not french actually

Note to self: don’t take a french lesson at 7 am aka 30 minutes after waking up. Your brain will be a linguistically jumbled mess and your teacher will tell you your level is elementary at best.

In all fairness to her, a 2 year old could have formulated more coherent sentences than me. Next time will go better.

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just imagine creepers s/o being a damn good artist and at first he's just kinda like 'cool' but after a while he's just like 'draw me like one of ur french girls'

((I actually did an imagine I believe that was something like this a bit ago but!! It’s always my fave!!))

Being an artist himself, as more carvings and taxidermy it is, if you were more into drawing and you showed him the art you did of him, he would acknowledge it and give you a slight praise but that would be about it

Eventually, the more he noticed you looking at him when you drew, he’d start to do poses, some more silly than others, encouraging it more and more

Until one day you come home and there he is; laying on the couch with the ever-so iconic pose ‘Draw me like one of your french girls’. If you actually did draw him like that he’d probably want to keep it, hang it up somewhere in his lair


  • Victorian England: 1837-1901
  • American Old West: 1803-1912
  • Meiji Restoration: 1868-1912
  • French privateering in the Gulf of Mexico: ended circa 1830

Conclusion: an adventuring party consisting of a Victorian gentleman thief, an Old West gunslinger, a disgraced former samurai, and an elderly French pirate is actually 100% historically plausible.

this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation

what the instruments do when they're having a good day
  • tuba: play super loud notes for no reason while the band is warming up
  • trombone: hitting the section in front of them with their slides with impunity
  • baritone: mischievous smile. they have stolen something from someone's backpack, and they will not return it without a fight
  • french horn: join in with the brass's mischief instead of pretending they're actually a woodwind like usual
  • trumpet: less egotistical than usual
  • bassoon: more egotistical than usual
  • clarinet: not actively sharpening a reed into a shank
  • saxophone: awesome jazz
  • flute: actually try to play every note instead of giving up when it gets too low or too high
  • oboe: give reed-making tips
  • piano: not crying over Chopin
  • percussion: actually playing their part and going to where they're supposed to be at the beginning of pieces

@rookie009 omg lena you’re so gay

lena is gonna get an earful when everyone gets back to base

edit: vous –> te (thank you for the help once again :) )

I love it how when I speak in another language people tell me that I “have an accent”
Like, yeah, I have an accent in my first language, why are you surprised by this?

                                               CALL THIS AN EXPERIMENT.

So I explained to the french community how to rp on tumblr (I made them a 7 word pages tutorial actually) but they all are too afraid to not be able to speak english. Some of them actually have a good level. So yeah, maybe they’ll make a mistake or two but can you, please, like (or reblog) this post if you don’t mind roleplaying with someone whose first language is french? Knowing that they could make some mistakes in english.