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EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Being A Foreigner Who Knows Their Native Language

When he was telling Jongdae what a beautiful woman you were when you were sitting a table away from them at a café he did not expect you to come up to him later with your number saying “You aren’t so bad yourself, handsome.” The shocked expression on his face amused you even more, “You mean you understood me?” You giggled, “Obviously, I learned the language before coming to live in a foreign country. Call me sometime, yeah?” You gave a wink and left him standing there speechless.

Luhan:                                                                                                                Luhan was walking around China when he decided to stop at a local street vendor for some food. When he was ordering, some girls recognized him and starting freaking out. “Can I just eat in peace for once.” You were standing behind him in line and said, “So you are why those girls are going crazy?” He turned expecting to see another native but instead noticed you were a foreigner. “Yeah,” He gave a sly smile, “I’m kind of famous.” You gave a look of amusement. “Anyways, why are you so damn good at Chinese?” You giggled, “I’m kind of a good study.”

Kris (Yifan):
While enjoying the nightlife that comes with living in California, Kris found himself in one of the many nightclubs. He received a phone call about a movie role in China and of course proceeded to speak in Mandarin. You being a bystander ended up hearing the conversation. “You are an actor?” You asked fluently in the language he just spoke. “Yeah I am,” he smiled then gave a confused look, “You speak Mandarin?” You smiled and started walking away, “Maybe we can speak more after dancing.” Kris gave a sly smile and followed you to the dance floor.

Waiting around at an airport can be quite annoying, it is even more annoying when your flight doesn’t leave when it is supposed to. A message rang out over the loudspeaker and you heard one of the men in the group of guys waiting for the same flight as you ask, “What did that just say?” in Korean. You responded out loud without thinking, “That the flight will be delayed until the storm stops.” He turned to you in response with a smile, “You speak Korean?” “Yeah,” you laughed, “I actually lived there for a few years when I was younger. Sorry to budge into your conversation.” He gave you a gracious smile, “No harm done, my name is Junmyeon. Care to talk a bit while we wait?”

Yixing looked up at the rollercoaster his friends were in line for and started mumbling how crazy they were to himself. “Not a fan of roller coasters either?” You asked casually in Chinese as you were waiting by the gates for your friends too. “More so of getting hurt,” he responded as he turned to face you. He had a confused look on his face to see that you were in fact not Chinese. “I did some studying abroad if that is what you were wondering,” you said with a smile. He nodded and gave a little laugh. “I am Zhang Yixing,” he said with one of his signature bows he did out of habit. “Y/N,” you said in response with a little bow of your own, “Ready to watch this horrifying sight together?” He smiled and you both turned back to watch the enormous metal contraption run its course.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were walking around taking in the sights that New York City had to offer when they decided to make a bet and see if they could get a girl to say they were cuter than the other. Not expecting you to know their native language Baekhyun came up to you and gave a simple “Hello” in English. As you heard Chanyeol calling out words of encouragement in Korean you decided to respond with “Annyeong.” When he realized that you could speak in his own language he gave a giggle and a finger wave. “Do you mind playing along in helping me win a bet?” You smiled, “If I get your name first.” He gladly offered his name as you took his outreached hand and walked over to fool his friend.

When your uncle asked if you could bartend for the night at his restaurant you were hardly enthused by the thought of creepy men flirting with you over the counter. However, when an attractive bunch of foreigners walked in things seemed to be looking up for you. You heard them chatting in Korean so you decided you use your multilingual skills to ask them what they wanted to order. One of the guys, who you noticed to be very muscular under his shirt, was automatically overjoyed and didn’t seem to care about ordering at the moment. “What else do you know?”

Chanyeol and the boys were at a party in Busan when he noticed you across the room. He assumed that you wouldn’t know enough Korean to hold a conversation so he ended up just staying where he was. However, when you walked over and started talking to him he couldn’t hide the smile that formed on his face. “You really know Korean!” he said after you two had been talking for a while. “How else would I be able to talk to such a handsome man,” you joked and he laughed.

