not for the social drinker

Traumatized people are often afraid of feeling. It is not so much the perpetrators (who, hopefully, are no longer around to hurt them) but their own physical sensations that now are the enemy. Apprehension about being hijacked by uncomfortable sensations keeps the body frozen and the mind shut. Even though the trauma is a thing of the past, the emotional brain keeps generating sensations that make the sufferer feel scared and helpless. It’s not surprising that so many trauma survivors are compulsive eaters and drinkers, fear making love, and avoid many social activities: Their sensory world is largely off limits.
—  Bessel van der Kolk “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and the Body in the Healing of Trauma

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Okay, what do the paladins drink, boozahol-wise? What's each paladin's poison of choice? Also, do they just get tipsy/drunk/dead drunk? What kind of drunk is each paladin? and how do they handle the morning afters?


Shiro - Probably doesn’t care that much?  Won’t get, like, actually shitty beer (look, he’s a grown ass adult, he’s not drinking Pabst) but isn’t usually a drinker outside of social drinking.  He’s there to have a good time.  After a couple of drinks he can usually be goaded into drinking stuff that’s Really A Fucking Bad Idea.  Like, anything mixed with Red Bull.  Starts the night thinking he’ll get tipsy then stop at midnight, and 90 percent of the time follows through on that, but the times he doesn’t are legendary.  Also a SUPER affectionate/clingy drunk.

Lance - Lance is here for the party, he’s here to get wasted, he’s already hitting on everyone.  But Lance is also a PANSY when it comes to his drinks in terms of the burn.  So he has a ton of mixed drinks where he can’t taste shit, but jokes on the world cause those things are normally pretty fucking alcoholic.  They will fuck you up.  Spends the night draped on everyone who will let him.  For most of the night this is Hunk but clingy!Shiro will literally snuggle into his shoulder and drunk!Lance thinks that’s THE BEST so he’ll hang out with him instead.

Hunk - Hunk has TASTE, okay.  He’s not here for anything cheap and he has Opinions on beer.  Actually a big fan of cider, though, of all stripes.  Likes brewery stuff or trying lots of aged stuff and wines.  Do not let him into the wine he will start planning meals around it, remember their lack of resources and then mope.  Very chill drunk.   Rarely gets behind tipsy, really doesn’t like the feeling.  Mostly he’s the kind to sit in a corner and talk with someone as long as he can.  He just wants to make friends : (   Also kind of the designated baby sitter friend, it’s a Curse.  

Pidge - drinks exclusively hard liquor.  Rum is alright, whiskey is better, brandy is good, ect.  Really, really overestimates how much she can drink.  Starts off the night thinking she’s Marian from Indiana Jones but really she’s Pidge, and Pidge is 5′ not much and 100 pounds total and doesn’t have as much experience as she wishes she does.  A babbler when drunk, and runs a mile a minute.  Because unintelligible as the night goes on and is normally among the first to crash.

Keith - Genuinely the best at holding is drink.  Everyone likes to think it’s because he’s Galra.  Let them think this, it’s better for everyone.  Super awkward at parties, but likes friend drinking stuff.  Enjoys drinking games for shows/movies, not so much with friends.  Does not want to play Never Have I Never because no matter what the answer is he’s gunna get teased : /  Lay off, Lance.  Is NOT more touchy when he’s drunk.  The Snow White kind of drunk where he’ll hang out with the pets all night if he gets the opportunity.  Embarrassed by his friends. So much.  Tolerates drunk Shiro like a full grown cat with a puppy.  AKA lots of staring into the camera with a murderous look on his face while Shiro draped over him and nuzzles into his hair (’are you sure you don’t want to borrow my Shampoo?  Is it rough because you’re Galra, do you think?’)

Allura and Coran - This shit is water to them and they have no idea with the fuck is up with these losers tbh

exo at the pub


• already had pre drinks at home before coming to the bar

• beer snob

• coming to the pub is a win win thing for him, they have soccer matches on the big screen and they provide alcohol and food

• every time he’s challenged to a drinking game of who can drink the most he says he’s not good at this game…he always wins

• once he’s a bit drunk tipsy his confidence grows substantially. very loud and obnoxious 

• lots of yelling/cheering/chanting (eg. drink! drink! drink! drink! drink!)


• a “social drinker” 

• comes during happy hour

• wine snob

• always on the search for an ATM because he never brings cash

• likes playing the poker machines

• ends up being the babysitter for all his drunk friends


• he has a very low drinking tolerance so he rarely goes out to pubs. he prefers drinking at home

• but when he does, he makes sure to have a plan B to get back home safely and a good friend to guide him throughout the night so that he won’t do anything too stupid

• lost his phone, asks everyone at the pub if they’ve seen it. (it’s in his pocket)

• after finishing a couple of drinks, he stacks the cups together and brings it back to the server

• women buys him drinks and he says thank you (that’s as far as it progresses) 

• when he gets a bit tipsy he tends to drape his arms around his friends and asks deep questions about life and society


