly making Robbie groan softly. He massaged his hand into your hair, lightly pushing your head down making sure not to hurt you.

You swirled your tongue on the tip of his cock repeatedly, while taking your pants off along with your underwear.

"Hmm, ngh, oh fuck that’s great baby don’t ngh, sto-op,"Robbie moaned out while releasing into your small mouth.

"Your turn love,"he flipped you around so you were at the head of the bed underneath his figure. He was obviously aroused by your shaved pussy. "Gotten ready, have we?"he raised his eyebrow.

You giggled but your moan cut you off when Robbie leaned down to your core vigorously flicking your bundle of nerves with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh fucking god Robbie,"your back arched in pleasure.

"You like it (Y/N)?"his thumb took over his tongue as he spoke. "Hm, so wet love,"his pointer finger massaged your hole that was covered in your juices. "I wonder who happened to do that to you,"he smirked. "Who did to that to you (Y/N)?"he asked releasing all of his touch from your body.

"Y-you did Robbie,"you said faintly, bucking your hips for friction.

"What was that?"he remained still.

"ROBBIE FUCKING KAY MADE ME WET ALRIGHT,"you covered your mouth knowing it shook the entire neighborhood.

"Oh I know love,"he winked at you, kissing up to your lips, and down to your jawline. His cock teased your bundle of nerves before sliding in, giving you time fo adjust. As he thrusted into you, he laid his head at the crook of your neck, making his mark.

His speed picked up making both of you moan in pleasure.

"Nghuuh, fuck Robbie! Fuck me harder!"he obeyed your command.

"Damn your tight,"he whispered onto your collarbone.

Your moans filled the room. "Y-yes Robbie ri-ight th-there,"you threw your head back when he found your g-spot.

"You like that?"he rolled his hips into you quickly.

"Yes baby, I’m so close,"you moaned.

"As am I love,"he groaned into your neck.

He grinded his cock into you repeatedly and quickly. You felt your juices release onto his cock that was still inside you. He rode out his orgasm, knowing you were on the pill. You felt his cum squirt inside you.

He laid next to you; not pulling his dick out of your pussy.

anonymous asked:

So, I have problem. Whenever I try to watch silly videos like YTP or YTPMV or any silly video, my parents are not allowing to watch it because they think it have corrupted my mind, which something stupid. They don't respect my opinion, AT ALL. What's worse, they're my parents. :( what should I do?

((I actually hadn’t heard about YTP and such until you sent this message (and I’m so sorry for the late reply!) so my opinion might be skewed or missing some facts - but I don’t think there is anything harmful or wrong about this at all. Far from corrupting your mind, it seems like a sweet and innocent hobby to have, and as long as you’re enjoying yourself then I hope you can continue watching these videos without fear of being judged for it.

Your parents sound like they’re trying to protect you in their own way, but that doesn’t mean that they understand the current culture and forms of expression as fully as they could do. I’m so sorry your opinion isn’t being heard, and I hope your understanding with your parents improves without needing this, but if you’d like I found some good tips that might help a little bit over time, and I’ll put them under a read more for you. 

Before I go into that however, it’s good to remember that most parents truly do mean what’s best for you, and if they’re stopping/restricting you from doing something, then in their minds, they usually have a reason. Even if the reason isn’t a very good one, if you can figure out what it is and try to help them see why that wouldn’t be a problem, it can help you have clearer and more open conversations.

Good luck, and I hope you can work things out with each other <3))

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Cancer And Communication

- When you’re interested in a subject or feel it’s beneficial in any way, you’re all ears. Your mind tends to wander under other circumstances. It’s not that you have a short attention span…you just can’t tolerate certain things flapping out of someone’s gums.

- There’s a certain way that people have to come at you in order for you to open up and your mood has to allow it. Feeling bombarded or not being in the right headspace to express yourself has an opposite effect. Of course certain people may not understand that (not that they have too all the time)…but it’s just your way. 

- You try to be empathetic towards others but it’s a slap in the face when it’s not reciprocated. You respect honesty more than anything. It is then that you can deal with the situation accordingly. Your empathy comes from being an innate protector but keep in mind that you may come off too strong, which can send the wrong message.

Boys’ Club

Request by miller1967winchesterYou should do a series Dean x reader going off of the plot of Mulan where the reader pretends to be a male hunter because female hunters get looked down upon… [the rest of the request contains spoilers… and I’m not about to give any…]

Summary: You’re sick of the hunters you run into not treating you with respect since you’re a woman.

Word Count: 1901

Warnings: None

A/N: So… The semester started and I’m gonna be busy, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write stuff. But I’ll be posting the rest of this series within a week, hopefully. Also, this was my first request and it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything that didn’t come fully from my own mind, so I hope this isn’t too bad. Also, I have a thing for backstories, and a promise we’ll get to the actual Deanxreader part eventually!

