not friends not family each other

In another universe,
we bumped into each other 
at the coffee shop off campus,
we are both 18 or maybe 19
and there is not an age difference 
that causes you to keep me hidden.

Post coffee shop meet-cute,
we would fall in love 
just as quickly as we did here,
because that is the consistency of us-
we fall and fall and fall
until we can’t see ourselves 
or where we started.

But in this other world,
you would meet my friends and family,
my dad would make weird jokes about me to you
and my little sister would threaten your life 
if you hurt me (I wish she had done that here)
and the catch is:
you won’t be worried 
because you won’t be doing anything wrong.

In this alternative reality 
that I am not sure exists,
you are loving, just loving 
and that is it. Sure, 
you are funny and smart 
and whatever other positive characteristics
you think you have but you don't 
break me.

6 years older
than my teenage heart, 
you should have known better 
but I’ve got a dozen scars that say 
you didn’t give a shit about what you did.

That’s the beauty of alternate universes though,
somewhere we are happy and I am whole
and somewhere else, I kicked your ass 
for what you did and you
know you were wrong.

—  AU || O.L.

anonymous asked:

So a new bill (Bill M-103) was enacted in my country and some people in Parliament are stating that it could most likely result in bringing in Sharia Law. Now i'm sitting down terrified for my family and what that could mean for us, especially my 9 year old sister, and my friends. The thing is, here, you can't protect yourself with anything that is considered a weapon like a knife or you could most likely find yourself getting arrested and thrown in jail for assault.

If any country was going to adopt Sharia it would either be Canada or Sweden, both as weak and ashamed of themselves as each other. This so called bill is to protect Muslims from “Islamophobia” - so pretty much anything that is said about Islam that somebody doesn’t like, well you’re pretty much doomed. This is essentially already Sharia, if you criticize Allah or Muhammad then you will be punished, there’s little difference between strict Sharia Law and M-103. 

It’s all about the outcry of Islamophobia but there’s so many faults with this idea. You’d think if such a drastic measure was made to abolish words being said about Islam, then surely Muslims are the greatest victims of hate crimes? Nope, Jews are by FAR the greatest targets and victims but because Islam wants Jews dead, nobody wants to talk about it. So if Muslims aren’t being hated against, then surely their mosques are being targeted? Nope, Catholic churches are being vandalized and targeted far more than mosques, we never hear about it though, do we? So where the fuck is this idea of Islamophobia coming from? 

Well, it’s Muslims themselves who are using this word to introduce blasphemy laws. Remember, 1 in 4 moderate British Muslims support the introduction of Sharia law rather than the laws laid down by parliament. Canada seems to be the first and only ones stupid enough to be fooled by the word Islamophobia and it’s use to justify the introduction of the West’s version of Sharia. 

Let’s find out what the guy who popularized the word “Islamophobia” thinks of it now, especially now it’s being used to manipulative and deceive so many of us. The former head of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, commissioned “Islamophobia: a challenge for us all“ - a report into Britain and Islamophobia. This phrase has now been popularized and has become synonymous with any criticism - legitimate or not - of Islam or Muslims.

This was back in 1997, today he admits he “got almost everything wrong” on Muslim immigration and Muslim integration, segregation and how the followers of Islam are creating “nations within nations” in the West.” Before you say it lefties, no this isn’t a white supremacist far-right Nazi, this is a black guy who is the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Equality Standard and who was head of the Commission for Racial Equality responsible for combating discrimination and promoting equality across all grounds. 

“Liberal opinion in Britain has, for more than two decades, maintained that most Muslims are just like everyone else. Britain desperately wants to think of its Muslims as versions of the sweet Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, or the cheeky-chappie athlete Mo Farah. But thanks to the most detailed and comprehensive survey of British Muslim opinion yet conducted, we now know that just isn’t how it is.” 

Phillips says his new data shows “a chasm” opening between Muslims and non-Muslims on fundamental issues such as marriage, relations between men and women, schooling, freedom of expression and even the validity of violence in defence of religion. While he notes that many Muslims in Britain are grateful to be here, and do identify with role models such as Hussain and Farah, there is a widening gap in society with many Muslims segregating themselves.

