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Damn now I’m really wishing I had bought a few extra tickets for the Rhett & Link live show just to resell them. They’re going for more than 800% of their original price on the fan to fan resale.

a message about tickets

I just thought I would pass this along.  A close friend of mine phoned ticketmaster (well because she’s the kind of personality to demand answers) and relayed what she was told after speaking with several people and supervisors.  

For one, their main advice was to continue to check back on Ticketmaster for tickets for the following reasons…

According to what she was told the 7 day delay IS taken seriously and anyone who has violated the ticket limit (and other stated terms of sale) will have orders cancelled - so there are some tickets that will be re-released.  

When she asked about tickets being listed on resale sites, she was told that the decision to cancel/void orders on those tickets is essentially up to the artist/management/etc.  If they say the word then they comb through those orders and cancel/void them within those 7 days as well.  (Which I can see happening considering the process they put in place to even try for tickets in the first place)

They also told her that ANY tickets listed on resale sites before or during the 7 days are automatically not valid since none of those sales are “final” or officially released to the purchaser (don’t worry about your tickets being void unless you’ve purchased more than the limit or done something listed above!) so definitely don’t purchase any of those tickets right now.  

I know it’s not a lot of information but thought I’d throw it out there.  There’s still (a sliver) of hope for tickets out there.  

i know alot of people dont like louis recent choice of clothing or are sick of it but my brother told me the other day that, “he looks fly as fuck wearing supreme and yeezys i fuck with him” my brother is 22 and a street wear nerd (he literally buys bots to be able to buy supreme since it sells out so fast, street wear can become almost like a addiction to some guys in the late teens / early 20′s because these sites never restock if you dont buy it the first drop you wont get it unless you buy it resale on ebay for 3x the price so if you get it its almost like a high because you are one of the few hundreds who has it, you think buying concert tickets is stressful lmao yall have no idea) he sees him in a totally different light now its honestly the weirdest thing lol like he doesnt hate 1d, he knows i love them, knows about larry whatever but ever since hes been seeing him wear the clothes he likes and also work with artist he likes its like hes seeing a brand new louis he wouldnt mind stanning, we actually talk about him all the time and sometimes he will come into my room like, “do you think louis would wear this ?” ljszflkDSG its truly amazing.

tøp tickets

ever since my mum left, i am now left with a bunch of tickets to twenty one pilots shows my dad isn’t letting me attend :( so i’m selling them. for face value. please buy, i am broke and sad.

  • brisbane seat SOLD
  • brisbane ga SOLD
  • auckland seat
  • auckland ga SOLD
  • sydney seat SOLD
  • melbourne ga SOLD
  • melbourne seat

90AUD (about 95NZD) each. willing to negotiate even lower for the seats if absolutely necessary.

message me if ur interested <3

drowningdaydreams  asked:

Please don't buy any resale tickets right now! Ticketmaster explicitly states that they have 7 days to process these tickets and if they find purchasers who are not abiding to the terms and conditions, those orders will be canceled. (It happened with Ed tickets). So don't buy resale on the off chance that that ticket will be invalid, even if the original purchaser bought a valid ticket on ticketmaster to begin with. Slowly but surely, tickets will pop up on ticketmaster as they cancel orders


Open Letter to Harry Styles Fans

To the Fans,

We understand that many of you are upset as tickets were nearly impossible to get. And now you are seeing some of them are on resale sites.

We recognize the frustration of the fandom — most of you did not get tickets and that has created the overall impression the system did not work.

Many of you have asked us to explain ourselves, so here are the numbers.


The North American tour sold out in record time because of massive demand and that means most of you did not successfully get tickets. Even if you did everything right and pushed the button exactly at 10AM, so did hundreds of thousands of other fans.


That’s the power of #VerifiedFan. And like you, we are proud of Harry and his commitment to make sure his fans are the ones who will be at his shows.

But what about all those listings on unofficial resale sites? While it may sound like a lot, we have only seen about 2,000 tickets posted for resale. That means less than 5% of all tickets are posted on resale sites.


In order to get even more tickets to YOU the actual fans, Harry and his management have asked that Ticketmaster cancel any orders that violated our purchase policy. We are actively identifying any orders in violation of our policies, which may result in some tickets being cancelled that are currently listed on secondary sites.

If that happens, we will let you know how those tickets will be safely distributed to fans.

We know that no matter the circumstances, it’s upsetting not to get tickets to support an artist, especially as much as you all clearly love Harry. We hope that having access to the facts makes it a little less frustrating. It has been so amazing seeing the fanbase be so supportive of each other. Thank you for your patience, your support for Harry, and most of all for being incredible fans.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more information.



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The Most Expensive Record Never Sold
The story of a mysterious Florida musician, fake identities and the record-breaking sale of a rare album that might not actually exist.

This is the story of a hoax that almost was. Its motivating force was a hunger for fame, or infamy, or whispered legend in a particularly American sort of way. It begins on a beach somewhere in south Florida.

Earlier this year, a test pressing (literally a test, for labels and artists to hear before ordering a full run of new record) of an unknown musician’s record was put up for sale on Discogs, a resale website popular with collectors. Two days later that test pressing almost became, at a price tag of $18,000, the most expensive album ever sold on the site, besting a record set last year for a sublimely rare Prince piece which sold for $15,000.

The lightning-fast turnaround on this record-breaking sale, however, seems to have been a fiction woven by the record’s creator. Thursday, Discogs canceled the transaction.

Omg imagine one day Phichit and Yuuri have the strong urge to play Dance Dance Revolution and they hunt for a set all over Detroit, nosing through dozens of garage sales and resale shops. At one garage sale, they find a set covered in dust and screech for joy, practically begging the elderly mom to take their money. They pay no mind to the odd looks they get hauling the pads on to the bus because they can’t wait to set it up back home. When they finally get it working, they play for hours, working up such a sweat but loving the competitive nature of playing. It becomes their way of getting some extra exercise, but also how they settle bets. Some people will play rock paper scissors, but not them. When trying to decide who will get the last slice of pizza, they battle that shit out with DDR and the winner triumphantly gloats with the cheese-topped triangle stuffed in their mouth