• enjoys a cold beer after work and what goes well with a cold beer? A large     t bone steak with chips, vegies and gravy 

• enjoys playing pool with his mates 

• when he gets up to go buy himself another drink he asks his mates if they want another round. he ends up buying multiple drinks and he tries to carry them all at once back to the table

• he’s the reason why the floor is always sticky

• likes to participate in skulling and chugging competitions

• once he becomes quite drunk he becomes more quiet and mellow. sometimes he is even a bit sensitive (he cries)


• most likely doing a pub crawl with his mates so he’ll already be a bit tipsy with pre drinks

• announces his arrival each time he enters the pub

• changes the music played by the jukebox

• a regular participant during karaoke nights

• the bartender starts to refuse him drinks as the night goes on

• becomes more and more sleepy the more he drinks. falls asleep on the toilet when he reaches home


• goes to the pub every weekend

• usually drinking with his friends but he will ditch them if a lady catches his eye (his friends will make bets on if he will be successful in getting their number)

• when he sees a woman he is interested in he will buy her a drink and start a conversation

• dedicates songs he sings during karaoke to her

• sometimes he’s lucky and sometimes he’ll end up catching a taxi with his friends back home(after his friends mock him)

• becomes more smooth the more he drinks. sometimes he can come off as sleezy rather than smooth


• he doesn’t go to the pub by himself, he enjoys going with either friends or family

• he doesn’t drink a lot, just enough to keep him happy 

• he’s shy around women and it doesn’t help when his friends invite women to sit with them and they introduce him as a cute and charming bachelor

• he tends to scoot away and sit on the bar stool with his drink by himself when it gets too much. he makes friends with all the bartenders

• since he is small he gets pushed and knocked into a lot by people walking past who are carrying multiple drinks (he gets drinks spilled on him and he’s sticky and grumpy for the rest of the night)

• if he does get a bit drunk though, he talks a lot more and he becomes a mini encyclopedia that says random facts 


• a casual drinker. he likes going out for drinks with his friends and/or his girlfriend

• enjoys visiting hipster pubs since for their chill atmosphere and music. plus it’s more cozy when he’s just with his girlfriend

• and because they have a cute lil pub dog running around

• he usually has an early night since he enjoys his sleep and has an early start each day (if the night goes on too long he’ll fall asleep wherever he’s comfy)

• enjoys dancing when he’s a bit tipsy and goes full out when he’s drunk

• very giggly when drunk and the volume of his laugh increases as he drinks


• has to show his ID each time he tries to enter the pub while his friends just enter

• determined to make his friends do shots with him

• his friends likes to dare him to go up to a group of women and try to get at least 1 phone number (he usually succeeds)

• starts falling over when gets tipsy but still giggling

• stays until the pub has to close and kicks him out

• loves hugs and cuddling with his mates once he is a bit drunk

Interesting Type of Drunk

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Slight-fluff, Slight-comedy, & Drabble
Words: 555
POV: 2nd Person

Drabble #’s : 

15 -  “Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.”

48 -  “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”


Originally posted by yeunki

Deciding to go out with your close group of friends, you all wound up going the club to celebrate one of the girls graduating with honors at her university.

         “Congrats!!” You all cheered as you raised your glasses and made that infamous “clink”.

You quickly downed your shot and felt the alcohol burn down your throat. Compared to your gal pals, you were not much of a partier but that didn’t mean that you didn’t have your fair share of alcohol. You considered yourself to be a social drinker. Whenever you went out with your fiancé, Yoongi, and his groupmates there was bound to be drinking.

Tonight, however, was different. Since it was night of celebration, and you were surrounded by your sisters from different misters, you decided to let loose. After three or four shots, you started to feel your moral compass leave your mind.

Feeling worried about your safety, one of the girls stole your phone and dialed Yoongi’s number. After the second ring, he picked up the phone and your close friend told him that he needs to come pick you up now.

Shortly arriving to the club where you at, Yoongi surveilled the dance floor and instantly noticed a familiar black dress. He quickly pushed his way through the card and grabbed a hold of your waist.

         “YO! I’m taken dude!” You shouted, flashing the person your engagement ring. “Do you not see this ring? I’m happily engaged!” You furiously added, the alcohol fueling your anger.

Yoongi couldn’t help but smile, happy yet amused to see that you were a short-fused type of drunk and still valued your relationship.

         “Okay baby, time to come home. I think you had enough fun for one night.” He told you, realizing that he had to get up around 6 AM the next day, or today.

You let out a drunken giggle as you poked the person’s cheek, still not realizing that it was Yoongi.

         “But! I need to wait for my fiancé! OH! You look just like him!” You happily announced, letting out a giggle or two as you poked his squishy cheek.

Yoongi raised an eyebrow as an amusing smirk began to form.

         “Correction, she is the type of drunk to have mood swings.” He entertainingly thought before letting out a long sigh.

         “Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.” He demanded politely yet firmly, not wanting anything bad happening to you.

After staring at him closely, your drunken breath fanning his nostrils, it finally hit you. The person was indeed your fiancé. You let out a happy shout as your flung your arms around his neck and proceeded to rub your cheek against his.