“We estimated that the Muslim population of the UK would be approaching 2 million by 2020. We underestimated by nearly a million. We predicted that the most lethal threat to Muslims would come from racial attacks and social exclusion. We completely failed to foresee the the atrocities in Madrid, Paris, Istanbul, Brussels and London.”

“For a long time, I too thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape. I should have known better.”

“It’s not as though we couldn’t have seen this coming. But we’ve repeatedly failed to spot the warning signs,” he admits.

Phillips even acknowledges that the mass sexual grooming and rape scandals that are plaguing heavily Muslim populated towns across Britain are because of Muslim - not ‘Asian’ men. He writes: “The contempt for white girls among some Muslim men has been highlighted by the recent scandals in Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale and other towns all over Europe. But this merely reflects a deeply ingrained sexism that runs through Muslim communities.”

“Oddly, the biggest obstacles we now face in addressing the growth of this nation-within-a-nation are not created by British Muslims themselves. Many of our (distinctly un-diverse) elite political and media classes simply refuse to acknowledge the truth. Any undesirable behaviours are attributed to alienation and injustice against them. Backing for violent extremism must be the fault of the Americans. Oppression of women is a cultural trait that will fade with time, nothing to do with the true face of Islam.” 

“Even when confronted with the growing pile of evidence to the contrary, and the angst of the liberal minority of British Muslims, clever, important people still cling to the patronizing certainty that British Muslims will, over time, come to see that “our” ways are better.” In terms of solutions, Mr. Phillips opines on “halting the growth of sharia courts and placing them under regulation.” His comments echo those of the Czech president, and research from across Europe that revealed attitudes amongst Muslims on the continent have hardened. The younger the Muslim, the more likely they are to hold hard-line views.

Phillips has spoken on the need for free speech to “allow people to offend each other.” These comments came after the protests against the Danish cartoons satirising the Islamic prophet, Muhammad which sparked protests in the Muslim world. He stated: “One point of Britishness is that people can say what they like about the way we should live, however absurd, however unpopular it is.” He has warned that Britain’s current approach to multiculturalism could cause Britain to "sleepwalk towards segregation”.

Anyone with blue hair or a women’s studies major threatened to move to Canada if Trump won, so don’t worry I won’t have one of those moments. It just seems now anyone with common sense or anyone who cares about freedom probably should look to get their poutine from somewhere else. Today “Islamophobia” has introduced Sharia to the West, it won’t be long before refusing to wear burqas is Islamophobic and the government enforces it. As if that would ever happen, you must be thinking? Well, we never imagined a Western country would adopt Sharia and criminalize free speech either. 

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What is the story behind Raven and Bat??

Thanks for this question!
Bat and Raven are childhood friends but they’re acting more like twins (you know, this nearly telepathic connection) and deeply care for each other.
Bat can be hot-tempered and will kick anyone’s ass if they as much as look at Raven (or any of his nearest and dearest) the wrong way, while Raven is very calm and will always talk sense into him (but the girl sure can fight;).
Both come from families with ancient mystic powers. 


This star is for @notdoingmywork, who reached out to me in a message.

Emotionally-abusive family members are never easy to deal with, and emotionally-abusive parents are even worse. Those who are supposed to care for and nurture you end up hurting you instead, and that’s always hard to deal with. (my grandmother is emotionally manipulative and abusive, so I know how you feel)

You and your friends are lucky to have each other, because while it’s difficult to deal with emotionally-abusive mothers, you are able to support each other and fill in some of the gap that’s left in their wake.

My advice is to create your own support network, be there for each other and help each other work through this difficult time. You are all going through similar experiences, unfortunately, so that emotional validation and support is important.

I know you said that none of you are able to move away right now, but try to have as little interaction as possible with those who are abusing you. With my grandmother, I eventually had to stop interacting with her all-together. Not saying that it will get to that point, but don’t feel bad if it does.

You can make it through this; rely on each other and know that you’re much more than your mothers would make you feel. You’re doing great and are amazing, keep it up <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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So for the Duggars, when they're getting to know someone they're referred to as a "friend" or even "special friend." It's only when they enter into an official courtship that they are basically "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" correct? And for the Bates, the rules are more looser and they can call each other boyfriend and girlfriend before an official courtship. Is that how it all works?

