not forgetting outnumbered

You know what I really want? A continuation of the 2003 FMA series. Hear me out, here

I don’t want anything like “Ed and Al magically come back!” “The Nazis are back, and this time, it’s personal!” etc., etc.

I want to see Ed and Al adjusting to life in our world. I want to see them destroy the portal without Alchemy, then settle down and live their lives

I want to see Ed and Al adjusting to a situation where they’re not the center of attention and known throughout the land for having committed the worst of taboos

I want to see them adjusting to living their lives without the help of Alchemy, and realizing just how dependent they’ve become on it, even for small things like repair jobs

I want to see our Alphonse grow up, turn 18, and pick a job and subconsciously follow Alfons’ path in one way or another

I want to see Edward realizing that he doesn’t have a trade, and has to do something in order to be able to get anywhere near the uranium bomb. What’s he good at, then? (Aside from ‘everything he puts his mind to learning.’) What does he choose to do with his life?

I want to see the little things. I want to see Alphonse getting bullied in school for speaking with the wrong accent, or not quite getting how things work (‘weirdo’), or being oddly preoccupied with stories of magic, or being this pure, emotional, sweet kid in general (no matter how much he’s grown through the series)

I want to see the bullies to realize very quickly that this sweet, naive, seemingly harmless kid will not hurt anybody, but he will defend himself when attacked

And bar that, I want to see them realize that he’s got a brother who’s a force to be reckoned with (and somewhat traumatizing if he tries to be)

I want to see Ed pick a fight with somebody in the street and forget he’s 5’4”, outnumbered, and can’t use alchemy

Numerous times

And I want to see him pick himself up after coming out the worse end of (numerous) fights

I want to see Edward in denial as Alphonse eventually outgrows him, anyway

I want to see Alphonse Elric living with prosopagnosia ever since his accident they say they tried to bring their mother back. I want to see him learn it’s a thing, and that he’s different than others in this way. No! I want to see him wondering if it’s all in his head, and I want him to ask Edward about it, and I want Edward to do the research and help his little brother realize he’s not ‘broken’

I want to see Edward homeschool himself in whatever direction and get a college degree once he finds the profession that he HAS to have to achieve his goal

And I want to see Al attend school, b/c it’s different now, Edward can’t do Alchemy and he can’t be so sure he can keep him safe while fulfilling his goal with him in this fundamentally more cruel world

I want to see Edward to realize that this world is different, that it will likely take him years to be able to approach the uranium bombs, to be destroyed

I want to see them, 26 and 34, young men when the war actually erupts (it was coming!)

I want to see why Edward was in Romania, looking for Alfons in the first place. Actually, I’d like a whole backstory bit for Mr. Edward from London and Alfons Heiderich. Who and why and how

I want to see who Scar and Lust turn out to be here, what their personalities are like here

I want to see this world’s Winry! And see her deal with this world’s standards for “women doing men’s jobs.” I want a feminist, suffragette, working-class woman Winry who don’t take no guff from men who think they know engines

I want to see all these cases of nature vs. nurture so much

I want to see Edward and Alphonse when they learn that they’re too late, that now numerous countries have nuclear weapons and that Hiroshima, then Nagasaki was bombed

I want to see them pick themselves up and carry on, because that’s all they can do for now

I want to see how they react to this: do they build a new goal, or do they just live life as civilians? Could they ever settle down after a life like theirs?

A continuation of the 2003 anime series please

There is one and only one thing that Whites should be ashamed of.

You have lost touch with your roots, with your culture, with your gods, with you glorious history. You have forgotten the sins the people who call you oppressors committed against you with enormous armies, and empires. You forget that outnumbered and starving, you defeated every invader to ever come in, trying to take and subjugate us in our homes, throwing them back into the sea you created the greatest empires and kingdoms the world has ever seen on their bones. Though attacked for two millennia, we stopped them at Tours. We stopped them in Vienna. Thermopylae. Portugal. Sicily. Messina. And then in Africa, where the British Royal Navy struck the chains off of an entire continent and deposed the customs which kept men slaves. That any of you believe that Islam is a religion of peace, or that you don’t deserve everything you have, makes me ashamed of you. You do your ancestors no justice, and you lack what was once so important to us. Honor.