Yoongi secured his arms around your waist, making sure you didn’t cause them to topple over, as you continued to nuzzle his face with a goofy grin on your face.

         “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.” He teasingly said, knowing that you actually hated clinginess and was perfectly content with the amount of attention that Yoongi gave you. It was just right.

You stopped nuzzling him for a second to reply,

         “We are not clingy! I prefer the term lovey-dovey!” You argued as you crossed your arms over your chest and pursed your lips.

         “Whatever you say babe…”

Even though the drabble challenge is over, feel to request something else like reactions, scenarios (texts or written), or a mood board! :)

Drunk/Bar Hamilton Headcanons!

A/N: more headcanons!! Hope you enjoy! Send me request for headcanons!

Request: literally no one asked for this

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Let’s start with Peggy!

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I just started a double degree (engineering and business) and holy shit I regret everything. THIS IS ME SCREAMING INTO THE ABYSS. I DONT KNOW HOW I'LL EVER MAKE IT TO MY FINAL YEAR


Here’s a few things I wish I’d known before I started my double degree (+ a few things which have kept me sane since then!) 

1. Coffee. 

  • I started my degree as a ‘social’ coffee drinker. 

2. Student Discounts 

  • Reap the benefits of student discounts. Seriously. 
  • Know where the cheapest coffee is, transport subsidies, printing subsidies, student sales, student flights! 

3. Shit happens, things change. 

  • Just because you hate something now, doesn’t mean you can’t love it later. The upshot being - just because you love something now, doesn’t mean you won’t hate it with the feverish passion of a thousand burning suns later. 
  • Your interests will change. Your goals, both academic and personal will change. That’s ok.
  • Find something that motivates you to complete each degree. You may enjoy both your degrees equally. You may prefer one over the other - particularly if you’re still completing tedious core units for one degree whilst you get to do much more interesting advanced units for the other. Remind yourself why you’re doing this degree. Why are you doing double the workload, why is it worth the late nights, caffeine overdoses and the concurrent deadlines? Assess each degree independently of the other and find something which motivates you to study in that field. 
  • In my case, I was very demotivated halfway through my degree. Honestly speaking, in my 3/4th year, I was ready to drop my other degree and graduate with a single. I only continued my other degree after going on exchange (read: more holiday than study) and when I could finally do advanced units which were interesting to me. 
  • For others, changing degree (yes, even in 6th year) was the best choice for them. They’re much happier now, and much more driven - and it was their experience throughout their double degree that helped them realise their passion in another field. Sometimes, finding out what you hate is just as important as finding out what you love.  

4. Save a first year unit for the end of your degree 

  • Ok, I shit you not. 
  • If your degree structure allows you to save an elective first year unit for your penultimate or final year, do it. 
  • Sure, its strange to walk into a class of freshers. When you inevitably have an ‘ice breaker’ exercise, watch in sick fascination as the majority of the class whips their head around incredulously as you introduce yourself as a “fifth year student” 
  • BUT BOY THE REWARDS ARE SWEET. For example, having a reduced workload so you can focus on your advanced units. Easy marks because you already know half the shit, and if not, you know where to find it. 
  • You already have half the transferrable skills (report writing, referencing, critical analysis, knowledge of HOW THE FUCK TO SUBMIT AN ASSIGNMENT THROUGH YOUR UNI SERVER) to do well. You could probably skip all the intro/ getting to know your way around the library resources classes. 
  • A relaxed class and a healthy boost to my GPA? Sign me up. 

5. Use time to your advantage

  • One of the things I’m grateful for is time. 
  • Its a long degree. Instinctively I knew this when I signed up - 5 to 7 years is a long time. But I only truly felt how long a period that time was when my friends with shorter degrees graduated and entered the workforce. And whilst I enjoy what I study, the mechanics and routine of going to uni and sitting exams etc remains tedious. 
  • But heck, I am grateful for the time and opportunity I’ve had to figure shit out in the safety of university. 
  • Professionally, I know the ins and outs of graduate job hunting. I have had the opportunity to ‘test run’ interviews etc, and learn about more opportunities with each passing cycle - the fairs, the assistance you can get at uni, the whole recruiting circus. I have a well established study system that works for me, featuring keyboard shortcuts, shitonnes of sticky notes and my weight in coffee. I know where to ask for help and I know which areas of campus are the best study spots and which places to avoid during mid-sem hell. I know what events my student society runs, and I know when there’s free breakfast during semester. I’m confident. I’m certainly not ready to face the workplace, but I’m more prepared that I would have been 3 years ago.  
  • Personally, I’m more confident in my identity and what direction I want to take in the future. I know what I like, what I dislike, and what I’m willing to sacrifice/invest for what ends. I’ve learnt a lot about how I handle stress, friendship and 8am non recorded classes (read: not well). 
  • Also, FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR HIGHER DEGREE GRADUATE REQUIREMENTS ARE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TIME TO FIX THINGS. Do you need practical experience to graduate? Do you need to complete an internship unit? How many units of each degree do you need to complete? Have you completed the correct number of majors for each degree? Find out early, so you can amend your study plan. 