Yeah, it’s seems that is how it works between the 2 families.

As someone who’s been in a long, LONG term relationship and whose family has made a decently big deal out of waiting to get married, the concept that two people can meet and within two years say “Yes. This is the person I want to marry.” with enough certainty to go out and make a multi-thousand dollar purchase and then sink even more money into a ceremony… That is legitimately terrifying to me.

My mom waited over ten years before saying she’d be comfortable with my step-dad proposing. My dad was best friends with my stepmom for years before they got married. My parents were never married to each other.

I’ve been with my bf for almost nine years, and I’m still terrified of the thought of marrying him.

I legitimately can’t wrap my head around people who can do it in two.


the Syrian dictator Assad, along with Putin, are about to completely massacre an entire city - Aleppo. the Syrian army has taken over 98% of the city. families are sitting together, praying, knowing any minute will be their last minute on earth. civilians are tweeting their last goodbyes, sending out last minute pleas for someone, anyone, to help.

imagine that. sitting with the people you love, holding each other, hearing nothing but their harsh breathing and the clash of bombs completely destroying your home, killing your neighbors, your friends, you. just imagine that. i cant, i really cannot.

the U.N. has already called Syria the worst humanitarian crisis in this century. experts are saying this massacre rivals that of WW2 (not to take away from the holocaust) in terms of how heinous and completely disgusting it is.

i’m not the best with words, with conveying me emotions. but please take a moment out of your time to acknowledge this, at least. this is the worst humanitarian crisis happening on Earth right now, according to the U.N. this is a breach of human rights, of all our rights. you should be concerned, in the least.

stuff I appreciate on “Yuri on Ice”
  • Yuri is a character that struggles with his weight, and he is a professional athlete. This isn’t a one time comment or information from an interview, it is an actual character trait and something as simple as showing what Yuri eats maintains this consistently.
  • Yuri had a bit of a crush on Yuko when they were children, but the fact they never got together doesn’t mean they are no longer friends; they care for each other, for each other’s families, root for each other and are always happy when the other is happy
  • on top of that Yuko is married to Takeshi, and Takeshi is a good friend of Yuri’s as well. The Nishigori marriage are easily Yuri’s closest friends in Japan and their daughters are fans of him too.
  • Yuri doesn’t get on Yurio’s level whenever Yurio is mean to him, the only time Yuri competes against Yurio is on the rink when they are skating cause they are both professional skaters. Yuri, an adult, does not fight a teenager but doesn’t let him win either.
  • Yuri’s friends support Yurio as well. Even if Yurio is still pissed at Viktor, Yurio does communicate with Yuko and her family and doesn’t treat them badly for being Yuri’s friends.
  • this may seem like a small thing but, the main pairing in this show is made out of two adults. Yes it may not seem like much but if this was any type of Yaoi, a literal child would wind up portrayed as the one having a romance with his coach.
  • Yuri’s problems are stated as being psychological. Mental and emotional issues affect your life and it is ok to portray that.
  • Yuri’s previous coach still talks to him and is proud of him, same as his ballet teacher. Just because you changed careers or are trying something new, that doesn’t mean that all the people you knew before are gone from your life.
  • Yurio is not used to loosing, but upon loosing to someone else that he looked down on he changed strategies and stepped up his game.
  • Yuri is not afraid to be selfish anymore. People praise selflessness, but that shouldn’t come in the way of not moving forward. Yes you can want someone else’s affection, you deserve to win at what you are working on, you deserve to feel important and to not let others tell you otherwise.
  • you can be an adult and still decide to do something new with your life
  • Yuri’s parents don’t know anything about his career besides “he got a good rank we guess”. I actually relate to this a lot cause no one in my family has the same career as me, not even distant cousins, so there’s only so much of what I do that they can actually understand.
  • that said, just because they don’t get it, this doesn’t mean they don’t support it. Sometimes all your parents know to do with what you like is tell you “sure go ahead” and that’s a form of encouragement. They found a dance teacher for Yuri and let him ice skate (which is probably not cheap) and they always watch his competitions.
  • this is an international competition. And we have people from at least 3 continents representing that. A character from Thailand? can’t remember seeing that elsewhere, a dude from Switzerland? Azerbaijan too? the Chinese boy is not a kung fu stereotype? and the American one is Latino?!?!? yes please
  • Yuri is one of those people who downplay themselves so much, that they can’t imagine other people thinking that they are amazing. But yes, you are amazing, someone thinks so, and it is ok to not fully believe that yourself at first, but don’t discourage others from looking up to you as they have their reasons for doing so.