When they said there would be a new make-up artist he was surprised to see that you were a foreigner. As the boys introduced themselves one by one his shy smile broadened when you began a conversation with him. “Your Korean is really good,” he said reassuringly. “I try,” you said as you both laughed, “I could still use a little bit of teaching.” He perked up at the thought, “I could help you when I have free time.”

Tao was browsing the men’s ware at a popular clothing store when you heard him asking his friend something about the color he should get in Chinese. “I would go with the red one,” you said, “it will make a statement.” Tao turned to you and the fashionista within him responded, “that is what I was thinking too.” Your skin tone was a dead giveaway that Chinese was not your native language. “Where did a pretty girl like you learn Chinese?”

When out in Seoul for the night walking his dogs he did not expect to talk to a foreigner. “They are so cute! May I pet them?” You said in fluent Korean. Taken aback it took him a moment before he smiled and said “Yeah, of course.” He grinned as he watched you interact with his kids. When you stood back up he offered for you to walk with him. “You can walk one if you’d like, I’d enjoy the company.” He was very interested in getting to know you.

Even when on tour this boy needs his bubble tea fix. When you offered to help him order after seeing that he was struggling a bit, he was surprised. After you ordered for yourself he ended up paying for your drink. “You really didn’t have to,” you said shyly. “It’s no big deal, besides I want to know how you speak Korean so well.” You sat with him and ended up joking around and talking for a while.

I tried to make each situation different. I hope you guys like it. :)

Imagine Chris being worried about you.

A/N: Part 2, yay! Not much to say here, just building things up for y'all. 😏 You can read the previous parts here - (Mini Series - Masterlist; Mini Series Spin-off - ‘Unexpected Reader - Masterlist’; ‘Chapter 2 - Little Ways Away: Part 1’) Enjoy. X

“Bet you thought I was going to answer the phone. Well, I’m not because I’m busy so-”

Chris hung up before your voicemail could finish talking, sighing because it was the seventh time he’d gotten your voicemail in three days. He was starting to get worried because he hadn’t spoken with you since Sunday, which was when he’d questioned if you were really okay and you’d lied to his face. The two of you agreed to have a proper conversation after that one, but it was yet to happen. Every time he called, you’d watch it ring and let it go to voicemail then text him back with an excuse as to why you couldn’t answer: “I’m in class.”, “I’m on my way to work.”, “I’m in the library.”, “Dodger and I are going for a walk.”, “Ava and I are on our way to a movie.”, “I have to call my mom.”, “I’m going grocery shopping.” Out of the seven times, you’d only told the truth twice about why you had to miss his call.

Now Chris didn’t know if he was really that unlucky and you were really that busy, or if you were avoiding him so you wouldn’t have to deal. You knew him, as well as he knew you, so you got what he meant when he said “I’ll call you tomorrow and have an actual conversation, okay?” The last thing you needed was a worried boyfriend- something Chris would’ve become if he’d confronted you and you’d broke down crying- so you decided it was better if you avoided him for a while. In your mind, it was a good idea because yes, he’d be worried, but he’d be less worried than if he knew the truth about your struggles. You knew he had enough on his plate with a project as big as Infinity War and that he didn’t need you to be on it too.

In your mind, you were being a thoughtful girlfriend; in Chris’, however, you weren’t. And though Ava knew how things would end if you didn’t reconsider your bad idea, she said nothing because since she spilled the beans to Chris- you’d politely asked her to stay out of your relationship. She agreed, of course, because as your best friend she’d always respect your decision- even if it was “a fucking stupid one.” That comment was unsaid because she knew you didn’t need a fight with her when a fight with Chris was obviously on its way. All of this, everything that was happening right now was the calm before the storm. Eventually Chris would get ahold of you and everything you thought you could avoid would come crashing down onto you.

“Bet you thought I was going to-”

“God dammit, Y/N,” Chris cussed as he slammed his phone onto the table; Sebastian looked up with a raised brow. “Sorry,” Chris muttered, rubbing his forehead. “I just-” he huffed, “I’m trying to get ahold of Y/N and she won’t pick up and I’m kind of freaking out. She’s clearly going through something, but she won’t talk to me about it. And I don’t- What the fuck is going through her mind?” Sebastian pursed his lips at Chris’ obvious frustration. “Does she think this is a good idea- to just avoid my calls like my worries are just going to disappear?”