6. Old habits die hard. 

  • In saying that, use the length of your degree to develop good habits. Figure out what study method works for you, find out whether you’re more engaged in morning or evening classes. Where’s a decent study spot on campus? 
  • Don’t be afraid to apply the skills you’ve learnt from one degree to the other. Whether it be research skills, note taking habits or otherwise. Keep in mind the differences between each discipline. 
  • Work smart. By the time you’ve reached 3rd year, you’ll be at the halfway point. You know what lectures are like. You know what tutorials are like. You know which textbooks are worth the buy and what assessment structure suits you. Don’t be afraid to exploit that knowledge to forge a better semester for yourself. 

Its a long journey. There’s going to be good days, shit days and then “fuck the world, what the hell is this” days. There’s going to be coinciding deadlines and  insane exam timetables. And that’s not even counting the late night existential crises in between. 

But you’re going to learn so much - both in an academic and personal sense. You’ll find out what you enjoy, what lecturers to avoid, what subjects bore you to death. You’ll meet so many people - inspirational people, motivational people, and some assholes. You’ll realise that fuck yes I can complete a 3000 word assignment the night before, and yes I can survive a 90% exam. 

Remember you always have the freedom to choose. You don’t have to do it all at once - go on exchange, take a semester off, find something to break up the tedium of study. Sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is to figure out what’s best for you and pursuing it. 

Good luck dear anon. You’re the first double degree anon to scream into the abyss - THIS IS ME SCREAMING ALONGSIDE YOU OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

All the best,


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Hi! Could I please get some headcanons on how the band deals with their s/o when they're shitface drunk? Thank you 💙💚💛💜

Murdoc Niccals: 

  • The pickle’s usually up till the wee hours of the morning being a slut playing the bass, so at 1am when you stumble into his Winnebago with a dumb grin plastered on your face, he’s slightly offended.
  • You drank? Without him?
  • You would be all giggly and loopy, talking about all of the miscellaneous adventures you went on that night.
  • All Murdoc can think is “well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”.
  • He probably rushes to his liquor cabinet, telling you to hold on, frantically taking a couple shots to join in on the fun.


  • When you walk into his room at 11pm on a Friday night, he’s a bit shaken.
  • If anything, Stu’s more of a social drinker, so he doesn’t really like doing anything like what you just did alone… Which is what you did. Drank alone.
  • He’d be slightly worried- what if you had gotten hurt on the streets? No one would be there to help you. What if you got lost? What if you had passed out?
  • The plethora of possibilities were positively endless.
  • Stu ends up coddling you, making sure that you’re comfortable and safe, because he knows that when the sun rises tomorrow, you obviously won’t. 
  • When he’s finally about to pass out after an hour or two of listening to you babble about the silliest things to him, like cats in soup or frogs in the sky, he makes sure to keep a bowl next to your bedside so that if you get sick, you at least have somewhere to aim.


  • She’d probably feel kind of uncomfortable.
  • She’d make sure that you didn’t get hurt out an about, but after that, you’re too wasted to talk to at this point. She can’t even understand what you’re saying through all of the slurring and giggling.
  • She naps next to you throughout the night to make sure that you remain okay, and makes sure that you stay hydrated throughout the night as well. You’re going to have a terrible hangover tomorrow, so she might as well try to plan for the future.


  • What on Earth did you do
  • He’s cooking some pasta, steaming the noodles to be exact, when you walk into the kitchen, slumping down on a miscellaneous chair.
  • You were totally BONKERS, and it was only 6 at night.
  • “What happened?” He would ask, already knowing the answer completely.
  • He would sigh, continuing on with his cooking.
  • He would make sure that you stayed inside for the rest of the night, and make sure that you didn’t do anything stupid, but after that, he just did his own thing. He couldn’t even understand you enough to start conversation.
  • If you needed anything or any help, he rushed to aid you, but reminded you that you wouldn’t need his help if you weren’t under the influence.

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Hiii I'm writing a scene where this girl is at this party and 1. I don't know how to describe the party and what she could do 2. I can't make up conversations (she has to talk to some people and especially one guy *wink wink*)

Thanks for your question, darling!  This is a little difficult for me to answer, as an introverted, non-partygoing, autistic person (who struggles with conversation frequently), but I’ll give you a few tips:

