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so i went to pot for my succulents that need to be re-potted because they’re bullying each other, and i get to the cashier and it’s like dead quiet except for that background music stores have, and the chill cashier dude rings me up and goes through his obligatory questions that take up the time it takes for you to fumble with your card and shit, which, thank fucking god for those questions honestly because sometimes it’s the only human communication i get in a day, and but so chill cashier dude reaches the last of his questions and then we both look at the receipt printing doohickey expectantly but it’s just. taking its sweet ass time. and we look up at each other and i swear to god we both have this soul-bonding moment of oh no the awkward silence it is impending what do we do this is going to be so painful and i can’t have five full seconds of silence with this stranger because then i wouldn’t ever be able to come back here again and it’s a very convenient and well-stocked store, okay, so this just isn’t gonna happen. so i immediately do the thing i do whenever i want to stave off the awkward which is make an idiot of myself, and i start swaying dramatically to the muffled background music while looking anywhere but at the receipt printer which is still doing sweet fuck-all. cashier dude is startled and for a second i’m like i have misread this situation is chill cashier dude in fact NOT so chill?? but then he totally rolls with it and starts swaying with me and we just have this moment in this fucking store rocking out to what i am pretty sure is ‘hold me closer tiny dancer’ and then the receipt prints and we stop swaying because what the fuck why did we do that really and anyway i’m pretty sure he flirted with me in the 2.6 seconds it took him to hand me my receipt and send me off with my anti-bullying succulent pot so we’re gonna have a june wedding, i think

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Hi I saw your post in explaining got7 ships and mentioned something about a shoulder/waist theory for markjin. Can you explain what that is? I really don't know. Thanks love !!

hi!! fjdksljfd The Shoulder/Waist Theory,,,ok so basically,,, i have this theory,,, nd lemme just put a disclaimer that this is me in ‘Abbie the Biggest Markjin Tinhatter Conspiracist’ mode so dont take anything im saying seriously or that i actually strongly believe this in the sense that markjin r real lmao ok anyway,,, i have a theory,,, that whenever they interact or mark mayb just wants to b close to jinyoung he will purposefully put his arm around jinyoung’s waist which is an intimate gesture to do to someone nd that in reassurance, jinyoung puts his arm around mark’s shoulder like its become automatic for them like whenever they greet each other or end up standing next to each other or hug this is instantly how it works out nd just in general jinyoungs waist is 1 of mark’s fave places nd its always made me 🤔🤔👀👀✍✍ nd ok y’all know me,,, i always got my evidence,,, so here ya go lmao

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are drops bears and koala bears different or the same because???

A drop bear (sometimes dropbear) is a hoax in contemporary Australian folklore featuring a predatory, carnivorous version of the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus). This imaginary animal is commonly spoken about in tall tales designed to scare tourists. 

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