56 million.

I don’t want to utterly lose my shit tonight so I’m just going to keep repeating to myself, 56 million.  From the numbers we’re seeing now, 56 million people voted for Hillary, 56 million people said no to Trump. 

There are 56 million people out there who are going through the exact same terror right now. 56 million people, maybe, also thinking, “I have to figure out how to protect myself now. I have family and friends to protect now.” 

I’m trying to imagine 56 million people standing back to back, holding hands, refusing to move. I’ve got the third book of John Lewis’s graphic novel series “March” sitting on the table next to me. I’m forcing myself to remember that I am not alone, and neither are you. I’m with you. I’m digging in my heels and vowing to do everything in my power to protect our most vulnerable. 

56 million people. Let’s protect each other. Let’s fight for each other. We are not alone. The crowd of the angry and bigoted is vast too, but we are not alone and we are not insignificant. We don’t stop existing after this election. Don’t let them convince us that we’re all alone.

Consider this holding out my hand and making you a promise. 

I’m with you. 56 million people are with you. We are not alone. 

Shipping Call - Send me one if you want to plot one or more of these

💚 - friendship
💙 - kinship ( blood or symbolic familial bond )
💔 - past relationship
💜 - hateship ( they hate each other but can’t stay away )
💛 - hateship ( enemies )
💟 - friends with benefits
❤ - romantic relationship


and the fact that Viktor gets salty for being forced to stop hugging Yuuri is SO FUNNY he loves his boy so much and it’s even cuter since this is still in the early stages of their relationship



I love the fact that they take the time to show that Viktor isn’t the only one influencing Yuuri over the course of the show. In fact they put a lot of value on the fact that all characters find inspiration and influence through each other and displaying the importance of ALL KINDS OF RELATIONSHIPS, be it that between friends or lovers, coaches and their skaters, fans looking up to their idols or the families supporting from the sidelines



How to Know if you’re in the Right Relationship

1. You feel secure with the person and are happy to commit to a relationship with them.

2. You don’t feel you need to hide anything from them.

3. You respect them, and they respect you. Neither feels superior to the other.

4. You are happy for their successes. You don’t feel as if you’re in competition with them, or that their successes make you feel inferior.

5. You don’t challenge, criticise or attack each other in front of others.

6. Neither of you is looking to the other to have unmet needs met, or to make up for personal feelings of lack or inadequacy.

7. You are happy for your partner to spend time with their family and other friends.

8. You don’t have a secret back up plan (“If he cheats, or leaves, me then I’ll … “If he does X then I’ll do Y”)

9. You inspire each other to be better people.

10. You know that they’ll always be there for you.

That dilemma when you, as your superhero alter ego, sleep once (1) with your crime fighting partner, who you’ve been kind of falling for, and get pregnant… but you can’t be a family with him cause like… the world is at stake and the two of you can’t know each other’s secret identities–and then of course, there’s the trouble of the fact that you’re still in unrequited love with your crush from high school, who just happens to be one of your best friends… and who you’ll probably never have a chance with now that you’re pregnant with someone else’s kid. Throw in college, starting your own business, trying to Adult, and you’ll be in the same boat as Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Similarly, there’s that other kind of dilemma where you’ve been in love with this awesome heroic superheroine since you were a high school student, and you get a chance to spend the night with her and you find out she’s pregnant now but?? you still can’t be with her?? cause of that stupid ‘can’t-know-each-other’s-secret-identities’??? Top it off with the fact that one of your best friends, who you kind of have feelings for, is now pregnant with someone else’s kid, meaning you’ve pretty much lost the two women of your dreams. Yeah, Adrien Agreste is feeling that pretty hard right now.