  • Describe the party through the character’s own sensory experience.  Avoid overall descriptions (i.e. don’t make the reader feel like they’re looking down into the room from the ceiling fan).  As the character enters a room, describe the instant details – the music, lighting, amount of people; the chatter and any audible conversation bits; how people are dressed and which people the character recognizes.  Make sure to take into account any alcohol consumed by your MC, as it will affect her mood/sensory experience/social inclinations.
  • Consider the kind of party you’re writing.  There’s a large difference between high school parties, college parties, club parties, bachelorette parties, dinner parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, office parties, and so forth.  There’s a varying amount of alcohol, crowding, entertainment, noise, and most importantly, recognizable people.  If you’re sober at a friend’s office’s Christmas party, for example, you’ll have a slower start than if you’re drinking at a club with a bunch of friends.
  • Consider the personality of your main character.  Is your character naturally social, outgoing, comfortable with strangers, or confident in their appearance?  Or are they more introverted, sticking with their friends, looking for quieter areas, mingling mainly with friends of friends, etc.?  Are they a social drinker?  Do they like to dance?  Are they naturally flirty, or does sexual attention make them uncomfortable?
  • Consider the interests of your character, personally and socially.  Starting conversations means finding the right stranger – not just any stranger.  Whether it’s sexual appeal, an approachable nature, seeming aloof, being loud and funny, or seeming to share interests (t-shirts help me out here), there’s something there that makes a person feel comfortable talking to another person.  Once your character finds the right people, then, consider their personal interests as a guiding point for conversation.  Whatever they enjoy discussing + whatever they think other people enjoy discussing = what they’ll say when they start a conversation.  Unless they’re drinking or particularly bold, in which case they may just talk about their interests and hope the other person jumps in.
  • Consider the party activities.  An office holiday party may have a snack table and some karaoke.  A club party will have music, a bar, and dancing.  A house party may have games (billiards, ping pong, video games), a sports game on TV, a pool, or a house tour.  A high school dance has dancing, photobooths, snacks, and awards (my sister once won Most Enthusiastic Dancer because she’s a dork and danced to every song).  College parties have a lot of… well, you know.  So basically, the kind of party dictates the kind of activities involved.  If you don’t know a lot about your kind of party, look it up (or try to attend one in real life, if you can!).
  • Consider what kind of people are present.  Are they younger, older, or the same age as your MC?  Is the environment kinda sleazy, kinda sexy, kinda cutesy, kinda personal, or what?  Is your character familiar with anyone there?  Are there any random people your character keeps running into?  This will dictate the course of the scene as much as anything else.

That’s all I’ve really got for you, but if any of my followers have any additional advice, be sure to say your piece!  As stated, I have very little experience here, so I’m not a well of party information </3

I hope this helps, though, anon!  Thanks for waiting, and good luck :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

alternate modern verse:

  • Jon Snow, age 22;
  • born in the United Kingdom, currently living in the USA (thread dependent);
  • a half-brother to all the Stark children, as he was conceived out of their father’s marriage, and he took up his mother’s last name instead;
  • quit university soon after starting his first year;
  • works at a small café in his neighborhood, shifting turns as waiter in the day and barman in the night, but his dream is to have his own band one day;
  • has a passion for guitars and motorbikes & owns both;
  • is good at singing, even though he doesn’t do it often;
  • a distant relationship with his parents, but gets along well with his half-siblings (thread dependent);
  • has a tattoo of a wolf on the inner part of his right forearm;
  • a rebellious and very independent personality, which is sometimes borderline anti-social;
  • a strong temper and is quick to anger; impulsive;
  • smoker, drinker, and sometimes plays around with different sorts of drugs;
  • pansexual & panromantic; is more into casual sex than real relationships;
  • wears glasses, as he is quite short-sighted, but hates the fact;
  • sucks at winking because he cannot blink only one eye at a time.
I’ll Get You

Request: Could I request a reader and Damon fic where he tries desperately to get her attention but she’s been warned that he’s “trouble” but eventually he wins her over by being sweet? ? – @ellen-reincarnated1967

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2069

*swoons over Damon*

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Mystic Falls has always been a place of weird and creepy things happening once in a while and a few weeks ago, your eyes were finally open to what was really happening, per say, to the real-er world. Vampires, werewolves, and witches are real, and you just knew that you were already been friends with supernatural creatures, Bonnie being a witch and Tyler being a werewolf. Two months ago, before junior year started, you had met your new neighbor, Stefan Salvatore, who turned out to be vampires, along with his brother, Damon.

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Geekchic (Leonard Snart x Reader)

Requested imagine! My first one and unfortunately I accidently deleted the message from the anon (my sincerest apologies). But I beleive the imagine went something like this.
Imagine being a geek whose on the waverider and Leonard takes an interest in you.

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you have a lot of fun reading it! Keep those request coming and follow me for more fun things!

You were scanning through the Waverider’s database, which technically you weren’t supposed to do with out the captain present, when you felt someone staring at you. Quickly glancing over your shoulder to make sure Rip hadn’t walked in. Thankfully inserted of meeting the captain’s dark eyes you met the cool grey-blue eyes of Leonard Snart.

You turned back to face the computer. Grateful that it was one of the resident thieves who wouldn’t lecture you or run and tell the captain.

After a few minutes of still feeling his eyes on you. You finally spin your chair around to face him and ask, “can I help you with something Snart?”

“No,” he says his voice sending a shiver up your spine, “but maybe I can help you.”

“Help me?” you ask raising an eyebrow. “How?”

He smirks and slowly saunters over to you. “Stress relief,” he says when he’s only a few inches away from you.