Boys’ Club Series Masterlist

When your brother was thirteen, your father let him go on his first hunt. You had to wait until you were sixteen. Then, for your brother’s eighteenth birthday, your father’s gift to him was his first solo hunt. The first time you hunted by yourself was to track down the demon that killed your entire family when you were twenty-one. There was no reason that you should have had to wait longer than your brother. You grew up studying lore, shooting guns, learning to aim with knives. You had been just as good as any hunter.

But you were a girl. And, despite it being the twenty-first century, hunting was still inherently a male profession.

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1. Let it out. Whether it’s through writing or painting or running or crying or whatever, don’t hold anything in. It’s okay to hurt, and it’s okay to feel vulnerable. You are a human being, and it’s completely normal.

2. You both need space. As much as you may want to go right back to being best friends, it’s not always possible. Respect each other’s space, don’t try to force anything, and most of all, give yourself the time you need to heal from the past. This can take anywhere from one week to one year depending on who you are, but keep in mind that people who truly want to be in your life will make an effort to be, and those are the people you should keep around. 

3. If you can’t be friends again, that’s also okay. It sounds lame coming from someone who isn’t in your shoes, but you have to trust me that it’s okay. Sometimes, even the most important people in our lives will become strangers. I can’t tell you why that happens, but I can tell you that patience and courage will get you through it. You’d be surprised how many other best friends you have that you didn’t really notice while you were in love.

4. Don’t forget the good or the bad. In fact, the bad is just as important if not more important than the good. Hold fast to the memories that still give you butterflies in your stomach, but keep those butterflies from flying to your heart by holding fast to why it didn’t work out in the end. Guard your heart, but don’t let it prevent you from moving on either. Find a balance.

5. You’ll fall back every now and then, and that’s okay, too. Change is incredibly difficult, especially change that is blunt and sudden. Reach out to your friends. Have a night out with them or to yourself, read a book, binge on Netflix, do what you need to do to remind yourself that you are beautiful and strong.

6. If they move on before you do, remember this: We don’t own anyone. I think the hardest part about someone moving on before you is knowing someone is making them happy, and it’s not you. We can’t make anyone love us. The best thing you can do is walk a little straighter and taller and find it in you to be happy for them. But don’t you dare forget that you are the sun and the moon and every star, and you still deserve the world. Don’t feel like you don’t live up to something. Just because one person can’t see that you are everything doesn’t mean you are nothing. One day, you’ll be able to move on, too, and that person will see you for everything the other did not.

7. Do not fear love, and do not reject it from your life. Surround yourself with friends who will support you and will bring the best in you. Fall in love with the world, with each precious moment because time is fleeting, and so is the pain you’ll endure.

—  a.j. | seven things i wish someone told me when i was getting over you





I couldn’t resist. This just came to mind since it was a Caliborn upd8. Sorry I couldn’t make anything more substantial this year. Happy 413 everyone! Enjoy your Calibornia Kills.

Cultural appropriation as a concept is fundamentally ridiculous.. We live in vast multi cultural societies where people of many different ethnicities, nationalities, religions and beliefs come together, and as a race we have learned to survive by using practices/techniques of different groups of people in a multitude of ways. So why is it so wrong for someone to wear or dress in the style of a culture they don’t originate from? It’s good enough for you to live and work in buildings where their structures have been influenced by different cultures, or to eat food that doesn’t originate in your country, to express interest and like in foreign countries history, or to adopt their religions, but the second some girl decides to have her hair in cornrows, people lose their minds shouting about a lack of respect for the origins and people that call that style their own… But of course if any foreign person was to wear something containing Celtic symbols, or anything else that has originated here, it’s not cultural appropriation because we as a people haven’t struggled with abuse in the last couple of hundreds of years. Perfect logic there…

Selling Your Soul (Is Against University Regulations)


Tyrone Evergreen was the most promising student professor Hicks had ever seen.

To be fair, he hadn’t been teaching that long. But he doubted he would ever come across another student like Evergreen. A near instinctive grasp of contract negotiation, a keen eye to spot loopholes, a steady hand to draw the most complex of sigils, and of course that mind that seemed to know every single little detail about anything demon-related. It was uncanny how much he knew.

Hicks worried about him. He had his doubts for a while now, and after what Miss Adams just told him…

“Are you certain?” he asked.

Elisabeth Adams sat primly on the chair, her lips pursed in disapproval. “I believe my sources.”

“Your sources, who consist of - and I quote - ‘a friend in a bar’.”

“With all due respect, professor, does it matter who I heard this from? It doesn’t change the truth. There is obviously something unnatural about Evergreen.”