*takes place about 6/7 years after the end of Season 1, so Marinette and Adrien are around 22? This fic is utter soap opera material be warned lol

Chapter 1

Dan and Phil probably cuddle like all platonic friends
They have domestic arguments
They take care of each other when the other is sick
They have technically traveled the whole world together
They probably stay up late and have weird conversations together
Their power has probably went out before leaving them having to light a shit ton of candles
They have met each others families probably several times
They each have depressed days where the other comforts them and watches movies with them
Dan and Phil probably have slept in the same bed more than once
They have had movie days together
They live together so they have probably seen the other naked

They cry, they get discouraged, they’re people. We can’t forget that

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to your friends, family members, and partners regularly about their right to set boundaries, even ones that inconvenience you.

We absolutely live in a hierarchial abuse culture where people can and do impose their will on each other in a million tiny ways. A lot of people just expect it - they’ll make choices according to the assumption that you, too, are invested in controlling them to whatever degree - because unless you consciously make a point not to be, it’s possible that you are.

In a healthy relationship people ask for consent often - “Do you want to do this? Are you comfortable with this? Is there anything you think we should change about this plan?” And then, they clarify that negative answers are totally normal and okay.

Checking in can sound like, “Hey, you know I love doing X but if you ever don’t want to you know that’s okay, right?” It’s paying attention to nonverbal cues that someone is uncomfortable and giving them an out - “You don’t seem excited about this party, I want you to know it totally won’t be a big deal if you’d rather not.”

In a healthy relationship there’s a huge difference between “no” and “you shouldn’t have asked”. “No” is normal and expected and it’s assumed that sometimes it will be the response. There’s an intentional effort not to punish each other for not always giving each other what you want.

Normalize “no” in all your relationships. Seek it out! Give people extra opportunities to say no! And accept it. Recognise that it’s a good sign when your loved ones feel safe enough to not agree to things they don’t want out of fear of your reaction.

Just - check in. I don’t care what kind of relationship it is, don’t assume people know it’s safe to say no to you unless you remind them and show them regularly. Making space for healthy boundaries is one of the most important things to communicate with the people that you care about.

pidge and lance are the type of friends that will joke around with each other constantly and get into all sorts of trouble together and playfully make fun of each other but they’re also the type of friends who text each other randomly to say “hey did u kno ur great and i love you” and if something is wrong they’re always ready to listen to each other

munday meme - multimuse edition
  • There's a lot of munday-memes asking the muns questions about the muses, but those are always only about one muse. This meme here is for those mun's who've got plenty of muses. So send a symbol for a question.
  • 🔟: How many active muses do you have in total?
  • 🔜: Are there any muses you want to add, but aren't sure about?
  • 👪: Are any relationships between your muses? (friends, family, enemies, etc.)
  • 🌠: From waht you know of my muse, which of your muses would you reccomend me to play with and why?
  • 🎊: Which is your favorite muse?
  • 🎭: With which of your muses can you identify the most?
  • 💬: Write a banter between two of your muses. (Bonus: Sender chooses which muses)
  • 👄: Which of your muses would probably get sexual with each other, if they met?
  • 💀: Which of your muses would probably fight each other if they met?
  • 🐞: Which is your most childish muse?
  • 🐢: Which is your most mature muse?
  • 👻: Which is your most mischievous muse?
  • 🐜: Which of your muses is the most clever/intelligent/educated one?
  • 🐌: Which of your muses is the least clever/intelligent/educated one?
  • 👰: WHich of your muses would you date?
  • 💥: Which of your muses would you fight with?
  • 🐩: Which of your muses is the most loyal?
  • 🐑: Which of your muses is the most peaceful/friendly one?
  • 🐦: Which of your muses is the vainest?
  • 🐎: Which of your muses is the fastest?
  • 🐮: Which of your muses is the strongest?
  • 🐷: Which of your mises is the naughtiest?
  • 🐺: Which of your muses is the most unsocial?
  • 🐹: Which of your muses is the smallest?
  • 🐘: Which of your muses is the tallest?

sophiawang328: 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
As the saying goes: Every daughter is a past little lover of the father.
I said that every son is a past lover of the mother.
Valentines Day is not only for lovers…
But also for those family & friends who care for each other through out the year !!!
Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone !
Love you all ❣️❣️❣️🍻🥂!!!