“Stress relief?” you ask s faint blush appearing on your face. “I’m not going to have sex with you.”

He chuckles, causing your face grows redder and your body to heat up. “I was thinking something more social.”


“Drinks,” he clarifies.

You shake your head. “I’m not a big drinker… or really good in social situations.”

“How about dinner then?”

“Are you asking me out?”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he says before taking your hand and pulling you to your feet. “It’s the 70s I’m sure we can find somewhere to eat.”

“I should probably go change,” you gesture to your graphic tee shirt and jeans.

“You look fine. Just walk around like you own the place it’s what I do,” he tells you.

“Alright Doctor,” you say with a barely contained laugh.

With out missing a beat, and leaning down so that his lips are almost touching your ear, he replies, “if your lucky I’ll show you my sonic screwdriver later.”

“I-um-uh,” you stutter, you hadn’t realized he had been paying attention when you introduced the team to that particular show. But damn you were happy he was even if it meant you loose the ability to speak properly.

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So ooc question, I'm asking a bunch people who make a lot of stuff involving toriel this: so I'm trying to get better at writing for toriel, and I wanted your opinion/headcanon on how she interacts and talks with friends of her "age"- adults, that is.

(( To be quite honest, if there were no children around, I could see her relaxing into something FAR more casual. A lot of swearing and inappropriate jokes, even if she still sounds sweet while she’s saying them. We see hints of this in the True Pacifist ending with how she jokes around with Sans.

Plus, I know a lot of people who behave one way around children, and entirely saucy/riddled with innuendo and inappropriate conversations when with people their own age. Given that WoG says she also enjoys her wine, I can see her being a bit of a social drinker, too.

But mostly, while still perfectly capable of being polite and formal, when she has a chance to relax I see it being one of those, “Woah, mom, I didn’t even think you KNEW those words!” moments. XD ))

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Requested by Anon:  Any headcanons on alcohol tolerance? Who can drink the most? Who gets tipsy quickest?

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-Might be a little on the nose, but I think Faraday could drink the most. He seemed to take to it with the most gusto in the movie, anyway. I’m going to go ahead and assume that he has the most tolerance built up.  

-Goodnight is probably a very experienced drinker. It’s combining social interaction with a coping mechanism, so I think he could put away a truly impressive amount of alcohol, especially considering he doesn’t have the body mass that other members of The Seven do. 

-I think Jack could easily compete with Goody and Faraday. You don’t see him drink too much in the movie, but he does take whiskey off of one of the Blackstone agents, so it is apparently worth it to him to have looted it. Jack is also a big dude, so I feel like he could probably imbibe quite a bit.

-Because Vasquez is used to looking over his shoulder, he usually doesn’t have more than a few sporadic sips of whiskey from a flask. That isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy drinking; he does. When he indulges in libations to that degree, it’s because he’s with people he knows he can trust, and for that reason he enjoys himself that much more. 

-Sam seems to use alcohol as a means to an end; and that end is usually not inebriation. Sam can drink a respectable amount, but he knows when to quit and will not be budged from that decision. 

-Because Red Harvest is all muscle, and he’s conscious about what he eats and drinks, I’m assuming his tolerance is relatively low. If he’s ever goaded into a night of drinking (probably by Faraday), I feel like he’s probably a happy drunk after he’s knocked back a few. 

-Billy seems to use drinking strictly as a coping mechanism when something has deeply hurt him. Because Billy doesn’t strike me as the kind of person to be hurt easily, this leads me to believe that he rarely drinks. Considering his diminutive stature, I think Billy would probably get tipsy quickest. 

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What's Roy's beef with Larry?? is it anything certain?

((OOC: It’s not as if they had an incident, if that’s what you’re wondering! But I realize I actually haven’t talked about Roy not liking Larry that much. I’ve just had him slightly snap at Larry at times (found here and here).

Firstly, Roy’s very health conscious, and that’s been mentioned from time to time, but with that, also has quite a strong anti-drug stance. Actually more-so this strange purist mindset where he doesn’t like… I guess things being fake? So his tan and muscles are natural. Steroids are a BIG no. The only thing he’s got a loose-y goose-y grip about is alcohol, but even with that, he’s very “If you drink this every day, that’s bad for you don’t do that.” [Even though he’s a social drinker and will chug himself to blackout status at parties but it’s okay because “I only do it in one go sometimes, not every day.”]

Anyways! So on the drug thing, Larry is uhhh well not too terribly against such a thing. So Roy doesn’t like this dude already and now even MORE so because he’s around the other koopalings doing this nonsense. So he’s real >:/ about it.

And then as mentioned, the gender thing, because Roy’s got this weird sense of how a “man” should present and be, and Larry’s just “Nah, I can be a dude but wear a dress.” Which is a personal grievance, but nonetheless irritates him.


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Drunk creepypasta headcannons?

