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"I don’t think vegan or vegetarian food is that much more expensive" it is

No, it’s not.

454g of vegan mince - £1.50

250g of real mince - £2.39

400g of vegan meatballs - £1.50

400g of real meatballs - £2.40

8 vegetarian beef burgers - £1.50

4 real beef burgers - £2.70 x 2 = £5.40

500g of dairy free Flora - £1.70

500g of regular Flora - £1.70

1 litre of soy milk - 0.79p

1 lire of semi-skimmed milk - 0.66p

Additionally, lentils, beans, fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta and so on can be cheap depending on where you shop. If you’re smart, it really isn’t any more expensive and people use that as an excuse. This is just an example of one large chain supermarket - there are often deals on with products such as Quorn and Linda McCartney as well as their own branded vegan and vegetarian foods. You can buy tofu in Chinese supermarkets for cheap or even Amazon - you can get 4,188g for £15.00. That’s literally nothing and would last forever.

I purchase food for myself and for Joseph, who eats meat, and there isn’t much of a difference. In fact, if you’re buying decent meat then you’ll spend much more than you would if buying vegetarian or vegan. Even meat eaters need to eat vegetables, fruits, and so on so typically, the only difference is the meat substitute, which as you can see, can be quite cheap.

Vegan: Do you know which items on the menu are vegan?
Waiter: We have a gluten free menu!
Vegan: That’s not what I asked…

Vegan: Does your product contain animal ingredients?
Makeup company: Sorry, but this product has not yet been tested for gluten.
Vegan: That isn’t even what I asked!

Vegan: Is this real fur or faux fur?
Fashion company: We’re pretty sure seals don’t eat bread.
Vegan: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

I will forever be disappointed by the fact that progressives seem to agree on a set of core principles right up until animal rights are involved, at which point people find themselves not only utterly abandoning them, but worse, actually arguing in favour of the exact same oppressive beliefs and harmful practices that they vehemently oppose in any other context. 

There’s nothing that can’t be fixed by #vegan brownies right?😇😇 especially fudgy, rich protein-packed brownies that are also good for your body and the planet👌🏼🌿 I just want to say thank you for all your love and support on my last post. My heart is filled with SO much gratitude for every single one of you wonderful souls❤️
P.S. This gluten, oil + refined-sugar free super simple recipe is coming to a blog near you soooon💫

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Nice cream to finish off this hectic uni week 🍨 😛 3 frozen bananas, soy milk, vanilla and molasses topped with dark and salted caramel @loving_earth chocolate, buckinis, coconut, blueberries, peanuts and vegan mylk coated raisins I made :) Happy Friday everyone, here’s to a productive and positive weekend! 

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I’m thinking about going vegan. I would prefer not to because it is difficult to do but I am actually allergic to milk and dairy products (when I eat them I get rashes and recently it has been getting worst). I really want these rashes to go away :((((