(Jackson’s brother in the photo)

Delusion Masterpost

Delusions can be categorized in various ways. The following are not mutually exclusive categories; for example, a delusion may be both bizarre and systematized.

Bizarre delusions-are absurd and factually not possible. They may involve newly discovered gods or supernatural/space creatures.

  • feelings that one is dying, is already dead or does not exist (cotard delusion)
  •  feelings of different people being a single person (fregoli delusion)
  •  feeling like one’s reflection in a mirror is some other person (mirrored-self delusion)
  • feeling that family, partners, friends and / or pets have been replaced by identical fakes (capgras delusion)
  • feeling like the world only exists inside one’s head (solipsism delusion)
  • feeling that one is living in a reality TV show (Truman show delusion)
  •  feeling like one has an identical doppelgänger with a different (usually malicious) personality and life (subjective doubles delusion)
  • feeling like other people swap identities with each other without changing appearance (intermetamorphosis delusion)
  •  feeling like doesn’t belong to one’s body or doesn’t own parts of one’s body (somatoparaphrenia delusion)
  • feeling like a person, place, object, or body part has been duplicated or transported somewhere else (reduplicative paramnesia delusion)

Grandiose delusions-are beliefs that the individual has exceptional beauty, intelligence or influence.

  • feeling that one is a god or deity
  • feeling that one has magical powers i.e. mind reading, control over the weather etc
  • feeling that one is indestructible or unimaginably strong
  • feeling that another person or other people (usually celebrities) are in love with oneself

Persecutory (or paranoid) delusions- include that the individual is being harassed, threatened, watched or bugged. They often involve spies, bikies, God, Satan or neighbors.

  • feeling that one is constantly being followed / stalked
  • feeling that one is secretly being spied on by family, partners, friends, others, pets and / or inanimate objects
  • feelings of fear over being kidnapped. Usually by a stranger.
  • feeling that one is constantly being watched (by unknown entities or known entities)
  • feeling that one is being ridiculed by family, partners, friends and / or others
  • feeling that one is being spied on or monitored by the government, FBI etc.
  • feeling that family members, partners, friends, others, pets and / or inanimate objects are secretly conspiring to kill oneself
  • feeling like is being or will be poisoned by others

Delusions of reference- are the belief that the everyday actions of others are premeditated and made with special reference to the patient. Commonly patients complain about being talked about on television or the radio. Patients may believe that music played or words spoken on television have been specifically chosen to identify or annoy them. People crossing the street or coughing may be interpreted as making purposeful actions, performed to indicate something to, or about, the patient.

Delusions of control- involve the belief that others are controlling the patient’s thoughts, feelings or actions.

Nihilistic delusions-are the belief that part of the individual or the external world does not exist, or that the individual is dead (Cotard syndrome). Financially comfortable individuals may believe they are destitute, in spite of bank statements to the contrary. Patients who believe they have no head or are dead, are unable to explain how that could be possible, but still hold the belief.

Somatic delusions- are false beliefs about the body. These may be bizarre or non-bizarre. A bizarre example is when the individual believes his nose is made of gold. A nonbizarre example is when the individual believes he has cancer of the rectum, in spite of negative reports from a competent doctor who has examined the rectum.

Delusions of infestation/parasitosis- are not uncommon in dermatological clinics (Hylwa et al, 2011).

Delusions of guilt - that the individual is guilty of purposefully or non-purposefully damaging themselves, other individuals or important property. Individuals may believe they are guilty of causing the cancer of the lady who lives next door, or a drought in Central Africa.

Delusions of jealousy - the belief that the partner is being unfaithful, and may involve checking the partner’s underclothes for stains or foreign pubic hairs.

Erotic delusions (erotomania) - the belief of the patient that another person is in love with him/her (de Clerambault syndrome). This (among others) may be a motivation for stalking, and lead to contact with the unwelcoming central figure of the delusion.

Systematized delusions- are united by a single theme. They are often highly detailed and may remain unchanged for years.

Non-systematized delusions- may change in content and level of concern, from day to day or even from minute to minute.