Ben is blushy and probably a lil slutty but mostly just here to party and flirt

Toby’s hard to get drunk but when he is hes a giggling mess with no boundaries

Jeff is an emotional drunkkkk he just like cries at the bar counter probably

Liu is a social drinker and is really frienly but with a little more confidence

Eyeless Jack doesnt prefer to drink

Laughing Jack is either killing everyone or laughing his ass off

Jane gets fucked and drunked and passes out

Otis drinks very little wine and never enough to get drunk

Dina is loud and will fight anyone well shes drunk

sally does not

Tim is ready to fucking party

Brian is also an emotional mess well drinking

Mitsuko drank once out of pure pressure and now shes a monster so she doesn’t drink 

Hangovers (Avengers Preferences)

enjoy mi amigos 


Warnings; drinking

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve can get drunk, but never hungover. It drives you insane, because when you wake up after a night out with a banging headache and a sudden urge to bless the toilet bowl, Steve is up, bright and awake, making pancakes. Although, it doesn’t always bother you, because then there’s someone to help you when it seems like the world is upside down.

Tony Stark/Ironman

Tony is sort of used to being hungover. He drinks quite often, so it’s not unusual for him to wake up with a headache, ranging from minor to major depending on the intake of the previous night. He has several different weird remedies that look gross and taste even worse, but they work.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Bucky is not a lightweight at all. He can drink twice as much as you and still be perfectly sober, while you can be drunk off your ass. Either way, he’s rarely hungover, but if you do both wake up with headaches and whatnot, you’ll just curl up in bed and drink coffee. 

Thor Odinson

Thor, being able to get drunk? Please.

Loki Laufeyson

Loki actually avoids alcohol altogether. He’ll drink socially, but never uses it as a recreation. If you ever wake up hungover, though, you’ll usually whine until he agrees to make you breakfast in bed.

Clint Barton/Haweye

He’ll literally lay in bed all day, groaning, and hissing at any sort of sunlight. If you’re not joining him, you’ll usually just pour water on him occasionally to make sure he’s still alive, and if you are in the same condition, you’ll usually join him, laying on top of him.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Nat will drink all the time, but she’s somehow immune to the headaches and stomach pains the next morning. She’ll get them, of course, but she’ll have a cup of coffee, take some Pepto-Bismol and head out for the day. She’ll try to get you to do the same, and you’re too stubborn to admit that it doesn’t work. So, you’ll still go about your day, just in denial about the fact your head feels like it’s on a permanent Helter-Skelter.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Sam isn’t usually a drinker, but if it’s a social occasion, ie a night out or a celebration, he will. But he’s always smart enough to book the day off work for the following morning, and since you began dating, he’s done it for you too. So, you’re pretty much in the clear for having to work the next day. Between you, you both rarely drink so the days off aren’t frequent, either.

Pietro Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Wanda refuses to drink, out of fear that it’ll make her do something stupid with her powers. But if you’re hungover, she’ll gladly look after you, bringing you coffee and anything else you need.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

His immune system is exceptionally fast too. His hangovers will come about an hour after he gets drunk, so he can easily sleep it off, leaving him well enough to drag you out of bed and force feed you coffee in the morning.


Diedrik Lustgarden

October 13, 1977 (40) (Libra)

5′9″ 150 Lb


-Skin/eye/hair color
White, sun tanned skin, black hair, hazel eyes

Head surgeon at Health portal hospital

-Residence/ origin /ethnicity
Simplicity, American, Austrian/Greek
Lives in a penthouse suite at the hospital.

-Mental and physical health
Mental: He’s kind of a narcissist. His parents were neglectful and it had some repercussions, he’s deeply insecure but masks it with arrogance.
Physical: He’s pretty obsessed with his health and appearance, and takes extremely good care of himself. No drugs, only a social drinker.

-Family and love life
As a kid he had everything he wanted, but his parents were really famous and they only had him because it was good publicity, not because they wanted kids. He was mostly raised by their maids and boarding school. His life was controlled by the expectations of medical society and this made him defiant. His mother died when he was a teen and his father married many more times. Their relationship is tense.

Romance-wise, it’s hard to form attachments. He gets bored easily and has some commitment issues. He was known to cheat on his partners and had mostly short term relationships and sexual flings before finding true love with Kyrie and a soulmate in Tristan.

-Interests, dislikes, fears and phobias
Likes: Praise, luxury, himself
Dislikes: Incompetence, having to respond to a higher authority, wearing formal attire, himself
Fears: Failure, humiliation, having a bad reputation.

-Clothing and appearance
At work he wears mostly vintage medical uniforms and distinctions so people know that he’s important, red cross arm bands and badges.

Outside of work he dresses like a preppy rich kid, polo shirts, moccasins, designer stuff and that kind of thing.

-Personality and habits
He’s a manufactured beauty in every sense, he tries very hard to seem like a beautiful person on the surface. He has had a lot of plastic surgery and has an extensive morning routine. Before high school he was chubby and plain looking, and after puberty he was lanky and plain looking, then he actually started working out and tried to be conventionally attractive.

He also pretends to be beautiful on the inside but he’s the kind of person who likes being a doctor not because he wants to help people but because of the fortune and prestige. He can be very self centered but deep down he has a pure and noble heart, he just doesn’t know it.