“I think it’s a good idea to breathe, maybe?” Sebastian suggested and Chris took a slow, deep breath. “Okay, now that you have some oxygen in your lungs,” Sebastian teased then chuckled when Chris shot him a weary look. “Just relax, man. I’m sure everything’s fine and you’re just overreacting.”

“I am not overreacting, she-”

“That sounds like something someone who’s overreacting would say,” Sebastian cut him off with pursed lips and Chris rolled his eyes. “Oh come on, Chris,” Sebastian chuckled. “She’s a university student, what do you expect? Do you remember your university experience? 'Cause I do. Things get busy and chaotic and overwhelming, but it’s nothing that we couldn’t handle. So stop worrying so much, Y/N is a capable girl. If she’s not telling you things, maybe it’s because she can handle it.” Chris huffed and Sebastian sighed, “I know you feel like you have to protect her 'cause she’s younger than you, but maybe you’re being a little overbearing?”

Chris had nothing to say because Sebastian made some pretty solid points. Like you, he had a best friend to knock some sense into him, buff tense situations, and talk him out of some dumb decisions. Perhaps Sebastian was right, perhaps he was being a little overbearing. But he couldn’t help it, you were important to him and he knew you weren’t the kind of person who talked about things unless he pressed. That was one of the differences he’d found between you and your second person protagonist, you were more concern with how he saw you which meant you’d lie to him if you had to. He realized that the two of you really needed to discuss that before it became a bigger problem than it already was, and he knew it would because honesty and communication were two of the most important factors in a successful relationship. Clearly those were the areas the two of you lacked in considering everything that’d happened between the two of you.

“I’m sure she’ll talk to you when she’s ready,” Sebastian consoled. “Until then- I don’t think you should push her. I don’t know her as well as you, but I feel like she’s one of those girls who- y'know, the-more-you-push-the-further-she’ll-run? She seems like the type, and it’s not a bad type- it’s just tricky.” Chris sighed and nodded in agreement. “But she obviously cares about you, so don’t give up on her. After all, you don’t know what her reasons are. Maybe she doesn’t want you to worry and that’s why she’s not telling you anything.”

“I’m not going to give up on her.” Chris wasn’t sure about a lot, but he was sure about that. “She’s a puzzle, that one, but she’s one of those puzzles that when you figure it out and finish it-” he smiled when he thought about you, “it’s going to be beautiful and incredibly satisfying.” Sebastian found himself smiling at Chris’ smile; he was very happy for him friend, that was for sure. “And I know for a fact that she’s not telling me anything because she doesn’t want me to worry, that’s exactly the kind of person she is. But,” he sighed with a small smile, “that’s one of the many reason I love her. What?” Chris chuckled when he heard Sebastian chuckle.

“Nothing,” Sebastian shook his head. “I’m just- Y/N is the first girlfriend you’ve spoken so openly about.” Chris narrowed his eyes, but his smile remained on his lips because his friend was right. “You’ve never talked about any of your other girlfriends before- well, not when the relationship was still so new. But with Y/N? I mean- you keep photos of her in your trailer, you introduce us over FaceTime, you talk about her all the time and it is- This is a new side to you that we all love,” Sebastian admitted and Chris’ smile widened.

“Yeah, well-” Chris’ smile reached his eyes when he thought about the future he was planning to have with you. “She’s different.” Sebastian nodded, because obviously you were. “I know I can spend the rest of my life with her, and I want to. I really, really want to,” he admitted with a soft chuckle and Sebastian smiled. “I um- I just want her to live her life first, before she settles down with me. I don’t want her to miss out on anything, y'know?”

“That’s sweet,” Sebastian nodded. “I like her with you, I think we all do. She’s…” He trailed off, trying to find the right word then settled on what Chris used earlier, “different. But it’s the kind of different you want to welcome into your life.” Chris nodded in agreement. “I don’t know, I think you knocked it out of the park with Y/N. I haven’t met her in real life, but- I’m fairly confident about what I just said.”

“Me too,” Chris nodded with a smile.

