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Let That Liquor Ride

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Let That Liquor Ride
[DPRLive at a bar]

yeah wait hold up
let that liquor ride
baby love the way you chillin

Christian sighed rolling his eyes as Dabin stared at you from across the floor. You were waiting by the bar with your friends after Live’s set finished. You’d been nursing the same drink all night, occasionally you’d catch Dabin staring at you and you couldn’t help but to smile and look away shyly.

Christian had fallen victim to your little game of cat and mouse and had grown tired of it. “Please ask her out already. Mate you’re drivin’ me insane over this”

“I will…” Dabin mumbled downing back the rest of his liquor. “I will…I’ll ask her out…” he stood up, squaring his shoulders before immediately losing his nerves and sitting back down. “After one more drink” he reached out as the waitress walked by and grabbed another glass of alcohol.

“You’re pathetic. Come on. What are you waiting for? She’s been to every single one of your shows this month. You know she’s into you.”

“It’s not that simple Hyung… She's…”

“Pretty hot and out of your league?”

“Yeah…” he frowned losing what little nerve he had.

“Invite her and her friend up here. Maybe she’ll ask you out.”

“I can’t just ask her up here. What does that look like? Hey, do you wanna come to the VIP area with me? That just makes it look like I’m trying to make a move on her.”

“You are trying to make a move!” Christian groaned raking his hand through his hair. “You are literally trying to ask her out. And if I have to sit here and watch you ogle her for another night I’m gonna ask her out myself. And trust me Mate, it won’t be for your benefit”

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I need a scene where Killian and Emma are lying in bed together, either post-sex or even just chillin in their PJs, looking into each other’s eyes, maybe talking about whatever… and then Killian starts saying something like, “When we decide to start planning…” and Emma just stares at him for a minute and then she’s just, “I changed my mind. I don’t wanna wait. Like you said, the future is uncertain, but I am certain of you, of us. And I don’t want to put off our lives just because we don’t know what’ll happen tomorrow.”

Nintendo’s latest renders are amazing don’t get me wrong, but they are so selectively hyper realistic in little places and still so cartoonish in others that its honestly a little uncanny valley?

for example:

these gloves.

these eyes??

bowser just chillin’ with a realistic wii u gamepad

a hyper-realistic luigi amiibo with little plastic seams and everything. nice.

like im both in awe but kinda unnerved?? idk

Dating Suho Would Include...

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  • I know Suho has won the title of being very “motherly” but I can see him as wanting you to care for him
  • He’d be really mature though, like you’d be able to sit down with him over a cup of tea and talk about life
  • He’d also be really humble idk I just get that humble feel from him
  • SO much random eye contact. You two would just be chillin in the living room facing each other, just on your phones
  • Then you look up to see him staring at you 
  • Then you just smile at him and look back at your phone, and the next time you look up he’s eyes are piercing into your soul
  • In a LOVING way of course
  • Lots of shopping dates where he insists to spoil you and makes you try on so many clothes with burdening prices
  • “Junmyeooonn this is unnecessary”
  • “Nothing is ever unnecessary for the perfect girl in the world ;)”
  • Cheesy jokes, comments, and puns
  • You’d expect a sweet message from him when your phone rings but nope, instead you receive a spam of the daily memes he looks at
  • Cringe worthy compliments
  • Honestly he’s just trying to show his love and affection towards you, but I guess you could say it’s not your favorite way
  • Like casually (mind I say casually because he’s that extra and overly cheesy) you two would be having a romantic date and he’d just have to put a ring in your fucking spaghetti
  • Accidentally chokes on it*
  • And that’s his way of proposing to you!
  • He would love talking about the boys frequently, he’d have about 7 stories AT THE MAX to tell you each day
  • His pure enjoyment is just listening to your voice as you talk and being around with you, he would think of you as the most amazing person he’s ever met 
  • Oh btw he’d also quote Shakespeare
  • “She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is woman, and therefore to be won”
  • *takes ring off*
  • Okay but let’s be real, although Suho may be a cheesy turd, he’s forever your cheesy turd and will always be. You’re the jelly to his peanut butter, the butterflies he feels in his stomach, the first mate to his captain, and the apple to his pie.