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I seriously can’t believe (actually, I can) there is speculation that Killian “it has to be her choice” Jones is going to forcibly strip Emma from her fate as the Savior.  Like, Killian is the only one who has consistently valued Emma’s ability to chose over anything else.  He stopped Snow from using the dagger on her, he literally ripped the dagger from Regina’s hands when she was using it on her, and you think that he would ever take away her choice?  He knew there was a good chance he would lose her to the darkness, but he also respected her agency, just as he always has.  This is no different.  He didn’t keep the shears to forcibly use them against her.  He kept them so that she would have the option in case she changes her mind.  The shears may be the only things that can save her, so it makes total sense that Killian, a man who has been forced to helplessly watch two people he loved die, would want to be able to save her if they can’t find another way.  It’s literally a last resort.  Killian would never use them against Emma’s will.  Based on the look on his face, he can hardly stomach keeping a secret from her.  What makes any sound minded person believe that Killian would be able to take away her agency when it’s the one thing he’s fought so hard to protect?

When the person you trust the most, the one you love, the one that never leaves your mind, the one who you’ll do anything for lies to you over and over. You start to go insane because you are doubting everything he has told you from the beginning of the relationship. You don’t know what to believe and it damages the way you view other people who tries to get near you. It keeps you up at night and that feeling of anger lingers until tears are running down your face and wanting to punch or throw something and you’re angry at yourself for being so stupid for believing him. And you’re beating yourself up for believing him that he loved you and that he cared for you. Maybe he did but when you love someone, you don’t lie to them because lying to them is not only disrespecting the relationship but also disrespecting the other person in the relationship. If you cant be honest to your significant other, why be in a relationship with them? You want a healthy relationship then don’t lie. Trust them enough to know that they arent going to betray you or leave you and respect them and your relationship enough to know that lying is one of the worst thing you can do in a relationship, lying destroys trust. And trust is a must. If you love someone as you claim, don’t lie to them.
—  Because when they find out you lied to them about anything they will question everything and they won’t trust you anymore.
The signs as parents
  • Aries: Will want you to join a club and get active in some way, quite temperamental and bossy at times. Very energetic and demands a lot of respect from their children. Says things they regret later on.
  • Taurus: Are very patient and are not easily angry but if you annoy them they will ignore you and leave the room. Will get what you want because they can't say no and they love you so much.
  • Gemini: Will be really open and honest about their life and also talk to you about your decisions with an open mind and give you advice on anything you'd need. A bit strict.
  • Cancer: Very loving and protective, remembers all the good memories and probably has loads of home videos and pictures of you. Creates a safe and comfortable environment for their children and makes many sacrifices for their family.
  • Leo: Loving and generous, showers you with presents or makes you your favourite meal when you say so. Is very proud but also needs reassurance and love from their children to be able to provide as much as they want.
  • Virgo: Tells you to clean your room all the time, worries a lot and is strict but will surprise you with your favourite food or wishes once in a while.
  • Libra: They are very caring and optimistic. Will probably buy you presents because they love shopping. You will have calm conversations about issues you're dealing with. If they have a few children, they get treated equally.
  • Scorpio: Will bring you the knowledge you need and will add their wise memories. Scorpios will protect you from those who try to bring you down. Scorpio parents will also focus on their own projects which may seem like they ignore you. Will know your secrets because they can read your mind.
  • Sagittarius: Always taking you to different countries when you're on holiday, wants to know all about your life and friends and will let you invite friends over anytime. Very chilled out and straightforward with you.
  • Capricorn: Asks you a lot about school/other activities, makes sure you are doing well and may put a bit of pressure on you but will always want the best for you and supports you a lot.
  • Aquarius: Not the warmest, but will make sure you get everything you need, allows you to have your freedom and space and will let you do almost anything you want.
  • Pisces: Very affectionate, cares so much and sometimes too much, will call you a lot to make sure you're okay, stresses a lot because they want the best for you. They can sense when you're lying, so be honest.

After hours of over thinking and wiping sweaty hands on the inside of his pockets, he finally let the words out, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“How can you?” She said looking down at the ground opening a never ending list of everything that was wrong with her in her mind, just ready to throw it at his face.

And he, a guy who was never ever sure of anything in his entire life, smiled with confidence at her lack of self respect and whispered, “How can I not?”