“So try and remember what I said earlier, so you don’t do anything dumb to lose her,” Sebastian reminded him and they both chuckled. “'Cause man, Chris, you’d be a world class idiot to lose a girl as amazing as Y/N, who’s obviously perfect for you.”

“Believe me, I know,” Chris chuckled as his mind flitted back to the conversations he’d had with Ava, your mom and dad, your older brother, his mom, Scott, Carly, Shanna- literally his whole family, Kevin, Scarlett, Robert, both Chrises- basically everyone and anyone he’d spoken to about you. He didn’t need more people to tell him what he already knew; you were special and he wasn’t going to let you go. “You’re not the first person to tell me that.”

“Yet I’m sure I won’t be the last.”

“Yeah, me too,” Chris chuckled.

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Part 3

You sat in the hallway outside of your new apartment waiting for the neighbor you were yet to meet to return home. You were hoping it was a guy who was willing to kill or at least get rid of the giant tarantula sitting on your kitchen bench. How it got there- you didn’t know, all you did know was that because of it you’d drop a box of your favorite plates and was now sitting outside on the cold wooden floor of your brand new apartment unable to settle in.

You glanced at your watch. It’d been about two and a half hours since you first spotted it and you were starting to wonder if your neighbor was even coming home. You thought about going downstairs for help but you figured she was about as useful as you when it came to giant spiders as the memory of running into her in the elevator floated back into your mind. She had a pair of six inch Louboutin heels, a fresh French manicure, and a Chanel purse hanging off her arm for crying out loud. You could’ve always asked someone else in the building but you didn’t want to make an embarrassing reputation for yourself quite just yet.

The clock ticked by, just about to reach the third hour when you heard the elevator doors ding open. You looked up and a bearded and very well-built man in a black sweater walked out. You couldn’t see his face because he hid it behind a navy blue cap and a pair of clear plastic Ray Bans sunglasses. Your head tilted slightly as you wondered why those sunglasses looked so familiar. You’d seen those exact pair on someone before, but you couldn’t remember who for the life of you.

The mystery man started to walk towards the door opposite yours. You watched him move, wondering if you knew him from somewhere; there was something about him that reminded you of someone. He was so busy texting he didn’t even notice you sitting on the floor until he tripped over your feet before you could move them out of his way. His head turned your way as you scrambled to your feet, you were about to apologize when he beat you to it.

“Sorry about that,” he winced. “I’ve been told I shouldn’t text and walk.”

Why does even his voice sound so familiar?

“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have been obstructing the hallway.” You smiled and he mirrored it; you noticed how perfect his teeth was and how heart-fluttering his smile was. “Um- Are you living in that apartment?” You pointed to the door he was standing in front of, only realizing how stupid that question was after you said.

“Yes I am,” he nodded. “Are you the new neighbor?” He asked and you nodded. “I heard someone was moving in across the hall, I didn’t think it’d be a pretty girl.” He joked and you chuckled softly. “I suppose we’re going to be living out a cliché rom-con plot now that I’ve fallen for you.”

“What?” Your eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Oh my God,” he laughed and grabbed his left breast. “That was a really bad joke. Uh- I don’t- I was referring to the tripping and-” he rambled then pressed his lips together to stop himself. “You know what, don’t worry about it because that didn’t make sense at all.”

He’s cute when he’s nervous.

“So what uh- what are you doing obstructing the hallway?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you behind his sunglasses. “Are you locked out of your apartment? You know you can just go down to the lobby and ask for assistance, right? They’re very efficient here, pays to live in a high end apartment complex.”

“Um- actually uh- I was waiting for you,” you admitted then winced when you noticed him tense up.

“Look-” He suddenly didn’t seem as friendly as before. “I enjoy my privacy so if you want a photo and an autograph, I’ll give it to you as long as you promise not to tell people you’re my neighbor. I don’t need people swarming my front door.”

“No!” You held up your hands, trying to calm his nerves even though you didn’t really know what he was going on about. “I was waiting for you to help me kill a spider.” You said and his entire demeanor softened. “I didn’t even know if you were a boy or girl before I decided to wait out here so- whoever you are, you’re safe. I won’t tell anyone I’m your neighbor though I wasn’t planning to considering I don’t know who you are.”