He can be a serious businessman one moment and wildly irresponsible the next. His life revolves around his work and he enjoys it but doesn’t like to be held accountable and would rather do things his own way. He can be clever and flirtatious but also very graceless and anxious in social situations.

He doesn’t know he is trying to be someone he isn’t. He’s not the kind of person who is naturally smart and charming and feels at home in an important leadership position but that is what life expects him to be. He wishes he was that fake version of himself. Only tristan and kyrie have seen through his facade.

-Dreams and aspirations.
Becoming top scientist
Earning the respect of his father and the Aesculapian medical society on his own merits.


I’m curious if I’m alone on this. I used to feel apprehensive when Yato would drink after Yukine stressed him out (or in general). I thought it might turn out to be a bad habit since Yukine’s father is implied to be an abusive alcoholic, but it’s turned out to be harmless. I mean, if I lived Yatos life I’d be a shit faced drunkard, so he’s doing a good job being a casual/social drinker. On the bright side, he’s one of those happy, rambling, honest drunks so that’s always a plus

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How much of a drinker is Eugene? Is he a heavy one or light one?

Very late response here, sorry Anon.

I think it really depends. Normally he’s a lightish to medium drinker and this is usually done socially. (He definitely won’t get sloshed at any more celebrations. He…learned his lesson on that one.) In the past he probably drank more.

I do think, though, especially in the past, he would drink more. Not all the time, but especially when he was feeling self loathing. Which led to more. I don’t see him as a violent drunk, but I do think he probably ended up in some pretty interesting places.

I do think that the first time he and Rapunzel has a real argument that ends up her storming away in anger, he’ll think it’s over and he’s messed up and spirals because six months isn’t long enough to get over twenty-six years of beliefs. So he’d likely get drunk off his ass and end up yelling up at her window at four in the morning that he’s sorry he said her painting of a llama looked like an alpaca and he’ll do anything to make it better again.

Which, let’s be honest, is both amusing and heartbreaking at the same time.

In a relatively well-functioning family, parents tend to cope with life pressures by working out problems through openly communicating, exploring options, and not being afraid to seek outside help if they need it. Toxic parents, on the other hand, react to threats to their balance by acting out their fears and frustrations, with little thought for the consequences to their children. Their coping mechanisms are rigid and familiar to them. Among the most common:
1. Denial. As you’ve seen throughout this book, denial is often the first coping mechanism to which toxic parents resort to regain equilibrium. Denial has two faces: “nothing is wrong” and “something was wrong but it won’t happen again.” Denial minimizes, discounts, jokes away, rationalizes, or relabels destructive behavior. Relabeling—a form of denial— takes a problem and hides it behind euphemisms. An alcoholic becomes a “social drinker”; a batterer is a “strict disciplinarian.”
2. Projection. Projection also has two faces: parents may accuse the child of the very inadequacies they suffer from, and they may blame the child for the toxic behaviors that result from their inadequacies. For example, an inadequate father who can’t hold down a job will accuse his son of being lazy and shiftless; an alcoholic mother will blame her daughter for causing the unhappiness that drives her to drink. It is not unusual for toxic parents to use both kinds of projection to avoid taking responsibility for their own
behavior and their own deficiencies. They need to find a scapegoat, and it’s often the most vulnerable child in the family.
3. Sabotage. In a family with a severely dysfunctional parent—crazy, drunk, ill, or violent—other family members will assume the roles of rescuers and caretakers. This creates a comfortable balance of weak/strong, bad/good, or sick/healthy. If the dysfunctional parent starts to get better or enters a treatment program, this can severely threaten the family balance. The rest of the family (especially the other parent) may unconsciously find ways to sabotage the dysfunctional parent’s progress so that everyone can return to his or her familiar role. This can also happen if a troubled child starts to improve. I have seen toxic parents pull their child out of therapy when the child shows signs of becoming healthier.
4. Triangling. In a toxic family system, one parent will often enlist the child as a confidant or ally against the other parent. Children become part of an unhealthy triangle in which they are being pulled apart by the pressure to choose sides. When Mom says, “I’m miserable with your father,” or Dad says, “Your mom won’t sleep with me anymore,” the child becomes an emotional dumping ground, allowing the parents to relieve themselves of some of their discomfort without having to face the source of their problems.
5. Keeping secrets. Secrets help toxic parents cope by turning their families into private little clubs to which no outsiders are admitted. This provides a bond to pull the family together, especially when the family balance is threatened. The child who hides abuse by telling her teacher that she fell down the stairs is protecting the family club from outside interference.
When you look at toxic parents from the perspective of the family system—their beliefs, their rules, and your obedience to those rules—a lot of your self-destructive behavior comes into focus. You come closer to understanding the powerful forces that drive so much of your parents’ behavior and ultimately your own.
Understanding is the beginning of change. It opens new options and choices. But seeing things differently is not enough. True freedom can come only from doing things differently.
—  Toxic Parents, Susan Forward