not forgotten! just neglected


The Return of the Merman AU

~ ~

Harry’s fingers caress a cluster of scales on Eggsy’s shoulder – ones that feel slick, freshly doused in stinging, sickly-sweet sea water. He’s tasted it on his lips for days since his last visit, and it seems that Eggsy’s influence has not let go of him.

The merman smirks, his sharp row of teeth nearly poking out from behind his thin, blueish lips. His eyes shimmer, reflecting the deep hues of the moon and water, silvery-azure. And they lock onto Harry’s, warm, inviting, the color of the floors in his cottage.

He allows his visitor in, and runs his hand through his loose, curly locks. He’d forgotten, or just neglected, to style his hair that morning. Yet Eggsy seems to not mind in the slightest, as he’s dead-set on seeing his human lover again. He politely sits down on the couch, and he watches as Harry joins him. They both share a similar smile.

“How could I have thought you’d never return?” He tries to act sly, but inside he is certain his heart has sped at least a tinge.

“I wouldn’t not come back, Harry.” Eggsy teases, his razor-sharp fangs now feeling familiar, even a bit safe, to Harry.

They sink into the cushions, no matter how awkward and uncomfortable it must feel for Eggsy. Harry’s hand rests atop Eggsy’s, which rested upon Harry’s thigh.

And the cottage is cozy and warm, Harry is happy, and so is Eggsy. And it’s feeling more and more like home everyday to him.