“Oh,” was all he said.

“I can’t even see your face, man,” you chuckled.

“Right,” he pursed his lips. “Well- um- forget I said all that.”

“I would if I could,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “Now I’m curious as to who you are. From what you said I’m guessing you’re an actor. You do look kind of familiar but- it’s hard to tell in real life where I’ve seen you on the big screen. You all look crazy different in person.”

“Have you met many actors?”

“Enough,” you nodded and he waited for an explanation. “Don’t freak out when I say this but- I’m a journalist.” You saw him tense up again. “Oh my God,” you chuckled in disbelief. “I’m a journalist, not paparazzi. I’m more interested in writing about real things so you can calm down.”

“See I don’t know if I should be grateful or offended,” he commented and you laughed. “Well, since you have zero interest in me I might as well introduce myself.” He took his sunglasses off and revealed his face; your jaw dropped almost immediately. “I’m Chris Evans.”

Captain America.

You’re neighbors with Captain America.

Captain America is standing in front of you.

“I take that back,” he smirked at your stunned expression. “Perhaps you do have an interest in me after all.” You couldn’t find the words to respond, Captain America was your new neighbor. “So what’s the headline going to be?”

“If you think I’m going to share you, you’re insane.” You joked and he actually laughed. “Once again, Mr. Evans.” He made a face at that and you took it as a signal to use his first name instead. “I am a proper journalist, Chris. I don’t bother with celebrity gossip, at least not professionally.”

“But when I asked if you’ve met many actors, you said yes.”

“Yeah,” you giggled at his paranoia. “As a fan and not as a journalist, you dumb dork.”

“You’re calling me a dumb dork?” He scoffed and chuckled at the same time. “That’s rich coming from the girl sitting outside her apartment just to avoid a spider.”

“Oh,” you scoffed. “You want to go there? I am a fan of yours, Chris. I know you have a fear of spiders too and if you were me, you’d move houses instead of just sitting outside waiting for someone to get rid of it.”

“Okay, you got me there.” He said then laughed when you did. “But seriously though, have you ever pulled off your covers and seen one in your bed? ‘Cause I have and it was traumatizing.” You giggled. “I don’t know why you’re waiting on me ‘cause there ain’t no way I’m going in there. As pretty as you are, you’re not worth dying for.”

“Ouch,” you chuckled. “Can’t you just get your shield and help a girl out?”

“Hey, when beard’s out-” he pointed to his beard and you chuckled, “Captain America is off duty. I can call a guy for you though, get the place exterminated and cleansed so you’re good to move in without worrying about seeing one hanging out.”

“That means I’m going to have to haul all this stuff to a hotel,” you whined and he chuckled softly. “God, this is not a great start to a new beginning. I was so excited to get unpacked and have a nice hot bath in my new bathtub,” you told him and almost moaned just thinking about it.

“You’re more than welcomed to stay at my place until your apartment is ready,” he offered. “If I call the guy now- he can be here in like twenty minutes and be done by tomorrow. I’ve got a spare bedroom you can use, um-” he stopped talking when he saw how awkward you looked. “I’m being weird, aren’t I? I mean- we just met and I’m offering you a room in my apartment.”

“No,” you chuckled softly. “You’re being as sweet as I imagined you’d be,” you confessed and he smiled. “I just don’t want to imposed considering you like your privacy and have a serious fear of journalists. What will you do when I have to write? You might hover over my shoulder and make sure I’m not writing about you,” you teased him.

“Ha-ha,” he bit sarcastically. “Do you want a place to stay or not? It’ll be more convenient and a lot cheaper than a hotel.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s it cost?” You asked, completely aware you were using a line from The Winter Soldier. From the look on his face, you knew he could tell what he had to say next.

“A cup of coffee?”

“How about dinner instead?” You suggested with a smile.

He nodded then said, “see.” His smile grew wider as he continued, “I told you we were going to live out a cliche rom-com plot.” You stifled your laughter. “You know what, I changed my mind. I think I do like spiders after all 'cause they’re one hell of a wing man.”

Dumb dork.