not for resale

okay one last thing about bootlegs before i’m off for the night

hamilton could literally give out professional recordings for free tomorrow, and it would not put a dent in any of it’s profits. there’s literally another album for it coming out on friday, it’s made three million dollars, it’s double platinum, people up charge tickets in resale to like 400 bucks and people still buy em, the lotto, merch, hamilton chicago/atlanta/los angeles/wherever else it’s gonna be next year. 

this isn’t some small show like tuck everlasting and american psycho was. it’s not gonna close anytime soon like fun home. it’s not being overshadowed by any other show like waitress and school of rock. and it sure as hell isn’t gonna lose any money if they put out a professional recording, free or not. 

so bottom line: if you’re one of those people that’s still bashing fans that watch bootlegs, not just of hamilton, but of any musical, you’re elitist/classist/and probably racist (cause yes, these things do go hand in hand believe it or not), and really just need to shut the fuck up cause the hamilton bootleg isn’t hurting a god damn soul. 

tøp tickets

ever since my mum left, i am now left with a bunch of tickets to twenty one pilots shows my dad isn’t letting me attend :( so i’m selling them. for face value. please buy, i am broke and sad.

  • brisbane seat SOLD
  • brisbane ga SOLD
  • auckland seat
  • auckland ga SOLD
  • sydney seat SOLD
  • melbourne ga SOLD
  • melbourne seat

90AUD (about 95NZD) each. willing to negotiate even lower for the seats if absolutely necessary.

message me if ur interested <3

carolmid  asked:

Is Phil prettier in real life?

well, i sat in VIP section at tatinof (so i got to see him very close up & upfront) but tbh, i dont think im qualified to answer this question because i cant say i 100% know what he looks like in real life since i didnt get to meet him so…. i wasnt like UP to his face?? *sobs*

BUT ill tell you how he looked from where i sat & he was standing SO CLOSE right above me & on the edge of the stage..¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  • he looks like what he looks like in his videos& at that time (tatinof) he was very very very very thin
  • his skin is porcelain or even ghost white
  • he’s all LEGS!!!
  • his voice isnt that low (couldve been the microphones?)
  • his skin is nOT perfect!!! (couldve been stress related?)
  • his eyes are super duper duper crystal blue (i legit thought he had no pupils) 
  • his nose is a BEAKKKK 
  • the shakira hips are HUGEEE!!
  • he wears his underwear up to his waist, cause he reached out infront of us and yeah, everyone saw it…….we all saw the calvin klein phil im sooo sorry

in conclusion, he’s the same as in his videos

Witch Tip?

Guys, You really don’t have to follow spells.

I have trouble posting original content often, because what I do is rarely consistent or planned out. My magick is very similar to my cooking - I create the best possible combination with what I have available to me, which is always changing. When we buy groceries, apart from basic ingredients like flour, butter, eggs, what I purchase is based solely on what happens to be the best deal for the day, or from the clearance sections that are about to be thrown away if not sold. This makes for an everchanging pantry where we really never eat the same exact meal twice. My spells are the exact same way.

I have some basic ingredients, mostly from a local health food store that sells tea ingredients loose and in bulk, but anything else is subject to change based on what I find. Most of our material possessions are purchased second hand from thrift stores or resale shops - which means availability is inconsistent, so my spell ingredients will be as well. Throw in that most of the time I am creating something, whether it be food or a charm or a magickal tool, and you can hopefully see why prewritten spells aren’t super important in my practice.

That being said, obviously it’s fine to use prewritten spells, I honestly have no qualms about how anyone else practices. I just see a lot of posts where baby witches are frustrated that they can’t find a spell to fit their needs.

Baby - if that happens, just do what you think will work! Whether it works or not, as long as you take notes on how you did things and what the end result was, you’ve learned something, I know modern society tends to view failure as immoral, but witchcraft is so individualized because it’s based on you, that the only way you will become better at it and more powerful is to experiment, test your instincts, and sometimes fail. Fuck it if you don’t find a spell to fit your needs, set out your ingredients and see what sticks out to you. Find your own associations. You’re not a witch failure if it doesn’t turn out.

If you don’t get the tickets to see Bangtan in Newark or Anaheim, it will be okay. Motivate yourself to work hard and save money to get yourself a passport and gift yourself a trip to South Korea.

Don’t buy resale tickets where sites are gonna sell them for $1000+!

Don’t bash on people who are able to buy tickets.

Don’t hate yourself for not getting to attend.

Don’t buy off of people easily if you don’t have their info. I rather everyone be safe than sorry if a scam happens.


Kittyinva: Spectacular 1925 c. Elgin ‘Lady and the Tiger’ watch, part of the ‘Parisienne’ series designed by Lucien Lelong. 14 K white gold case (watch face), inlaid with enamel. Hand-winding. White gold bracelet of rings attaches to watch. From E-Collectique Luxury Resale.

I cleaned my Leica Dual-range Summicron 2/50. There was some haze inside on the two front elements that made the lens a “bad user” in backlight conditions.

I can tell you – this is not for the faint of heart! While the two front elements are not cemented and therefor not that delicate to handle, the way they are mounted is a little bit unusual compared to other lenses I cleaned before. I did some very minor damage to the coating of the front lens – so I might have diminished the resale value, but I don’t want to sell this lens anyway (because this is my all-time favorite Leica lens), and it is now fully usable again …

My headcannon for Pat and Liam’s roles in the cryme tyme universe is that Pat is Matt and Woolie’s fence, buying their stolen goods for resale at a higher price for himself (also a crack dealer on the side). Liam would be their corrupt cop contact that sabotages investigations to keep the police off their scent, if they make it worth his while.


I’ve officially got a resale project. He’s been a pasture pet for a few years but he’s young and he’s got talent for days. Just needs weight, muscle, and manners.

Everybody, meet the chestnut punk. (His name is Classy and I may like him a teeny bit. I’d keep him for myself if I could afford a second horse.)