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Ben Carson isn’t just inexperienced for a HUD Secretary. His views are dangerous.

As HUD secretary, Ben Carson would be tasked with 

  • Doling out subsidies for public housing to cities 
  • Giving federal grants to city, county and municipal governments for projects ranging from rental vouchers for low-income families to large-scale infrastructure development
  • And overseeing natural disaster relief in a nation increasingly wracked by the fallout from climate change.

The danger of Carson’s appointment lies not just in his inexperience, but also in his worldview. Carson grew up poor in Detroit. He said in an interview once that poverty “was more of a choice than anything else, that really depended on just how hard you’re willing to work.” In a later interview with Bloomberg in 2014, Carson said Americans have an “obligation” to pursue eco-friendly development projects, but admitted he was not sold on global warming being real, despite an estimated 97% of actively publishing climate scientists agreeing it is.

“There’s always going to be either cooling or warming going on,” Carson told Bloomberg. “As far as I’m concerned, that’s irrelevant.”

These both bode poorly for Carson’s tenure at HUD. Poverty is not typically a lifestyle people choose, as many of us know; it is often determined by imposed factors like race and geography. Global warming is real, according to scientific evidence. 

Not coincidentally, during a phone interview Monday, Amy Liu, vice president and director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, outlined the top two challenges she believes the HUD office will face under Trump’s presidency: 

  • Making sure housing is affordable for poor people 
  • And ensuring that urban areas prepare for the future through sustainable and climate-conscious development.

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foldyourhandskid  asked:

5, 7, 8, 13, 14: first + (whichever number pavement is)th, 23, 25

5) What rare recording would i want to possess? Twin Fantasy on cassette tape, but also all the recordings for Songs from The Black Hole, like anything and everything Rivers had planned out for it all in one place in order

7) What is my favorite side project from any band member? The Rentals, former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp’s band, they’re one of my favorites! I also like The Postal Service, and Desaparecidos, Conor Oberst’s super angsty political punk band

8) One song I think everyone should hear at some point in their life? Bone Machine by Pixies, I still remember I first heard those drums come in at the beginning. Either that or Lover, You Should’ve Come Over by Jeff Buckley

13) An unpopular opinion on my favorite song by any band? This is certainly unusual, idk, I’m sorry I can’t think of an answer to this one

14) Favorite Pavement song? Gold Soundz! (Long time followers of this blog might remember I used to be gold-soundzzz)

-Favorite singer(s)? Thom Yorke, Mitski, Sufjan Stevens, Frank Ocean and Jarvis Cocker
-Favorite drummer? Pat Wilson
-Favorite bassist? Carlos D
-Favorite guitarist(s)? Rivers Cuomo, Graham Coxon, Billy Corgan, Isaac Brock, Jonny Greenwood, and Johnny Marr (all have been super influential in my guitar playing)

25) Somebody I absolutely adore as a person and a musician? Jeff Rosenstock, I’ve never really talked to him outside of taking my friend’s picture with him, but he seems like such a sweet, enthusiastic and genuine person who makes amazing music. I really admire him both as a musician and as a person, his DIY ethic is something I try to emulate when I create music, but also his kindheartedness and sincerity with how he seems to treat others is what I strive for as a person

Thanks so much for asking!

Headed towards Colorado to spend some time in the back country to see all the sees and feel all the feels.

After 5 motorcycle break downs and 4 Uhaul rentals it was time to pause my 4x3 doc project. All we can seek is peace in whatever we are called to create in this life and this evening I’ve got a good dose of that


After hearing one of the best pieces of financial advice from a business girl I admired (“Crunch the numbers. Always crunch the numbers.”) I’m now an incredible stickler when it comes to tracking exactly where my money goes.

Looking back on this year, 80% of my income is tax deductible in either classes (acting, improv, coachings for auditions, etc.), film projects (paying crew, crafty/catering, equipment rentals, locations), or other applicable things like fees to submit to festivals, new equipment, film related books or entertainment research (you can write off watching movies when you’re an actor because it legitimately ties to your job hahahaha). 

I’m really proud that I’ve been able to budget my money and invest so much into myself, but I’m also like holy shit when you look at the big picture. 

hashtag keep working.


Well that little sketch the other night did turn in to a project after all!

“Rental Sweet Rental”

After working on the type and layout for a chunk of today, I was able to transfer everything on to a naturally dyed canvas. This has been designed to be framed in a 16x20 frame.

Adding a little personal touch, I will be adding the apartment numbers that my husband and I have lived in while we have been together within the filigree detailing.

Excited to jump in!