And she was his’ forever. 


black nut and smtm4

OK, so am I the only one who still supports Black Nut, not him being on SMTM4,forget that, but his  existence at the very least?
See, first of all Black Nut had always been like this. He has no filter, no common sense, no respect. It might be caused by anything, his mind is just different, maybe he just seeks attention or maybe we’re not qualified enough to understand him.
When I first heard Graduation Album I showed the lyrics to a friend to hear their opinion. At first that friend was disguised and reacted the same way 99% of the people on the Internet did but here’s what I told her: You know rap is just Black Nut’s way to express his thoughts. Just like a writer who writes a rape scene, or a movie director… their work is considered art so why is Black Nut targeted for being a rapist. Isn’t hip hop fans exactly the ones here who should agree that rap is also art?
The fact that you haven’t seen no one like this before in Korean undergr doesn’t mean they’re criminals or something. Maybe is exactly the opposite and Black Nut is a freaking genius, who knows?
Black Nut on SMTM… As I said the boy had always been like this. And I swear every singe person in the hip hop industry is aware of it. They decided to let him move forward, whether because according to the producers he’s good at rap or simply because he’s a clown, I don’t know and none of us does, but they let him be on the show taking all the risks. At the end the worst is getting edited out anyways. What if there’s someone as fucked up as Black Nut but you’ve never found about the scenes that were edited out?
As for the Mino VS Black Nut I have just one thing to ask. Are you all not aware of the fact that Black Nut hates Minho? Wouldn’t you act just as awful if you were diss battling the person you hate (who is also going to win anyways) ? And you know what, diss apparently is a slang for DISRESPECT and isn’t Black Nut the only one who got the actual meaning of the word? ;)

Don’t let your gender stop you from doing anything. You’re a girl who wants to join the army? Go for it. Give it your all. You’re a man who’d rather stay at home and look after the kids than go out and be the earner of the family? Good. I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job. Disprove the stereo types. Prove the world wrong. And if people don’t respect your decision, that’s there loss - because they’re just narrow minded, and all the worse for it. Do what makes you happy. If it’s possible, do what you want, not what you’re expected to do. It will make for a happier life, in the end.
—  broken poetry

If you dont drink, happy being in your mind at 12am in a room full of strangers thinking the floor is tilted, I applaud you. If you wanna get drunk, shit-faced and give head for a cigarette, I applaud you. If you do anything that is far from applauded by narrow minded people today, I applaud you. Because you are doing you, in a world where virginity defines character and cleavage defines self respect.

Rest In Peace

I think we were all waiting to hear that he was being discharged from the hospital, that he was fine. I was so sure that we’d hear the news that he recovered, and we’d carry on like nothing happened.
My sister and I have the upmost respect for Monty in many ways and the more I read other’s posts today the more I realize that Monty was nothing short of an inspiration to many in the community.
Maybe it’s cliché, but I feel that he was the personification of ‘you can do anything if you put your mind to it’. In that sense, we can immortalize Monty’s life. It doesn’t take someone special to pursue their dreams, anyone can do it if they have the commitment. “You can’t do that” should always be challenged with “Why not?”. Take pride in what you do and never stop.  Monty did what he loved, tirelessly, devoted his everything to working and creating. He used every single waking second to do something, he was a true busybody that only slept because evolution has not found a way to go without it.

It’s a shock that he has passed, but we know that he will never be forgotten. The memory of Monty will live on through his content and the impression he made in the hearts of millions.

So I posted this status yesterday for my friends and family on facebook, and this girl I happen to know, ended up commenting on it. I had many of my friends (including my white girlfriends) come and educate her on what Diwali is. Her only argument was that ‘I didnt make a status about Remembrance Day which makes me not respect anything that is going on Canada’ 

What I found out when I messaged her personally was that she did not even know WHAT Diwali was. I was not shocked she grew up in a neighbourhood where no one celebrated or knew what Diwali was and I educated her. She still didnt understand how I could be a Canadian and not respect the troops and their lives. I do, I really do I come from 14 generations of my family being in the military, and yet she still did not understand. I did end up deleting her.

what I am trying to say is that people need to get out of their ignorant narrow minded head and realize there is a whole world out there, different cultures and religions that may be different from yours, but do not discriminate because you dont know ANYTHING about it. Educate yourselves and open your eyes 

I am not good at writing at all, but I hope this makes sense  

Important PSA

The Fourth of July is coming up for all
you Americans and although it’s a time for celebration please respect and be considerate of others. When setting off fireworks or anything else like that please keep in mind that there are people, combat veterans, suffering from ptsd and the noise and stress can cause panic attacks and can really damage them.

I have seen the effects fireworks can have on sufferers because each 5th of November in Ireland fireworks are set off and I have seen my Uncle break down in tears, hyperventilate, hunch himself up into a ball on the floor often under the table or behind the couch in such panic, screaming at us to help because the noise takes him back to the battlefield and he can’t take it.

Please respect suffering Veterans this and every Fourth of July to come.

 August 22 2015 will be Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong day.

                    All forms of art will be celebrated this day.

This is a day to celebrate Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong from the Fullmetal Alchemist series. If you wish to participate simply upload your work with the tag #olivierarmstrongdayIt will take place on August 22, 2015. Anything found in the tag #olivierarmstrongdaywill be reblogged onto this blog with tags.

Triggers will be tagged, and should you wish for a tag please just ask 

  • please be respectful towards others on this day life isnt fiction other people get hurt by words too
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